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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Place in Time- Part Two

Morning everyone!
Happy first day of Spring! I know some of you are still having snow and I am sorry for that. We in CA would gladly take some of your water though. It always amazes me when people here in California complain they don't have enough rain or snow but then complain when we have a few days of exactly what they're complaining about it the first place. Sheesh make up your mind!
Alright I am done with my rant. LOL On to the hat stand and hat.

I wanted the Hat stand and Hat to be something someone could reproduce so I really didn't do anything fancy. No playing with nodes but it is tempting. First start with the stand. It is from Dress Shop and it is the bottom of the dress form. Start by enlarging the base to W. 11.210. You will have to break it apart to cut it all but if your familiar with doing that you shouldn't have any problems. If not Leo does have a video explaining all that. Really do check out the videos they are very helpful.

The top or Head of the stand is actually the Christmas Ball from Silent Night SVG Kit. I glued all but three pieces together leaving the one with the wholes for the stand and a couple others. I took the one with the holes and slid it over the end that we used to put into the form. The one with the long pieces we glued to the inside of the dress form and carefully glued the pieces down to the inside of the ball.  Then I added the other two pieces of the ball to either side of the ball to complete the shape, gluing the rest of the ball onto that was a bit tricky but I did manage to get it done and then looking at it my mind went to microphone and telephone before I told myself to stay on the task at hand. The accent pieces on the bottom I embossed with my Musical swirls embossing folder and then brushed my gold ink pad over that to highlight the embossing. I also added some gold ink and Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink
to the accent piece of the ball as well. The collar on the hat stand was truly and after thought as I was trying once again to make a rolled rose for the hat and it just didn't work so I took the one piece and wrapped it around the top and low and behold it looked like a collar to me. It isn't even glued. Total after thought. LOL

The hat is the top of the Easter Egg from Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit. Again I wanted it to be something that could be reproduced. I used the egg top and I tried like crazy to add patterned paper to the hat but it just didn't look right to me so I stayed with all one color. The lace or edge of the hat is the trim from the table in that kit. I did alter some nodes in this piece so it would bend a bit more when I glued it to the inside of the hat. Ready? ok bring the lace piece onto your mat and count every six triangles Mary made then take the node that goes to the sixth in the v part of it and bring it down a bit. That was all the altering I needed to do. It gave the paper a chance to move a bit more when you glue it in. For added insurance I did use my McGill flower shaping tools to break the fibers a bit. If you don't have the tools, use a stylus  with a fatter ball end and roll it over the paper in circles. The band around the hat is simply a thin strip cut on my paper cutter. Wrap it around the hat then cover the connecting piece with flowers or embellishment of some kind. You could change the whole look of this hat with paper or embellishments. Be a cute winter knit hat but we wont talk about that right now with all of you sick of winter. Although  our winter has been mild I am ready for warm weather and all that comes with it. The white ball things are flower centers you get in the bridal section at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I just cut them to fit then hot glued them into place. I use them for a lot of things so I like having them on hand.
Super easy no paper carpentry here just a couple of adjustments of the lace and there you have it a flapper hat and hat stand. As I made this I thought it would be fun to make other seasonal hats and switch it out every so often. As Always I will list the kits and supplies I used and I do hope to see some other hats and stands on SVG cuts face book page or you can put them on my Facebook page as well Shara's paper creations. It would truly be a compliment to me. Thanks again for visiting and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings on this spring day! Sharalyn
Kits Used:
Dress Shop SVG Kit
Silent Night
Poplar Street Tulips

Supplies Used:
AC Solid Card Stock, Chocolate, Black
Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection
Flower Centers from Michaels
Paper Flowers from Michales
Cuttle Bug Musical Flourishes Emboss Folder
Brilliance Gold Ink
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Ink
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Place in Time- Part One


I hope your having a really great day! I always start mine with feeding the cat and dog then getting myself a cup of coffee. I have been on a Gloria's Jeans Butter Toffee kick lately. Go feed the dog or cat and then grab yourself a cup of coffee. I hope your ready for this because this one is a long one.

This involves the Dress Shop SVG kit from SVG cuts. I was looking at the hat box and my mind has been dreaming up a lot of things with that but the one I focused on right now was a half round vintage suitcase.
 I started with the top and bottom round pieces and took out a node or two then altered the curve of the line so it was flat on the bottom. Since I didn't want it to be huge, I made it smaller. I also added score lines to the bottom side pieces and a few extra holes here and there to add my handle.  The handle I made myself. Easy Peasy gang, just think of it as shapes again. A long rectangle with rounded edges for the handle and a couple of short rectangles welded together on either end and bam ya have a handle. Put some holes in the ends of the small rectangles then make sure you do that in the side pieces as well.  I added a extra piece on top for a more vintage look. I used the Summer Holiday SVG Kit as well for the latch and I think you could adapt it to use the handle from that kit if you wanted. I wanted it to look like the half circle suitcases I was so fascinated with when I was a young teen. The Latch is the same size it imports as it worked well with the size I made the suitcase. I used the insert pieces from the hat box but took out the holes.
When I put the box together I tried to use Mary's new method where you put the insert on top of the side pieces from the inside??? I think this would work great if your not altering the whole design a bit. Lets just say I sort of did the same as Mary's new method but instead of sealing the side pieces I carefully glued it around before I sealed the end. I confess I am box challenged. This method doesn't work for everyone but I find I throw a lot less out if I glue it around my bottom of the box first then glue the end together.
Once you have your bottom of your box glued then add the handle next so you can hide the brad backs with the insert pieces for the box. The insert pieces add a lot of strength to the box so make sure you used them. I got a little crazy with mine and the whole inside is pretty as well as the outside, matching up the panels and making sure the back inside was pretty just like the outside.
Here is where I should have changed mine a bit and that is ok because you can do it to yours.
On the bottom of the box is two hinges. (small rounded rectangle with four holes and a cut across the middle) What I did was put the top of the box on then glued the hinge half's on either side that way I could use my small hole punch to make the holes for  the brads.. but I had already glued the insert on the bottom in place so there was no way I could hide the back of the brads. Don't do that! do the hinges then put your inserts in place. To get the aged metallic look I used Chocolate American craft card stock. Then after it cut and before I took the paper off the mat I inked it with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink and Brilliance Gold ink using a sponge. I did that with the latch too. I added some Bronze metal adhesive nails to the latch and the hinges.

When you want something to look vintage you really can't go wrong with using Graphic 45 papers. The Collection I used is one of my favorites called Ladies Dairy.  I used a soft pink 1/4 in ribbon and tied it around the handle with one of Graphic 45 keys they made. I also just noticed somewhere recently they made some silver ones like that.. Going to half to get my hands on some of those too. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to make something and thought I wish they had made these is silver. Now if I could just get Epiphany Crafts to make some of their charms in bronze that would be awesome!!!!
I know you noticed the hat rack and the hat as well in these photos  but you'll have to wait till Part two of this couple of posts for me to tell you how I made those as well. They are kits from SVGCUTS as well. I will give you all the details soon. I think your going to be surprised at what kits I used but then if you've read some of my blog before maybe not. Till the next blog post... in a few days... Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
                                                                                               Blessings Sharalyn
Kits Used:
Dress Shop
Silent Night SVG Kit
Summer Holiday SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection
American Crafts Solid Core Card Stock, Chocolate
Tim Holtz Distress ink, Vintage Photo
Brilliance Gold Ink
Graphic 45 key
K& Company Bronze Adhesive Nails
Bronze Small Brads
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
 Stampin up Soft Suede Marker (faux stitch lines)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spread your Wings and Fly!

Hey Y'all!!!!!
Good Morning to ya! I hope your all having a crafty wonderful day! Today were going to talk owls. I was never one to go nuts over them but I am truly amazed by how beautiful they can be. I have gotten kind of nuts over them over the years too. (go figure). I made a owl for my mom a while back when she was visiting and she loves it.. I had been asked by Jeannie Lassey to make an owl for her but I like to make them personal for each person I make things for, that is just a thing about me I can't change.  We agreed on a price for the owl plus shipping and a special box for it so it wouldn't (I pray) get crushed. During all this time of my planning and designing the shapes for the owl, my mother-in-law was hospitalized  several times and we were refi- ing our house.
Christmas came and went and oh my we just made it with all the hassel from the refi to have our new house payments start in Feb. In Short we had a crazy several months starting in September of last year. Poor Jeannie was so patient and I was not going to show her any of the owl till it was done but wanted her to know I was working on it, just life got a bit crazy!!!! Then in January I was told by my hubby I could take over our guest room as my craft room and boy howdy I went nuts getting stuff done so I could finally have sewing and my true craft love, paper crafting in the same room. Jeannie was gracious again and told me to work on the room and when it was done I could do the owl. When I finally got started on the owl in earnest  I had already asked Jeannie if I could change the color, she said sure she trusted me. I started by doing a search on owl photos and found the owl page. OH MY they were posting tons of pictures of the beautiful snow owls and well that's how Jeannie got a snow owl or my rendition of one.

