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Monday, May 27, 2013

Feeling Groovy Patirotic Style!

Happy Memorial Day Y'all!
Today we give thanks to all our brave men and women who have fought for our freedom. To you all, God Bless you and though it is not enough to say... Thank you. 

When I was thinking about this Holiday for me this is another special day. The day my son was born. For me it is a two fold special day, he is also in the Navy! Chris has been in service to our country for 12 yrs. To say I am not proud of this boy is an understatement. 
So to my wonderful sweet, crazy "little boy" Happy Birthday!!!

When I think about the beginning of summer I think about picnics, parades, watermelon and yes the odd occasion when you see that Groovy truck rolling down the street. Its so wild but fun you just have to stare.  That is what the paper from Doodlebug made me think of and Tamara's wonderful beach bum type Truck added to this creation. Check our Tamara's Beach version on this

I bought the paper collection from because they allow you to buy separate sheets of paper from that collection so if I see something that I just know I will use more of I can get it from them for sure!!! The collection was the same one Mary used in her Patriotic Parade and is Called Stars & Stripes.. would be sooo cute for the 4th. 
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit has a swell firetruck and even a Dalmatian to go with it.. just in case I peeked your interest here is the link for that:Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
Anyhoo here is the scoop on my groovy Truck:
Duh I forgot to tell you where the truck came from sorry. Here is the link for the Ice Cream Truck:Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
I made the ice cream truck as usual but then decided I wanted the front of the truck and the back window area to be the blue print. I cut those parts again and used scissors and just cut along the dotted line so to speak the cover the front and back top window area. 
Yes I did say I used my scissors* Gasp* ok well I don't do it that often just when the thought comes afterward that I wanted it a certain way and I am to lazy to reconfigure it back at the computer.. but really thinking ahead would be great. I truly am not sure I know how to do that. LOL
The Awnings are the very same ones from the kit but I added a score line with my score board about a 1/4in. from the scalloped edge to make it bend down.  You'll have to size them a bit to fit the front and back windows right. I have seen on these awnings on  cute trailer type trucks and thought it worked perfect for my groovy van, very flower power type.  I used my new Epiphany 14in round tool to make the headlights. I loved the cute paisley print that came in this paper so I picked a flower from it for the headlights. Then the hubcaps are large white pearls I colored blue with a Copic Marker but you can use a permanent marker as well. The flowers are from Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit. I brought in one of the flower shape svgs and broke it apart and used only four of the flowers and I did enlarge them a bit to fit the wheel. I broke toothpicks in half and hot glued them to the awing then to the car to get them in the right position. The paper pack came with the cute sticker that says Good times so I thought that worked well also and added it. Lots of awesome stickers if you do scrap booking as well in this kit. Here is the link for theChamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit
This is a really really cute card kit you need to check this one out for sure!!! 
So that is all I can think of that I did on this Groovy Truck Trailer whatever you want to call it. It was fun making it and I could have gone totally crazy with this thing but I toned it down a bit. I can't let y'all know how really crazy I can be. 
Have a really Super Memorial Day everyone!!! Be safe and thanks so much for stopping by and setin a spell with me.
 Blessings on all Y'all and Happy Craftin!!!! 

 Blessings, Sharalyn
SVG Kits Used:
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit 

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