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Monday, March 30, 2015

No Bunny Butts about it!

Hey Y'all,

I hope your having a fantastic day! I have been seeing these bunny butts all over the internet made on cards and cookies cupcakes and the like. Adorable is all I can say. Whoever came up with the idea good for you! I had to do my own spin on it using one of Mary's files of course, plus I wanted to make something special for my grandsons that are close to me. The other two are spread afar from me and mailing a goodie is just not feasible, so this is what I came up with and I hope you like it.

Using the Strawberry from Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit I sized the strawberry down. Here are the sizes with the file names: bottom W 4.275 x 4.551 H, bottom_panels.svg W 4.275 x 5.300 H, lid.svg W 5.656 x 2.794 H, lid_panels.svg 6.131 x 2.325 H. You are welcome to make the panels  a bit shorter if you wish this makes it a little less bulky but still works. Make the strawberry as you would normally adding your panels, turn the strawberry upside down and add a grass border if you have a notion. I do not have the size of the grass border it was cut paper I had in my stash. The file is one of Mary's files and is from Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Kit. You will have to size it down quite a bit. I curled it slightly with a wooden dowel to help it glue well around the egg. Another way would be to pinch it slightly at the score lines of the strawberry top.

The feet are from Bunny Hop SVG Kit. You will have to separate the pink feet from the pink.svg file and the same for the white feet from bunny1.svg file in Bunny Hop SVG Kit. The sizes of the pink feet are W 2.116 x 1.618 H. The white feet are W 1.950 x 1.750 H. Glue the pink feet to the white feet or in my case, Chocolate Bunny. ( a joke between my 11 yr old grandson and I) Glue the feet angled as you have seen in the photos onto the bottom of the upside down Strawberry. Glue a pink 1/2 inch pom to the top and your ready to fill with a treat.

I am going to make 3 more as that is how many grandsons I have here close the other two are grandsons as well. I know they will love that grandma was thinking of them. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your have a  blessed day. If you do make some of these I would love to see your take on it! Have a wonderful Easter and Happy Craftin' Y'all!

SVG Kit's and Collections Used:
Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit
 Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Kit
Bunny Hop SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Doodlebug Card Stock: Hello Sunshine Collection
Bazzill Card Stock: Mud Pie
American Craft Card Stock: Mint
1/2 inch Pom Ball
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Silhouette Cameo 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bunny Come a Callin'

Hey Y'all,
I have been out of commission with my machine for a while now. I needed a new cutting strip and had to wait for it to come to cut paper again. No sense cutting something that won't cut all the way through the paper right? Anyhoo, I was online and saw a darling bunny glass where the cheeks  and the teeth are on the side of the cup and this idea popped into my head. I was dying to get it made before Easter. So here it is and it is so simple and quick you might have time to whip up a few for that surprise invite to someones house for Easter Dinner.

 I used the mason jar snowman head to make this cutie from Santa's Sweets SVG Kit.
Open the white_svg, release compound path and un-group the white_svg. Delete the slit for the nose. Now regroup, cut and assemble as you normally would. Don't put the hat on yet. Using the ears from Bunny Hop SVG Kit size the ears to W 2.600 x 3.432 H.  I only used one set of them so it would be easier to curl them a bit with the dowel. I used just the ears but it would look cute with feet or even the arms as well.  Size the inside of the ears to W 1.399 x 1.938 H. Glue the inside of the ear in place.  Cut the flaps on the white outside of the ears off with scissors. You will not need them as I glued the ears to the brim of the hat. Use a pencil or a wooden dowel to slightly curve the ears down. Finish assembling the hat as Mary instructs. I added Tim Holtz Vintage Papers ink to the edges for a weathered look. I used several paper flowers from my stash and a My Minds Eye Brad for the center.

The teeth are made using a rectangle. I double clicked on it and added an extra node in the center bottom, bring that node up to the center of the rectangle then add and extra node on either side of your center node to make it square. Add a couple of extra nodes at the bottom of each tooth so the teeth are square at the bottom as well. Glue your teeth to the top of the scoreline for the lip of the jar. Hot glue two 1 inch pom balls over the teeth and to make the cheeks. I added pearlescent chalk for some rosy cheeks. Then put a glittered Doodlebug enamel dot for the nose. The eyes are black enamel dots, then I used my Sakura Jelly roll black pen to draw on eyelashes and some eyebrows.

The ribbon is something I had in my stash but I believe it is from Stampin up. I found that glittery Rhinestone at Joann's on a shopping trip with my girlfriend.  We split the pack so I cannot tell you what the brand name was. Tie the ribbon and use a 3d zots to adhere the bow to the jar. Don't forget to do the same on the back with a 1 inch or lager pom for your tail. Fill the jar with a goodie and your done!

The perfect quick gift to take to your hostess. I hope you like this little guy, or make it a girl with more flowers and feathers or whatever you like. Mary has a free bow on the freebies page that would look darling on this jar, or use the one in Bunny Hop SVG Kit. There are also many 3d flowers from Mary's wonderful files you could use as well. Just have fun with it and let your imagination go crazy! To all my wonderful readers thank you. Have a blessed Easter and Happy Craftin' Y'all!  Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Santa's Sweets SVG Kit
Bunny Hop SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock: Smooth White
American Craft Card Stock: Straw
Doodlebug Card Stock: Sunny Days Collection and Nifty Notions
Doodlebug Glitter Dots Spring Collection
Tim Holtz Vintage Papers Ink
Recollections Enamel Dots
Glittery Rhinestone from Joann's
Paper Flowers from Stash
Ribbon from Stash
My Minds Eye Brad from Stash
Poms from Dollar Tree
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalk
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry adhesive
Silhouette Cameo

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Easter Parade

Hey Y'all,
It is beautiful here today and very much spring! Our first tortoise got up today, one of our "little" ones. I am very much into spring and the colors of spring because of all this beautiful weather. I apologize to my friends who are still only seeing a lot of "white stuff". With Easter coming soon I am in full swing of playing with Easter ideas. While working on another recent project this idea came to mind so without further ado I bring to you Easter Parade!

 We are going to start with the bunny first as all your changing is sizes  with this one. Start with the snowman from Christmas Open House SVG Kit. Cut the snowman  body.svg at W 8.986 x 7.872 H. Cut the panels bottom.svg at W 4.895 x 4.946 H. Cut the panels_top.svg at W 4.198 x 3.260 H. Cut the hat at W 6.148 x 4.672 H. Assemble the body of the "bunny" and add your panels.

These are the measurements of the ears feet and paws of the bunny. They are from Bunny Hop SVG Kit. You will want to assemble the ears and get them ready to glue onto the side of the hat before you glue the brim into place.  Cut the pink.svg (inside ears,feet and nose) at W 2.324 x 3.133 H. The ears are cut at W 3.180 x 1.985 H. The feet are cut at W 2.130 x 1.911 H. The front paws are cut at w 2.174 x 1.988. These are refered  to in the file as bunny1.svg. You will have to separate the ears paws and feet from the bunny1.svg  to cut them separately.

Glue the side of the hat together and then decide where you want your ears to pop up. I put mine at opposite ends about 4 panels apart. Slide the brim over the ends of the hat and glue them into place, when you reach the part with the ears you will have to hold it a bit longer. Then Glue the top of the hat on. Add the ribbon to your hat first then add your other embellishments.  I added flowers from my "extras" box but any of the small flowers from Mary's files will work.  Search your printed PDF's for a good flower you want to use. The butterfly is from Garden Nouveau SVG Kit and is butterfly_top.svg. I do not have the exact size for this as it was in the box of extras I keep as well. A rough estimate of the size is about 1 inch. I cut several of these at a time as they are tough to cut that small. Slow the speed down that helps quite a bit. I wanted to really make this a very embellished hat so I added the center pieces for wedding flowers and feathers as well.  Glue your paws on and your ready to fill your bunny with a yummy treat.

For the Chick you will be using the same measurements for the body and panels but you will be taking the chick's pop out wings idea from the one piece chick box Mary made in Egg Hunt SVG Kit. I use a Silhouette Cameo so I will be explaining how to do this using this format but if your familiar with your program you should be able to do it in your program as well.  Ungroup the body.svg and  release compound path, select the two lines for the wings and group them. Make a duplicate and flip it to mirror the other lines.  Copy and paste them onto one body panel each for your chick. (hint) the small lines for the wings are the front part of the wing. Group them to your panels and cut your panels as you would. Glue them into place and cut the beak at the size it imports. I glued mine a bit crooked just for character. The hat was made a bit taller to look more like a top hat. ungroup and release compound path on the hat center. Then uncheck the lock aspect ratio and make it a bit taller mine is W 6.148 x 1.762 H. I had to duplicate the last row of score lines for the sides of the hat and move the bottom ones down. Line them up and then group them all together before you cut your hat. Assemble normally.

I added a ribbon around the hat and used one of those nifty little buckles I got from the Close to My Heart stuff I was blessed with. I hot glued the ribbon in place and added a bit of fluff from one of the feathers I cut for the bunny. I went on YouTube and learned how to tie an ascot for the front. I used ribbon from my stash for that and added a pearl  for the front. I used my Stampin Up itty bitty flower punch to make the flower for his "lapel" and snipped the sides a bit to allow the flower to bend in more. The feet are from Autumn Cuddly Friends SVG Collection . They are sized at W1.263 x 1.032 H. I curved them a bit so they looked more natural.

I hope you like my Easter Parade and I hope you will make some for someone this Easter. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. It is such a pleasure to be able to create and have you all enjoy what I have created. Have a super day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

 SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Christmas Open House SVG Kit
Bunny Hop SVG Kit
 Garden Nouveau SVG Kit
 Egg Hunt SVG Kit
Autumn Cuddly Friends SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Echo Park Card Stock : Happy Easter Collection
Doodlebug Card Stock: Happy -go Lucky Collection
Doodlebug Card Stock: Kraft in Color 6x6 pad
American Craft Card Stock: Butter, Lavender, Bubblegum, Vanilla
Bazzill Card Stock: Smooth White, Truffle, Tropical
Ranger White Accent (bunny teeth)
Recollections Pearls
Recollections Enamel Dots
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalk
Ribbon from Stash
 Close to My Heart Tiny Buckle
Sakura Black Pen
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Detail Hot Glue Gun
Silhouette Cameo

Friday, March 6, 2015

Bunny Balloon Ride

Afternoon all!
I hope your enjoying this lovely day and that your craftin' your hearts out!
I know as soon as I finish here I will be starting on a new idea I have with the newest kit from SVG Cuts called Feeling Lucky SVG Kit.

Ever wondered how the Easter bunny hides his eggs and gets away before you ever see him? Well here is perhaps one way with my Bunny Balloon Ride! I hope you enjoy it.

I made the hot air balloon from High Skies SVG Kit at the size it imports and used the bunny ears from Bunny Hop SVG Kit sized at W 4.604 x 2.872 H.  Inside of ear or pink.svg is sized at W 5.231 x 2.386 H. You will not need the feet so you can just delete them. Assemble the two halves of the balloon and glue the assembled ear to the second flap down from the top. Glue the other ear on the same flap on the opposite side. Make sure you flip your ear so you don't have one ear on backwards. Glue the two halves together as you would normally. Add your accent pieces to the balloon. I drew dash lines on mine after they were on the balloon but it might be easier to do that before you adhere them to the balloon. I added small black enamel dots to the front and drew on a mouth and eyelashes. I glued the nose into place and used Ranger white accents to add white dots to the eyes and big teeth for the front. Allow the white accents to dry all the way before you move on as it does dent if you don't. I cut the bow tie as an afterthought at W 3.844 x 1.607 H. Glue that to the front of the balloon at the bottom.  I added small eyelets and threaded Twinery Twine for the ropes on the balloon to the basket.

The basket is made using the basket from . Bring all the pieces of the basket onto your mat and size at W. 9.950 x 7.950. Assemble the basket as Mary instructs in the video being careful not to tear your rods. At this size the rods will be thin. I added small eyelets to the sides using a 3/16 punch to make the holes. The Crop-a-dile would not fit to punch the holes. It does work fine for attaching the eyelets however. Cut and assemble the other set of ears at W 3.322 x 1.717 H.  The inside of the ears are cut at w.085 x H 0.984. Glue the small ears to the inside of the basket. I added tiny enamel dots and then drew on eyelashes. This is to give the illusion that the bunny is hiding a bit. I hot glued a 1/2 inch white pom pom to the back of the basket.

To make the pennants I used Festive Easter Pennants SVG Kit and sized the pennants at W.1.894 x 1.808 H. Because I wanted to use twine for the pennants and it was a bit thick I clipped the circles on each end with scissors. Put the clipped circles around your twine and then add a bit of either scotch quick dry adhesive or hot glue to hold it into place. I added stitch lines to the pennants and wrote Hoppy Easter Y'all with a black saukura pen. 

That is all there is to this little cutie, add some Easter grass to the basket and some jelly beans and your all set. There is so much you could do to change this like add ribbons hanging down or change the pennants to eggs, make the balloon a chick. Whatever you do I know it will be cute and loved. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a wonderful day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
High Skies SVG Kit
Bunny Hop SVG Kit
Hippity Hoppity SVG Kit
Festive Easter Pennants SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock: Fussy, Pollen, Smooth White
Echo Park Happy Easter Collection
Recollections Enamel dots
Ranger White Accents
Sakura Black Gel Pen
Stampin up Bermuda Bay Marker
The Twinery: Caribbean Twine
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Detail Hot Glue Gun
Silhouette Cameo