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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scare up Some Fall!

I entered the SVG cuts Facebook page autumn challenge and WON!!!! so excited!  Getting better!: Hi everyone,
I Love fall and SVG Cuts on Facebook is doing another challenge. Your only allowed to use these three kits. Harvest Country Home, Harvest Hill Farm, and Pick A Pumpkin. You can make a 2d or a 3d Autumn related project and this is what was in my head so I had to get it out. LOL So here is what I did.
I used the pumpkin with the lid for my scarecrow head.
Cut the pumpkin at w6.916 h 5.527
Accents were cut at w11.906 h 3.833
The top was cut  at w6.916 h 5.690
The stem was cut at w6.916 h 3.734
The bottom Sunflower from harvest hill is what I used for the "ruffled edges"  of the hat.
Cut at w2.446 h 2.440 I cut those in half and curled them then glued under the edges of the hat.
The Vines are his hair which I cut at w 4.021 h 2.560
I cut them at different  lengths and glued according to how I liked it around the edge of the top of the pumpkin to make it look like hair.
The Pumpkin was glued together and then the accents where pierced with my piercing tool from Stampin up then loosely stitched two at first then keep adding and glue one at a time so you can get the stitching sort of even. I used emboridery floss to do the stitching.
I used Denim  AC card stock for the hat color and embossed it with Tiny Mosaic from Cuttle Bug.  Glue it together as Mary does and add the stem. I added the leaves to hide the stem.
The leaves are from harvest country home I broke it apart to take out the center cut out on some of the leave sizes are small: w3.080 h 1.691 Large w 3.580 h 1.966
Eyes are from harvest hill cut at w 0.960 h 0.960 Nose if from the scarecrow top  and cut at w0.920 h 0.722  Cut 5 each and glue one on top of the other.
Mouth or Stitches are cut at w.2.449 h 1.359
I used a light pink chalk for the cheeks
The wheat in his mouth which I poked a hole for was made with the cornstalks from harvest hill farm. I used the bunch as I didn't know how many I would need I cut them at
w2.779 h 2.630 I cut those apart and glued one on top of another according to how I liked it, then I inked it with a brown ink pad. I also cut the top of the stalk at the edges to make it look more like wheat.
The neck was just the top of the pumpkin cut in the straw colored AC card stock. The straw coming around his neck is the sunflower bottom from Harvest hill and I just folded them in half and hot glued them then added a ribbon around the neck. Added my embellishments and there ya have it a scarecrow! I love Fall so much and all the colors! and Scarecrows are probably my most favorite thing to have I have tons of them all over my house in the fall. If I forgot anything you have a question about let me know I will answer you for sure. Thanks for visiting and as always these and more is at this link for the buying. Leo and Mary are Great! Happy Crafting everyone!