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Friday, October 31, 2014

Christmas Times a Coming...

Hey Y'all,

I have been working on some Christmas Wrapping Ideas because I love the boxes Mary has but really don't love wrapping things. I am also not good at it, so putting them in a cute box that doubles as present as well as decor, works for me. As I started to write this up I was looking for a kit name in my folder of PDFs and thought of something else that would work as well that you could use. If you didn't want to glue all the holy leaves onto the ornament but I am getting ahead of myself.

Start with the Christmas Tree Ornament from The Christmas Tree Ornaments SVG Kit. Cut it our of your desired paper and then go in the extras file and get the extra bottom for the Christmas tree.  Make two small circle W.0.405 x H 0.405. Center one in the middle of your octagon bottom for the tree and select both the octagon and the circle then subtract. Move the other off to the side to use later for the lid of the box. Your battery operated tea light will go through that hole just like I did on the scarecrow. Glue the bottom of the tree box together as usual and set aside. Make several circles W.0.146 x H 0.146 and some W 0.102 x H 0.102. Arrange these on the Tree Ornament making sure not to place them over a score line and subtract those as well to make holes so the lights shine through. Not cut and glue the tree together as you would. Cut the single holy leaves from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit out at W 0.913 x H 2.492, I cut a full page of them. Slightly curve the leaves with a pencil, stylus or dowel. Glue the tips of the holy leaves to the body of the tree being careful not to cover your holes. You want to camouflage them but not cover them. I had the pointsetta flowers in my stash and glued one to the other then used Ranger Multi Medium Matte to glue to the top of my tree. One of the petals fit nicely into the whole at the top. Use whatever you have even a couple of great star buttons with the shank cut off would work. I used Star Dust Stickles to add a bit of glitter to the tree. Now set this aside.
Here is another idea for the lights that came to me as well. You could make the holes W 0.20 and use the fairly lights like the bag Witches bag Mary made and taped the lights to the inside or you could use the tiny lights and put them through the holes and actually have them stick out.
If you didn't want to glue all those Leaves onto the Ornament you could use the Hinged Christmas tree from Spirits Of Christmas Past SVG Kit and add the holes as well, just another idea that came to me. You will probably have to make is smaller thought.
Now take the train from the Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit and cut off lower tab leaving about a 1/4 of an inch to fold down. This will be how the train is adhered to the box lid. Make two and cut the extra engine off. I welded this to the first train before I cut it out.  I used my scissors for this next step, but you could do this on the machine cut little notches at the bottom of your strip one after the coal car and then another after the third car. I used my score board to score under the wheels to fold the strip up. If you do this with score lines on the machine it could break. My first one did.

Make the Small Octagon box bottom from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit. Here is where that extra circle comes in. Center it to the middle of your octagon lid and subtract. This will make your hole that the tea light will fit through. Now glue the folded train to the top of the lid and cut about  1/4 strip with your paper cutter I used paper from the same collection so it wouldn't stand out to much. Glue this strip to the back of your train for stability. I folded it with my hands where I need it. now embellish your train. and then hot glue the tree bottom box to the top of the lid box matching your holes.  When you put your tree on the top the the box you might need to clip off some of the ends of your holly leaves to make it fit and not push the train over. Now assuming you used red for the bottom of your box, hot glue a black ribbon around the middle of the box, with your ends meeting in the front. I used the rectangular piece from scrap-booking stuff to make the belt buckle but you could make a paper one or use a button, whatever you have. I do not know the technical name for that thing. It was one of the things that was given to me.
You can either hot glue or use double sided tape to adhere the battery operated tea light to the top inside of the lid on your box. Fill your box with the rest of your gift and before presenting it to your recipient, turn the tea light on. That is all for this box but I have another one I am making done it white with embossed holy leaves and some snowflake action on the box. But it isn't done yet so I didn't have it to post with this one. Guess you'll have to come back to read how I make that one. Till then, Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Craftin" Y'all!
                                                                                                              Blessings, Sharalyn

Note: I really tried but just couldn't get a good shot of the lights showing through for you.

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit
Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
MY Mind Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Collection
Bazzill Solid Card Stock: Ruby Slipper, Rain Forest
Simple Stories Enamel Dots, Cozy Christmas Collection
Brad for wheel from Stash
Pointsetta top from Stash
"Buckle" from Stash
Ranger Star Dust Stickles
Ranger Multi Medium  Matte
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Colored Flashing Battery operated tea light 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Giving Thanks Always....