Now I had been designing it off and on, I first went to work on the body shape. I used the snowman from Christmas Open house on the first owl I made, but I didn't like the bump on the back of the head or the flat head he had when I started. About that time Mary came up with the hanging ball ornament from Silent Night. I was literally  watching the assembly video and saw the cut outs and heard her say why she used them. So I borrowed her idea of the cut outs to give my owl body the more rounded shape. I had already changed the owl body by drawing and changing nodes to close at the top. I extended pieces here and there and added  basic shapes to make the outs to the piece to give it the chance to be more rounded as it was glued. The Small feathers on the brown owl started out as part of the pieces of pine cone.  In the snow owl I redesigned the feathers so they were (technical term here) fuzzier. For the wing feathers I did the same I redesigned those so they were fuzzier as well but those are my own idea drawn with my own two hands. (yeah I know big deal right?) LOL . Really from then on everything thing else on the owls were my own drawings, with the exception of the pine branches and on the brown owl there is a paper pine cone that is all Mary's. I made and designed the feet on both owls but I like how the snow owls feet turned out. They are  more like I wanted for the first owl. (practice right) They're still not perfect in my opinion.  I am still learning how to do all this. I will keep getting better as I keep practicing.  Mary  helps me learn  so much just by looking at her designs. I think my first epiphany with her and how she designs was OH she has to put the score lines here to make the paper (normally flat) bend. What a concept eh? total Genius right?( don't laugh you have days like that too) LOL  I already learned that with my shaping tools I could break the otherwise stiff fibers of the paper to bend them more the way I wanted but Whoa that was like the light bulb went on for me.

 Watch Leo's explanation of nodes and how to "play" with them. His voice is soothing and understanding not critical at all and the first time I watched it I had to shut it off half way through. I had no idea what he was talking about I wasn't ever going to do that EVER. um  yeah never tell God you aren't going to do something. Anyhoo Leo's videos are very helpful and in your own home you can learn much from them, no body watching you saying that's not right. Leo is peeking through the computer saying nope that isn't right.  Most of all it this is something you really love keep trying!  I think I can say this too that if you just don't get it you can ask for help on the face book page or give Leo a call he is always willing to help if he can.
Another light bulb moment for me was when I  understood that if used basic shapes and added them to each other ie welding or making compound paths that gave me a start on my design of whatever I wanted to make.

The Eyes were something Jeannie asked me about and I can share with you that was super easy peasy. I used a white piece of card stock and punched it out using my 14 epiphany crafts tool. Color around the whole shape using Y13 copic Marker then use YR23 Marker color and color around the edge of the eye then  used a hole punch and punch  two black card stock dots and glue them into the center.  To finish them off I  edged the eye with black according to the picture I was looking at of a real snow owl. Use the 14 epiphany crafts shape tool epoxies to cover your colored  eye. See? easy peasy. The feathers that have the grey on them were tipped with a C3 Copic marker.

