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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Penguin Slide!!!

 Mornin' Y'all,
I made another creation for the Christmas Challenge on SVG Cuts Facebook page.
I hope you enjoy this little guy.

 I use is American Crafts Card stock and I will list colors I used as I go. 
I used the J from 3D Letters SVG Kit cut at the size it imports.I also cut an extra middle piece and cut off the sides to cover up the snowflakes I added later. I used pool AC card stock for the slide. I stamped and embossed the side pieces, with white snowflakes using white embossing powder Versa Mark.
 I used a standard hole punch to punch holes in the side pieces for the wooden dowel I would use later. Please don't do as I did, make the holes before you put the one side on and realize you need to make your holes. I embossed on the front of the J but not the side pieces.
Cut the snowflake tops only from Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection, in the presents and peppermint card.  I cut about 5 of those but use your artistic eye for what you would like and where you want to adhere them.  Using the " J2 " piece and cut the edges that would connect to the j pieces off then cover up the white flat part of the snowflake.
Cut 2 of the support for the Ferris Wheel from Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit  at  6.583 H
Cut 6 of the support 3 at: 6.268 H, Glue three together for support on the inside like Mary does. Since I wasn't adding much weight I didn't do more than that. I cut that out of Lagoon AC card stock, as it was a closer match to the Echo Park Christmas paper I had with snowflakes on it but use whatever you have that you like. The Accents were cut at 6.020H and the bottom piece was cut at 6.281h the liner was cut at 3.105 H. Glue the support together as Mary instructs in the video for Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit and then I cut a dowel about 6 inches long and painted it red.
 While it dried I made two of the Poinsettias from Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection in the extras file. Petals are cut at 4.784 H. The leaves are cut at 2.584 H I cut the centers in a bit to make it easier to shape the petals better. I Inked the edges of the leaves with green and the petals with red but I think both would have looked better if I had done it with a slightly darker color than the paper. The color I used for the leaves was Pine AC card stock, and the petals were cut from Crimson AC card stock.  I used red small pearls from Michael's for the centers.
 Cut two .75H circles from the shapes menu on the Sure cuts a lot, and glued them to the  end of the first stick. Slide through the holes on the J and then glue the other circle on.  Adhere the flowers onto the circles. I used my hot glue gun it holds better.
 I cut ferny green pieces from 3D Wintergreens SVG Kit to make it look like snow on the slide. Those where cut using White AC card stock at 4.607 H.
 Import all the pieces for the tickets and size to 2.273H. Assemble the ticket pieces and hot glue on where you like.
 The tree was from Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit and sized at 6.270 H as before, import all your pieces and select all then you should get all the pieces at that size. I had some pretty snowflakes I got from Michael's, glue them back to back then glue to the top of the tree for the topper. I squirted iridescent clear Stickles on the tree. Hot glue the tree to  the back of the stand and some of the leaves to the side for stability.
 The penguin body is the slipper from Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit and was cut at 3.590 H. I didn't put the accents on the slipper as I felt they were not necessary. The penguin"face" is from Christmas cuddly friends and was cut at 3.277 H. I imported the black and sized it first, then sized all the other pieces to fit it. It is better to size it all at once. I used black, white, crimson, wave and apricot as my colors. I used pink chalk for the cheeks.
 The "sign" was made using the Christmas ball in the extras file from Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection cut at 2.155 H out of pool  AC card stock. The white circle is cut at 1.333 H. I cut the topper out of some sliver paper I had at .517H. I used some sliver ribbon I had in my sewing stash, for the bow. I wrote the words" penguin slide "on it and the 10cents or 10 fishes.
  I think that is everything. Mary has some amazing files and I love that you can do so much with them. That is part of the reason I love the challenges this way as it gets my creativity going. Thanks for stopping by and reading this long post. If you make one please post it on SVG Cuts Facebook page.Thanks again and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
 3D Letters SVG Kit
 Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit
 3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
 Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
 Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit
 Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection

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  1. Thank you for the instructions, I'm going to give it a try.