Hi Y'all,
I have another present for a certain person that really appreciates my humor and God given talent. After the first song at our church they do announcements then we do a meet and greet to everyone and yep we are a noisy group saying hello,giving hugs and sharing laughter. At such a time this past week one of our pastors started his sentence with: One of your amazing creations ended up on my desk and It was in a plastic bag tied and my name wasn't on it so I didn't know if it was for me or not.... Love the heart of this guy! I said OH yes I though perhaps someone had thrown it away.... It was a item I needed to fix for the church.. His face fell a little.. oh how can I disappoint this person I love so much in the Lord! So I came home ate my lunch and had a conversation with God in my  head about What could I make for this person? I rested a bit then went to my room finishing up some gluing on one of the Christmas projects.  As I worked I kept looking at the  larger cut out pieces of the mouse I had, I smiled and went to work.
Now when God puts something like this on my heart I pray ask what can I make and then I pretty much let him give me the ideas. I glued the mouse together having no clue what I would be doing next but I kept getting a verse in my head. (often he will do this with me)

 Deuteronomy 8:10 When you have eaten and are satisfied, Praise the Lord your God for the good land he has given you.
Now this can mean a lot of things if you think on it a bit but for my project it was a practical sentence and one I giggled at the Lords humor.

Start with the Large Ghost pumpkin from Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit. I only glued 4 side pieces together and cut off the top have to show that the little mouse had eaten  quite a bit! I took four accent pieces and embossed them with my Cuttlebug Forest branches emboss folder. I used Really Rust Ink from Stampin up to bring the embossing out. Then I embossed four more pieces with Darcy's Wood Grain emboss folder for the outside inking those as well with Really Rust Ink. I used scissors and cut off the top portion of the pumpkin pieces. I glued the Forest Branches embossed pieces to the inside to look like the inside of a pumpkin and the Wood grain Embossed accent pieces to the outside. Make the lid but don't put it on yet. Then I took the itty bitty flower punch I have from Stampin up and made "bites out of the sides top and the lid pieces of the pumpkin. Ink the edges a bit just to add definition. 

The mouse is made using the strawberry from the Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit. Sizes for the strawberry will be given at the bottom of this post. The pumpkin is made at the size it imports. Cut your mouse out of your desired color for your mouse and glue the strawberry together when you get to the top of the strawberry thread a twine through the holes at the top and tie a knot at the base. Loosely twist the two twine pieces together and use another smaller piece of twine to tie a knot for the end of the tail. Trim to the desire length and use your scissors to fray the ends. Glue your accent pieces on and glue the top and bottom of the strawberry together. Cut four leaves from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit, these can be found in the extras file. Again sizes will be at the bottom of this post. Curl and squish the leaves a bit so they resemble paws. Hot glue the bottom paws in place the cut off about a 1/4 of the leaves for the front paws off toward the back of the stem. Bend the back of the cut off portion down and hot glue in place. I did the whiskers a bit different than I have in the past. I used a very thinly cut piece of black card stock and used my little scissors to cut a slit on either side of the length of the card stock, so that it had splits in either side. I left the center solid so I could bend it in half and glue the bent portion to the "nose" of my mouse. then I trimmed and carefully curled the thin card stock pieces a bit. I really didn't have to curl to much as it did that naturally. I took an extra piece I had trimmed off and glued that to the center of the "nose" area as well. I used a small black pearl for the nose and the medium sizes for the eyes.  The ears are small tear drop shapes that I curled in with my stylus and chalked with my pearlescent chalks. I usually use the tool that came with them but I tried a cosmetic q-tip this time that I got at the dollar tree and it worked much better. The pointed ends of the tear shapes are bent and glued to the top of the head. I added a bit of "blush" color to the tummy area as well.  I glued the "chewed" portion of the pumpkin top to the top of the mouses head and made a stem using the Scarecrow's hat from Leaves are Falling SVG Kit, glue that as well to the top of the pumpkin lid. I added chewed pumpkin leaves and vines from Gourds Galore SVG Collection. Under the mouses backside is a small polished rock that you can purchase in quantity at the dollar tree. I used Glossy Accents to adhere that to the pumpkin and is there only for weight.
Now when my daughter saw this little guy she said he needed pumpkin seeds for the inside so I made those using the tear drop shape and adding ink for shading. Make two one larger than the other and slightly cup the smaller one, glue the smaller one centered on top of the larger one. (this will give the ridge that the pumpkin seeds have)  Ink both edges with Tim Holtz Vintage papers ink, then use the Itty Bitty Flower punch and take a small bite out of the seeds ink those edges and glue to the inside of the pumpkin. On the Bottom of the pumpkin at the middle back is two more of the rocks I chose green to camouflage it a bit. I glued those to the bottom to help the half of pumpkin or whatever the mouse left LOL stand. 

The tag was made last. I used the Print n cut feature on my machine to print the verse then drew a rounded rectangle around the words and added a hole for the tail to go  through. Now you could use a tag from Any of Mary's terrific tag files like Tags Galore SVG Collection or even the Double Tags Galore SVG Collection but I did a quick box to make mine. If you choose to make your own tag be sure and choose a different color for the cutting lines of the tag so you can choose to uncheck the box while your machine prints the words, then just uncheck the words and check the outlines when you go to cut it. thread the tail through the hole and hot glue it into place. There you have it our little mouse with words of encouragement. But what if you don't want the bible verse? Well you could always say Give Thanks for thanksgiving... 

I am hoping Daniel loves this little guy and shows it to many as we can all be encouraged to give thanks for all we have been given. Thanks so much for stopping by and to all of you... Happy Crafting and Many blessings! Sharalyn

SVG Cuts Kits and Collections Used:
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit
Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit 
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit 
Gourds Galore SVG Collection 

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: Concrete, Olive, Apricot, Latte
Neenah Desert Storm Card Stock
Recollections Card Stock: Black
Tim Holtz, Vintage Papers Distress Ink
Ranger Glossy Accents
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks
Twinery: Grey and White Twine 
Recollections Black Adhesive Pearls
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot glue
Detail Glue Gun
Polished Rocks From dollar Tree

Approximate Mouse sizes:
W.6.691 x 4.986 Note this is for all the strawberry pieces not including the leaves or the tear drop shape for the ears. 
4 Leaves for paws W 3.006 x  H 0.345
Tear Shapes W 2.76 x H  0.979
Remember I said this was slightly larger on these sizes so you will need to size up a tiny bit

Hat from Leaves are falling for pumpkin Stem:
W 1.767 x H 1.774

 If I made a mistake is this please forgive me and leave me a note I will clear it all up tomorrow. God Bless Y'all Sharalyn

Box is from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit 
Bow is on the freebies page of the blog:freebies from SVG Cuts 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Think Outside the Bag!

Hi everyone!

I hope your having a wonderful day and that your busy craftin'. I have been working on a couple of projects but one is not finished yet. It is taking some thinking for sure as I want it to look great and not have any of it looking like I could have done that better. That is my upbringing, thanks mom! She has always said if your going to do something do it right. So  on the the Christmas light bag!

I started with the Witch Bag from Fright Night SVG Kit from SVG Cuts. I un grouped and released compound path to move the holes around that Mary had made resizing some along the way to look a bit like stars. I Knew I wanted to use Winter Bliss SVG Collection to  make the bag as it is the perfect holiday scene. I used the reverse trees in the 12x12 folders and sized it down to W 6.046 x H 5.867. Place it between the cut lines and the score lines and holding down the shift key click on the bag. This should choose the bag and the tree only then go to modify and subtract. This will remove that portion of the bag for your background. I grouped the holes after I resized them and drew a square around the whole thing.The size I made was W 6.559 x H 6.001. Make a compound path then, made a couple of duplicates. Move two of the duplicates off to the side so you can use one. Holding down the shift key again and choosing the bag go to modify and subtract. This makes the holes in the top portion of the bag so you can either add the lights Mary used from Amazon or just have the holes like I had and add color changing tea lights into the bottom of the bag. I didn't have the lights yet so I didn't use them. The insert or "sky" was made using Tim Holtz Distress inks and Neenah Solar White paper. I will list the inks colors I used at the bottom of this post. Using the inks blend your sky onto your background paper. I started with the paper at W 6.50 x H 8 1/2. This gave me lots of room to be creative with my sky and then using the cut out of the bag,  I placed it over the paper in different places to decide what part of the sky I wanted to use. After blending the inks with the round ink blending tool I spritz the whole thing with Perfect Pearls and water. Mix a 1/4 of a teaspoon of Perfect Pearls with a 2 oz  bottle of water. I use the Ranger Mister as it works well. Remember to hold it back a way from your project. After it dries place it on your mat and cut out using the sky template you made. (holes and square) The holes in the top of the bag cut out will be matched to the holes in your insert cut out.
Glue the sky to the inside back of your bag front. I used Star Dust stickles to add a little sparkle to the front of the bag on the trees. Now if you have the lights go ahead and tape them to the inside like Mary does on the Witch bag.

