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Friday, July 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Kids

Morning Y'all
The night I finished my Maple Manor I was sitting at the dinning room table waiting for the dog to finish eating. (she quits eating if we aren't in our spots) Anyway I was thinking about Kathy's Christmas design for the design team and how cute it was. Well then I got this idea and grabbed the first piece of paper that was around. In this case it was a throw away from the mail. I drew a rough sketch and then finished making our dinner. As we were eating my husband heard my machine in the other room making its funny cutting noises and looked at me quizzically. He said what are you cutting now??? I smiled and said " oh just a wild hair I got". I showed him my quickie sketch and he smiled.. That is how these guys came about. So here is the sketch and then I will show you the picture of the finished product.
 So Here is one of the Pumpkin Patch Kids the other is a Jack O Lantern. Oh I heard you grown at my pun!

 So Anyhoo this is how I made these guys. I started with the lantern from Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit and added the Face from the cute little pumpkin box in Gimme Candy SVG Kit. I inked the card stock Vellum myself with a sponge and pigment ink. Pigment ink dries slower than dye ink. Dye ink has crisp lines and dries a lot quicker. Ok that is your lesson for the day we're done! Just kidding!! so you could do this on your printer using print to cut and you do get a nice color that way but I like to match  colors as best I can with something like this and this way I can try things out without using up my printer ink. I would love the continuous ink system but the new laptop is first on the wish list.

I cut the face out from the Gimme Candy kit. It was from  the cute pumpkin box Mary made. I have found it helps me a lot when sizing things to put it and in this case the lantern on the mat then size it to match or fit what I am working with. I put the lantern together as Mary suggests then I added the face but it is not on the side that you would think. I put it on the side of the lantern so that the "back is just to the right. That way when the gift box below is opened the tea light wont fall out. Clever huh? OK seriously I don't usually think that far ahead.. LOL. Now this wont work for the scarecrow as I just made him just  a lantern. His "pole" is through the box top and glued down to the inside of the box. The "pole" is actually part of a roller from plastic wrap and I cut it to be about 4".  The box is from the One Piece Boxes Kit that we were given for free one year at Christmas. Yep Mary and Leo do that sometimes too! Along with the great prizes they offer and the free kit with a purchase of 9.98. I used the chin piece on the Jack O lantern as well but you can't see it with the big bow.

 The bow was from the Gift Boxes kit and was the large bow.. The Gift Boxes is another great kit but not to be confused with the one piece boxes kit. I added some cute buttons to the Jack O Lantern from Buttons Galore and More and there you have it a cute Jack O Lantern. Easy Peasy right??? The paper was two of Graphic 45 collections the bow is from the Happy Hauntings (last year) and the rest is from Steam Punk Spells. (this years)

To get the piece around the chin area make the lid from the bottle box from Classic Gift Boxes kit and size the pieces to w. 6.572 H. 4.190. Make the lid as you would for a bottle and it will fit over the end of the lantern without blocking the opening for the battery operated tea light. Once you have it in place you can get some hot glue down into the edge and press in place from the inside of the tea light.

Now the scarecrow took a bit more time and like I said before I don't always think ahead in this case that was true.. so don't do what I did do what I tell you. When the once piece box is on the mat before you cut it out measure the end of your tube and make a circle that size for the top center of the lid on your box. If you just put it on top of the lid it will cut it out no problem.. a trick of Thienly's. Cover your tubing with matching paper for the neck of the scarecrow and hot glue the tubing into place. You may need to put a but under the chin, that is what I did to steady it but you don't have to it might look cute wobbling around a bit. Since I forgot to put something in the box on the bottom to weight it down I glued the chin in place so it wouldn't wobble itself right off the front ledge of my house. I used a brown ink pad to sponge some color around the edges of the scarecrow and around the chin area. I then made x's like he had stitching with a brown marker. The Hat or Hair however you see it was made using Leaf #1 from Harvest Country Home Collection. Like I always do I used AC Card Stock (it cuts like butter). The colors were Scarlet, Honeycomb, Wine, and Apricot. The Leaf 1 is cut at size W. 2.440 H.2.044. I used my shaping tools from McGill that I love so much to break the fibers a bit in the paper and shape the paper the way I wanted. The bow is some 2 1/2 in wide burlap ribbon I got a Walmart but I am sure you could find it somewhere else  if you needed. It was a little wider than I wanted but it was what I had. I did put some hot glue in the middle and squished it together but be careful when you do this or you could burn your fingertips.. we ALL know how that feels! OUCH!
The buttons on the top of the leaves and on the bow  are from Buttons Galore and More. I really love their buttons as they are just so darn cute!!! and if you needed a bulk amount for say a button lamp you could get them there too.
As always I will post links to the kits and collections I used. I hope this gets you in the mood for some Autumn. I know school starting again is the next thing and people are already starting to shop for school stuff. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. It does mean a lot to me when you do and leave me some love. I write because I like to and I love sharing my ideas with you all. Jeannie Lassey came up with the name for these Lantern/ boxes and I think it is a cute name.. give her some love too on SVG cuts Face Book page too please.  Have a great weekend Y'all and Happy Crafting! Blessings Sharalyn

Kits and Collections used:
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit

Classic Gift Boxes SVG Kit
 Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
One_Piece Boxes SVG Kit
Gimmie Candy Boxes SVG Kit

Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock: Black, Straw, Scarlet, Honeycomb, Wine, Apricot and Coffee
Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells
K& Company Tim Coffey Fall papers
Buttons Galore and More
2 inch Burlap Ribbon
Card Stock Vellum, Stampin Up

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