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Monday, December 10, 2012

Info on Lamp posts

Morning all!
I have had several people ask how I made the Charles Dickens type lamp posts and really I cannot take credit for that. It was a very own Thienly from SVG cuts Design team who came up with that awesome idea last Christmas. This year she made another awesome design I am itching to get to. It is a sled. AWESOME!!!! Anyhoo I told someone I would try to put in some of the specks of the embellishments I used for the 7 I have made so far. I currently have two more cut and ready to put together.. Seriously in need of a paper order right now I have made so many...
Many of you know I got the machine I was hoping for the silhouette Cameo a few months back so some of the things I used on these were cuts from silhouette. The sticks and berries, the star berry wreath. The rest is from our very special Mary who makes these awesome cuts for us to design with! Bless you for that Mary!
First the How to's to make the Lamp post are on the SVG cuts Blog just type in lamp post on the search part of the blog and it should take you right to the instructions. The rest I used the ferny greens and the spindly poinsettia from 3d winter greens the cardinal on some was a freebie from svg cuts and I used my copic markers to color some of the pearls to match my colors and smooch in the nail polish bottles to color some of the berries others I used glitter and a pen type glue to add the glitter. Some of you already know I adore my flower shaping tools from EK Success. I use those a lot when I make my stuff and in fact need to order some more as I made the mistake of using them to hold things in place when hot gluing... don't do that it ruins the tips.. The snowflakes I have used on all of them were from Michael's and are from their recollections stuff.. very hard to find so next year grab them up quick cuz I am buying a ton next year!!!. Buttons from Buttons Galore is another fav of mine but I have yet to try Tamara's pretty buttons from paper play. Dying to but well you know how it is .. I stamped the card stock vellum with a snowflake stamp and Versa Mark then used Stampendous Kaleidoscope transparent embossing powder and embossed the snowflakes on the "glass". I used Stampin ups heat and stick and Art glitters ultra fine transparent crystal glitter( another fave of mine) to make the snow glittery. On the berries I used a red glitter I had from Martha Stewart but I would love to get some from Art glitter as in my opinion that is the best glitter  I have ever seen. I used copper ink for inking on the brown lamp post and silver on the charcoal colored ones. I think that is all I did, but just did what  I do other wise to decorate them I don't know. If I forgot something just ask..My hubby says I get in a zone.. LOL well if that means I don't hear him when he talks to me then I guess that is true. Hope this helps, Seriously have fun with these they are a blast to make and as soon as I get the last two done I am trying that sled.. AWESOME!!!! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for asking how I did that. Always fun to share ideas! Have a great day and Happy Crafting.. and YES DO check out! SUPER creating opportunities.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Penguin Slide!!!

 Mornin' Y'all,
I made another creation for the Christmas Challenge on SVG Cuts Facebook page.
I hope you enjoy this little guy.

 I use is American Crafts Card stock and I will list colors I used as I go. 
I used the J from 3D Letters SVG Kit cut at the size it imports.I also cut an extra middle piece and cut off the sides to cover up the snowflakes I added later. I used pool AC card stock for the slide. I stamped and embossed the side pieces, with white snowflakes using white embossing powder Versa Mark.
 I used a standard hole punch to punch holes in the side pieces for the wooden dowel I would use later. Please don't do as I did, make the holes before you put the one side on and realize you need to make your holes. I embossed on the front of the J but not the side pieces.
Cut the snowflake tops only from Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection, in the presents and peppermint card.  I cut about 5 of those but use your artistic eye for what you would like and where you want to adhere them.  Using the " J2 " piece and cut the edges that would connect to the j pieces off then cover up the white flat part of the snowflake.
Cut 2 of the support for the Ferris Wheel from Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit  at  6.583 H
Cut 6 of the support 3 at: 6.268 H, Glue three together for support on the inside like Mary does. Since I wasn't adding much weight I didn't do more than that. I cut that out of Lagoon AC card stock, as it was a closer match to the Echo Park Christmas paper I had with snowflakes on it but use whatever you have that you like. The Accents were cut at 6.020H and the bottom piece was cut at 6.281h the liner was cut at 3.105 H. Glue the support together as Mary instructs in the video for Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit and then I cut a dowel about 6 inches long and painted it red.
 While it dried I made two of the Poinsettias from Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection in the extras file. Petals are cut at 4.784 H. The leaves are cut at 2.584 H I cut the centers in a bit to make it easier to shape the petals better. I Inked the edges of the leaves with green and the petals with red but I think both would have looked better if I had done it with a slightly darker color than the paper. The color I used for the leaves was Pine AC card stock, and the petals were cut from Crimson AC card stock.  I used red small pearls from Michael's for the centers.
 Cut two .75H circles from the shapes menu on the Sure cuts a lot, and glued them to the  end of the first stick. Slide through the holes on the J and then glue the other circle on.  Adhere the flowers onto the circles. I used my hot glue gun it holds better.
 I cut ferny green pieces from 3D Wintergreens SVG Kit to make it look like snow on the slide. Those where cut using White AC card stock at 4.607 H.
 Import all the pieces for the tickets and size to 2.273H. Assemble the ticket pieces and hot glue on where you like.
 The tree was from Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit and sized at 6.270 H as before, import all your pieces and select all then you should get all the pieces at that size. I had some pretty snowflakes I got from Michael's, glue them back to back then glue to the top of the tree for the topper. I squirted iridescent clear Stickles on the tree. Hot glue the tree to  the back of the stand and some of the leaves to the side for stability.
 The penguin body is the slipper from Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit and was cut at 3.590 H. I didn't put the accents on the slipper as I felt they were not necessary. The penguin"face" is from Christmas cuddly friends and was cut at 3.277 H. I imported the black and sized it first, then sized all the other pieces to fit it. It is better to size it all at once. I used black, white, crimson, wave and apricot as my colors. I used pink chalk for the cheeks.
 The "sign" was made using the Christmas ball in the extras file from Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection cut at 2.155 H out of pool  AC card stock. The white circle is cut at 1.333 H. I cut the topper out of some sliver paper I had at .517H. I used some sliver ribbon I had in my sewing stash, for the bow. I wrote the words" penguin slide "on it and the 10cents or 10 fishes.
  I think that is everything. Mary has some amazing files and I love that you can do so much with them. That is part of the reason I love the challenges this way as it gets my creativity going. Thanks for stopping by and reading this long post. If you make one please post it on SVG Cuts Facebook page.Thanks again and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
 3D Letters SVG Kit
 Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit
 3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
 Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
 Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit
 Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ink Stains!!!

