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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas????

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
Today I want to share a different blog post. Today I want to tell you there are no presents under our tree, there are no gifts I bought I made a few small things. Today I am very thankful that I Do feel joy and goodwill.

We have been trying to refi our house since September, and were told we would be able to skip the November and December payments. So we paid all our over due bills Y'all know how that is, in November and I planned for what I hoped was a wonderful Christmas full of gifts for everyone. Well that didn't happen we had to scramble to make our November payment as our previous lender messed up or paper work not once but twice. We signed a total of three times before all of this was said and done. As of yesterday the payoff on our house had posted and we were still getting calls from the previous lender wanting to know why we hadn't made our house payment.. Ah  yeah the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing

To top it off our car we purchased earlier in the year had yet another hiccup. That car was supposed to take care of our car problems for a while and yet it has spent more time in the shop than we care to admit. We do have another car, a very old Ranchero that after so many years is showing it wear. It has been in the shop itself for several weeks as the J brake broke and this car has a habit, all be it a familiar one to this year of going into reverse by itself thus we need that brake and oh did I mention something broke in the handle and he had to hold the door closed so we could get it to the shop.

I called my friend from church and she took us together to church last night for our Christmas gift of song to our community. Today we will have dinner with our daughter and her family and they will have to come get us to go but with God all things are possible.

I know all this sounds really crazy and how can I still be happy? One Name Jesus. You see he said in his word that things like this Would happen and yeppers they sure do. Crazy stuff. Marks mom had a huge health scare this year. So how can I be truly joyful? sounds corny but it is true I have HOPE in Jesus. I know that this world is going to be tough for me He said so. So when it does surprise me It really shouldn't. I am caught off guard like the rest of you cuz guess what I am human. I react in a way that I shouldn't but then I do need to express my discouragement because that is also good. That gives my friends and loved ones that chance to  come along side me as the bible says and hold be up or pick me back up. So yes I am so thankful today and truly happy.
In the bible is says that Mary kept all these things in her heart. I often feel like Mary. I ponder and keep these things that I hold so truly dear in my heart. Oh I have my Martha moments too when I am freaking out and making a scene because I am not getting any help or I am fussing because there are no presents for anyone. Then I come to my senses thank God for that as well and I settle down and stop stressing myself out because I have no gifts for everyone, or the house isn't clean and I have company coming, or I had no sleep and I am just plan grouchy.  My gift to you today is cut yourself some slack!!!! We are all going to mess up and have bad days and behave in a manner we don't want. We are all going through or have been through hard financial times. Knowing that should comfort you some, as those who love you know and understand that what you need cannot be bought at a store, no it comes in the form of a gift  of a baby. It is love in the purest form... that we can share with one another. Our love for one another and we can share our love for one another because God shared it with us first.  Blessings to all of you this day and everyday. My love I give to you in the form of hope. I hope in God. Merry Christmas everyone! Blessings Sharalyn

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Heaven Or Bust!

Hey Y'all!

Merry Christmas Early!
Let me share with you the story of my special  present for my Pastor. I will tell you how this came about. I was showing my girl friends at church the owl I made for my mom and pastor Tom was standing there and said that the VW bus I made for Pastor Daniel was REALLY cool. Yep that is when I heard it.. that quiet I really would like to have one voice. I know he didn't ever intend to come across that way because that is the way he is but I heard it. I started planning right then and there. I pulled my pastors wife aside on Sunday and asked her what Pastor Tom likes to do besides share God with everyone. The answer? Camping they love to camp.

I started with the lantern from Camp Smore SVG Kit,  as I knew I would have to make it small and that it would cause some good pain in my hands and arms. I wanted to give myself a few days to recover if it was really bad. Well I ended up making two one even smaller than the first. I have Tweezer Bee reverse tweezers that help with making this a lot. If you try this, take your time glue a portion then set it down and glue something else for the lamp, most important don't rush it! Ice was very much my friend last night. Today I finished the lantern by adding perfect pearls in red to make it look like tiny brads.

On to the Camper Bus from Surf Shack SVG Kit, I started with the German Bus.  I cut the bottom at the size it imports. I did the same for the top but made a small rectangle square and put it in the center of the top cover.  To make the side pieces I duplicated the rectangle and used it to size the side pieces and added flaps and score lines for to make the box part of it. I added smaller rectangles to the side pieces fore windows then added vellum to cover them. I took the center piece of the bus top and shrunk it way down.. hey I was really cooking on that shrinking part, lol. I glued the top piece onto the pop-up after I had scored the edges  a bit. I cut extra hooks from the top of the tiny lantern to make the holders for the metal side pieces for the bus and the "luggage rack".  The wire I used to make the rack and the metal part on the pop up came from Walmart in the jewelry making  section. I bent the wires first then slipped the loops on them and carefully glued them into place. When I got this crazy idea to make this I looked on the internet for a picture of a VW Camper. That is when I saw some with luggage racks and some with the parking lights on the front. I liked them so I added them. I used my Epiphany Crafts tools 14 and 25 round resigns  to make the headlights and the wheel and peace sign covers.
I used my Silhouette Sketch pens to add the words to the side panels. I added enamel dots to the bumper to give the attached rivet look. The Windshield wipers are the handles from the tiny lantern. I cut thin black strips of paper for the rubber part of the wipers and glued them into the top folds of the handles. I went outside and got a stick from the yard for the fishing pole and tied Stampin up linen thread to the stick. I had formed a hook using another kind of wire I had. The "bed roll" is just some fleece I had that I tied with the linen thread and then tied it to the luggage rack.
That is how I made this camping VW Bus for my Pastor and I can hardly wait to give it to him. I reeealllly hope he likes it. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Crafting! Blessings Sharalyn

Kits Used:
Surf Shack SVG Kit

Camp Smore SVG Kit

AC Card Stock: Jade, Black, Carmel
Bazzill: Turquoise Mist
Stampin Up:Vellum Cardstock, Linen Thread
Epiphany Tools: 14 and 25 Resins
Hero Arts Metal Adhesive Brads
Gold colored Rhinestones
Enamel Dots
Silhouette Sketch Pens
Scotch Quick Dry Glue

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas iS in the Air!

Helloooo Y'all!

 Christmas is definitely   in the air! Today we are supposed to get snow and I am hoping we do! Some that will stick as we haven't had any like that in 7 yrs.  Our tree has the lights on but I haven't gotten any farther with it. I need to finish 7 cards today so I need to make this as short as possible.
I had started the church quite a while ago but didn't like the colors I had made the tower so I tore if off and threw it away and there it sat for a while.
The church is from the Silent Night SVG kit  from SVG cuts. I did add a brad and slide to the back flaps to keep the back closed. That helped me a lot. Anyway  I used Carta Bella's paper collection called So THIS is Christmas. I had never used Carta Bella's paper  before and it is JUST like Mary said. High Quality for sure!!!!! I will be using it again in the future! I made the church as instructed and added embossed Snowflakes to the window Vellum before I put them in. Then I decorated the church using Memory Box and Poppy Stamp dies. I will include the dies list at the bottom of this post. The bell was from my friends Stash she had and it was perfect for the church. I added fake snow with hot glue and gemstones to add some glitz. The top I used Stampin Up's heat and stick then used my favorite glitter, Art Glitter Crystal. It is a translucent glitter and really really really pretty on anything you put it on.
So that is my church sorry this is so short but I do hope once I get more of my projects done that I am getting paid for I can post more soon. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me.. I am sorry I have been MIA. Blessing to you all this holiday season!!!

On a side note I had commented on a Scrapbooking Made Simple post and guess what? I won.. scared the snot out of hubby as I screamed but today it came and I couldn't be more excited to use it. I won a Sizzix Stephine Barnard Fancy Flip-its Die. It looks a bit intimidating but I know I can get it. Maybe it will help with my own not started yet Christmas cards LOL . Thanks again. Blessing to you all this holiday season!  Blessings Sharalyn

Kits used:
Silent Night SVG Kit

Paper used:
AC, Vanilla, Lagoon
Carta Bella so This is Christmas
Stampin up Cherry cobbler, Garden Green
Hero Arts Layering Paper, Egg Shell

Dies used:
Memory Box, Precious Snowflakes
Poppy Stamps, Garden Sprig, Small Garden Sprig, Breezy Wreath, Small Blooming Poinsettia, Berry Sprig.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Fun with Christmas Cards!

 Mornin' Y'all!

It is cloudy with a chance of rain today so I am happily crafting in my room today. I love days like that! Nothing to do really outside and to cold so your listening to Christmas music and crafting away.. Ok Admit it you all do that after Christmas as well don't you... listen to Christmas music and still work on Christmas crafts...

I am still doing the Online Christmas Card Class and Yet again I have learned new techniques and tricks. I think that is what I love most about these classes. The amazing photos others post in the Gallery for the class is pretty awesome too. I will make this short and sweet today as I need to get busy on a b day card for my dad. Here are a few more of the cards I have done. I am really happy with them.
 Especially the Chalk board card as I have never done one before and half the stuff I saw them use I didn't have... LOL what else is new??? right? Anyway I used a white pigment ink called frost White by Color-box and some makeup applicators from the dollar tree.

I made a circle mask with some left over card stock and  smushed my ink pad into it then used the applicator to make trees and stars. The cute owls are an old Hero Arts Christmas set that I have had a while and the branch is a memory box pine branch. The key to this class is use what you have be inventive and HAVE FUN!!!! Any questions you have on how I did something just ask I would be happy to share, But seriously consider taking some of these classes as they are really great! You can go back years later and go watch the videos all over again and remember all over again what you learned. So Here are my cards and I hope you like them! Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting!
Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

Last two cards are masculine and feminine Christmas cards I really never thought of that before but I was happy with the results..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Imagination takes Flight!

Morning Y'all!
Well my parents have left for home and I have been working on my secret project almost the whole time they were here. I've been so excited to share it with you and MOST of all to show you that you should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!! limit yourself to what a kit is! So I will start with what I used as kits. I used:

Christmas Open House Svg Kit, 3d Wintergreens,3d Mums and Fall Flowers. Bet you can't guess what I used to make some of the things in this new project... Yep most of it was pine cone "leaves" or what ever they are called. 

The body is actually the snowman container but instead of having an open lid I altered the top to close just like the bottom of the snowman. To make the top of the head round I added the accent pieces over the top of the head. Each Feather is made by using the shape of the pine cone pieces and making skinny triangles and placing them in various places around the edge of the pine cone. I also cut the strip at the bottom off using my Silhouette program.  I used Designer addition of Silhouette which I got from SVG cuts at an awesome deal to design or alter the main shapes from SVG cuts. You place the triangles around the shape then select the whole shapes and subtract. I then went in really close and adjusted the nodes to make it smooth . I have done this with the whole project. That is the reason it has taken me so long to make it. I made two sizes of the small body feathers then inked them with Close to Cocoa a retired ink color. I used my flower shaping tools I love so much to shape the feathers.
The beak was another SVG I designed myself. I just started thinking about how I waned it to look and did a lot of research looking at  pictures to see the shape. I will list my paper colors at the bottom of this "book" with all the supplies I used as always. I shaped it as well and hot glued it on to the face. Ok now here is where if you didn't have this SVG kit I think you could use another that might have the same kind of file. I used the Tick Seed Centers from 3d fall flowers SVG Kit to make the eye feathers around the eyes. I curled them up a bit and inked them with pumpkin Stampin up ink. I had already decided that I was going to use my 14 round Epiphany Craft tool for the eyes, just wasn't sure what color I wanted the eyes. I used my 3/8 in circle punch to make the black pupil then I used the Epiphany tool to make the rest of the eye. I used American Craft Card stock on the whole thing but for the eye I used the color Storm. I love me my American Craft Card stock!
I designed the SVG for the feet as well and all I can tell you is start with rectangles and some tall triangles then weld those together and play like crazy with the nodes! I did try to add the little flaps that Mary does on her projects to make it more rounded but when I put in on the log( recycled toilet paper roll) they flattened out. The design needs more work for sure. The front of the owl and the feet are made using Latte American Craft card stock. I used a very retired color ink for the feet It is called Creamy Carmel. The Lines on the feet were brushed on using Stampin up Soft Suede Marker. The toe nails I used a black Copic Marker to give them their color but I did want to use Inkssentials black glossy accents.. I don't have any so that is what I did instead.

I confess I ruined three sponge daubers and will have to purchase some more as I use them a lot when sponging on my ink. For the branch Mr. Owl is sitting on I used a recycled toilet paper roll cut in half and glued the other half inside for stability. The Branch is covered in Chestnut and my forest branches embossing folder was used before hand. I also inked it with three different colors ink. Close to Cocoa, Papertrey inks, Vintage Cream, and Hero Arts Shadow Ink Mid-tone Cup of Joe. I just blotted it with a regular sponge till I achieved the look I wanted.
Ok you ready for the long feathers???? I used the Boxwood from the 3d Wintergreens to make the long feather. I know Whhaaaattt??? ok just consider me weird and get it over with!  I cut one of the round boxwood shapes off the stick and went to work. Now I did do the same thing as the small feathers making a small triangle and arranging them around the shape, then subtracting them and thought ok I am ready to try and cut this tomorrow. Well I woke up the next day and while laying in bed I was thinking about the wing shape. Nope there was something bugging me and that is when I got bring the points in a bit and round it. So I got up early (even beat my dad up LOL) and worked on the shape till I got it right. I did enlarge the shape and elongated it and here is the kicker I used the Shear window to help get the look I was going for. I shaped those and hot glued them on using my detail hot glue gun I bought on amazon.The same Close to Cocoa ink was used on the longer feathers.

I used a pine Cone from one of our trees in the back yard on a small branch and added one of Mary's Pine cones as well then made the short pine needle branch and cut it in half and hot glued those in place. So there you have it my long involved project that I made and well Mom is getting this one.
She had said over and over that she loved my rooster and I just couldn't think about doing that again it was so hard on my hands and arms. I was also ready to try to do something like that again and learn as I went, which I did. I am hurting today and will need to take about a week off of doing long involved projects before I can start another one. I already have an order for one and I sure didn't expect that! It is for someone I love very much so it will be a labor of love that I get the extra  blessing of getting paid for it.
Ok Y'all I am sure you have had a couple of cups of coffee by now and now need a trip to the restroom. Sorry this was so long but I did do a lot and when I don't explain it all some really get upset with me. Thank you so much for reading this whole thing and for visiting me again. It blesses my heart to know your reading this and when you leave your comments I am blessed again. Here is the heart of this project: Mary and Leo work very hard to bring you amazing kits but that isn't the only thing you can do with them. They are a jumping off place for your creativity. To me you give Mary the highest compliment when you take her design and go with it. I have learned so much from the design of Mary's files and it has taught me how to design for myself. Don't look at the whole picture or you wont even start. Think of them as simple shapes and go from there.Thanks again for settin with me Y'all and  Happy Crafting! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits used:
Christmas Open House SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit

3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock: Storm, Black, Tangerine, Clay, Latte, Evergreen
Stampin Up Ink: Close to Cocoa, Pumpkin, Soft Suede Pen
Papertrey Ink: Vintage Cream
Hero Arts Shadow Ink Midtone, Cup of Joe
Epiphany Crafts 14 round tool
Copic Marker Black
Recycled Toilet paper roll
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Detailed Hot glue Gun. (has a very small tip)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!

Afternoon Y'all,
Yesterday it was 83 degrees here and today it didn't make it past 66 degrees. We saw the Turkey Vultures come over the house yesterday and I told my hubby, we know it is fall when they come back. I guess it is fall finally. Whew!

I have seen the beautiful window cards on pinterest and I just love them. When your bank account can't support your wish list and no one is knocking on your door so to speak to let you push their new products for them you make do. That is what I did to make this card. Now  I am not saying I wouldn't like to have that die, I would, in fact there are a ton of poppy dies I would LOVE to have but well  I live on a fixed income now since hubby retired. So I looked on my list of SVG's I have to see if I had something that would work and I found the Townhouse SVG mini pack. Perfect!!!
I realized I would have to layer them a bit to give it the full  look and adding the Forest branches embossing folder helped a lot with that. I also had seen a Tim Holtz video where he put the ink on the embossing folder on the indented side and then embossed the paper so I tried it. I like the way it came out.
I started with a standard size card base which is 5 1/2 by 4 1/4. Then I cut 2 windows one at H. 3.400W 3.000 the other H 3.5.0000 W 3.085 and used a dark brown ink on my Forest Branches embossing folder by Cuttle Bug. Wiping the ink off with a baby wipe after your done,  works quite well. Make sure you don't use Stazon or it will stay on! I glued one to another slightly off center so  it would look like it had more depth. Ok now here is where I had a serious brain fart! ( sorry Miss Lorna!) I couldn't get the cut out for the card right using my machine. Ah  duh make it smaller and just a square.. yep realized that after I finished the card. Ok so instead I measured the inside of the window and marked it off using a pencil then cut it with my craft knife. I have heard Kristina Werner say not to try and cut the whole way through with one slice but to take another slice over the first till your all the way through. This is a much better way trust me. I do know. Then I used some really pretty fall leaves vellum I have had in my stash. I love this paper and buy it when ever I can afford it and can find it. It is a DCWV paper. I glued that to the outside of the card cut out then glued the frame over the top.
The die I used is by Memory box and is called Flowering Winterberry. I love these as they are thin dies and are made of steel. They make an amazing cuts too. The leaves come with this die and it also has berries as well. They are all attached when they come and you can take them apart but it is less likely that you'll loose them if you keep it together. They are that small. I cut out a few twigs and cut them up gluing the extra pieces onto the back so you couldn't see the cut pieces. It gives it a much more fluid look to it I think. Then I just took my trusty Scotch adhesive  and put a dot of glue where I wanted the leaves. I did use the flower shaping tools I love so much to give the leaves a more realistic look. I added three auburn colored rhinestones to the top three leaves in the corner of the window to give it a little sparkle. The ribbon is from American craft and something I bought at Big lots a couple of years ago. I tied a loose knot and hot glued it on.
 The inside is stamped with a acorn stamp I had and it says Fall is here. That's it, nothing special but I am happy with the way it turned out. I will have to look at it for a while then I will pray and ask whom I should send it too. I know He will pick just the right person he always does.

Mary and Leo make amazing files and most of the stuff they make you can used to do something like some of the amazing cards on Pinterest that use such wonderful dies. If you can afford them then more power to you go buy them. They make absolutely lovely cards. Now my Cameo can do a lot of things but it does struggle with thin things like that and you have no idea just how thin they are till you see it in person.

Thanks so much for reading my blog I love to see your comments and I do read them. On a side note the Christmas card I made using my cameo to make that cross die? Well my dear friend Rose bought me that die as a late birthday present and it came today. Ok it really is amazing. That doesn't mean you can't make a beautiful card without them. Look in your stash of SVG cuts, Look closely at the die and if you can make the design in your Silhouette program or whatever you have, do it! The point is don't let a little thing like money stop you from creating. Create, Dream and don't be afraid of what you don't know, learn how, keep trying till you succeed. If I can do it you can do it! ]
 Blessings everyone! and Happy Crafting! Sharalyn

Townhouse Windows SVG Collection

Supplies used:
 Neenah Desert Storm Card Stock
Stampin up Chocolate Chip ink
Cuttle Bug Forest Branches Embossing Folder
American Craft Card Stock, Danelion, Apricot, Pomegrante
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Auburn colored Rhinestones from
American Craft Fall Ribbon

Camera I use is a Nikon Coolpix S6300 but I turn off the flash.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Frightful Night!

Mornin' Y'all!!!!!
It is that time again and SVG cuts is having a contest!!! I really wasn't going to enter this time as I
have been trying to get better and work on some much needed gifts for next month. Then this idea struck and well the rest is history! Now I started this lamp and got it about done and just quit, I didn't like it. Something was wrong it just wasn't working for me. 2am night before last I woke up after having a dream were I could see what was bothering me and how to change the design. Yep I dream about making things... crazy I know.

 I should say that I think my hubby is a little less than thrilled with this design. He does however like the spider. I think it is a little spooky for him. Any way I started with the tall apothecary jar from Toil and Trouble. I cut the jar at the size it imports but on the top piece made a hole for my saved tubes from the center of foil and plastic wrap. ( I even have my daughter saving stuff like that for me, lol)

I covered the top half of the tube with a 12x6 piece of Black AC Card Stock. I then glued the tube to the inside of the bottle and filled the jar with something to weight down the lamp. Slide the octagon piece over the tube and glue it in place. I am not sure where I got that tube, it may have been a heavy duty foil roll one of the long ones you use for turkeys. Then I cut a 8inch long 1/4 in dowel and painted it black. When it dried I used a sliver ink pad to add distressing to it. I drilled a hole in the dowel so I could put my wire hook in that I made through the dowel. Drill a hole in the tube as well to put the dowel through the tube. The wire I got at Walmart in the Jewelry section. I added silver ink to the wire as well.

Now this is where I redid the whole lamp. I made the tall jar but used my silhouette program to cut off about a 1 or more of the top of the side pieces. Then I changed the nodes to make the top angled at the gluing point like Mary did with the original. I made a square and angled it as well to make the triangles for the cut outs of the lamp. I used the accent pieces as my base and centered them down the middle of that then once the pieces were where I wanted them I deleted the accent pieces. Group them together so you can move that around where you want. To make the vellum for the inside I duplicated the bottom piece of the jar and took out the triangles. I cut that out of the vellum then cut off the bottom and side flaps with scissors.
The top of the jar makes the top and bottom pieces of the lamp. Those were inked with the silver ink pad as well. Glue the bottom pieces onto the lamp. Do use the octagon piece for the bottom of the jar as that is what your battery operated tea candle will sit on. Then make another lid for the jar use it for the top. I didn't glue that down as it is a tight fit and you'll need to get to your light somehow. LOL The hook top is the octagon shape cut in half then two circles welded to the top, glue that onto the top of your lamp. 

As I do a lot, I cut thin strips of black paper for vines and added the leaf pieces from the Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection. I just cut those apart with scissors and arranged it the way I liked. Now Mr. Spider is made using the cauldron from Party on Elm Street SVG Kit. I just turned the cauldron upside down and added the spider legs to the folds on the caldron. I made two of each leg for both strength and so I could leave the end open and glue it onto the jar. Add the accents and no one knows that those are glued that way. I also added an extra bottom in the accent color to finish off the spider. Take about ten red Rhinestones and glue those to the front of the spider so it looks like eyes. I made another one like the last only bit smaller to drag off the leg bone from Mr. Skeleton.
The Skeleton is from Spooky Soiree SVG Kit I just didn't attach the leg bone so I could use if to look as if the spider was dragging it away. So yes I can make it look a bit spooky although I will probably not have the spider dragging the leg bone away on Halloween night as that might scare my youngest grandson Wyatt. He is only three so I would rather not scar him this early. No need to let him know right now his grandma is weird.

So that is it on my lantern, I have entered it into the contest and it would be awesome to win but who knows? Thanks so much for stopping by and visitn' with me. There are lots of great SVG Kits and collections on SVG Cuts. Go have a look and while your there say Hi to the Newlyweds! Thanks again and Happy Crafting Y'all!

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Toil and Trouble SVG Kit
Party on Elm Street SVG Kit
Spooky Soriee SVG Kit
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection

American Craft Card Stock-White
American Craft Card Stock -Black
Graphic 45- Steampunk Spells
Graphic 45 - Happy Haunting
Martha Stewart Paper Pack- Elegant Witch Designer Paper
Brilliant Silver ink pad
Stampin up Card Stock Vellum
Red Rhinestones
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Screw brads are from Michael's

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pinterest Christmas Card (my verison)

Afternoon all,

I hope your having a super crafty day.. today I wanted to bring to you a thought. You can recreate a card you have seen on Pinterest if you don't have the die.. yep if you have a silhouette or a good program you can design with then you can do it. I saw this card on Pinterest and it uses a poppy die from memory box I don't have. I really would like to have it but that is NOT in the budget.. so I looked really close at it and realized it was a series of crosses and I went from there.
Some of you saw my excitement that I did it as I did post that on the SVG cuts Facebook page but here is the finished project.

I will say that I used 3d Wintergreen's Kit and the berry Stick from Christmas Open House. I used the regular poinsettia from 3d Wintergreen's and the ferny greenery from there, I  added a bit of white ink just dabbed it on lightly and added some glitter to the ends of the berry sticks from Christmas Open House.

The background for the card was made doing a bunch of small crosses in the order that they had for the die. Now I did save the picture of the die and looked at it frequently to see the order the crosses went in but really it was super simple and I got to know my silhouette program a lot better. I used the replicate window, the sizing window. I brought things in real close so I could get a good look and then back out and the align window. Wow there is all kinds of great things that program can do and I am just beginning to scratch the surface of all I can do.
Now I should say that if I were able to buy the dies I sure would in a snap and last night when I was chatting with my friend Rose online I was really excited to show her what I did. We had seen it and were talking about it the day before.. She said does that mean you don't want the die now that I bought you as a late birthday present. Shocked!!!!! NO Thank you Thank you Thank you was all I could say. I know you've seen all these wonderful dies floating around pinterest but if your like me and your on a budget and you CAN recreate it, go ahead.  Try your wings and get to know your program better. Who is going to know if you fail right? and if you do fail try again. Keep trying.
If you can afford the dies then lucky you!!!! Really do buy them if you can. They dies are great and you do well to support the company.
 I am still sore a bit and so typing has to stop for now.. Real short I know but I am getting better. I will list my supplies below. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Crafting Y'all!!!!! Blessings, Sharalyn

Kits used:
Christmas Open House SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock: Scarlett, Pine, Evergreen
Neenah Desert Storm Card Stock
Red and White Twine from The Twinery
Believe Stamp from Snowflake Soiree Stampin up
Real Red Card Stock from Stampin Up (card base)
Antique White Translucent Glitter from Art Glitter
Colorbox Frost White Ink

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back in the Saddle... Ahhhh craft chair again!

Morning y'all!
I have missed talking to ya and settin' with ya! Let me explain what happened. Our Dog Sassy has been deaf for about a year and a half and she is about 13. We aren't sure of her actual age since she was a rescue. Anyhoo she has a habit of if she is up we all need to be up. (she can sneak off to bed at 7pm sometimes) So I was shooshin her out of the bedroom yet again and had just closed the door when my hubby's alarm in the other room went off, so forgetting that the baby gate was up and with her standing in front of me in a dark hallway I was rushing to shut off the alarm. Yep you guessed it I fell right over her and the onto the baby gate. Got both knees, cut my leg bruised my feet and landed on the fallen baby gate with my right hand. Of course Sassy comes over wagging her tail like what are ya doing mom? And if I didn't bump enough on the way down I hit my head on the bed for good measure. What did hubs do you ask? Slept right through it! LOL Why did we have a baby gate up? Because Miss I am getting old had been sneaking out to the living room and pooping on the floor instead of waking us up. Ahhh the trials of an older dog. We love her but adjusting to her deafness has been for us as well as her. Top that off with a case of cataracts and you have a lovely combination. We live in an area where there is a lot of wild life as well so we don't have a doggie door. We don't want to make our house take out for the coyotes, bob cats and mountain lions. So that is what happened and although nothing was broken I had a lot of bruises and the worst was my hand and wrist, and yes of course I am right handed need you ask????

  So it was with great joy that I could craft yesterday. Yes I did pay for it a bit and I will have to take it a bit more easy today but at least I can plan and get my ideas going again. I don't mind telling you I felt like I was starting all over again. It took me a few hours to get my groove on again. I am pleased to present to you my version of the Scare Crow from Leaves are Falling SVG Kit.
Oh when I saw that scare crow and could have crowed myself! Loved It is not the word! I had another idea hit me last night so I am going to try it as well. The idea I had before this fall is going to be a while before I can use that much dexterity. Please hang in there with me as my hand recovers from the fall. Haha no pun intended.. (get it ??? I made a fall scarecrow?) insert groan here hehe

I made the scarecrow the size he comes but changed the head to a pumpkin type head as Mary had done in the tutorial. I had though of it the minute I saw the scarecrow in the kit. I will of course list my supplies and such at the bottom of my post.
 I cut the hat out of mustard colored AC card stock then took it over to the sizzix big shot I won from SVG cuts (making a scarecrow head) LOL and embossed the hat using cuttlebugs Tiny Mosac embossing folder. I inked the edges and sponged it sort of all over with Stampin ups soft suede  ink. Then I made the head using Apricot AC Card Stock and took my Martha Stewart score pad to make lines in the accent pieces for the head. Then I inked it as well with Stampin up Tangerine Tango. The paper pack I used for the shirt and vest are from Graphic 45 French Country. Love those papers. I wanted a jean paper for the pants but didn't have any so I took AC Blueberry and used a hounds-tooth background stamp and Versa Mark and stamped it then put Ranger Super fine clear embossing powder on top and embossed it for texture. Then I put the paper on the mat and cut out the pants and glued them together. The cuff paper is from Little Yellow Bicycle, the Vintage Summer collection.
The straw for this guy is AC sunflower color and I used my forest branches embossing folder from cuttlebug for the hair only. I just used a pencil to curl and finger fluff the straw. His mouth is AC Card stock  pomegranate, with black tiny x's on the mouth. The eyes are AC Chestnut color and the nose is Coffee color from AC Card Stock. (As I watch the sun rise while I write this, coffee sounds good about now.)
The embellishments I used are my favorite buttons from Buttons Galore and More. Even the cute little tiny buttons! Aren't they adorable??? I couldn't resist them! The ribbon band around the hat is a retired ribbon from Stampin up. cute though don't ya thing? To bad they retire stuff  all the time. I understand why but I wish I knew I was going to love something ahead of time so I could  buy a ton of it!  The blue twine is from American Crafts as well.
So there you have it my scarecrow and nothing spectacular but I like the way he turned out. Mary out did  herself again. The kit includes a "ribbon" board and a couple of really adorable cards and a very cute bag as well that if you use vellum in it can be a lantern if you wanted to.
There are several new kits out that I have yet to try but give me time I will. Don't take my word for how cute they are go and Check them out!!!! While your there Wish Mary and Leo a Happy wedding day! They are tying the knot on Friday!!!! Yay!!! Yippe!!!!(throw fall leaves)
 I am going to try VERY hard not to push myself and take it slow.. the healing is almost there but not completely. I still get some tingling from my hand when I do something it doesn't like so hang in there with me. I have many more ideas in the works. I will say that I worked (left handed) on a project for my daughters B day which isn't until November so you'll have to wait for the write up and photos on that project but I think you'll find it very useful. I used a new product that Silhouette came out with this summer and will give you my thoughts on it.
Thank you so much for stopping by and settin' with me a spell. I can honestly say I have missed you all! Have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting! Blessings Sharalyn

Kit Used:
Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit
Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock: Apricot, Mustard, Pomegranate, Chestnut, Sunflower, Coffee
Graphic 45 French Country Paper Pack.
Little Yellow Bicycle Vintage Summer
Stampin up Ink Tangerine Tango, Soft Suede
Stampin up Linen Thread (tied in apple button)
Buttons Galore and More: Fall buttons, and tiny buttons(super cute)
American Craft twine (called ribbon)
Burlap Scraps for patches.
Sakura Gelly Roll  fine tip Black pen
Scotch quick dry adhesive

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Little Fall

Hi all!
Lets talk Seasons!!!!  My dear husband knows that when Autumn comes around and the pretty colored fall leaves and decorations come, I just drool over them all. I LOVE AUTUMN~~ There I said it I am an Autumn nut!!!! My dear hubby puts up with the fall leaves garland and all the fall decorations I put up every year a little earlier than I should, and Bless him for that!

I've held out pretty good this year, last year I started in August but truthfully I was sick of the heat! This year hasn't been quite so bad although my favorite time of the year is here again and this year holds a special meaning for me as I celebrate my 35th wedding anniversary on the 23rd.. Yep He put up with me for 35 yrs that man deserves an award!!! lol. So in celebration of Autumn and the beginning of my Crazy season rushing wild woman that I am (as my daughter puts it) I made myself a wreath for my front door.

I started with some shapes from the Silhouette store that I already had and a 8.5 inch round circle. I made a wreath back by drawing a 8.5 inch w circle then putting a 4.5 inch circle inside that and making a compound path. Then I cut two of these shapes out of chipboard and glued those together then another two were cut out of Sunflower AC Card Stock to cover the chipboard. ( I used the cardboard that comes in the pkgs of Stampin up Designer card stock as I didn't have real chipboard)
Then I cut my leaves. One of the sets I used was Lori Whitlock the other leave were from Hero Arts and the Wheat was also Lori Whitlock. I use her stuff a lot.

 I made the base of the wreath by taking rope we had and braiding three strands together. I did that five times then I started hot gluing them on to the base just leaving loops so I could weave the other pieces throughout here and there. Glue as you go along and do yourself a favor and get those things that go on your fingertips so you wont burn your fingers I have a blister on my thumb cuz I don't have any yet.

Then I dry embossed my leaves and inked them I borrowed my friends hounds tooth Stampin up folder from Sizzix and then I used Tim Holtz Alterations Snow flakes which were part of a set with the snowman that has the hat on.. and then I used Cuttlebug's Forest Branches. The inks I used were all Stampin up colors, Rich Razzleberry, So Saffron and Dusty Durango. I shaped them a bit using my favorite shape tools. I glued all but the wheat down. Then I wrapped the rest of the wreath with 2.5 inch w burlap ribbon I got a Walmart. I made the bow with ribbon I got a Michael's I love checks and polka dots and this time of year I am drawn right back to the checks.. Then I arranged my burlap flowers from Scrapbooksteals network. (they just came Friday and I couldn't wait to use them) The maker is Pink parislee and the collection is Cottage Farms. Then of course I glued by favorite go to buttons from Buttons Galore and More.. OH my I could spend a fortune at that place! If you aren't familiar with them they are an online store.. love, love , love their buttons. The Wooden flower stick button is from Little Yellow Bicycle the Naturals collections and I have been holding on to those to use on something special..

Now you know how I say don't do what I did? Well this is one of those times again. After I got the whole wreath done I thought now how am I going to hang this???? OK so I used my cropodile to make a standard sized hole and put an We R Memory Keepers eyelet through it then took a copper colored wire and made a loop for it to hang.

Well that is my wreath and the first thing I have made or decorated with Autumn colors.. so I guess it has begun my crazy rush the season decorating.. Thanks for stopping by Y'all and no, this time I didn't use anything from SVG cuts but that doesn't mean I couldn't have.. I will save that for next week. Stay tuned I have another crazy fall decoration cooking in my brain.. hugs to you all! Be safe have a super holiday weekend and Happy Crafting Y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pink Elephants! Pink Elephants!

Mornin Y'all,
I hope your having a great morning! I have a confession. I have a smash book that I draw (sort of) my ideas in and a few months ago I was getting ideas like crazy. I will be honest most of the time I draw it very basic then never go back and make it or I think I will some day. I always tried to be open with y'all about this but I got a definite  go make that lamp from the Lord. I have no idea why, that is not for me to know right now but he wanted it done and I did it. If you know a little about me by now it is that when something isn't right it doesn't get posted till it is. That is what took me so long to post this.. I have been working on it for a week. I just can't post something when the design of one of the elements is bugging me. So here it is and I do hope you like it.. yep I know it isn't New Years and I Know we are just ending summer.. I told you I have no idea why God wanted it made now but He did.

Start with the champagne bottle that Mary made from New Years Eve SVG Kit.  It is cut and put together just as she does it. I did add some diamond stickles to the bubbles on the bottle and the vellum I used was one I colored myself using my  pigment inks from Stampin up. The color I used was Green Galore, it is an old one but it was given to me and I like to use those and thank God for the gift. (seriously I wouldn't have half the stuff I have if my dear friends hadn't given them to me, I am truly blessed) The paper I used for the accents on the bottle, glasses and lamp shade are from Graphic 45 the French Country collection. The black card stock is simply from Michael's the Recollections stuff. I wanted a smooth almost luxurious look to the bottle so I used it for the accents. The body was AC card stock in the black.
The lamp shade is the coffee cup from the Farmhouse Kitchen kit and I added two extra panels to the cup after I sized it down to W 8.733 break apart the cup and remove the holes Mary added for the handles. I then used the shapes menu and made three rectangles W 2.070 H 1.089 cross them over each other like the lamp shades used to be.. then add an outer circle W.0675 and an inner circle W.337. Go back up to the shapes menu and import two polygon 10 make one W.2.28 and one W 1.50.
Lay the smaller one on top of the other and use the center feature to center both perfectly one over the other. Go to the Path column at the top of the page and click exclude. Lay your grouped top over that and size to fit then choose weld on both the polygon and the circled x to make the one piece top. I have the wooden skewers that I bought at Big Lots here a long time ago and I lightly sanded one of those and put it down into the top of the bottle to see what size I wanted it, I cut it to fit just about 2 1.2  inches above the bottle top. This is where your artistic eye comes in. Lay the completed lamp shade over your stick and then down into the bottle this will help you decide how long you want to make the stick. Hot glue it in place. The trim I put on the lamp shade is one I got from a fabric outlet here in town. Amazing I walked in thinking I wanted the fringe and there that was.. Perfect!!! The lace on the top came from there as well. So here is my point. I took the bottle and the lamp shade in and looked at trim. Don't be afraid to do that if you don't already have something that will work in your stash.

The "bubbles I bought in the floral dept in Hobby Lobby when I met Deb from Debs Crafty Side and Jeannie Lassey for the first time. They are two awesome gals that post stuff all the time on SVG cuts and we had a ball. I wish I could have stayed down there for a couple of days. We hit it off quite well! These are two of my dearest friends on and off that site.
The glasses Oh the glasses!!! that is what gave me such headaches! I knew when I put the bottle top together I wanted to use it for the glasses but being the way I am I really struggled trying to get the bottoms just right! (well right for me) Anyhoo, I ended up using that design I made for the center of the wheels for the skates, with just a few minor alterations. The top part of the glasses I used the bottle top but played a bit with the nodes again. Now if you have no idea what I mean then go to the blog on SVG cuts and type in nodes in the search bar. Leo took the time to explain what they are and how they can be changed, for us visual folks it is a video.  Lots of fun once that word doesn't make your head spin! The glass tops are made of eight pieces and I took 8 more pieces cut then off about a 1/4 of the way down the neck and glued them to the inside to finish off the inside of the  piece. I put shredded paper on the inside and sprayed it with glue then sprinkled some glitter on top to give it a shimmery look. Also I glued prigs of "bridal spray" to the inside of the glasses and to the inside tops of the lamp shade to look like bubbles.
The elephants are from Wild Child SVG Kit and are cut at W.3.169 I used Lipgloss and Bubblegum AC card stock for the colors. Then I sized and cut the glasses, mustache and hat from the New Years Eve Kit to fit the elephants.  The mustache and glasses both have three layers glued together.  Add some funny google eyes and sticks I covered in Radiance type Yarn. ( I used to use it all the time in my Jeans Jackets I made) and you have quite the funny scene. The two elephants are on home made springs with buttons on either side to hold them in place then hot glued to the inside of the bottle and on the back of the elephants. The Sheer Gold ribbon is another bunch of freebies I was blessed with. I made the Happy New Year print & cut circle,  in my silhouette designer addition. I did not cut it but instead used my Epiphany Crafts 25 circle to make the charm.
So there it is silly and fun but so me. I do have a serious side but I have learned to laugh again and to be genuinely happy. I will post the kits and the products I used at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoyed this silly yet fun side a little early and maybe you'll want to make one around New Years to decorate your house. It is a lamp like I said that was Mary's doing. I mostly decorated it. Have fun and do something silly today. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Craftin" Y"all!
Blessings Sharalyn
New Year's Eve SVG Kit
Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit
Wild Child SVG Collection

Supplies used:
 Black Recollections card stock,Michael's
Graphic 45  French country collection
Epiphany Crafts 25 round tool and Charm
Ribbon and Trim from stash and fabric outlet
Shredded paper from Dollar Tree
Bridal Sprigs from Hobby Lobby( floral section)
Wood Skewers
Card Stock Vellum From Stampin Up
Google eyes
Diamond Stickles

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whoo Hoo Learning can be fun!

Mornin' Ya'll,                                                                                       

Well it has been a while but I had a great time with my son and daughter in law and the grand kids have grown a ton. Taylor is almost as tall as me and I am about 5ft 2" and Thomas is a moose for a four year old. He is as cute as can be too! This one is going to be a long one y'all so make sure you have a big cup of coffee and a comfy chair.

I'll start with how I got the idea. I was sitting her gluing together a shoe for the church's school and looked up at my wall. On the wall is a peg board with all my goodies.. (ya know If I don't see it I forget I have it) so I looked up and saw the keys that I bought from Graphic 45. Now often for me God speaks to my heart with music because I listen a little better I guess. Anyhoo I hear the song in my head "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates you've got a brand new key"... and I get it. ROLLER SKATES!!!! He wants me to make roller skates, and I don't mind telling you I said out loud oh that is good lord. I also thought to myself DUH!!!!! then my brain went to you could make Ice skates, hockey skates and in the back of my mind I seem to remember someone wanted those a few years ago. So that is how I came up with the idea. A conversation with my hubby where he tells me he only skate boarded when he was a kid. So then my mind shoots in all different directions all while he is fixing breakfast. My hubby chuckles and says stop for now and eat. So I did.
I got the skates together fairly quick but it really bugged me that they didn't look just like they should so instead of posting something that was as my son would say" Eh"? I decided to really get busy and work on these. As always I will post the kits I used and try to post the supplies as well for ya. Are ya ready? Ya better go get another cup of  coffee and maybe hit the restroom before you continue..

Start with the high top that Mary made from Back to the Books. Make the shoe just as Mary describes in her video. Love that she does that as sometimes I would just be lost. (my first one wasn't up to snuff)
The Axle under the shoe is actually the top of the small coffin box from Elmhurst Hallow. I added 1/4 in holes to the side pieces at the top of the coffin, and the lower pieces. I also had to add a 1/4 circle  to the small flap to the right top portion so the flap wouldn't show through and the dowel would fit. I have learned to have dowels on hand and if your like me you don't throw away small pieces as you might be able to use them some time. In this case I cut two dowels 5 1/2 inches long then used a marker to color them but you could use paint as well.
I made four circles .37 W and another circle to the middle at .25 W around to fit my dowel. You'll need to make it according to the size dowel your using. Glue the top piece together and then put your dowels through the holes and work it a little so as to make sure they move or turn. The wheels were made in my silhouette designer addition as I am more familiar with it to draw with but I am sure you could do this a well in another program. I took the lemon box from Frutiy Feasta and welded together the top and bottom side pieces then removed the extra score lines but remove the score lines from one first as you know me always the hard way. LOL. Make another circle and put a hole in the center for your dowel to go through this will be the inside of the wheel.

To make the wheel look indented that was tough but easy once I got what I wanted it to look. I made a circle 1.875in W.  then I made another circle inside that 1.00 in W. then I made a lot of skinny triangles to fit all the way around that circle on the inside like Mary has done with some of her designs. Once I got all the triangles in place I made a compound path and subtracted I think make sure you turn that circle into score lines just above your triangles. That gave me the bent in look that I wanted but they weren't pushed in all the way then make a smaller circle to fit on top W 0.75 . The dowel is actually attached to the smaller circle. I found it easier to use hot glue to attach the circle and to add a tiny bit to the triangles to help hold it all together. Then I used the 14 Epiphany crafts circle tool and some cool glittery foil paper I got from Michaels for the middle. The toe piece has been a pain for me as I wanted a look of the toe stoppers and honestly I have tired and tried but when Mary came out with the ear piece for the telephone in the Call me Later Kit I saw the shape I had be trying so hard to create. It would only need a bit of tweaking for me to have it be just right. So I first made it much smaller. My finished piece is 4.125 W . I took out the circle for the listening part then looked at the back which would fit the handle for the phone. I drew three rectangles and adjusted the nodes on it to fit the piece that was missing. I did that by putting them over the piece next to it. Mary has often referred to her designs as putting together a puzzle, that is just what it is like to me. When I put together a puzzle I can see what the shape is that is missing and that is what I look for. In this case I did the same only I made the piece I needed, using shapes putting them together welding it then making a compound path then add some score lines. Make sure you go back and delete nodes you maybe don't need. If you magnify the piece your working on you can see where your machine won't make a straight cut. Deleting the extra node makes the path smooth. I glued it together like Mary said to then hot glued it to the bottom of the shoe and Viola it is just what I was looking for. I thanked God first and prayed a blessing on Mary for making that wonderful piece. ( I was going to be bald in a few days from pulling my hair out.)

The skate key is the first paper design I have ever designed myself from scratch as they say. I looked at a picture of one online and made a series of circles ovals and rectangles to make it. Then I added score lines where I wanted the paper to bend and after only three tries I had the shape. I made it then edited the nodes (made some curvy lines took out extra nodes) I was happy, happy, happy! My first ever design. I proudly showed it to my hubby who said OK in a very non impressed tone. Yep that is my hubby, he has no idea how hard that was for me to design or get the nerve to do but I am learning all over again to have more confidence in myself and my abilities.
Note: I guess it wasn't the first piece as I did make the center of the wheel ah yeah.. Duh again.
When I first started making designs  Mary made three years ago to think I would ever want or make my own designs was way out there. No of course I couldn't do that. Well Mary is an AWESOME teacher. She has no idea what affect she has had on me but I am EVER so GRATEFUL! I learn from her designs. I learn to appreciate how she comes up with these. I have also learned that being afraid of the computer is silly. I don't have to be. I don't have a high school diploma and I don't have a lot of college, just  a few classes I took because I wanted to know how to use my computer better. That was my start and Mary has brought so much into this chapter in my life. Thank you Mary for the Blessing you are to me and to those around you.

Deb of Deb's Crafty side said once I should take pictures of the process of my creations. I tried to do that with this design. It was a rough road for me with the toe stopper but I didn't give up and I am glad. I hope you all enjoy this design and be grateful for the time and energy and thought that goes into each design Mary makes. It does take a lot. Leo even goes so far as to do a video showing us how to put it together. They are perfectly matched and I wish them a long and happy life together. Thank you so very much for reading this "book" and have a super fantastic Crafty day! Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

Kits used:
Back To the Books SVG Kit
Call Me Later SVG Kit

Elmhurst Hallow SVG Kit
Fruity Fiesta SVG Kit

Materials used:
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot glue Gun
1/4 in. Dowels /5 1/2 in. long each
Epiphany Crafts 14 round Tool
Paper Pack was Take Note by Doodlebug
Solid Card stock colors are AC White, Concrete,Pool.
Embossing folder for toe accent was Stampin up Petals a Plenty

Friday, August 9, 2013

Here is my Entry!!! Go make yours!

Morning everyone!
I have been super busy cleaning up my house for my son and his family but I wanted to let you in on a great deal!! Grab your cup of coffee and join me for a short while. I am drinking Mountain blueberry this morning and let me tell ya when I am out of this stuff nothing else will do!

SVG cuts Facebook page is having another short giveaway. Leo Gives you the 3d shoe from Love Always kit and if you make it and post it with the entry form you will get a free 6.99 gift card just for doing that. AND.... if ya do you have a chance to win a 25.00 gift card!!! that's 6 free kits or collections out of Mary's awesome files!!!!!!

If you haven't tried them here is your chance for FREE!!!! Mary puts a lot of thought into her designs and it shows the first time you ever make one of her files. Leo does an amazing job filming the whole kit in a trailer and then to top it off the do a tutorial so you aren't left hanging with buying the kit and not being able to figure out how to put it together. Add to that music that Leo picks himself to go with the trailer and the whole thing sets you into the mood to make that wonderful kit.  There is a tux and bride dress favor bags an amazing frame and two cards as well. Have a look at this and more of these amazing kits and do yourself a favor and try SVG Cuts your going to love them as much as I do. I will post a link at the bottom here so you can go look at this kit yourself. Look around seriously you'll just love the kits and collections she makes. If your a scrapbook-er there are pre-made pages as well as in some of the kits. Well I am off to finish this delicious
cup of coffee and I may just have another..
This is my entry. The gloves were my grandmothers that and her wedding dress were given to me a year ago. I got a whole box of her gloves she wore and another with all her love letters to my grandpa.. I treasure them all. Thanks so much for stopping by, bless the creator and be the crafty person he made you today!
  Blessings y'all have a super fantastic day Sharalyn
SVG Cuts Kits Used:
Love Always SVG Kit

Supplies used:
Vanilla AC Card Stock
Graphic 45 Ladies Dairy Paper
Epiphany Crafts oval Shape tool
Epiphany Crafts oval Charms
Ribbon and Lace
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sending a Beer Stein Hug.

Good Morning all!
This Morning I thought I would bring you a little Christmas.. or A Happy Christmas as it says on the tag.
First things first Y'all!

I gave Pastor Daniel His bus yesterday and he was thrilled. I did get a photo but I didn't ask his permission to post it here on my blog so I cant show you but in typical Daniel form the hands went up around his head and his smile spread from ear to ear..  He said it was SOOOOO RAD! Which I do know means it is super cool in surfer talk. He even noticed the license plate said Shalom which he was elated about.

Now on to the Beer Stein. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me for a bit. I am drinking french Vanilla as I am waiting on my order of Mountain Blueberry. When I saw the last kit on SVG cuts called Farmhouse  Kitchen I thought of a beer stein. I guess because we had been talking about Christmas in July and my brother had been on my mind a lot lately. He used to surf and he used to collect Beer Steins and Nut Crackers. Dale passed a very long time ago and I still miss him every now and then. So this is my way of saying hey bro I am thinking about you and sending you a hug!

I started with the coffee pot from Farmhouse Kitchen.  I used AC Card stock color Slate and stamped it with a background stamp I had been given called Filigree From Stampin up. It is an old one so if you want that one you might be able to find it on Ebay. I embossed it with silver embossing powder and used a pigment black ink ( color box is what I had) and gently patted it over the top to tone down the paper and the embossing. Have a paper towel handy to wipe of the excess ink. Let that dry and then cut out the coffee pot at about 8 inches tall. I can't tell you exact size because the program didn't save it right.. grrrr. I do remember thinking I wanted the whole thing to be about 8 inches tall at the most so I brought in all the pieces selected them all and then shrunk it down. I made the bottom of the stein first then went to work on the top. I put the top together but don't put the accent pieces on yet.
Those were embossed as well and then inked. Next I cut the knob for the lid. I used the top from the spindle ornament from the Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit. I brought it into my Designer addition of Silhouette and used the knife to cut off the  bottom. I cut it off at the first score line that makes the edge around the ornament. That size I do have, it was cut at 4.200 H 6.405. Now I wasn't sure how I was going to do that so when I figured it all out I had used my scissors to cut the points off the top bend that looks like a triangle but since I did the figuring out you could do the same thing in the program and cut off the pointy edges with the knife. Either way will work fine. Glue the top together and then glue the now flaps onto the top of the lid for the Beer Stein. OH and do this the easy way not the way I did it and use the Versa Mark and I rubbed it on the edges then added the silver embossing powder and embossed it. It was an after thought so well you know.. lol Then glue the accent pieces on and it will hide the flaps you made.

I really wanted to make this pop up like a real Beer Stein but I couldn't get it to work and now that I am thinking about it I am thinking using the hinge that Mary did for that Christmas tree on Spirits of Christmas past might work. You would need to move the handle down or shorten the lid a bit but I think that would work. Ok then I used the spoon from Tea for you and me but I used the back of the spoon and cut the handle off to about a 1/2 an inch long. I used three cuts of this and glued them together then I embossed the edges as well on that and used my favorite tools the McGill flower shaping tools to cup the end a bit. Hint: while the pieces are drying bend the handle a bit so it doesn't split.

To decorate it I used the holly from Christmas in the Village kit and sized those down to an appropriate size for the Beer Stein. The ones on the handle are a bit bigger than the one on the lid. I cut off a couple of the curl's from that so it would have the look I was going after.. use your creative style as always. You don't have to do what I did. I only had two of the red pearls so I used a permanent marker to color the white pearls I had. You can also use a copic if you have those. This works on Rhinestones as well. The tag was from the Christmas in the Village kit as well, I just used the lamp top bottom and made it large enough for me to write Happy Christmas with my Silhouette pens then inked the edges with a red ink pad and gently dabbed the top with my silver ink pad just enough to add sparkle. The red bird button is from you guessed it my fave  Buttons Galore and More.

So there you have it a Beer Stein and it is a little Christmas as well. I will post the links below to the kits I used and thanks so much for having coffee with me. It is wonderful to enjoy your coffee in the morning with a friend. There is a new collection and it is pretty cute so check it out as well when your there. If your not sure you want it I can tell you two things.. It is free with your purchase of 9.98 and it won't be in a week and two, look at the shapes not what it is .. Ask yourself can I used any of those shapes in the future and then remind yourself it is free this week it won't be next week! Don't kick yourself later for not getting it free when you could have. My bum is sore from doing that. LOL  Thanks again Blessing on all of your heads this week, may he keep you safe and you have wonderful week now ya hear?
Blessings Sharalyn

Kits I used on this project were:
Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit
Christmas in the Village SVG Collection
Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
Tea For You and Me SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Joy Shared...

Hey Y'all,

 I know I have really been lazy and not posting any of my creations, that is because I haven't made any. Seriously! It has been so muggy here and we only have evaporate coolers for cooling so using that in muggy weather only makes you muggier and very very grouchy! Well it does me anyway. When It is that hot it is hard for me to concentrate or create.  It finally let up on Sunday and Monday I spent all day designing one of my Christmas cards I will send. Yep all day.. I can't show you as some of the people I will be sending them to would see them. Anyhoo, grab a cup of coffee or some Sweet Tea and set with me a spell I promise I will make it as short as I can. Good morning to you and thank you for joining me. (how rude of me not to greet y'all, my mama would be embarrassed)

There is a new kit out but I have been playing a bit with the VW Bus kit.. It is called Surf Shack. As many of you already know I had made a "Groovy" Bus for my friend Judy at her request, Welllllll, When I took it to church on Sunday I was sitting at the table doing one of my jobs I have the blessing of doing and our Youth Pastor came over to me very excited. I had put the Bus on Judy's inbox outside of her door and  Pastor Daniel saw it. I should explain that Pastor Daniel was a huge surfer before he came to our church and lived down in the San Diego area, before joining us in the High Desert.  He came to our church with his blond dreadlocks and wore flip flops all the time. So surfer like!

 As I sat at the table he came over waving his arms and saying did you make that amazing bus???? I said yes and your going to get one. ( I had been told by the Lord that Daniel would love it as I set it on top of the inbox)  Daniel was so excited he could hardly contain himself. I asked him to describe what his bus would look like if he could have one. He told me all about how it would be decorated by the youth at a church in our area, and then finished with but if he had to choose one color it would be hunter green.( all the while his arms a waving around and he is almost dancing as he explains all this to me)  I was smiling and listening and decided to pray first and ask what God wanted this bus to be as well. So this is what I feel God told me to make.
 I cut the bus according to Mary's instructions I used pine Green for the body and latte for the top. ( AC Card Stock Colors)  The frog was a freebie I got off another site I had seen it earlier last week and thought it was perfect. I used Evergreen, Grass and Lemon Yellow for the frog.

 Then I used my sketch pens to put all the scriptures about Trust and Trusting God on the panels.The sketch pens are from Silhouette America. I really like them a lot!

The License plate says Shalom because Daniel always greets us (the congregation) with Shalom Family.. I used Echo Parks A Perfect Summer to make the surf board tops and a large eyelet smashed and hot glued on top with a loop of black and white twine then a white cord with a Velcro circle for the "leash". I used a new hot glue gun I just bought by Surebonder. It is a mini Glue gun that does detail work. I really like it. I ordered it off of Amazon for those interested. A HUGE thank you to Deb and Sandee for helping me with the "leash" for the surf board.  I couldn't remember how it had been fastened to the board and they helped me. The rack for the surf boards was made making two 1/2 wide rectangles and adding two score lines near each end to get the bend right. I cut 4 of each of those to glue two together for strength. Then I used the detail hot glue gun and hot glued them to the top.
 I also used Epiphany tools bubble caps for the hubcaps and the front peace symbol. . I also used Hero Arts metallic Decor for the tail lights.

As Always I will post the link to the kit I used. I need to make one more with the latte and Blue for my Daughter in Law. Then I can get to trying to make that Beer Stein. My Kid and his kids are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and I am more than a little excited to see them. I Love those grand babies of mine so very much. Jen (DIL)  shares my love for paper crafting so that is nice as well. I will share on my page how the Bus was received but I know he is going to be soooo excited.
Paper Crafting for me, is a joy  that is best shared and that is just one of the perks of making things and giving them. God gave me this special gift and therefore I must share. Blessings to you all and thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have an amazingly blessed day Y'all.
Love Sharalyn
 Check out the new kit will ya?? I have seen some really cute stuff coming up on that Facebook Page. It is called Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit. Happy Crafting Y'all!!!!
Much Blessings to you!

Kits Used:
Surf Shack SVG Kit

Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Kids

Morning Y'all
The night I finished my Maple Manor I was sitting at the dinning room table waiting for the dog to finish eating. (she quits eating if we aren't in our spots) Anyway I was thinking about Kathy's Christmas design for the design team and how cute it was. Well then I got this idea and grabbed the first piece of paper that was around. In this case it was a throw away from the mail. I drew a rough sketch and then finished making our dinner. As we were eating my husband heard my machine in the other room making its funny cutting noises and looked at me quizzically. He said what are you cutting now??? I smiled and said " oh just a wild hair I got". I showed him my quickie sketch and he smiled.. That is how these guys came about. So here is the sketch and then I will show you the picture of the finished product.
 So Here is one of the Pumpkin Patch Kids the other is a Jack O Lantern. Oh I heard you grown at my pun!

 So Anyhoo this is how I made these guys. I started with the lantern from Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit and added the Face from the cute little pumpkin box in Gimme Candy SVG Kit. I inked the card stock Vellum myself with a sponge and pigment ink. Pigment ink dries slower than dye ink. Dye ink has crisp lines and dries a lot quicker. Ok that is your lesson for the day we're done! Just kidding!! so you could do this on your printer using print to cut and you do get a nice color that way but I like to match  colors as best I can with something like this and this way I can try things out without using up my printer ink. I would love the continuous ink system but the new laptop is first on the wish list.

I cut the face out from the Gimme Candy kit. It was from  the cute pumpkin box Mary made. I have found it helps me a lot when sizing things to put it and in this case the lantern on the mat then size it to match or fit what I am working with. I put the lantern together as Mary suggests then I added the face but it is not on the side that you would think. I put it on the side of the lantern so that the "back is just to the right. That way when the gift box below is opened the tea light wont fall out. Clever huh? OK seriously I don't usually think that far ahead.. LOL. Now this wont work for the scarecrow as I just made him just  a lantern. His "pole" is through the box top and glued down to the inside of the box. The "pole" is actually part of a roller from plastic wrap and I cut it to be about 4".  The box is from the One Piece Boxes Kit that we were given for free one year at Christmas. Yep Mary and Leo do that sometimes too! Along with the great prizes they offer and the free kit with a purchase of 9.98. I used the chin piece on the Jack O lantern as well but you can't see it with the big bow.

 The bow was from the Gift Boxes kit and was the large bow.. The Gift Boxes is another great kit but not to be confused with the one piece boxes kit. I added some cute buttons to the Jack O Lantern from Buttons Galore and More and there you have it a cute Jack O Lantern. Easy Peasy right??? The paper was two of Graphic 45 collections the bow is from the Happy Hauntings (last year) and the rest is from Steam Punk Spells. (this years)

To get the piece around the chin area make the lid from the bottle box from Classic Gift Boxes kit and size the pieces to w. 6.572 H. 4.190. Make the lid as you would for a bottle and it will fit over the end of the lantern without blocking the opening for the battery operated tea light. Once you have it in place you can get some hot glue down into the edge and press in place from the inside of the tea light.

Now the scarecrow took a bit more time and like I said before I don't always think ahead in this case that was true.. so don't do what I did do what I tell you. When the once piece box is on the mat before you cut it out measure the end of your tube and make a circle that size for the top center of the lid on your box. If you just put it on top of the lid it will cut it out no problem.. a trick of Thienly's. Cover your tubing with matching paper for the neck of the scarecrow and hot glue the tubing into place. You may need to put a but under the chin, that is what I did to steady it but you don't have to it might look cute wobbling around a bit. Since I forgot to put something in the box on the bottom to weight it down I glued the chin in place so it wouldn't wobble itself right off the front ledge of my house. I used a brown ink pad to sponge some color around the edges of the scarecrow and around the chin area. I then made x's like he had stitching with a brown marker. The Hat or Hair however you see it was made using Leaf #1 from Harvest Country Home Collection. Like I always do I used AC Card Stock (it cuts like butter). The colors were Scarlet, Honeycomb, Wine, and Apricot. The Leaf 1 is cut at size W. 2.440 H.2.044. I used my shaping tools from McGill that I love so much to break the fibers a bit in the paper and shape the paper the way I wanted. The bow is some 2 1/2 in wide burlap ribbon I got a Walmart but I am sure you could find it somewhere else  if you needed. It was a little wider than I wanted but it was what I had. I did put some hot glue in the middle and squished it together but be careful when you do this or you could burn your fingertips.. we ALL know how that feels! OUCH!
The buttons on the top of the leaves and on the bow  are from Buttons Galore and More. I really love their buttons as they are just so darn cute!!! and if you needed a bulk amount for say a button lamp you could get them there too.
As always I will post links to the kits and collections I used. I hope this gets you in the mood for some Autumn. I know school starting again is the next thing and people are already starting to shop for school stuff. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. It does mean a lot to me when you do and leave me some love. I write because I like to and I love sharing my ideas with you all. Jeannie Lassey came up with the name for these Lantern/ boxes and I think it is a cute name.. give her some love too on SVG cuts Face Book page too please.  Have a great weekend Y'all and Happy Crafting! Blessings Sharalyn

Kits and Collections used:
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit

Classic Gift Boxes SVG Kit
 Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
One_Piece Boxes SVG Kit
Gimmie Candy Boxes SVG Kit

Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock: Black, Straw, Scarlet, Honeycomb, Wine, Apricot and Coffee
Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells
K& Company Tim Coffey Fall papers
Buttons Galore and More
2 inch Burlap Ribbon
Card Stock Vellum, Stampin Up