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Friday, September 14, 2018

From a Pumpkin to an Owl Treat Box

Hey y 'all,
 This is going to be a quick post since I have already had a lot of questions. I made this for two reasons. I was entering something for the ecal group challenge and as a thank you for someone who shares a love of owls at my church. So here it goes

Using the Freebie Pumpkin Treat Box I brought the bottom leaf onto the mat and cropped the stem off. I cleaned up the rough edge from the crop by deleting the extra nodes. Then the "ears" in the Mocha Divine from Bazzill are cut at W 1.326 x 1.038. The smaller "hair" or feathers are cut at W 0.633x 0.639. cut two of each. The "beak" measurements are.. Top W 0.576 X 0.801. Bottom W 0.331 x 0.459. Cut one of each I used American Craft Honeycomb cardstock. Use the smaller leaf and duplicate and angle several onto the middle pumpkin piece. Use path, exclude, back to front to make the cut outs on the tummy.

Use the brown piece with the vine, break it apart. When you move the top brown piece away you will have a tear dropped piece. I used that for his wings and angled and duplicated it . Then you select all of it and use path then back minus front. This will give you the cut outs on the wings. I cut mine using Bazzill Mocha Divine. Cut two center portions of the pumpkin and layer them under your wing cut outs gluing them together.

Using the same brown piece and cropped the curly part off. Use the part that you cut the vine off of and turn it with the two bumps up. Copy and paste two extra pieces of this as one will be your feet and one will be the yellow part for the eye. Clean up any nodes by deleting them.  Using the other odd shape from that stem that was left over and using path and union bring the tear drop piece and the odd shape together to make the lid and eye part. I used Bazzill Black Bird. Size the piece to W 0.803 x 0.753. Cut two of the black and two of the yellow. Glue the black to the yellow slightly overlapping. This is not a perfect fit so use your creative eye for the eyes. lol
Using the same shape you used for the yellow of the eye cut two feet from American Craft Honeycomb Cardstock.

As Trina Struckman said in the comments I used the stem for the tail feathers and added lines using a maker. I added leaf lines for the ears and "hair".

Cut the bottom, middle and top of the pumpkin using Brown. I used Bazzill Mocha Divine. Cut the box shape. I used a paper from Celebrate Autumn by Echo Park.

Leave a little showing so you can see the feet. Train your tail feathers up and glue under the edge of the bottom pumpkin. You will be overlapping your tail feathers that is why I used two colors. Glue the pumpkin bottom to the box front. I did this while mine was flat then glued the box together. Glue your feet to the bottom underside of the middle pumpkin or tummy. Glue your head on next just over the top portion of the box and pumpkin. You will be covering the stem but it will be visible from the back. I used pop dots for the last center portion of the pumpkin and attached it at the center of the Head pumpkin. 
Layer your wings gluing them together. I used Cinnamon Bazzill Cardstock for the bottom layer and ran the two layers through my emboss machine using Cuttlebug African Batik emboss folder. Bend the wings slightly  and angle them gluing them over the edges of the tummy. 

Glue the eyes about half way onto the middle head piece. Train the top beak into a curve leaving the flat edge as a tap. This will be how the beak is attached to the face. Do the same for the lower beak. Adhere the lower beak first then the top over the lower beak. 
At the center top of the head glue the "ears" at and angle then to cover your seam do the same with the smaller leaves. These were trained into an upward curve. Glue a bow onto the middle part of the face at the "neck". Fill with treats and your done! 

I hope this makes sense to y 'all. Enjoy your owl and I would love to see them on my Facebook page Shara's paper Creations or Dreaming Tree whatever! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Craft'n Y'all!!!
 Blessings, Sharalyn

Here is the Link for the Freebie: Take a look around and see if there is anything else you make like. 
Pumpkin Treat Box

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Christmas Fantasy Lantern

Morning all,
The weather is starting to get cool here and the early mornings
are delightful! I wish that September would be cool but that is not the normal for us. On October 31st is when we feel the real change of the season, or that is how it usually is.

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am ready to be a little chilly and ready to decorate my house in fall splendor. I am ready to think about Christmas and glitter and all the wonderful things I can make with the fall decorations. So it is that I share my lantern. This is one that was free last month from Creatieve Papier Uitspattingen. I made it very Christmas looking and I hope that gets you in the crafting mood. Lets get started.

I cut the lantern using Bazzill Bitter Chocolate. I made a hole in the bottom platform to hold a tea light. The vellum and acetate were stamped with versa mark ink then embossed with a glittery clear emboss powder. The windows were not glued in but rather put in with score tape. Then frames for the windows insides cover the vellum and acetate edges. I wanted this lantern to draw you in when you looked at it.

For the Tree inside I used a small paper dowel like you would have found on wire hangers from the cleaners. I drilled holes to allow the light to shine through the tube and branches. The branches are a small sprig die cut from Poppy Stamps. Each branch is glued then I used pearl accents on the tree to create the snow and added ultra fine art glitter while it was still wet to the pearl accents. The bottom of the tea light was covered with Bazzill Bitter Chocolate paper. Then the top of the tree has a "light" like you would find in the Christmas section of a craft store. They are on a sting and would be used to hang on a small table tree. I popped the bottom off of it and glued it to the top of the tree. I liked how the teal light shown through.

I knew I wanted the light to shine down onto the tree so I put holes in the top polygon for the lantern after I covered it with the bitter chocolate paper and weaved the lights in and out of the polygon. I brought the lights through the top of the lantern and wrapped them around the post of the lantern. The tiny power pack with the switch is under the "tree" that leans against the post. I welded small snowflakes to the cut that has the holes for vents in the top of the lantern. That layer is glued under the orginal cut and Deco Art Snow Writer was used to great the dripping snow affect. While it was still wet I applied ultra fine Crystal Art Glitter.

Knowing this extra weight would be hard for the lantern to hold all by itself I added a cardboard tube in the center of the base stand and added chipboard to the top and bottom pieces of the base. I glued small glass stones to the inside as extra weight.

The leaning Tree is also made with the Poppy Stamps Die glued to the pole on the base and then on top of each other to create the leaning tree. Deco Art Snow Writer and Ultra fine Crystal Art Glitter was used again to create the sparkling snow effect.

This Lantern was so much fun to make and to lose myself in the creation of it. I have a couple more that have been requested of me to make and I will lose myself in their creation as well. They are gifts as was this one. To say I enjoyed myself in making it is an understatement. Cornia's Creations really let my creative expressions come out. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Enjoy your day and Happy Crafting Y'all!
Blessings Sharalyn