 Hello all,
Well it is day 6 of the online card class and I have green ink stained fingers to prove it! I had really tried not to purchase a lot of the things they use in the classes and really try to use the stuff I had. I have pretty much stuck to that, although Micheal's did have a buy one get one free stamp thing going until the 10th so I did get two  new Hero arts clear stamp sets. One is tags since i didn't have any and some more much needed phrases for insides of cards and such. The one I really was interested in had angels but of course our Micheal's didn't have them. Also no more than about 6 different Tim Holtz distress inks and really none of rest of the stuff I was interested in. When I was asked if I was finding everything I mentioned that I was interested in a color of distress ink that had been out since summer but she had no clue and then I made the mistake of asking about a Hero Arts background stamp that was Christmas! That made her disappear and never come back! We were encouraged to go to our local craft shops but really what is the point when they look at you all fuzzy eyed like your speaking a different language??? anyway enough ranting! Here are some of the cards I have been working on and have not posted on here yet. Thanks for stopping by and I promise not to rant again. Blessings Sharalyn

Friday, November 2, 2012

A short Note

Good day everyone,
I have been trying to catch up but I think It might be hopeless. I just finished another card from day 3 and I am hoping to get a couple more done as we are on day 5. Yikes! On this card I made my own plaid background using stamps I had and I like the way this one came out too. Now if only Kristina and Jennifer could come to my craft room everyday and provoke me to get this done it would be great. LOL just kidding. So here are my cards and I hope you like them. If I wanted I could go to the class even after it is over and get inspired everyday but it is fun to be spurred on by others in the class as well. So much creativity going around you just want to soak it all up like a sponge. Mannie made his appearance so to speak. We heard him as quite the chatterbox kitty today. It brings a smile to my face to hear him. There is still time to join us we are only half way into the class. Lot and Lots of inspiration! Thanks for stopping by and sitting a spell. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still catching up!

 Hi Everyone,
well we are on day 4 and I just got day two cards done. Hopefully tomorrow and the rest of this evening I can get caught up more. This one took some time but had a extra benefit as I learned a bit more how to use my silhouette program I bought. Class is going by so fast and if you have never done these before you really should give it a try. I have learned so much and even if you have been doing cards for years there are others knowledge you can benefit from. Any hoo here are my card for today. I hope you like them. Thanks again for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If at first you don't succed....

HI all,

OK so I tried again at the techniques taught and I think I did better at least I like the way it turned out. I haven't done my cards yet for day two we are off to the pumpkin farm to get our pumpkins for tomorrow. Here they are and I hope you like them as well. Till later when I have had a chance to make the card for today's lesson. Thanks for stopping by..

Monday, October 29, 2012

First day!!!

Hi all,
So today was the first day of the online card class and I have to say... I have a lot to learn. I honestly haven't done to many cards in quite a while so more or less I would say practice, practice, practice. Once again very informative and we made a small card suitable for a tag on a gift and a card that you could easily replicate. The tip on the last was really great and I could see having them in a book so If I needed inspiration I could go and look. I think with this idea you could do it with more than just Christmas cards. If you were a little low on creativity that day you could open your book and look at your "samples" and that might jump start your creativity. Anyhoo this is my tag card. We learned a bit about copic coloring of which I really know nothing and can see that although I love the look, this is something I really need to practice at. My Husband liked it so maybe I will be trying harder this year to make my presents look nice. Maybe if my mom comes for Christmas she can help me in the area because I REALLY need help at that. The next card was one that could be easily replicated and yep I struggled a bit with this one too. I like how it turned out and I could replicate this one I'm sure but I really need to make a sample of my ink colors so I can choose those much easier. The color combos is tough for me I can put colors together alright but I think the samples might help me be less indecisive. Honestly I hardly ever use ink as focal point so again something I need to practice at to get better. All and all a great first day and I am sure if I stick with it and practice I will get better and be able to make my decisions much quicker with the final result being a stunning card or I can hope that is the way it will be. Thanks for joining me on this journey, If you so desire you can still join the rest of us and maybe you can help this poor girl. The online card classes are super! Thanks again for stopping by. Blessings, Sharalyn

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Ready!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday and today I have been getting ready for my online card class Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire teach. So in prep I finally got all my to do projects all done. Snowflakes for a customer and bird cage ornaments I had wanted to do for a few of the girls at church. I got my desk all cleaned up and my Christmas cards are almost done for the most part. I just need to stamp the inside with a greeting which I have not decided what to do yet. I finally got almost all my pkg sent that I needed to send too. Plus I got all my winter clothes out and put away my summer clothes. I felt like I accomplished a lot. I had made this card a few nights ago but then went to a friends house for a get together and forgot it there so I couldn't photograph it. So here it is. I used the Hero Arts premade snow white card as my base and spritzed it with Silver smooch spray then glued my cut out from the silhouette store on and added some red pearls from Michaels. I poked holes around the branch and used Honeydew twine from the Twinery to make the bow. The stamp is from Hero Arts. A clear set I bought last year when I took this class. The set is called A Very Merry Christmas.  There you have it another what I call clean and simple Christmas card.. or rather it won't take you days to get a lot of them done if ya have a long card list. I am sure I will have more posts with cards in them in the next few days so stay tuned. If you are so inspired come and join the fun! The class is open to all and your always able to access the class long after it is over. Go at your own pace and don't feel you have to purchase the class list. It will be fun to see what they do this time I hear that it is going to be more fun than last year. Thank you for joining me on this fine Sunday. Blessings, Sharalyn

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clean and Simple Christmas Card.

Good morning everyone!
Yesterday I had a not so great day with my hands and wrists, nothing to be concerned about just part of being a cashier for lots of years. Anyway I saw the Kristina Werner had done the very first Christmas card for her series she does every year. I was so excited to see it. It really does help me get in the mood and I love the music she plays with it and if we're lucky we get to hear Mannie in the background her kitty! I am a cat lover from way back and so  love to hear dear Mannie in the background. So the card she did inspired me to finally get around to making my own card this year. Usually I do all different which can mean different costs for mailing so I really tired to apply what I had learned from the two classes I have taken from Kristina and made a clean and simple Christmas card. I knew when I saw her first card I wanted to do a tag like card. So here it is.
Many of you know I finally got the Silhouette Cameo I really wanted so this was a tag I bought off the site and the mittens are a Stampin up stamp and punch set. so cute. I loved the little reindeer that came in the set too. The saying is one I bought the last time I took the holiday boot camp class from Hero Arts Called a very Merry Christmas. I used Neenah Desert Storm card stock for the tag and Stampin Up's Cherry cobber ink and card stock. I used Crumb cake for the kraft color on the mittens and tied it all together with a little bit of May Arts twine that I got from Simon Says Stamp. I did order Crumb cake envelopes and twine from Stampin up today to finish it off. I only had a small amount of the twine from May Arts and I needed more stamp cleaner and oh my a new heat gun because I have to shake mine to get it to work. So there you have it my Christmas card. Simple, Clean and oh so easy to reproduce.. best part my machine did most of the work. Oh I love that silly machine~ anyway have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

puturkey time!

Hello all,
It has been a hard day so far as we had to put one of our kitties to sleep so I write this to leave the sadness behind and press ahead.
When the Autumn challenge was done last month someone had submitted an adorable idea. They had made a turkey using the pumpkin but left the body as a pumpkin. I thought it was so cute so I had to do my own take on it and here he is. I started by cutting the Ghost pumpkin from the Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit Mary did. The sizes I cut were as follows.
Pumpkin 1,2 and 3 are cut at:w 5.444 h 5.250
Pumpkin 4 is cut at w 5.348 h 3.012
Accents are cut at w 5.444 h 4.085
Make the body as you would make a pumpkin then I inked the edges of the pumpkin body with Stampin up's pumpkin colored ink, really i did. LOL then I took the accents and used my Martha Stewart scoring board and scored lines straight down to make it look like a pumpkin and of course inked it with the pumpkin ink as well. I used leaf #2 for the tail feathers from Harvest Country Home SVG Collection and the maple leaf from Autumn Elements SVG Collection for the wings.The colors I used were Mustard, Apricot, and Pomegranate. Leaves were cut at W 2.65 x H 4.242 I hot glued them on the back and bent them as I felt they needed to give the effect of the tail feathers.  The wings were cut  at W 2.116 x H 2.190.  The feathers around the neck are cut at W1.421 x H 1.359. I used coffee AC card stock for the wings and the neck feathers  I used pomegranate AC card stock for the neck. The stem from the pumpkin and is cut at W 5.615 x H 2.315. The head is the acorn from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit and is cut at W 5.615 x H 2.315 The Lid and panels are cut at W 4.084 x H 2.030.  Accents for the acorn body are cut at W 2.464 x H 3.593. I used Lady bug AC card stock for that as it reminded me of Mary's turkey neck in her Thanksgiving Dinner SVG Kit. I embossed the accents for the bottom of the acorn through the tiny bubbles embossing folder to give it the bumpy affect. Assemble the acorn and the top.  I saved the stem from the lady bug color as I used that for the waddle. I trimmed off a bit and glued it underneath bending it down for the affect.
To make the  beak I cut triangles by hand and played with it till I got the look I wanted the hot glued it into place. I added black pearls to make the eyes and it is done. Thank you to the gal that made one for the challenge it was a great idea and I loved it. I only wish I could remember you name so I could give you credit for the idea. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a great day and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn

 SVG Cuts Kits and Collections  Used:
 Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit
 Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
 Harvest Country Home SVG Collection
 Autumn Elements SVG Collection

SVG Kit Mentioned by not used:
 Thanksgiving Dinner SVG Kit

Monday, October 1, 2012

All Hallow's Play

Good morning all,
It is a lovely October first in the high desert. I am excited to feel the crisp in the air for now I am happy that it is just cooler. We have had some brutal heat this summer.
I am sure most of you know how much I love SVG CUTS. They have had contests to recreate or create something completely new for some time now and I that is just part of the fun on this page. Seeing the amazing projects people come up with encourages me to be more creative in the things I a make. You have to use the files that are allowed and basic shapes only. If you want more info go to their Facebook page and click on the challenge.  So with that in mind I will tell you how I made this creation and hope that it encourages you to challenge yourself to be more creative.   I will share a few giggles along the way as my husband was "very encouraging in my idea" LOL.I started by making the cauldrons orange to make them look like the pumpkins and since I wanted them to be vintage I inked the edges with a brown ink pad

Cut the cauldron at:
Base I used three at this size:
 w.7.209 H.4.360
  Accents: w.7.649 h 3.43
  Tabs:w 7.966 h 1.980
  Bottom: w 9.076 h 2.910
I am not sure what the larger one was cut at as I had cut that for something else and didn't use it. finished size is about 4 inches tall so I would say that is up to you. 
Ink all the edges of your accents and the sides of the base and top of the base of the cauldron.
The faces came from Midnight Jamboree in the extras file and were imported and cut at the size they import. I used tiny bubbles embossing folder for the middle part that is orange on the faces to give it texture and I inked them with the brown ink pad.
So I started assembling this creation with the three pumpkins teetering on one another but of course it was to heavy and my hubby comes in and says How are your going to counter the weight? that isn't going to work, to which he got a look that said you can leave now your not encouraging me. I put a half of a skewer stick in the bottom of the first pumpkin gluing it in place to keep the second pumpkin at the angle I wanted, then added beans to weight it down. I used hot glue to assemble it. While making this I listened to Pandora radio and chose swing music as my get in the mood music, and hubby comes in and says What  are you listening to? My reply.. You know you married your mother so just leave now OK? he does shaking his head..
The flourishes were from Gothic Flourishes I used 15 and 9 and these are the sizes I used.
flourish 15: w 4.986 h 3.883   Flourish 9: w 4.115 h 1.815
                w 3.975 h 4.992                     w 2.660 h 3.637
                w 5.419 h 7.077                      w 4.109 h 1.858
                w 4.988 h 4.095
I used Thyme colored ink from stampin up to ink the edges it is discontinued and was given to me by a friend but really is my fave for edging greenery this color. I can't tell you how many I used or which was where but just use your creative eye to get the look you want. I also wanted  the flourishes on the bottom to look like arms so I was quite happy when my daughter said it looked like that with much nervousness in her voice. The fence was cut from the extras file from Midnight Jamboree and was cut at: w 3.054 h 2.623 I cut three of those for sturdiness and glued them all together. The step that the fence is glued to use from Elmhurst Hallow from the haunted mansion and was cut at w 11.00 h 3.122  I inked the fence with copper ink and then added tiny brads in metallic colors to give it an old fence look. The kitties were cut at: w 8.120 h 4.752  and   w 2.480 h .173
Larger kitty was and extra I had cut for something else so sorry no idea again. I cut three of them and sandwiched card stock vellum I had inked yellow in between layers to make the kitty's faces show better, then hot glued them in place. The spiders were from Gothic Flourishes also and I used my designer software from silhouette to cut off the web. I cut several using coffee colored paper and used my white gel pen and a fine black marker to make eyes, but before the eyes I ran all those through the tiny bubbles embossing folder. I bent the ends over to glue them to the edges. The moon face was cut at w.300 h 3.00 and also came from Midnight Jamboree kit.  The candy corn was the last thing I made and added and again I was asked how I was going to counter the weight.. Mr. Skeptical thought I was adding to much weight. I used a rounded triangle from the shapes menu and made three sizes then glued them to each other and inked the edges with a brown ink pad then hot glued that to floral wire to give it the spilling affect. I covered the beans and stick with orange tissue paper and some flourishes on the sticks. I did bend leaves and spider threads here and there to give it more affect. I have a tool I love it is McGill flower shaping tools. Anyway I think that is everything I have decided to add this to the challenge for Anything but a card as well. As always happy crafting and I would love to see your take on my creation. Here is a link that will take you to the svg cuts page have a browse around and see if you find anything you just love. Mary and Leo are terrific. 
Thanks for stopping by Sharalyn 

Kits and collections Used: 
Party On Elm Street SVG Kit 
  Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Puttin On the Ritz!!!

Hi all,
I was playing around with some new ideas using SVG cuts files and made my Putting on Ritz Spider. I had called my daughter cuz I didn't know how to add music to my photo and she was busy doing homework with the kids so I said no worries I will just post the picture. I remember standing over your kids trying to get them to do their home work ugh! Anyway she surprised me this morning with a video of my spider with the music I had wanted to add. Just made this mom so proud of her little girl! anyway I thought I should put the specks on this guy for ya so you can make one too. The scarecrow I posted the last time won the contest on SVG cuts Facebook page. I was so excited. If you love paper crafting you just have to check out this page!!! Lots of great people and Leo and Mary are just the greatest!! Anyway on to Mr. Spider.
For the body of the Spider I used the cauldron from Party on Elm Street and cut it at the size it imports. I embossed the accent peices with Tiny bubbles from Cuttle bug embossing folders. I did add an extra bottom to the top of the spiders body so I could have embossing on that part too and yikes I didn't save that size either..I know I did just one click down on the size so it would be about a quarter of an inch smaller.
The legs are from the same Kit but I sized them at W 2.490 H 4.4886
I hot glued the legs in place after I had the cauldron all put together but I think If I were to do another I would not put the little diamond shaped pieces in until after I had put on the legs. The diamond pieces add stability and go on the inside..
The Eyes were cut from Elmhurst Hallow kit, the Haunted house has vellum that goes inside the top of the house I used that to cut out the eye shape using butter yellow AC cardstock. Cut those out at W 2.340 H 0.740
I used the shape menu and cut an oval and I am so sorry I didn't save that I guess just play with it a bit till you get the size you want.
I made the hat using the cauldron also but imported the whole thing and selected all and sized it down to W 15.073 H 11.357 So just so you are sure what size I used I will list the pieces Sides 1 and 2 should be:W 5.968 H 3.609
Tabs should be: W 5.968 H 1.483
Accents should be W 2.676 H 5.968
Bottom of hat should be W 5.968 W 1.913
Accent piece for embossing of the bottom of the hat should be W.5.511 H 1.767
For the brim of the hat I just cut a strip of card stock about 1/2 inch wide folded it in half and glued it on with a glue gun then cut off the excess. I wasn't super happy with the brim but maybe someone else can think of something. I embossed the accent pieces with the Argyle embossing folder from cuttle bug. I used the "line" from the hat of the Midnight Jamboree kit from the pumpkin guy, I broke it apart and took that line out so I could cut the shape.
The bow is the freebie that they give, Yes they give freebies all the time check out the blog. it was the 3d bow and I played with the size to get it right and still had to cut off a bit on the end to get it right so I didn't save that either.. I am sorry I should have thought to save all that stuff. I used Mary's idea of the fold lines for making the cuffs and cut a strip of the paper I had left for the cuffs. I made a fold line with my bone folder then wrapped it around his "wrist" and glued it in place then hot glued a tiny purple square brad in place then added some really cute buttons from Buttons Galore and he is done. My Puttin on the Ritz Spider! Check out SVG CUTS you will not be sorry. I love paper crafting and they make it sooo easy! hugs to you all and Thanks for stopping by. The link Below should take you to their page.
Here is the Link for The video my daughter did wow so proud of that girl! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scare up Some Fall!

I entered the SVG cuts Facebook page autumn challenge and WON!!!! so excited!  Getting better!: Hi everyone,
I Love fall and SVG Cuts on Facebook is doing another challenge. Your only allowed to use these three kits. Harvest Country Home, Harvest Hill Farm, and Pick A Pumpkin. You can make a 2d or a 3d Autumn related project and this is what was in my head so I had to get it out. LOL So here is what I did.
I used the pumpkin with the lid for my scarecrow head.
Cut the pumpkin at w6.916 h 5.527
Accents were cut at w11.906 h 3.833
The top was cut  at w6.916 h 5.690
The stem was cut at w6.916 h 3.734
The bottom Sunflower from harvest hill is what I used for the "ruffled edges"  of the hat.
Cut at w2.446 h 2.440 I cut those in half and curled them then glued under the edges of the hat.
The Vines are his hair which I cut at w 4.021 h 2.560
I cut them at different  lengths and glued according to how I liked it around the edge of the top of the pumpkin to make it look like hair.
The Pumpkin was glued together and then the accents where pierced with my piercing tool from Stampin up then loosely stitched two at first then keep adding and glue one at a time so you can get the stitching sort of even. I used emboridery floss to do the stitching.
I used Denim  AC card stock for the hat color and embossed it with Tiny Mosaic from Cuttle Bug.  Glue it together as Mary does and add the stem. I added the leaves to hide the stem.
The leaves are from harvest country home I broke it apart to take out the center cut out on some of the leave sizes are small: w3.080 h 1.691 Large w 3.580 h 1.966
Eyes are from harvest hill cut at w 0.960 h 0.960 Nose if from the scarecrow top  and cut at w0.920 h 0.722  Cut 5 each and glue one on top of the other.
Mouth or Stitches are cut at w.2.449 h 1.359
I used a light pink chalk for the cheeks
The wheat in his mouth which I poked a hole for was made with the cornstalks from harvest hill farm. I used the bunch as I didn't know how many I would need I cut them at
w2.779 h 2.630 I cut those apart and glued one on top of another according to how I liked it, then I inked it with a brown ink pad. I also cut the top of the stalk at the edges to make it look more like wheat.
The neck was just the top of the pumpkin cut in the straw colored AC card stock. The straw coming around his neck is the sunflower bottom from Harvest hill and I just folded them in half and hot glued them then added a ribbon around the neck. Added my embellishments and there ya have it a scarecrow! I love Fall so much and all the colors! and Scarecrows are probably my most favorite thing to have I have tons of them all over my house in the fall. If I forgot anything you have a question about let me know I will answer you for sure. Thanks for visiting and as always these and more is at this link for the buying. Leo and Mary are Great! Happy Crafting everyone! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Going for a Sleigh Ride!

 HI Everybody!
I have had my mind on cooler weather and was making decorations for my "mantle" area in my living room for Christmas. I am currently listening to Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas.. So I was making all these things I really love and hadn't had time to make last year when Mary of SVG cuts came out with them and I cut a red runner for my sleigh and really didn't like it so I decided then and there to make one for my daughter and surprise her. Well that is how this one came about.
I used the Sleigh from  Santa's visit and cut it out using the white as the body and red for the accents I used Rouge from AC card stock. I also used Echo parks Winter Park for the accents on the outside and the blue snowflake from the same pk for the inside. I cut and glued the sleigh together as it imports then I really kinda went nuts... I made short pine branches from 3d winter flowers and the flowers were the stupid easy ones where you cut 6 scallops all the same size and cut every two scallops into it then shape the flower petals in using your stylus. There is a video on you tube that tells you just how to make them Ann from More paper than shoes is where the video is. I used a punch on these but I made my very first one using Mary's Scalloped shapes which works just great! I can really see this method with the other 3d flower kits Mary has come up with! You hot glue them together which makes it so much easier. anywho Then I took a piece of white card stock and put  versa mark on it then used Stampin ups heat and Stick and heated it up then I put Art Glitter's Crystal Ultra fine transparent glitter on it and heated it again. Then I just punched out the snowflakes. I applied them with hot glue(it was already out ya know) and added some pearl accents. I had added the flower on the front on a whim and it made the sleigh to heavy so I added those red accent pieces to the inside.. would have been better to do that before the sleigh was together but oh well. and then added my other pieces to the inside. Ugh still to heavy, So I cut two small dowels and colored them with a permanent marker then hot glued those in place. The pearl accents were those swirls you can get at Michaels. So there you have it the sleigh. The snowflake punches I used where the snowflake from Stampin up and the small snowflake from Martha Stewart. The link below will take your right to SVG cuts and the Sleigh is under the Christmas heading.  Thanks for the love everyone I love doing this stuff and Mary makes it sooo easy! Try it you'll be hooked for life! Happy crafting everyone! Blessings, Sharalyn

Kits and Collections Used:
Santa's Visit SVG kit:
3d Wintergreens SVG Collection:

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: White and Rouge, Olive
Echo Park Winter Park Paper 
Scotch Quick Dry Adheisive
Hot Glue gun and Glue
1/4 in dowels
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Transparent Crystal Glitter
Stampin up Snow Flake Punch
Martha Stewart small Snowflake

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Little Christmas Cheer in July!

Hi Everyone!
If your like me your thinking about Christmas and cooler weather! Seems like this country has been hot this summer! So I have been thinking about Christmas and how I want to decorate my house. I don't have a set theme yet just making some awesome stuff that Mary came up with last year and I didn't have time to make because I was making presents and other things. Isn't that always the way. So here are a few of the things I have been making. I used kits from SVG cuts and oh my, do I love their stuff! I only use American Craft solid card stock for cutting as I have an insect machine and it cuts well on it. I am hoping again this year for a new machine. The other paper I use a lot of is Echo Park! I love their papers and Lori Whitlock seems to design papers I really like. I like vintage also but I don't get to see a lot of vintage looking papers around here. Anyhoo when I find a paper I just love I buy a lot of it. Lori designs a lot I like  and always go back to it. Also two of the papers I used were from a K& Company Pack called Glad Tidings. so here we are I didn't do anything fancy with Mary's cuts just embellished them which you can do too.
The lantern is from Camp Smore, The drum and the sleigh are from Santa's Visit and I will be adding to this collection as I go. So the 3d holly, pine cone and pine branch are from 3d winter greens. The holly isn't in this photo yet it is still in the works. Stay tuned as they say. All of these can be made by you as well just click on this link and Happy Shopping.
Thank you for stopping by and having a little Christmas in July! Hope this makes you a little cooler.  P.S. If you want to get started on those Christmas cards for special people Mary made just the kit last week it is called Christmas Cheer.. too cute! Go have a look! Thanks again!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firefly Delight

Hi all,
I was born in Georgia but left two weeks after my birth. My dad was in the air force and was getting out so he  and my mom and my Big Brother, came back to California where he was raised. Consequently I have never seen some of the jewels that you all have seen that live that side of the country. So I have never actually seen for myself a firefly. But my son had the pleasure last year and the picture my daughter in law snapped of the pure delight and wonderment has stayed with me and probably will all the days of my life. I do not feel sad I have not seen one myself because I have lived it through my son and his delight.
I was showering and thinking about that photo and Mary's free firefly when the idea came into my head to make this lantern. I hope you like it and it makes you think of all the great things you can make just on this idea alone.. Halloween eyes would be spooky, or snowflakes shining through. As I said let your imagination take you and help you create. Here are the instructions everyone enjoy!
On SVG cuts blog are the freebees we are blessed to get them every week so grab the firefly Mary made.
If you don't already have the Stars and Stripes SVG go ahead and get it too. That is in there store under patriotic,
Cut the lantern as the pattern is. but use the insert size for your "windows"  to add your fireflies. I added just the wings and the butt to cut out of my insert. Then I cut the outside frame for the top and I did cut the whole solid cut out of the firefly but then decided to just use the head I cut that in a v shape into the body and glued that down first on the outside. then the wings on top. Turn your inserts over and I used the cut out of the butt and the wings to cut vellum which I colored with pigment ink on my cardstock vellum from Stampin up.
 outline cut out of the wings is W 1.507 H0.966
Body Solid peice is W1.564 H1.304
Butt for Yellow Vellum is W 0.420  H 0.418
I went ahead and cut the frames for the windows and then inked them with Brilliance Copper ink. the whole  thing is inked in the same. Then added them to the outside "windows"
I Cut the accents out of colored cardstock Vellum and applied that to the back so it would "glow" more. then made a firefly for the top ( actually he was the practice one shhh) I as others had done made a small holder for the inside and inked it as well to hold my battery operated candle.
The wire was from the jewelry section at walmart and I wound it around a glue stick to get the coiled affect add some ribbon and some light green bling and your good to go. That was pretty much it. Nothing fancy to be sure but I like how it turned out and yep I don't think I will part with this one just yet I need to look at it for a while. The kit can be had at the link below. Be sure a have a look around you surely will be amazed! Happy Crafting everyone, be sure and leave me some love.. Hugs to all of you!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday America!!!

Hi Everyone!
July is always a busy month for me. My Mother in Law's b day is on the 4th and I am usually trying to get things made for her birthday. She is celebrating # 92! I did make a few things but wanted to tell you all about the new contest at SVG Cuts Facebook page. There have been some really inspiring entries and some of us myself included have been a bit intimated by some of these creations. Really they are amazing! Covered wagons, AT AT's from star wars to name a few. Anyway in an effort to make things more fair for the people who are not paper carpenters they have changed the rules and taken the eclipse off the list of prizes. There are set rules to follow and only one entry is allowed. I am sure this makes it much easier to look at and to judge the entries as well as making us less gifted paper carpenters breath a little easier. So this time until July 15th you can enter a summer card you must use a summer related file either free or bought. I entered a card I made using the much pleaded for Mason Jar I wanted so  bad. Honestly I think dear Mary made it to shut me up, Bless her! so here is my entry and I hope you like it. I was very happy with it and it doubled for my Mother in Law's Birthday card. I will post more in a few days of all the things I have made for her so far. If you get a chance check out the amazing Ferris Wheel in the new kit called Summer Carnival Kit, It is so fun looking! I am almost done with the balloons for VBS so I went ahead and got them all ready to cut and hope to start cutting them tomorrow. My hubby is off to see the doc tomorrow so I may not get to it. He has had some major swelling in his knee and hopefully we will have more of an answer as to why. thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. As Always Happy Crafting everyone. If I inspire you GREAT!!! Share your creations with us on the svg cuts Facebook page we are there to encourage and lift up each other! Till next time Blessings everyone!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Dad Time

Good morning everyone!
I spent a little time this morning making a father's day card for my dad. Guy cards stump a lot of us and sometimes you just don't know what to do or what they would like. I always think about the person and what I think they would like, what are their likes and dislikes what colors do the usually pick in clothing and of course if it is for someone you know in particular like your dad what are the things you have seen that they are  interested in. If you just don't know the recipient that well try to pick neutral colors and no flowers unless you know they like that. I scale way down on the glitter too. Most men like it but not a lot at all. So here is the card I made my dad. I used the 120lb white card stock from Simon Says Stamp and the paper I used were from a couple of 6x6 pads from Stampin up. I have others but I liked the colors and patterns in these for my dad. I used my Circut to cut a star out of the end of the paper and then stamped a dad stamp on using a marker. I still need to get around to ordering some more hero arts ink in red. I say that every time I want that color. LOL anyway then drew stitch lines on the inside of the star and used my postage stamp edger by Fiskars to make a small border at the bottom. I made some stars using my Epiphany star tool to match the card. I have to say I love them I would like to have all of them. I also got the 1/2 button and the 3/4 in heart button. Many of you know I had won a 50 dollar gift card from Kristina Werner's blog to Simon Says Stamp so that is where I got them. I do find the buttons harder to do but that just might be my hands but I would like all of them! sooo Fun! I used Maraschino colored Twine from The Twinery to tie around the card and tied loose knots just because I liked the look. I have taken a few of Kristina's and Jennifer McGuire's online card classes and I have to say I have learned a lot. They are fun and full of chances to win and more important you get to see other peoples ideas and that inspires you to try something new. Another way to make the star cut out would be to use a big shot and or another machine that does the same and use the thin dies from Simon says Stamp. There are all kinds and I really could go broke buying all the stuff I see there. Lots of great ideas.Visit the blog too.  I will see if I can find the picture of the card I did for my son or I will make another so you can see it.. sort of the same Idea but I used a circle and some card stock vellum. Have a great day and thank you so much for reading my blog. Happy crafting to all of you today!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank you cards

Hi everyone,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I have two cards I made Saturday night as thank you cards for my friends. They gave me an early b day present and boy was I surprised. I wasn't expecting anything but to get such an awesome present really blew me away. The two had gone in together and bought me a stampin up  paper trimmer. The guillotine kind that I had wanted to 1. Stop buying blades!!! grrrr and 2. to make much thinner cuts. I have watched Kristina Werner since I started making cards about two years ago and had taken a few of her classes so I asked her advice on a paper trimmer and that is what she suggested. Actually she said Stampin up carried the same kind but she uses a name brand one. Anywho I came right home and had to play with it. Also I was raised where you do write a thank you note when someone does something so sweet for you. So here are the cards I am sorry it isn't such a great photo as I said I made them that night to give to them the next day at church. Both cards were made as portrait cards and the first I used Neenah Desert Storm Kraft color card stock from Simon Says Stamp  and  half of a Pretty dollie from the June card kit also from Simon Says Stamp. The paper is Pink Paislee London Market Collection from the June kit. I stamped the heart from a retired set from stampin up and used the heart laced edger also from Stampin Up. to finish it off I added a clear Hero arts adhesive jewel and uniball white gel pen. The other card is Bazzill colored cardstock and also the paper from that collection. I used another half of a dollie from the kit and cut off the brad ends from that kit also to add to the front of the card the aqua paper has loved and friend versa marked on it in a zig zag shape. I am sorry the picture isn't so great I usually take my time so you can get a good look but I was in a hurry that morning to get them to the people that needed them. I have said before but I highly recommened the card Kits from Simon Says Stamp. This time it was loaded with goodies! well I feel that way every time but Oh so much fun and exciting to get it and to see what is coming next. They also include a little sucker which I love sucking on while I make my cards. Just a special touch that I think is just so great! Tomorrow I will post another card for you a guys card this time as I made one for my son's 29th birthday on the 27th and didn't take a picture and oh you should have seen his face that shy little smile and I like that mom. Made this ol' mom's heart sing! well till tomorrow happy crafting everyone and thank you so much for stopping by!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

3d numbers!!!

Good morning everyone!
Well I did it I got the 2 made for my grandson yesterday and it wasn't so hard. Yes I did have a part that didn't quite match up but after watching Mary on the tutorial video she always does for us I didn't feel so bad or frustrated that it wasn't perfect. I just took the scissors and trimmed that piece right off. Any imperfections that bugged me you know me I hid it with something. Usually a butterfly. LOL So here it is.
I imported it at the size it imports and cut the 2 using lemon yellow cardstock from American Crafts. Love that paper it really does cut like butter compared to others. I had gotten some really pretty Echo Park Summer Days Paper from so I used that for the face of the two. Then I couldn't help but think of the talking numbers on Sesame Street so I had to add the eyes, yes eyes it has one on the other side with the ice cream cones on that side also. This 3d numbers kit comes with so many other 3d elements and this adorable party had that requires no glue is included. I shrunk that way down. Sorry I didn't write down the size. then I put twine through the holes and added some fish brads I have had forever. I tied it around the top like you would on a child and added the dump truck with Wyatt's name on it. I added some buttons and a key one(kitty) just because he loves them. A smile was required as I didn't want him to be afraid when he sees it. The butterfly's were an after thought as I needed to hide a glop of hot glue I spotted. Yeah still learning with the hot glue gun, and there you have it a 3d 2. I have put together a 3 for a certain Hawaiian little grandson who will be her in a few weeks. His Birthday isn't until July but He will be here and I am sure will like it. I haven't decorated it yet but will try to get it posted tomorrow. Much more challenging with the two bumps and no this one wasn't so perfect but that is OK. If I get my nerve up I will try a 9 as the other grandson who will be visiting at the same time will be 9 in July also the day after mine. I will be 52 those numbers might not be so hard and If I can figure out what I would do with them afterward I might make some for myself.  Today is the last day to get this kit free with a $9.98 purchase. Very worth it in my opinion you save 6.99 that way. So here is the link check them out. If you have any questions just ask I will answer.  
Have an amazing day everyone, thanks so much for stopping by. Sharalyn

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wow it has been a month since I posted anything.. so sorry I need to get on the stick here as my mom would say. So I saw a ad for big lots and It was an Americana thing and I loved it, but it seemed silly to go spend money when I really needed to watch it so I made this instead. It was very much like it but much better in my opinion. which only counts for me anyhoo LOl. So here it is and I hope you like it. Today I am disciplining myself to work on the new kit which is 3d numbers! whoo hoo! I need to make a 2 for my youngest grandson for his b day and to try again at this 3d number and letter thing.
I used the Carmel apple pie kit to make this crate. I cut it as it imports only using red, white and blue for the pieces. Then I added a heart from the shapes menu of Sure Cuts a Lot. I cut two hearts one blue and one red and then used some scrap strips of white and had and glued then one at a time cutting off at the bottom, straightening my ends and starting again. I wanted to make paper flowers for this but really just didn't have time. It would have been pretty and Mary has several sets that this would work with. Check out page for the flowers they are awesome. I also used the Made in the USA kit to make the embellishments for the ends. I added the ribbon before hand just looping them and hot gluing as I went. I am getting better at the hot gluing but surely have a long way to go on that. Hero Arts makes these wonderful metallic self-adhesive embellishments that you can find in with the jewels I love them and they add just the right touch to projects like this. I used a brown ink pad on the edges of the crate and the heart also.So that is how I did it and as I always say please out do me and I look forward to seeing your projects on the svg cuts Facebook page. Below will be a link for you to click on and it will take you right to the Carmel Apple Pie Kit. Take a look around while your there there are amazing things to make. You will find the Made in the U.S.A kit also there. Happy Crafting everyone and wish me luck on the 3d number sometimes it is just hard to make my hands do what I want. so here is the link, thanks for visiting :)
Recently I was very blessed to win a 50 dollar gift card to SimonSaysStamp from Kristina Werner so I bought two new epiphany tools which haven't come yet but I will let you know how I like them. Thank you Kristina! Happy crafting everyone!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finally, A good Wedding Card!

Happy Easter Everyone!
It is a warm 74 degrees here in Joshua Tree Ca. and I am relaxing on the couch. No cooking a huge meal for me today which is a change and kind of nice. I hope that you all are enjoying your Easter and having good family time with one another.
I made a  wedding card last night and posted a picture on Facebook and a couple of people asked what files I used so I thought I would blog it for you and tell you. First I have to say I really have a hard time making wedding and anniversary cards and most of the time I end up throwing them away and buying a card. I was really surprised and pleased that this one came out so nice. So here is what I used to make this card, thank you for those of you that asked how I made it.  I am happy as always to share how I did something and if you make one I hope you will share it on SVG cuts Facebook page. I would love to have the chance for a fresh idea too. On to the card
 I used Solar White Neenah cardstock from  Simon says Stamp for the base. The patterned paper is from Stampin up they call it designer paper. I cut the scalloped ovals at sizes to fit the silhouettes from Mary's file Kate's Silhouettes and the ovals were from the Scalloped shapes file also a SVG cuts file.  I cut the dress out of white American Craft card stock and embossed it using a embossing folder from Stampin up called Petals a Plenty. I used perfect pearls on the dress although you can't see it in the photo but it looks pretty. Then I put pearls from Michaels on her head as a head piece. I used the same pearls on her bouquet and added a swirl of pearls I also got from Michaels to her dress then added some extra pearls on the bottom to add sort of a tie. I used one pearl for the boutineer and of course added butterflies from my Martha Stewart three butterfly punch. I decided the butterflies needed some pearls too so I added them as well.The finished card size turned out to be 5 1/2 x7. That was about it except for the words which I thought about as I made the card because throughout their  married life they will forever and always remember this day. Ours was the hottest day on record in September of 1978 and I had on a long sleeved dress. The two minutes of reflection and "music" seemed like at least five minutes and my poor spouse to be had a terrible headache from nerves. We still laugh about that day and the "two" minutes..
Forever and Always they will remember this day, forever and always they will laugh and share with their children the mishaps that happened on that special day, Forever and always may they look back on this day with fond memories. I pray it will be a long and happy marriage for them both! Thank you for visiting my blog, both the sets I used are available at or just click on the link and it will take your right to it. As I always say please out do me and show me I would love to see them. Thanks again and a very Happy Easter to you all.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Little Magic For Mom...

Hi everyone,
   I made this carriage as a thank you to my mom for Mothers day for always making me feel like a princess. She will get it when she comes down on the 11th and I am so excited for her to receive it.
I can remember feeling like Cinderella in my home made dress as far back as Kindergarten. It was a orange gingham dress but I felt like a princess.On my 6th grade graduation she made me a blue dress and piled my long dark brown hair on top my head and I actually was called Cinderella that day. I still have the red taffeta dress she made for my very first prom. I just can't part with it..  She has told me many times of teaching herself to sew and how some of the first projects during that time were thrown against the wall and scowled at for a few minutes then she would go over pick them up and try again.When I was thinking of her and her coming down I thought it would be great if I had something to give her for Mothers day in person. So this is how this carriage came about.
I used the Pick a Pumpkin SVG kit for the pumpkin Carriage appropriate don't ya think? LOL
Import the Ghost pumpkin body and break it apart so you can make the cut out for the door/window. If you aren't sure how to do the next step go to and click on blog Leo the dear that he is made all kinds of videos for us to learn how to use our Sure Cuts A Lot. I took one main part of the pumpkin body and imported one 1in. square and 1 polygon 7 and inserted them in the middle of the pumpkin piece. polygon measured W 0.999 H 0.9774. center the polygon and the square about half into each other so it looks like the door shape. Those are both in the shapes menu in your scal.  The pumpkin was imported at the size it imports at. I did the same for the accent pieces on the pumpkin. Break it apart so you can have one piece with your door for both the inside and outside pieces of the pumpkin. Save your cut out from that as you will use that for the door.  Import another pumpkin 4 from the ghost pumpkin and break it apart to make an extra top for the pumpkin and the bottom of the pumpkin.Make your star piece W3.910 H 3.550 I embossed this piece also. The Octagon shape is cut at W3.141 H 3.447 and the extra star shape cut at W2.367 H 2.149 insert and octagon  shape from the shape menu at W.2367 H 2.149 this will make the hole for your lantern. I embossed all of those pieces the accents the extra top and the star shapes using the musical flourish embossing folder from cuttle bug. The Carrot from the Hippity Hoppity kit is the lantern I cut the pointed part off then added a small octagon shape in the middle and glued the pointed part back on. I accented the door and the cut out for it with gold smooch the octagon on the lantern was also smooched The carrot was cut at W2.91 H 4.260 turn the carrot upside down and smoosh it through your cut out in your other extra top piece. then put the octagon around it and glue that together. Glue the top with the lantern all to the top of your pumpkin. The door was put on with small scraps of paper and brads I got at Michael's. The pumpkin was decorated with pearls I got from there also. Just the Recollections stuff on those pearls had the 102 pcs in them if that helps with the size. The pumpkin just sits on top of the bottom carriage portion. I used flourish 2 from Easter Morning Egg hunt and imported two of them flipped one and welded them together where I thought it looked good. Flourish size was W5.716 H 6.328 from the shapes menu I imported a polygon6 size was W 2.028 H 1.881 I welded that to the top of the flourish in the middle I also cut and glued together extra flourish pieces to add stability to the "wheels". I also used the Crate Face 1 from the Carmel Apple Pie kit for the platform the carriage sits on. W 11.320 H 9.670. put that together as Mary demonstrates. I glued the extra flourish pieces together for stability then I cut two 1/4 in. dowels for the frame and hot glued them to the Wheels. I added small wooden bead to the ends and cut two cross bars for the finished frame. On the back center inside of the wheels are two small dowels hot glued to the back of the flourish that is so the carriage will stand. The butterflies were from the Martha Stewart Punch that has three butterflies but if you have breezy butterflies set from Mary and a machine that can cut that small that will work also for the butterflies. I know this was long and I am sorry it took so long for me to get this done. Mom has strict instructions not to read my blog till after she comes to my house. If you have any questions feel free to ask me I will answer you. If you don't have some of the kits or sets I used you can click on the attached link  below and it will take you right to them. Please if you do make a carriage post a picture on the SVG cuts Facebook page I would love to see your take on it.Have fun and please do out do me I love to see your ideas and creativity. Thanks for visiting my blog. ;) Blessings, Sharalyn
Kits Used:
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit:
Hippity Hoppity SVG Kit:
Carmel Apple Pie SVG Kit:
Easter Morning Hunt SVG Collection:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Challenge Yourself!

Hi Everyone!
Hope your day is going well. I have for the most part finished the Sock Hop stuff. I have one more Juke Box to finish but that will only take about an hour at the most. Well if I don't change my mind on the colors for the outside again. So here is a picture of what I have finished so far. The juke boxes aren't in this photo they are currently at church on the table to peak interest in the tickets. I am told only two have sold so far and the sock hop is set for April 21st. The Record boxes were made just as Mary at svg cuts made them with the exception of my adding the poodle and on one box I cut up one die and glued flat pieces to the side where there was a lot of glue showing. I did cut transparency's for the glass part of the eye glasses and glued those between the layers of glasses .To do that import the glasses, break them apart and click on one set of glasses then click on each lens as it were and delete them. Hide the other two sets of glasses and then if you need more than one set of "glass" for the glasses copy and paste as many as you need.  It was pretty funny but some of them ended up looking like they had eyes looking through the glasses. I didn't plan it but it happened that way. The poodles are in the extras folders and are imported at the size they import in.The Juke Box in the picture is the one I made for myself but the 3 others I made are the same style just different colors. I made a cut out for a window with the records in the jukebox to look like it was playing the records. I had thought that was hard till I tried to get my latest project to stand for my mom.
 It was super hard to get it to stand but I was thrilled when I finally figured out a way to make it stand and even more exhilarated that I had challenged myself and had accomplished pretty much what I wanted.Since I am not trained in designing or an engineer  of any kind it makes me feel I have accomplished something when I do overcome a task that perplexes me for a while. Of course if you know me it kind of drives me nuts till I do.(lol) Again that goes back to my mom telling us kids while growing up you can do anything you set your mind to do.  I tied a ribbon in a knot and glued it to the top of the die. They look pretty cool all on the table like that. The kit I used is from and it called Rockin and Rolling. You can check it and any of the amazing kits by clicking on this link.
I finished my mom's surprise gift but since she is reading this occasionally now I don't want to give away the surprise so I will post how I made it as I usually do after she gets here around the 10th. Sorry mom no more hints till you actually see it you are going to love it though!
So on to my next idea or ideas I have a couple. One for my dad and one just because I think it will look neat and maybe I can get it made or designed before the wedding we are to attend the first part of April. Stay tuned everyone. Thanks so much for reading my blog.. If you have time check out or their Facebook page. The entries for the contest are really something.. going to be hard to judge these! Amazingly Crafty Ladies. Thanks again for visiting.. Have a great day! Sharalyn

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rejoicing in Spring!

Hi Everyone,
I am so ready for warm weather and hearing the fans going most of the day because it is so hot. Things are slowly getting green around here and we are in full choir practice for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. I am working like crazy on the stuff for the Sock Hop and looking forward to a few days (we hope) in Big Bear at the end of the month. It won't be the kind where I sit all afternoon on the deck and listen to the birds and make a few cards or just talk but it will be nice to get away.It been quite a while since we have had that pleasure. I am sure it will still be to cold for all that but just not hearing the phone ring or having to do most of my chores will be nice. The tortoises should be up in about two weeks and then it will be feeding them as well as the 3 cats,1 dog and 1 husband. So it is with the feeling of feeling free (hopefully getting away for a few days) that I made the most recent project. As I mentioned before SVG Cuts Facebook page has a Spring Challenge and I have entered 3 projects. It is always encouraging and awe inspiring to see the things these crafty gals come up with. As I always do I will tell you how I made it and please out do me! I love seeing others projects.. P.S. check out the entries so far they are WOW!!!!!
I made the  3D egg top from the Poplar Street Tulips Kit at the same size as it imports and according to the videos that Mary and Leo make for us.. aren't they sweethearts? I used mosaic cuttlebug embossing folder for the texture on the yellow part of the accents. I always use American Craft Card Stock as it cuts so well in my Cricut. The printed paper is K&Company's Sparkly Sweet. The wheels were from Santa's Train Kit: Small wheels I cut 2 were (W) 1.160X(H) 1.160 Large Wheels are (W)2.359X (H) 2.359. I put a dimensional between the front wheel and there is a small brad in the middle of each. Same with the back but I put them on the side of the egg top with 3d Zots  dots but I think it might have worked better to double up on card stock on each wheel and just insert the brad right into the egg. I curled a strip of paper for the handle and just glued it to the back. The Bunny is The carrot, from Hippity Hoppity kit and was cut at (W) 8.510x (H) 5.815 The painting bunny from April Avenue set was for the arms,legs and ears.I cut it at (W)5.410 x 6.550 and the Head was cut at (W)2.863 X(H) 4.414 I forgot to say I did break it apart before I cut so I could fit them on my paper scrap. I deleted the nose. I cut off the ears and legs to use and cut them where I felt they looked good and reconnected with a brad in each so I could move them for a more whimsical look. the legs were glued to the egg and the arms on to the back of the ribbon (Shhh). The Flower on the bunnies head was from the Made in the USA Kit.Flower #5 (w) 3.001X(h) 2.994 flower #2 was the other flower for the top (W) 3.106X (H)2.223 I used black pearls again for the eyes(they worked well last time) and a heart pearl for the nose and again I used jewelry wire for the whiskers. I smashed his carrot point a bit and hot glued him in then added some beans to counter weight him and covered it with paper grass, and there you have it a whimsical Spring Bunny. These and many more are yours for the buying, at Like I said before it is super fun and they are super people but don't take my word for it go check it out! Be sure and say Hi on the Facebook page. Thanks for reading my blog. Happy Spring Everyone! Just click on this link and it will take you right to their page. 1

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday to YOU!

Hi Y'all, 

Yesterday they announced that there is a spring challenge for SVG cuts. OK to be honest, I had thought I am really to busy and just can't enter this time even though I had already gotten an idea and was in my mind working on it.I  still I had to start working on stuff for the sock hop at church. Then as things do, I had even more added to my plate Mind you I am not complaining but I was thinking well I have a tenancy to take on to much and I do get overwhelmed so maybe not this time.. Well again I guess God had other plans.  I looked over and there was that Egg I started for my daughter that I wasn't happy with and it kinda went from there. So the result was this Alice in wonderland inspired dormouse. Funny thing is as I was making it all I am singing a very merry unbirthday to myself.  So as promised here are the instructions for the tea pot and mouse..

First I started with the Egg from the Poplar Street Tulips kit which is done in the original size, then I made the lid Lid is cut at w 8.00 H 6.129 assemble but leave sides open at the bottom as you will cut up to the first score line across the lid to fold pieces up and make a bottom. Accents are done a w8.00 H 2.712 I ended up cutting off about 1 1/4 in to have them fit. the lid from the Pick a Pumpkin is the bottom of the teapot and is made as it imports. the spout for the teapot is the stem from Pick a pumpkin Kit and is cut at W6.00 H 3.899 you will have a slight  over piece on the end when you glue it just trim it off.I cut a strip of paper for the handle and adjusted it according to my liking. I did cut a v shape so it would look like the one on teapots. The knob on top is a round white button.
The mouse is from the Hippity Hoppity kit and is the carrot also done in the size it imports. the ears are raindrops from the shapes menu. The outside of the ear is W2.040 H 1.883 inside is W1.790 H 1.653. The inside and outside a glued together pinched at the end and then glued into one of the sides of the top of the carrot so you need to leave those open to insert the ears. I used glossy accents to glue on the soft wire for the whiskers and the pink pear for the nose then added the black pearls for the eyes. I also tied a black ribbon around the neck. The Mouse is hot glued in I bent the tip flat a bit and then the lid is also hot glued. I was worried about him falling so I added some paper inside the teapot to stabilize him. I of course added butterflies for the whimsical effect and there ya have it a dormouse!
 If you love to sing silly songs while you create then I advise you to take a mouse trip over to SVG cuts and have a look, You will be amazed as I am! Here is the link just give it a click and start creating and be sure and post your stuff we love to see what you have made. Thanks For Visiting and Happy Crafting! Blessings, Sharalyn
Kits Used:
Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
Hippity Hoppity SVG Kit
Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock: Pool, Chocolate, Lavender, Lipstick
K& Company Sparkly Sweet Collection
Black Pearls
Hero Arts Heart shaped pearl
Black Ribbon
Butterfly punches
Note: I made this using my Circut. So cutting Butterflies was not an option as the Circut cannot cut in circles well. I have since replaced it with a Silhouette Cameo and you could purchase the Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection