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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Joy Shared...

Hey Y'all,

 I know I have really been lazy and not posting any of my creations, that is because I haven't made any. Seriously! It has been so muggy here and we only have evaporate coolers for cooling so using that in muggy weather only makes you muggier and very very grouchy! Well it does me anyway. When It is that hot it is hard for me to concentrate or create.  It finally let up on Sunday and Monday I spent all day designing one of my Christmas cards I will send. Yep all day.. I can't show you as some of the people I will be sending them to would see them. Anyhoo, grab a cup of coffee or some Sweet Tea and set with me a spell I promise I will make it as short as I can. Good morning to you and thank you for joining me. (how rude of me not to greet y'all, my mama would be embarrassed)

There is a new kit out but I have been playing a bit with the VW Bus kit.. It is called Surf Shack. As many of you already know I had made a "Groovy" Bus for my friend Judy at her request, Welllllll, When I took it to church on Sunday I was sitting at the table doing one of my jobs I have the blessing of doing and our Youth Pastor came over to me very excited. I had put the Bus on Judy's inbox outside of her door and  Pastor Daniel saw it. I should explain that Pastor Daniel was a huge surfer before he came to our church and lived down in the San Diego area, before joining us in the High Desert.  He came to our church with his blond dreadlocks and wore flip flops all the time. So surfer like!

 As I sat at the table he came over waving his arms and saying did you make that amazing bus???? I said yes and your going to get one. ( I had been told by the Lord that Daniel would love it as I set it on top of the inbox)  Daniel was so excited he could hardly contain himself. I asked him to describe what his bus would look like if he could have one. He told me all about how it would be decorated by the youth at a church in our area, and then finished with but if he had to choose one color it would be hunter green.( all the while his arms a waving around and he is almost dancing as he explains all this to me)  I was smiling and listening and decided to pray first and ask what God wanted this bus to be as well. So this is what I feel God told me to make.
 I cut the bus according to Mary's instructions I used pine Green for the body and latte for the top. ( AC Card Stock Colors)  The frog was a freebie I got off another site I had seen it earlier last week and thought it was perfect. I used Evergreen, Grass and Lemon Yellow for the frog.

 Then I used my sketch pens to put all the scriptures about Trust and Trusting God on the panels.The sketch pens are from Silhouette America. I really like them a lot!

The License plate says Shalom because Daniel always greets us (the congregation) with Shalom Family.. I used Echo Parks A Perfect Summer to make the surf board tops and a large eyelet smashed and hot glued on top with a loop of black and white twine then a white cord with a Velcro circle for the "leash". I used a new hot glue gun I just bought by Surebonder. It is a mini Glue gun that does detail work. I really like it. I ordered it off of Amazon for those interested. A HUGE thank you to Deb and Sandee for helping me with the "leash" for the surf board.  I couldn't remember how it had been fastened to the board and they helped me. The rack for the surf boards was made making two 1/2 wide rectangles and adding two score lines near each end to get the bend right. I cut 4 of each of those to glue two together for strength. Then I used the detail hot glue gun and hot glued them to the top.
 I also used Epiphany tools bubble caps for the hubcaps and the front peace symbol. . I also used Hero Arts metallic Decor for the tail lights.

As Always I will post the link to the kit I used. I need to make one more with the latte and Blue for my Daughter in Law. Then I can get to trying to make that Beer Stein. My Kid and his kids are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and I am more than a little excited to see them. I Love those grand babies of mine so very much. Jen (DIL)  shares my love for paper crafting so that is nice as well. I will share on my page how the Bus was received but I know he is going to be soooo excited.
Paper Crafting for me, is a joy  that is best shared and that is just one of the perks of making things and giving them. God gave me this special gift and therefore I must share. Blessings to you all and thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have an amazingly blessed day Y'all.
Love Sharalyn
 Check out the new kit will ya?? I have seen some really cute stuff coming up on that Facebook Page. It is called Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit. Happy Crafting Y'all!!!!
Much Blessings to you!

Kits Used:
Surf Shack SVG Kit

Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit


  1. I love it Sharalyn! Super cute and great job! Happy to help out!

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