How can I tell you how to make an owl? Look at  photos pick one or a couple you like then try your best to copy them. Mary's files do give you the jumping off place. Pour over the PDFs she works so hard on think about each shape you need when you look at that picture of what you want to make. Then just Go For It!!! who is going to know how many times you failed till you got one you liked but the trash guy? This is how I started and still get started many times when I make something. Looking at the shapes understanding what I want and then starting with basic shapes to draw or make the pieces I need.
The pine cones are real and from my backyard pine tree. I wanted Jeannie to have something from my yard and sort of me. The pine needles are from 3d Wintergreens as I said I did make them a tad smaller to fit into the space I had. The snow is borrowed from a friend she had never used it much and said I could use it, I think it was Aleenes snow.  She said she got it from Michaels years ago, I checked the last time I was there and they still have it.   The berries were from a holly sprig I bought at Dollar Tree around Christmas time. See I said I was working on this a long time I wasn't kidding. Most of all take your time. If you rush or you just can't figure something out on whatever your working on put it away for a couple of days and go do something else. I have learned NEVER work on something when you know your tired, Never rush because your excited about it. When you realize your doing that slow down!!! Or walk away from it. Nothing ever good comes from rushing a project, trust me I have thrown away enough stuff to know.
I would love to tell you what size things are what shape I used but I really can't as those are my own designs. I did tell you how to start.  Print the PDFs that Mary makes for each file and keep a book. Then when your ready to make your own design pour over your book or books of PDFs. I still do that but more and more I am just making my own shape. LOL.
First rule is just because it is for a particular file doesn't mean you have to use it for that. When your ready to create your own shape, look at a picture of what you want to make and don't just look at the whole picture look at the shapes (basic ones) that make up the whole subject. That will get your started on making wing feathers or feet. Please don't say I can't do that, you can.Give yourself a chance to prove to yourself that you can. Well I was long winded again, Sorry about that. Most of all I want to encourage you to try what ever it is you've been thinking you couldn't do, try. God can do amazing things using us if we let him. Thanks so much for stopping by have a very blessed day and Happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

Ps. Leo and Mary have been very encouraging to me to keep trying to keep designing. To both of them thank you your encouragement means a lot to me. Big hug you two Miss Gucci too!
Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock, White, Charcoal, Pine
Copic Markers: C3, Y13, YR23
Epiphany Crafts:14 round
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Ideas from Kits:
Christmas Open House SVG Kit
Silent Night SVG Kit

Actual Kit used for both Owls:
3d Wintergreens

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dress Shop Play

Hi Eveyone!!!

Have you played with the new kit from SVG Cuts?? It is called Dress Shop and there is a dress form, Lip Stick Box and a Hat Box and a really cute card! I have only played with the dress form so far but I have done two. The first I made for myself and although I like the colors I think I need to change it a bit. There is something about it that bothers me and I think I know what it is. I think I made the heart on the top of the apron to big. The other I really like a lot and I made it as a birthday gift for a dear friend. I think she will like it but she is sick right now so I can't give it to her.
I started with cutting and gluing the dress form as it imports then I made the apron by using the Tags Galore collection for top of the apron and for the bottom I used the accent pieces from the tulip basket from the Egg Hunt SVG Kit. For the top I brought in the heart tag and broke it apart. Then I deleted the hole then regrouped it and sized it down a bit or up however you like. For the bottom I used the accent pieces for the tulip basket and made the pieces narrower. Then I glued one on top of the other at an angle to resemble the skirt of the apron. I glued that on the front and tied a ribbon around the waist. Then glued the heart in place at the bottom and slipped at knot around the top portion of it and tied a bow in the back it was easy peasy. Glue the pretty flower that comes with this really cute kit on the waist and glued some crinkled ribbon around the bottom edge of the apron.

Now for my friends dress form I took a lot more time making it. I wanted it to be special for her. I used Graphic 45 papers she really likes. Then I loved what Kathy Helton did from the design team with hers. But I didn't want it to be exactly like it so I ended up using a Martha Stewart Punch I have that I love. It does a beautiful eyelet edge then to give the dress form some flair I cut a slit in the skirt and glued the edge in place. A while back I bought some really pretty cotton crocheted lace from Walmart.  I dug that out of my now organized stash and hot glued some in place. Then the other day when I had a chance to visit Michaels all by my self I found some paper flowers on the mark down rack. I used one of those in the place where the lace met. Looking around in my lace stash I found the neck piece I had from a kit,oh back when I first started this amazing paper adventure at least 3 yrs ago. I tried it around the waist and around the shoulders then I ended up doing it sort of as a shawl. I also spotted the rose ribbon trim I had in there and thought that would be perfect for accents. I cut a few roses off then hot glued them in place as well.
I added the enamel dots from My Minds Eye Lost and Found Record it!  to one of the edges of the front of the stand and four in the back where that extra piece came in as if it were buttoned up.

Now if you didn't read the tip I shared on SVG Cuts Facebook page I will share it here.  You see Mary always shows us how easily she can put this stuff together but I don't have such ease, as a matter of fact sometimes when she puts things on the table and folds them over mine don't ever come out perfect. So here is the tip. When you make the tube put the glue on the edge of the paper as instructed, then stick a pencil in to push the seam closed. That gives you something to push against and I didn't permanently tweak the pole forever ruining it and then throwing it away because it looks terrible. I hope this helps you when you make this. I figure if it helped me it might help you and to me you should share tips like that. So that is it short and sweet on this post and tomorrow I will start writing up the blog post for the owl I made for Jeannie Lassey. Till then Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. I love having friends visit! Blessings to you and Very Happy Crafting Y'all!
Blessings Sharalyn

Kits & Collections Used:
Dress Shop SVG Kit
Tags Galore SVG Collection
Egg Hunt SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Paper Collection
Echo Park Happy Days Paper Collection
American Craft Solid Card Stock, Sky and Aqua
My Minds Eye Lost and Found Record it Antique enamel dots.
Crocet lace
Paper Rose from Recollections (Michaels)
Tiny Roses cut off ribbon
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Purse is from Luxury Handbags SVG Kit
Shelf is from Attic Treasures SVG Kit

NOTE: There is a free Leprechaun Trap Kit for a Short time Read all about it on SVG CUTS Facebook page! Mary and Leo and getting so famous they may stop talking to us.. Just kidding they wouldn't do that!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Capturing A Moment in Time

Hi Y'all,
My New room is done. Whew! I love it so very much and can't wait to see how Mark's Man cave comes along. I know he was a little excited about the thought of finally having his own room and he is becoming much more excited about his "Man Cave" now that my room is all done.
To commemorate my New room I made the camera with a little twist, keep reading I'll get to it..LOL
This all came about when we had my folks here for a visit from Oregon. They usually sleep in this room when they come to visit. So Mom and I were talking and she asked why I wasn't turning the room into my own craft room till after they moved to our area.  Mark and I wanted her and Dad to have someplace to stay when they came to visit. That was the main reason we left it the way it was. She talked us into going ahead and changing it but we had some other things come up and couldn't go for it yet.
January came and things had settled a bit here so I asked if I could get started on it. I had pinned on Pinterest like crazy ideas and what not of what I liked what I wanted to do. The main thing was really get my stamps organized so I could actually find them without a long drawn out dig and then be left with a mess on the floor. Often I would have one and then be I just had that other one in my hand to seconds ago. It was truthfully driving me nuts! I also wanted to be able to walk in a room and relax just by the color of it. We have a lot of OLD wood paneling in our house and because it is the "real" stuff and there is probably no plaster on the walls underneath we haven't taken it down. But I was and am tired of all the wood and brown in our house. I needed something cheery that was all my own.
I started with really thinning down my teddy bear collection. Down to two shelves to be exact in my bedroom and a few still in the living room but I know I took 5 outdoor trash bags to the hospice to get rid of them all. Then I got rid of the King size waterbed. Then I went to work on cleaning out 4 closets and when all was said and done I had taken 4 car loads of stuff to hospice.

I painted my room with my hubby's help, then we had the shelves built in the closet. I would work all day on painting or whatever then sit at night on the couch and make labels for all my clear stamps and thin dies and put them in envelopes. Then start all over the next day. Really it was kind of crazy now that I think of it. My dear friend and Stampin up gal came over for a sewing  lesson and said she was really surprised at how fast I moved on this. I laughed but I guess that is kind of the way I am when I get something in my mind. (this could be a bad trait in me) LOL. After Jim came over and did my closet I painted it the next day, I really didn't want to but when Jim, Joy and Mark said I should I bit the bullet and did it. Mean time Mark helped greatly by planning and BBQ ing when ever he could. The day after I painted the shelves I checked and they were dry so I started moving stuff in. I got two more things from Michael's to store my AC Paper scraps in and to put over the door on the inside of my closet. Then I sorted all my paper scraps and labeled file folders and hung those in my file drawer from Michael's, that's when I discovered I need to thin the herd on my scraps a lot! They wouldn't all fit.
I had pinned this great paper holder someones husband made but mine doesn't to wood things so together we came up with a system that works sort of. I like it but sliding out the shelves isn't going to work to well. Maybe later I can change it to be more like I wanted but for now I love the way it all looks. I also discovered that colors I thought had just faded were really other colors.. Get that Color chart they sell not only will you buy the right color but it helps you sort "faded" paper! LOL

I re-purposed whenever and were ever I could. I will say a lot of my stuff came from Amazon. We don't have a lot of places up here to shop and some were particular things I was looking for. The clear storage containers were some, my very first purchase to the start of my room was my Brother P-touch 200 label maker. I had looked on another site and they wanted 44.00 for it. Now I am not disputing that it is worth that cost but I liked 24.00 a lot better. I bought the tapes for it as well on Amazon as I found the cost was much better on there as well. About a week or so ago I saw it was 9.00 on there! WOW such a deal! My friend who is redoing her room was interested in it so I told her go snap one up at that price, then I spoke to my mom that night and showed her all I had done and she wanted one! So I told her go snap one up! She got one too for her fabric and organization of her sewing room.  I think it is pretty safe to say I am a talking bill board for the P-touch Label maker!

I had our handy man from church do the build on my desk and shelves for my closet. I was very sure of what I wanted and Jim offered his ideas here and there and I took them as I do not know how to work with wood or build shelves. I am VERY happy with the results.

It feels light and airy in this room and I love having all my craft stuff together. I also sew and have for years and I quilt too but nothing like Kathy Helton. Just for my own pleasure or to make something for friends as gifts. 

As I was in the middle of this makeover I thought I would love to make something paper to use as a scrapbook so to speak of the change this room took. That is when the Instant Memories Kit came out from SVG Cuts. I went to work on making the camera and had to actually wait for the rest of the idea till the room was finished.
Here is what I did to make my scrapbook camera:
 Import and cut the camera at the size it imports. I glued mine all together then made a "film strip" to come out each side from the Summer Blockbuster Kit. I did alter the nodes a bit so it would be the shape I had envisioned. In order to have the holes at the bottom I duplicated the top strip then released compound path and deleted the squares where the picture cut outs were. Then make a compound path again and cut the bottom and top pieces. Maker sure you flip one so you end up with the straight side toward the camera. I then made a simple rounded edges rectangle and drew a I shape in the middle and made a compound path with that too. To assemble the whole thing get your pictures printed then cut the put the pictures where you want to the back film strip and you can either have your machine cut the pictures out or you can draw around the edges and cut them with scissors like I did. Mary has shown several times how to have your machine cut them out but you can do a search in the box on the blog and it will take you right to it. The rectangles with the cut in the center is to hide & attach the film strip to your camera. If I was thinking ahead I would have added flaps to the edges of the film strip but you can do that yourself and save yourself time. LOL
When I got that part on I decided I wanted to add the flash cube that used to be the way when I was a kid. Now it doesn't really go with this camera but I like and and it is for me anyway so I did it that way. I made an extra knob from the camera then too the dice from Rockin and Rolling SVG Kit and deleted the holes then cut as I would normally and assembled that as well. I used my blue Copic Marker to add the flash affect and my clear Wink Of Stella pen on top of the cube edges. Take your square Epoxies from Epiphany Crafts and put that on top and just to add a little more flash to it I added some Hero Arts Rhinestones to the top middle of the cube. So there you have it my new room, and the camera from Instant Memories as a sort of Scrapbook to remember this wonderful time in my life. Thanks so much for stopping by. I will try to get the ball rolling with my crafts now that I have my room all done. Happy Craftin' Y'all!  Blessings, Sharalyn
SVG Kits Used:
Instant Memories
Rockin and Rollin
Summer Blockbuster

Supplies used:
Simple Stories : Vintage Bliss Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Aqua, Sky, Black
Epiphany Crafts Square Caps,14 round Caps
Hero Arts Rhinestones
My Minds Eye Enamel dots
Wink of Stella Clear pen
3d Zots (under the cube)
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Note: while adding photos back in I deleted by mistake I thought I really need to do updated photos and will write myself a note to do so. Hard to believe it has been over a year since I moved to my new craft room!