Cut the kids at W. 3.743 x H 2.161. I used Star Dust Stickles again to add a little glitter to the kids. Then I cut the Snowflake Kisses saying and the Snowflakes at theses sizes starting with the snowflake kisses Saying:W 3.734 x  H 1.185, Snowflakes: W 1.141 x H 1.309. Set your silhouette speed at 2 and double cut twice. This helps the cut outs to come out without tearing. Go slow and take your time when removing it from the paper and mat. To add the glitter to the paper I used Versa Mark ink and Heat and Stick from Stampin up. Cover the snowflakes or saying with the versa mark ink then add the heat and stick, heat it up just till it is shinny then put it in your glitter. I used Art Glitter Ultra Fine Translucent Crystal Glitter. Heat the Glitter again to set it. Then glue the saying and the snowflakes to the bottom front of the bag. The kids are on with Foam Adhesive Circles. Glue the bag pieces together and add the handle. I had snowflake brads in my stash so not sure where I got them. That is pretty much it. I hope you like it. Thanks so  much for stopping and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

Svg Kits and Collections Used:
Fright Night SVG Kit
Winter Bliss SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Neenah Solar White Card Stock
Tim Holtz Distress Inks: Antique Linen, Victorian Velvet, Seedless Preserves, Broken China, Salty Ocean, Chipped Sapphire, Black Soot.
Perfect Pearls
Bazzill Black Card Stock
American Craft Card Stock, Plum
Versa Mark Ink
Stampin up Heat and Stick
Art Glitter, Ultra fine Translucent Crystal Glitter
Foam Adhesives
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wise Men Still Seek Him Card

Hey Y'all,'

I had an overwhelming response to this card so I am writing it up for y'all. Really Kristina Werner was the inspiration behind this card. She made an amazing card in her Holiday card Series 2014. It is day three if y'all want to watch it.

I started with watching her video as I mentioned above and finally got a couple more of the Tim Holtz inks I needed for it. Now I couldn't find the Chipped Sapphire she used and I do have it on order, so I used seedless preserves and broken china to add some more of the color to it. But I will get to all that. Choose your Stamp set that your going to use. In this case I used a Close to my Heart Stamp set called Captured Moments. (C1423) I was given a whole bunch of Close to My Heart stuff and I have to say I  like the company very much. Remembering the stamp set you chose,  you will cut your white card stock for your card front. I use Neehan Solar White 80# card stock. I get it from Simon Says Stamp. I purchased the new blending tools that are round from Tim Holtz and found it was easier for me to blend with them. Start with your lightest color first, blending in a swirling motion from off the page onto your card front. If you stamp has a arch to it try to remember that and blend the ink the same way as your making your background.  I started with Antique linen. Next color is Victorian Velvet but I wanted a stronger look so I didn't use that much of it. then Seedless Preserves, Broken China and then Seedless preserves on the top I used just a small amount of Black Soot around the top and side edges. I went back over the top portion of the card with Salty ocean lightly blotting with the blending tool to add more color. Heat set the background with your heat tool to make sure nothing will smear.
Stamp your scene with Tuxedo black Memento Ink and fill in the bottom of the card front with a Tuxedo black ink pen like Kristina did with the bottom of her card. I left the open portion of the stamp where the deer were standing to fill with a Versa Mark pen and used Ranger iridescent emboss powder in that small portion of it. The stars are just put on with a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen the Star is also added that way. I chose the black Card stock to Stamp the Wise Men Still Seek Him. There are a lot of stamps like this but this one is one Mary from SVG cuts made. You can now purchase those stamp through Unity Stamp Co. The set is called The First Noel. Because the stamp got some white emboss powder in the wrong place (yes I did try to swipe it off with a paint brush) I decided to add the stars to the black as well and wow that made it pop! To make the shooting stars just put your pen down and lightly but quickly drag it. sort of a flick like some do with Copics. I sprayed the whole card with perfect Pearls and water. Mix about a 1/4 of a teaspoon with  water into a Ranger 2fl oz mister bottle. Caution: hold the bottle back quite a way from the card or you end up with water droplets in places you do not want. Tim Holtz inks are made to work with water!!! This gives a nice sparkle to the card your recipient will see perfectly. It does not photograph well though.  I rounded the top corners with a 1/8 inch We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper. Use the 3/8 inch on the bottom of the card.

 I haven't decided on what to put on the inside yet but that was it. This was the second try with the blending as the first I messed up. I am glad I did. I really like the whole feel of this card so I will try to replicate this as close as I can with the next 20 cards LOL not easy to do and each one will have a slightly different feel but that is ok. I thank you all so much for wanting the instructions but really have to give credit to Kristina Werner as it was her idea I just did what she says to do in her Online Card Classes.. I used what I had. It never hurts to have some more ink in your arsenal either! Shop local if you can!!! Your mom and pop Craft stores need it! Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire Host some great online card classes if you want to learn some great tips and tricks. I have taken 4 of them and would take them all if I had the money. Well worth it and lots of feedback on your cards. You have a chance to ask questions from the teacher and win some great prizes as well as a discount code to Some online stores.  I do not get anything from pushing these classes, just telling you what great tips I have learned from them. ;)

Supplies Used:
Unity Stamp Co :The First Noel, SVG Cuts Stamps
Close to my Heart Stamp Set: Captured Moments
Tim Hotlz Distress Inks: Antique Linen, Victorian Velvet, Seedless Preservces, Broken China, Salty Ocean, Black Soot.
Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and pen
Neenah Solar White Card Stock 80#
Sakura Gelly Roll White pen
Perfect Pearls, White
We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper 1/8, 3/8
Recollections Black Card Stock
 Fiskars Compact Stamp Press

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Touch of Fall

Morning all!
I hope you are all enjoying the cooler days and the crisp nights of fall. We don't get the colors
y'all do here but we do get the color is the sunrise and sunset. The smell of fresh air comes in and the is a crispness in the early mornings and evenings. Love it! The only thing that would complete it for me is for it to have the leaves and smell from the leaves. I Love fall so very much and so I do a lot of happy crafting in this time. So without further ado I bring to you a little touch of fall.

Mary made this wonderful Scarecrow in the Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit so I thought why not? I had this wonderful paper from Simple Stories Called Sweater Weather and this was perfect for this little guy. Cut your scarecrow at the size it imports or is on the PDF. Ink your edges with Tim Holtz Vintage papers to add a distressed look. I used a brown marker to make x's for the accents, mouth and eyelashes. The eyes are enamel dots from Simple Stories Sweater Weather collection as well. I wrapped Linen thread a couple of times around the pant cuffs and tied a bow. ALL of the pieces in this design were inked with Tim Holtz Vintage Papers ink with with the exception of the mouse who was inked with Stampin Up Soft Suede.

The mouse is made using the Strawberry from Sweets For my Sweet SVG Kit. Import and size all the pieces for the strawberry, AKA mouse to W 6.691 x 4.986 H. Glue the strawberry together and take a length of twine and thread through the holes in the top of the strawberry. Tie the twine in a knot to hold the tail in place. Loosely twist the two threads together and tie with an extra piece of twine at the end of the tail. Fray the ends of the tail with your scissors and then trim to the length of the frayed pieces you want.  The accents were  embossed using Forest Branches emboss folder from Cuttlebug. Cut small black pieces of wire for the whiskers and hot glue them into place. They will stick much better if the wire has a plastic coating on it.  Glue your accents in place then glue the top of the strawberry to the bottom.  Ink your mouse where ever you feel he might need shadows. The leaves are from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit in the extras file. They are sized to W 0.692 x 0.345 H. You will need four of the leaves for the "hands" and "feet" of the mouse. Curl the feet for the mouse under and glue to the bottom of the strawberry.  Cut about 1/4 of each leave back off for the hands curl and bend the back portion down and hot glue in place. The hat is from Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit and is sized to W 1.935 x 1.943 H. The hat band was sized to W 1.612 x 0.684 H. If you have trouble holding this together while your are gluing it try using reverse tweezers to hold it while the glue dries. I have small hands and so am able to hold things like that pretty easily. There are times when it is to small and that is what I use the reverse tweezers to hold it. Hot glue the hat onto the top of the mouses head. The ears are tear shaped pieces that are cut at W.0.253 x 0.391 H use Chalk to give the inside of the ears a pink look. Bend the lower portion of each ear up so that you can glue them into place using hot glue. Add your large black pearls for the eyes and the tiny black pearl for the nose. Hot glue your mouse to the bottom front of the foot of your scarecrow at and angle.
To add just a touch of humor to this guy I cut three pieces of Wheat from Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Collection. The sizes of the two on the hat are W. 0.532 x 1.822 H , W 0.472 x 1.618 H. The mouse one is even smaller and I goofed and didn't save it. I am sorry. When you cut these make sure you set the speed to 1, this helps it to cut properly. Glue two of the wheat to the side of the hat and add one to the mouses "mouth" as though he stole if from the hat.

So that is my fall design. Pretty simple really, most of the work is in making the mouse but really he isn't that hard either. I hope you enjoy my little creation. I have to get cracking on a couple of apple &mice for a gal at church then I am going to make the idea I had using those cute little stocking buttons I picked up at Michale's last week. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a blessed day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Use
 Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit
Sweets for My Sweet SVG Kit
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Simple Stories Sweater Weather Collection
American Craft Card Stock, Vanilla, Mustard, Caramel, Latte, Apricot
Bazzill Card Stock, Chocolate
Simple Stories Enamel Dots
Stampin Up Linen Thread
Twinery Brown and white Twine
Michale's Black Pearls
Stampin Up, Soft Suede Marker
Buttons Galore and More, Tiny Buttons
Scotch Quick Dry Adheisive
Hot Glue

Side note: Congrats to the winners of the fall Challenge, there were a lot of great entries!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Give Thanks, Winnie!

Hey Y'all!
My new project here was inspired by Leo and Mary Kowal's Cat Winnie. You see every year about this time Leo and Mary take a vacation to Wisconsin and see the fall colors. This year was Winnie's first vacation ever! She found a mouse in the place they are staying and was hunting this mouse all day and all night. Leo shared this with us on the SVG Cut page which I found quite amusing. Thinking about fall,Thanksgiving, which is my favorite family gathering and Winnie's recent adventures I present to you this pilgrim  mouse. He is reminding us all to Give Thanks.

Cut and glue the apple together from Miss Baker's Classroom . Size all the pieces at once using the bottom of the apple's size as your guide. W. 5.538 x 5.503 H. I inked the edges of the accents for the apple with Vintage Paper ink from Tim Holtz. 

The mouse is made using the Strawberry from Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit. Cut the strawberry bottom at 2.731 H x 2.565 W. If you bring all the pieces onto your mat and then size the whole thing down at once your bottom should be the size stated above. This will insure all your pieces will fit and you don't have to re- cut pieces. The accents were embossed with Forest branches emboss folder by Cuttlebug. The hands and feet are leaves from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit and are in the extras file. They are the bottom leaves and are sized at W 0.0692 x0.345 H. Curl the leaves in a downward position and squeeze them in a bit as well. The feet are hot glued onto the bottom portion of the strawberry. Cut off about a 1/4 of the back of the leaves for the hands bend them down and hot glue in place. Use the holes in the top of the strawberry to put your twine through and tie a knot at the base of the tail, take the two twine ends and twist them then tie an extra piece of twine around the end and cut off excess. Fray the threads so he has a bit of a puff.
The ears are made using an oval. Double click on it and drag the center node (black square) down a bit. Adjust the side nodes so that it is more of an tear drop shape.  This is one of the things I miss about Sure cuts a lot is their shapes menu. Then use Chalk to make the centers pink.
Under the accent pieces around the bought I hot glued two pieces of black jewelry wire then glue the accent pieces down to hold the whiskers in place. Add a small back pearl for the nose and two larger ones for the eyes. Mr. Mouse's hat was from Leaves are Falling SVG Kit and sized down to W 1.935x 1.934 H. If you bring the hat band on to the mat at the same time and size it down all together they will all be the correct size. the buckle was made using a two tiny rectangles and centering them then subtract the center one from the outside and you have your buckle.

The sign was made using the chalkboard sign for the teachers from Miss Baker's Classroom. Bring in all the pieces at once and size it down to W. 2.292 x 1.569 H. This size is for the outer piece the rest should fit just perfect. I fussy cut the give thanks from Simple stories Sweater Weather paper and inked the edges with Vintage papers Ink from Tim Holtz.

The leaves are from Autumn Elements SVG Collection. I really tried to use leaves from one of the kits I had already used but they just didn't work. I do not know what size the tiny ones are as they were from by extra cuts box I keep. The leaves around the bottom of the apple are cut at W 1.914 x 2.128 H. They are inked with Stampin up's Real Red and Rich Razzleberry. Hot glue those after you shape them with a stylus around the bottom of the apple. So there you have it Winnie's mouse and probably giving thanks that Winnie didn't catch it!  Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Miss Bakers Classroom SVG Kit
Sweets for my Sweet SVG Kit
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit
Autumn Elements SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Simple Stories  Card Stock ,Sweater Weather Collection
Bazzill Card Stock, Ruby Slipper
American Craft Card Stock, Melon, Olive, Pomegranate, Stone, Clay
Stampin up, Linen Thread
Gray and white twine,
Black Pearls
Pink Chalk
Lightweight black Jewelry wire
Hot Glue
Scotch quick Dry Adheisive

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Snow Much Fun!

Hi Y'all,
I went down the hill to Michaels to have a inspiration visit. I also needed some paper colors I just didn't have. I bought a few sheets of the ones I needed very badly but I need to put make serious order for paper. It was a wonderful visit too as I got TONS of ideas and things popping in my brain while  I looked. I need to work on a card for my MIL she requested but I have another fall decoration idea I am just itching to get to. Now that my Sweater Weather Paper from Simple Stories has arrived, I am really ready to get cracking on my idea. So here is another Christmas box I made. I hope you aren't getting tired of them, they really are fun to make. 

Start with the Soap box from Honeybee Tea SVG Kit. I embossed the lid accents with Tim Holtz Snow Pattern emboss folder. Then I made the bottom of the box using Echo Park Winter Park Collection from a few years ago. I love vintage Christmas things and have loved this cut of kids from Winter Bliss Collection for a long time. That is an awesome collection too if you don't have it I suggest you get it. Such lovely cuts in it. I used the snowflake2 from this collection, ungroup and delete portions of it so that the center of the snowflake would be solid.  Then I cut the snowflake in half and welded it to the bottom of the sled about center and sized the other half way down to fit under the boys foot welding it as well. I added score lines just below where the foot and the sled would end to fold the snowflake flat. This is where I had to cut out a few times to get it to cut without tearing off the small snowflake edges when I took it off the mat. Here is how I did it. Duplicate the kids and flip it or mirror it so you have two facing each other on your mat. I clued two together to make it stronger and to have the other side to the snowflake. If you have a silhouette then set the speed at 1 and double cut it. Carefully remove it from the mat leaving the paper if you can around the small snowflake. I cut most of the extra off around it and worked slowly and as patiently as I could to take the excess paper off around the tiny snowflake. Carefully bend your snowflakes up and then glue your two kids cut outs facing each other.

Glue to the top of your box adding extra glue around the snowflakes. Then sprinkle some white glitter onto the top of it. I use Art Glitter Crystal ultra fine Translucent Glitter. Love this glitter so very pretty. I used two white evergreen ferny greens cut out of white to glue to the top of the box front, then I hot glued a bow onto the top and then two small bells onto the front of that. Sponge white  ink around the bottom edges of the box and then use Star Dust Stickles to make snow drips. That is all there is to it. The toughest part is getting the machine to cut out the tiny and I mean tiny snowflake at the bottom of the boys foot.
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I have more ideas but need to work on that card so I feel like free to work on other things. But stay tuned because if this idea works,  you'll be able to use it for more than just one season. For those of you that are wondering,no I haven't given up on the  gourd I was asking Mary to make.  I am still hoping for it to be this year, just don't want to be a pest! So many ideas and things I could make with it that I just know y'all would love! Have a great day today and Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Honeybee Tea SVG Kit
3d Wintergreens SVG Kit
Winter Bliss SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
 Echo Park Card Stock Winter Park Collection
Bazzill Card Stock, White
American Craft Card Stock, Denim
Tim Holtz Snow Pattern Emboss Folder
Art Glitter Crystal Ultra Fine Translucent
Ranger Stickles Star Dust
Blue Ribbon
Scotch Quick Dry Adheisive
Hot Glue

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Post In Time

Morn' Y'all,
It's the crick of dawn as my mom used to tell us when she was waking us up to get ready to leave early for our vacations. I used to love the excitement we all felt getting up before the critters to leave. Dad used to fish and that is one of those memories I have. Nice to have such pleasant memories. Anyway, I had plans to write this up and take photos yesterday but God had other plans so I didn't get it done again. So, here I am at the crick of dawn to write it up for you as there is much I would like to get done today.

Start with the paper clip box from Good Day at the Office SVG Kit and import and make the bottom of the box as it is. For the lid of the box, make a line of circles at W. O.168 x O.168 H.  I went back and counted them and the total circles you will need for this is 29. Spread them out along the bottom of the lid and and align them middle and horizontally and also vertically. This helps to get them all lined up perfect. Group all the circles together. Place them at the bottom edges about halfway through your circles. Turn on the cross hairs to help you get it aligned perfectly straight. Place circles before  the score line on the ends you would glue the side pieces together. I hope that make since.  Release compound path on the lid and ungroup your score lines from the box lid. Don't move the score lines! Then click on the lid hold down the shift key and choose the group of circles, release the shift key and click modify then subtract. This should make the little postage stamp edge I made. You do not have to do this if you already have a postage edge punch. I do but wanted to be able to tell you how to do this if you didn't already have one. I also made this to go with the wonderful vintage postcard paper from My Minds Eye Joyous collection.  You can go back and use a small hand punch to clean up any parts that do not have a perfect stamp edge. I did this to clean up the end to end gluing of the sides.

For the very top of the lid I made cut outs using the top of the lid. I duplicated it and then shrink it down. Then modify and subtract much like you did with the circles. I wanted a layered look to it. Then making and insert for the center section and gluing it to the inside of the cut outs. Glue your larger cut out onto the sides of lid then glue your smaller cut out or edge to the top of that. Emboss and ink the insert to give it texture. I used Tim Holtz Snowflakes emboss folder, it comes with a snowman that is holding his hat it is pretty cute . Then I inked the top of it with Tim Hotlz Vintage papers ink. I added the ribbon using double sided sticky tape keeping it off the very ends so you can tie it. Then adding evergreen ferny greens from 3d Wintergreens  SVG kit. The berry stick was from my box of cuts I keep but is from Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit and the berries where done using Red Stickles from Ranger ink. Make the dots and then set it aside for it to dry. Hot glue a 1/8 inch bow on top and add the wood dots  from My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Collection and your done.
Now when I finished it I sat back and looked at it a while then decided it needed a bit more aging so I added Vintage Paper Ink to the edges and around the box. To add a bit of glitter to it, because what is Christmas without a little sparkle I sprayed it with Perfect pearls. This is a powder you can mix with some water and using a spray bottle hold it back a bit and spritz lightly. Use caution because if you get it to wet two things will happen: 1. it might warp and 2. Tim Holtz inks are made to work with the water so you may end up with an effect you didn't want.
So that is my box I have many more dancing in my head. If fact I woke this morning to many more ideas and creations dancing around. If I think about it I could be overwhelmed but I choose instead to be blessed by it. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. It is time to get crack a lacking on this day, so have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Good Day at the Office SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
My Minds Eye Joyous Collection
My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Wood Dots
American Crafts Card Stock: Pine, Latte, Rouge
Tim Holtz Snowflakes Emboss Folder
Tim Holtz Vintage Paper Ink
Ranger Perfect Pearls, white
Ranger Stickles Xmas Red
Red 1/8 and 1/4 inch Ribbon
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue