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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Smore Camping Time!!!!!

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!
Like others I have been thinking a lot about vacations and camping. We love packing it all up and going to Big Bear. The dog, the linen, our supplies and go up there for a week.  No computers and no house phone to ring. (My cell phone doesn't ring all that often and I am fine with that too). So with Camping and vacations in mind I made this Step card, Teepee and fire lamp. 

I cut the base using  American Craft Sapphire card stock and Edisto Island Cards. Camping at Fox Ridge SVG Collection was used  to make the outhouse and the cute Raccoon. The Fire pit and sticks and Marshmallows from that collection  add to the ambiance of this card making you want to go to the woods.The paper is from Echo Park called The Great Outdoors, and is of of their mini collections.   Add to the card, some Linen Thread from Stampin Up,wooden buttons a little bit of  burlap and you have a camping card.

The Teepee is from the Camp Smore SVG  Kit. Don't you just love these names? I love how Mary thinks about everything when she makes this stuff.
The paper I used is called  Echo Park,Happy Camper Collection.!
I went to our local fabric store here in town to get the burlap and found the charm feather.  I am sure you can get the same charm at Joann's Fabrics or Michael's. The dream catcher is from Forest Country SVG Collection.
 I used the teepee to make the campfire. Size it way down and delete a couple of score lines and the cut for the opening. I used my print to cut feature on my Silhouette to color my camp fire. Delete the flap from the teepee then  cut the bottom piece.  Glue or use sticky tape to adhere them to the vellum. Make sure you don't go past the vellum at the bottom. This is so you can lift off the teepee or campfire to add the battery operated tea light.  I use  Cuttlebug forest branches to emboss the sticks before I glued them on. Ink the edges with a dark brown ink pad. If you can find a tea light that flickers it looks pretty cool too. 
 I used the same Happy Camper paper pack on the smore box.  Then I cut the bears from Forest Country SVG Kit  and used them instead of the camp fire as Mary uses in the demonstration. I am familiar with how much bears love marshmallows. I used a itty bitty flower punch from Stampin up to make a bite out of the marshmallows inked the edges and added some twine and the buttons.

I hope you all enjoy my creations and I have a suggestion for the gal who requested a village that wasn't Christmas related.  Just wait till you see what I did with that! I need a bit more Jute to finish it. Well that is it, I hope all of you get some time away with your families enjoying the great outdoors and laughing yourselves silly. Thanks so much for visiting me again, and Happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections used:
Edisto Island Cards SVG Kit
Camping at Fox Ridge SVG Collection
Forest Country SVG Collection
Camp Smore SVG Kit

Supplies used:
Echo Park Great Outdoors Mini Collection, Happy Camper Collection
American Craft Card Stock, Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel,Chestnut, White,Sapphire,Carrot, Dandelion
Stampin Up, Card Stock Vellum, Linen Thread
1 wooden button, small burlap square
Silver Feather Charm

Monday, May 27, 2013

Feeling Groovy Patirotic Style!

Happy Memorial Day Y'all!
Today we give thanks to all our brave men and women who have fought for our freedom. To you all, God Bless you and though it is not enough to say... Thank you. 

When I was thinking about this Holiday for me this is another special day. The day my son was born. For me it is a two fold special day, he is also in the Navy! Chris has been in service to our country for 12 yrs. To say I am not proud of this boy is an understatement. 
So to my wonderful sweet, crazy "little boy" Happy Birthday!!!

When I think about the beginning of summer I think about picnics, parades, watermelon and yes the odd occasion when you see that Groovy truck rolling down the street. Its so wild but fun you just have to stare.  That is what the paper from Doodlebug made me think of and Tamara's wonderful beach bum type Truck added to this creation. Check our Tamara's Beach version on this

I bought the paper collection from because they allow you to buy separate sheets of paper from that collection so if I see something that I just know I will use more of I can get it from them for sure!!! The collection was the same one Mary used in her Patriotic Parade and is Called Stars & Stripes.. would be sooo cute for the 4th. 
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit has a swell firetruck and even a Dalmatian to go with it.. just in case I peeked your interest here is the link for that:Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
Anyhoo here is the scoop on my groovy Truck:
Duh I forgot to tell you where the truck came from sorry. Here is the link for the Ice Cream Truck:Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
I made the ice cream truck as usual but then decided I wanted the front of the truck and the back window area to be the blue print. I cut those parts again and used scissors and just cut along the dotted line so to speak the cover the front and back top window area. 
Yes I did say I used my scissors* Gasp* ok well I don't do it that often just when the thought comes afterward that I wanted it a certain way and I am to lazy to reconfigure it back at the computer.. but really thinking ahead would be great. I truly am not sure I know how to do that. LOL
The Awnings are the very same ones from the kit but I added a score line with my score board about a 1/4in. from the scalloped edge to make it bend down.  You'll have to size them a bit to fit the front and back windows right. I have seen on these awnings on  cute trailer type trucks and thought it worked perfect for my groovy van, very flower power type.  I used my new Epiphany 14in round tool to make the headlights. I loved the cute paisley print that came in this paper so I picked a flower from it for the headlights. Then the hubcaps are large white pearls I colored blue with a Copic Marker but you can use a permanent marker as well. The flowers are from Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit. I brought in one of the flower shape svgs and broke it apart and used only four of the flowers and I did enlarge them a bit to fit the wheel. I broke toothpicks in half and hot glued them to the awing then to the car to get them in the right position. The paper pack came with the cute sticker that says Good times so I thought that worked well also and added it. Lots of awesome stickers if you do scrap booking as well in this kit. Here is the link for theChamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit
This is a really really cute card kit you need to check this one out for sure!!! 
So that is all I can think of that I did on this Groovy Truck Trailer whatever you want to call it. It was fun making it and I could have gone totally crazy with this thing but I toned it down a bit. I can't let y'all know how really crazy I can be. 
Have a really Super Memorial Day everyone!!! Be safe and thanks so much for stopping by and setin a spell with me.
 Blessings on all Y'all and Happy Craftin!!!! 

 Blessings, Sharalyn
SVG Kits Used:
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit 

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Gift For Wyatt

Hi Everyone!
Today is my grandson Wyatt's 3rd Birthday! Wyatt is our youngest grandchild and the sweetest little guy. He is shy and ADORES his grandpa. I'm starting to get in on the hugs and shy giggles as well, but I sure don't feel slighted as the other 3 of my daughters boys make a bee line for grandma when they get here. 

When I started to make this gift I was just going to make the truck and the lamp and I bought some cool light changing tea lights to go with it as well. I made the truck last night and showed my hubby. His remark: you know he's going to want to make that roll. My response was well it just isn't going to. Then I got "the lOOK". Ugh the look!!! The one that says I know you can do it and you know how much he would love it! THAT LOOK! I resigned myself to making it roll.

I started with the Maison de Madeline kit to make the lamp and as the last time made the lamp taller so I could fit the moster truck, yep I said moster.. that is what Wyatt calls it. 
Here is the link for the Maison de Madeline Kit: Maison de Madline SVG Kit
I used the gears in this kit also to add to my lamp (ya know a gear head) Ba dom bum!
Then I had added stars to the lamp shade by using the shape menu on sure cuts a lot and resizing them to make it look like fireworks. I did that on another lamp I have started for my mother in law for her birthday on the fourth. Once you get the stars where you want them make life easy on yourself and group them together!!! Don't do as I do, do as I say.. lol I  used the truck from Ryan's Play Date again. Here is the link for that one.. Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit
I  turned the vellum on the side and back to mesh using a small square from the shapes menu and duplicating it and arranging them. I did this for the one side window then grouped it together, copy and pasted it for the other and flipped it. Then I did the other windows the same way.
I cut that out of the black card stock and glued on the inside of the window. To make the silver frames around the window I used the vellum window shape again and copy and pasted it and made the second ones smaller and arranged them over the first. Group Them together then make them a tad smaller as your putting them on the outside and they are to big otherwise. Trust me I know. LOL

The platform was from the bottom of the box from the Graduation Day SVG Kit: Here is the link for that one as well:Graduation Day SVG Kit
I had just used it to make a gift for a friend and it was the first thing that came to mind. 
The Red Truck  that rolls is also from Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit and I did the same as the Blue one  but added 3- 1" circles to the wheel spots with a whole big enough for a 3/16 in dowel to fit through.  I painted the dowel black  Make the back dowel shorter than the front wheel as the length of the bed on the truck is not long enough for those huge tires otherwise. I put the front wheels on first then the back so I could make sure they didn't hit each other. I used  the tires from Jonathan's Bears SVG collection. I love the bulldozer! Here is the link for that one Johnathon's Bears SVG Collection
No I the blue Truck doesn't roll that is why I had to make the red one.* ahem* Thanks grandpa for making me feel like a bad grandma if I didn't make the tires move! 
I cut three layers each for the tires to give them a little strength when Wyatt rolls it across the floor, glued them together and cut the circles for the rims out of the silver paper I found at Michael's. It was in their single sheet stuff and it is pretty thick so cut twice. 

I recently purchased the Epiphany Craft 14" round Shape Studio so I used that for the hub caps, and lights on the front and back. I also used a rhinestone for the red lights. I  found out recently that you can color them using a sharpie or copic Marker. I knew you could do the pearls but not the rhinestones. sooo cool! The little hood I made for the roof of the truck was the awning from the Ice Cream Birthday Kit. Here is the link for that one as well:Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
I added a score line to the other side after cutting off the scalloped edge, then trimmed the corners with my scissors to make the angle right. I added Wyatt's Name to the back of the blue truck and had cut a small rectangle to make the license plate to the red one. Use the square frame from the shapes menu as well and stretch it a bit. 
So now Wyatt's Car moves and we will put a little spending money in the truck bed for Wyatt to do some shopping for a sturdier monster truck. 

To my Grandson Wyatt Happiest of birthday's to you little one Grandma and Grandpa love you soooooo very much!!! 
To all of my Crafting friends thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Stay safe Y'all I'd really miss you if Ya weren't. I have more to post but I need the wind to stop outside so I can get a photo! Next Up: FEELING GROOVY!!! Happy Crafting everyone!
Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Maison de Madline SVG Kit
 Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit
 Graduation Day SVG Kit
 Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
 Johnathon's Bears SVG Collection

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Baby Time!

Morin' Y'all,
Every year about this time we hear of lots of babies being born and there is a mad rush to get a gift for that new little one. Why not make a hand crafted gift? Every baby room has a baby lamp in it. That's so the new mom can come in and check on their precious gift,so why not make a lamp for that new mom or mom to be?

 When I  started thinking about his lamp I thought of my wild little grandsons and how they can really keep you hopping.
I used the small table lamp from Maison de Madeline SVG Kit  to make this baby Lamp. I stretched the lamp post a bit to make it  taller, then changed the cut outs to baby themed items. Since I like animals that is what I changed it to. Also I added a couple of turtles for good measure.( If you know a little about me you know I have real turtles.)

I used the Truck, Name decor and kites from Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit. The baby lamp would not be complete without baby shoes. I made the baby shoes by breaking apart the baby shoe and deleting the strap. Take the crescent shape that makes the cut out for the shoe out and move it to the toe then stretch it to fit the top of the toe. I used a 3/16 inch punch to make holes for the laces and put eyelets in then laced the shoe. I did this before I glued the top on. (I had a brilliant moment and did it that way. It does happen once in a while, lol.)  I had to add a little fun to it by hot gluing the shoes to the side of the lamp and truck  doing a wheelie.  The pinwheels were added using the Breezy Backyard Lever Card SVG Kit.I hot glued them to that back of the truck and onto a half of a toothpick. Then poke the toothpick through the top of the truck. 
 I will list the kits and collections I used at the bottom of this post and make a link to take you right to that sweet baby stuff. Mary made quite a few really cute kits and collections. There is an awesome fire truck in the new freebie this week. The kit is called Patriotic Parade SVG Kit. I will include a link to that as well.

I used a lot of print to cut on this as it is difficult for me to get up to date paper kits quickly. The two collections I used were Carta Bella Cool Summer and My Minds Eye Summer Splash. Although they are not from the same company,  they are both summer related and  fun and that was my main goal behind using these. I also like to show that you can use paper collections that are not baby themed or whatever your making to achieve the same cute look. 

 For those of you wondering no I don't have a wide format printer with a continuous ink system. I really cut my 12x12 card stock down to fit in my printer. That is something I would love in the future.
  I will include several pictures for you to get a good at my creation. Thanks so much for stopping by,
Y'all come back now ya hear?Have a super day everyone and Happy Crafting! Blessings, Sharalyn

Kits and Collections used:
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit                               
Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit
Bundle of Joy SVG Kit (baby shoes)
Little Sweet Pea SVG Collection
Baby Elements SVG Collection
Breezy Backyard Lever Card SVG Kit
 Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
 Free baby elephant from the blog

Supplies Used:

American Craft Card Stock
enamel Dots
Half of a toothpick
Twine from the Twinery
psst you can try the different twine colors by 
purchasing  a small sample kit. Then you'll know what
colors you use more and make a cost effective purchase. 
Link for the Kit with the fire truck. 
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit


Monday, May 13, 2013

Flower Cart for KAIROS

Hi everyone!!!
I finally got the flower Cart done. The paper came last week but we have had a few car issues.. grrr that have kept me away from my craft room. That being said when the paper came I couldn't get to making the flowers for the cart. When I think of beautiful scenery,  I think of wagons in the front yard or gardening tools that are old and grass and flowers growing up around it. I love the old butter churns sitting out front or chairs made of branches from trees. That's the kind of gal I am.
So here are the specks. I made the cart sort of like Brigit's from the design team on SVG cuts. I wanted one wheel and more of a rustic falling apart sort of look so I didn't worry to much about making it look all neat. All the pieces for the cart and accent pieces for the umbrella were made using my Designer Software from Silhouette as I used the print and cut feature. So if you have that or are able to print and cut or you have wood look paper and the right paper for you accent pieces your good to go. I didn't so I had to do the print and cut feature. I hot glued those tiny brads to the centers of the wheels as my paper was not strong enough to push it through like Brigit's did. 

 The mushroom Cap came from Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit and is what I used to make the umbrella and the accents for it were trimmed with a circle punch to the that look at the bottom of it. The pole for the umbrella is the pool cue from The Green Room SVG Kit. I then cut thin strips of paper to made vines and curled them around a paint brush. The flowers are just one of Mary's many types of flowers she makes. Take a look at any Spring or Mother's day kit and your bound to find a flower you like. It is my suggestion that you print the PDF's from each kit or collection.  That is how I find the different shapes I want to make things.  I think of the shape I want to use or flower I want to make, then pour over those PDF 's to find what I want. The box is from December Gifts SVG Kit and is just that little flat box. I filled it with beans to weight it down and then added the little pearls to the flower centers. All the flowers were inked on the edges and shaped with my McGill flower shaping tools. I really wouldn't know what to do with out those tools they have been invaluable.
What's that you say? How did I get the umbrella to stand in the cart. I used a very huge and ugly brad in my opinion. I stuck that in the bottom of the pool cue and hot glued it to the cart. I had bought a steal  on and really wanted all of it except those brads and had no idea what in the world I would do with them. They are still there but you just don't see it.. Good to my thinking. YUCK.
So there you have it my flower cart. This creation and a few others I have and will make, will  go to benefit women who have family members in prison. Just because they're family members have made a mistake doesn't mean those women aren't suffering as well. In fact many of them need the love of Christ in fellowship and crafting or whatever to let them know they are still loved.
I will post a link that will take you to one of the kits I used. Have a look around. There are so many amazing kits and collections I know it will be hard for you to decide. It  always is for me as well. 
Mary made a fire engine in the newest kit.. so cute and perfect for that little boy in your life or the fire fighter. Thanks for stopping by Y'all and Happy Crafting!!!
Blessing, Sharalyn
SVG Kits Used:
Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit
 The Green Room SVG Kit
December Gifts SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit

  Freebie with a 9.98 purchase this week is this one! so cute!!! 
 Hurry it is for a limited time only! Patriotic Parade SVG Kit

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fruit Fiesta Party!!!

Morning all,

Well the paper still hasn't come yet so I didn't get that project I posted last done yet but when I comes and it is done I will post it.. I don't expect it will take me to long to finish maybe by next week I can post it for sure.. BUT... I haven't been idle..

Don't you just love the new kit!!! How fun is that!!! Fruity Fiesta is the name and I have made something using it and the tea box from Tea for you and me. Drum roll please.... 

A fruit Cart!!!! 

Yes, you read that right a fruit cart. I was inspired by the new kit and my longing as with everyone else of summer and sunny days. Even here it hasn't been our normal warm weather. Thienly inspired me more with her adding wheels to the ice cream truck. I thought how thoughtful and fun to add wheels. When the new kit came out with the lemon boxes I knew I had to turn those into wheels.
Make the box for the tea bags first that will give you a better idea of what size you'll want your wheels for the cart. You can size it smaller or leave it as it imports. I left it that size. 
 I had those straws remember that I was inspired by and thought I needed to use those up a bit more. I could just give them to my grand kids to use and they would have a great time with those and I still may when they are here but I love how they look like bamboo. Anyway I used those to make the frame under the tea box and a 3/16 in dowel fits perfectly inside to make the wheels move. I made the stick 6 inches to stick out a little on both sides then made the lemon box at a smaller size and poked a hole in the back of the box with a pencil to put the dowel through then hot glued the dowel into the box. I did of course glue the lid to the bottom of the box on the lemon box. I loved how Mary said a lime or a orange would be cute to so I made two lemons and two limes. I made the top of the pineapple at the size it imports and then hot glued the straws together to make the "pole".
I cut the straws at a angle like I did with the elephants trees and then made a lemon slice on the inside of the pineapple to have something to glue the straws to. To make the pole look a little more finished I loosely wrapped bakers twine around it. Then made the cute little sign for the pineapple and put it on the cart. I glued it onto the front of the cart and added a watermelon svg and the cute pear. The pear was a freebie on the freebie page. 
 That is all I did on it if I forgot to mention something make sure you let me know. I thought this would be so cute on the table with all the other stuff for a summer party. Add your forks,knives and spoons all wrapped up in cute little napkins for your guests and there you have it a summer fiesta! 
This is the free kit with a purchase of 9.98 this week. Remember to make a purchase of  9.98 not including this free kit and then make sure you add it to your cart. When you see the page that has the discount make sure you type in that box"freegift" Then continue through with your payment. It is free with your purchase till Friday so hop to it! After that you'll have to pay for this awesome kit! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. Have a really great day ya'll and Happy crafting! 
Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Fruity Fiesta SVG Kit 
Tea For You and Me SVG Kit 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sneak Peek!!!

Hi Everyone!!!
I am so sorry I have been working hard but not posting any pictures. I will give you a sneak peek and something I am working on to benefit  an outreach at church. Remember though it isn't done yet and yes of course I will tell you how I did it. When I get it all done and figure out what on earth I did to make it..

Looking over at my desk it is a mess!!!! I have Mother's Day Cards and 3d roses and.. oh yeah the sneak peak ok ok sorry. So here it is.  So just in case your looking at this and think what in the world is she doing???? It will be a garden wagon with the umbrella and flowers and vines and such. You know me I love stuff like that.

Anyway stay tuned I hope to have it up some time next week. Some of the kits I have used so far have been Carmel Apple Pie SVG Kit, Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit. I used the mushroom top to make the part of the umbrella. 

The idea came from Brigit's wagon she made with the Carmel Apple Pie SVG Kit. I loved it so much and wanted to do my own version of it. Brigit is on the design team at SVG CUTS and you can go to the blog and check out all the inspiration. There is a ton of it. 
 So that is it so far, as I said I hope to have it done by mid week next week. We have had some crazy days lately and when I plan to stay home and craft that goes out the window but you know how that is, that is life!
 Thanks for stopping by I will put a link down below to one of the kits I have been using. If you make this anything be sure and post it on SVG Cuts Facebook page I would love to see it as do all the crafty guys and gals there. We are a friendly bunch and don't bite. Promise!!! There is tons of encouragement and help, give a shout out if ya need it someone is there to help. Be sure and check out the new freebie, with a purchase of 9.98 excluding the freebie. It will be up for a week then a new freebie will be up. How can you beat that??? Make sure you check the blog too there are all kinds of totally free stuff as well. Really, no cost at all. The new kit is simply delicious looking!!! really fun for your summer parties.. go check it out! Thanks so much for stopping by I will really try hard to get it done for ya by mid week. Have a really great weekend y'all and thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Craftin' Y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn 

Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit