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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Message of Love

Morning everyone!
A huge thank you to all the people who liked my card! I have to say I have never had 297 Likes and 96 comments on something I made before. My neighbor of 20 yrs is celebrating her 93rd birthday this year. She has not been "home for the last two years and I am so aware that this may be the last card I ever make for her that I wanted it to be special. I was sort of stuck so I looked on pinterest which is what I do when I am stuck for ideas. One of my favorite card makers had posted a very pretty card and I thought it would be perfect for Ellen. The only problem was I didn't have those memory box  die cuts she used. So I did what ever creative person would do I improvised. I have been very blessed to find the Sure Cuts A Lot program and SVG Cuts. So when I find something I like or want to make I go to my files from SVG Cuts and use my knowledge all be it not vast on Sure Cuts A Lot and make it using Mary's amazing files. So here it is.
First I took the picture and put it on my desktop so I could refer to it as I "designed" (i use that very loosly) the cut out for the card. I imported two ovals from the shapes menu and set one inside the other. Here is the cut sizes on that. Oval 1 is W 3.138 x H 4.918 Oval 2 is W 2.720 x H 4.840  I did not weld these shapes nor did I click keep proportions, on either side of the top of the oval I added Wheatfield Swirls from Mary's Swirlies SVG Collection. The wheat field Swirls are cut at  W 1.569 x H 2.723 copy and paste another then flip it and weld to the outer oval where you want it. I used Swirl sm 4 from the shapes menu imported at W0.942 x H 0.791 copy and paste another then flip it as well and weld where it looks good to you also only to the outer oval. Select all and group all the shapes together so it is easy to move if necessary.
 The vines we made by using Flourish Sm number4 from the shapes menu as well, from the Sure cuts a lot program.  I used the Azalea leaves from 3D Flowers SVG Kit that Mary designed and broke them apart to set the sizes at lrg leaf W.0492 H.0.895  Sm leaf W .0641 x H.0.712 I moved these to where I thought they would like nice and welded them to the vine. Here is where I had trouble with my computer or the program not sure which. Every time I tired to preview it the program shut down. Just keep opening it back up but make sure you save every now and then so your not in danger of loosing all the work you had done. The flower is the Impatient from 3D Flowers SVG Kit Part II cut at two sizes and on these I did click keep proportions. Lrg. is W 1.389  sm is W 1.150 . The centers are from the 3d flowers one in the extras file I cut number 4 at W 0.686 x  H 0.677 I cut the white "square" from Simon's Simple Square Cuts another of Mary's useful files at W 4.539 x H 6.322.
 I used my McGill flower shaping tools to shape the flowers, then glued them together.  I glued the cut oval shape to the white background and glued the vines in cross fashion. I did glue only the outer edges of the oval at first to see if I wanted to curl any of the swirls which I did.
 I used tiny white pearls from Michaels and perfect pearls was spritzed on the whole card once it was all glued and flowers shaped and such to give it a extra glitz to it. Then I glued the bow on the top and the extra from the ties in various places as it appealed to me. I did use my hot glue gun for that but I think it would hold better if I had used Glossy accents or Crystal affects. The card base was a piece of Cherry Cobbler card stock from Stampin up.
 That is how this card came about, that and a desire to make something special one more time for her. We have fought like cats and dogs at times but through this I have learned to let it go that life is fragile and people act and react because of things in their past that may have caused them to be wounded. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that we learn to forgive let it go and love that person anyway. Thanks for stopping by and reading this. Please stop by SVG Cuts Facebook page and show Mary and Leo the love they deserve. They have made some amazing files for us to design with and it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you again for all the "likes". Happy Craftin' Y'all!
 Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Swirlies SVG Collection
 3D Flowers SVG Kit 3D Flowers SVG Kit Part II  
Simon's Simple Square Cuts      

Note: As of September 24th 2015 she is still with us. Another lesson, don't count anyone out till they are out. :)