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Monday, January 18, 2016

Logs you so Much!

Hey y'all,
As I started writing this my page told me the last post I made was October 28, 2015. That was quite a while ago.
  I saw the freebie that Mary made for her latest kit Winter Lodge SVG kit.  Really did you see how cute it is????  Y'all it has a place for lights under the roof! I haven't picked it up yet but I am looking forward to putting one together with my style of course.
 The freebie is a bag that looks like a log with a heart in the center. So cute! When I saw it it got me thinking, wouldn't it be cute if that was a box/ lantern?  I had wanted a taller thinner box that opens at the top but there really hasn't been one I could modify to fit my ideas. I will have to share this with Mary sometime.
 Anyhoo, I used the small snowflake box from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit to make this log. I also used the Stem from Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit , which is my very favorite kit of Mary's. Lets get started on this, Logs you so much!

Download the free Free Valentines-tree-bag you will find  on the home page under free designs. I used the brown_dark, as a template to bring the heart onto the box front. If you design in silhouette studio (I have designer addition) like I do you have to group score lines before duplicating and moving files around. I have only had to do this with SVG files. Bring the bottom_sides svg on to your virtual mat and size to the size listed at the bottom of this post. Release compound path and un-group. Do not move anything yet.
 Use the brown_dark svg and place it over one bottoms_sides svg of the small snowflake box. Duplicate the brown_dark svg and move your extra off the the side you will be using it later.  Line the score lines on the brown_dark svg with the score lines bottom_sides svg, release compound path on the brown_dark svg and un-group. Do not move anything. I made a duplicate of the heart cut out for the box to make the vellum piece which I will explain later. Move your duplicate off to the side.   Choose where the heart is and holding down the shift key choose the bottom_sides svg click on modify and subtract. Choose the score lines for the bottom_sides svg and holding down the shift key choose the body of the bottom_sides svg. Group and move aside. Now delete the brown_dark rectangle and keep the small circles to use in the lid later or you can punch the holes in the lid with a hole punch. Delete the score lines from the brown_dark svg.

When I do this I have two windows open so the original is not altered.  Studio will ask if you want to save changes to your brown_dark svg when you try to close the window, choose no. This will assure the original design is not altered the next time you want to use it.
Now move the bottom _sides svg back onto your mat and un-group and release compound path again. This is so you can delete the score lines in the open heart. I deleted the score lines in the center of the heart and just above the heart where Mary had them on the brown_dark svg. This way the heart will not be scored down to far or "cut" anything off when you fold the box.  Make a compound path again and group your score lines when you are done. I cut the bottom_sides svg and bottom of the box using Bazzill cinnamon.
  To make your Vellum piece, use the offset window and trace outside of the heart. Check to be  sure it is large enough to fit over the cut out on the box on the inside. I will list all the sizes I cut at the bottom of this post.
Use the white svg from the free Valentines_tree_bag svg for the heart on the lid of your box. Again make two of them using the first to offset and use as the inside piece of the lid. I did another offset to make the vellum for the inside of the lid.

I wanted the same bark look Mary had achieved, so using the brown_dark svg I  placing it over my box sides on my virtual mat.  Using my knife tool, I cut  small portions of the sides off for a better fit. Make a duplicate and un-group, release compound path and delete the heart and circles. Use this as your back piece for the box. I used Tim Holtz wood grain emboss folder on the accent pieces as well as the sides and tops of the lid. I inked the panel with white ink, lightly rubbing the pad across the emboss to make the embossing pop.
I made a duplicate of the stem then using my polygon tool I made a five sided polygon to place in the center of the completed stem. I inked the edges with dark brown and drew a spiral for the center to make it look more like a cut branch, set aside to glue to the end of your stem once it is in place on the log. Cut the stem from  Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit at the size on the bottom of this post and assemble.
 Assemble the box gluing your vellum to the inside first then continue assembling the box as Mary instructs. Adhere the "bark pieces to the front of your box and glue the stem which is now your branch to the side.
 Add leaves to the branch if you like. I cut mine with scissors, a simple oval shape. Ink the edges with a darker green ink and add veins using a dark green marker. Mary has many files that include leaves that you could use as well. Check your PDF's for ideas. I suggest looking in Autumn files or Spring related files.

I used 4 lengths of peppermint twine and two of raspberry cupcake from Trendy Twine. Separate them into three groups and braid. I loosely tied the ends into knots while braiding then undid them and put the ends from outside into the lid, then retie the knots. Cut off the excess.

I cut the black chalk board piece for the front using the chalkboard.svg. I used a white gel pen to write the message on the front, then adhere the chalk board piece to the vellum. I gave the heart a bit of a curve before adhering it to the vellum, holding in place a little longer than you would paper.
To finish off the top I added a red foiled heart to the top. I cut this using the chalk board piece as well then glued into place. It is smaller and the size will be listed for you.

A  variation could be to use the center heart to celebrate a wedding or anniversary date. Add a photo of the  happy couple in a double heart making a frame out of paper to go over it. My suggestion would be to cut the heart frame 5 times gluing one on top of the other before adding the photos. If you have the large Epiphany heart tool and some charms you could put the photos in that and tie them around the branch. Now you can either fill the box with your gift or add a battery operated tea light for a romantic center piece. However you decide to use this I am sure your recipient will love it.

 Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. There have been many challenges for me this year and I thank you so much for hanging in there with me. Should you decide to make this creation, I hope you will share it on SVG Cuts Facebook page or on my Facebook page, Shara's Paper Creations. Thanks again for stopping by and settin a spell with me and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
  Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Cuts Kits Used:
Free Valentines-tree-bag
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit
 Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock: Cinnamon, Mud Pie
American Craft Card Stock: Emerald (leaves)
Stampin Up: Card Stock Vellum, Early Espresso Marker
Red Foil Card Stock from a Martha Steward Christmas Pad
Chalk Board Card Stock: Michaels
ColorBox Ink: Frost White
Copic Marker: YG67
Sakura: White Gel Pen
Trendy Twine: Peppermint, Raspberry Cupcake
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Designer Addition

bottom_sides svg. W 6.764 x 4.302 H
bottom svg. W 7.705 x 4.218 H  (grouped insert and bottom of box)
brown_ dark svg. W 6.152 x 3.824 H
box_lid_sides svg. W 6.818 x 0.862 H ( use your knife tool to cut off to size)
box_lid_ top svg W 3.689 x 4.260 H
box_lid_ insert svg W 3.560 x 4.110 H
heart_vellum_box W 4.276 x 2.637 H
chalkboard_heart W 2.320 x 1.956 H 
heart_vellum_box_lid W 2.965 x 2.539 H
heart_ red_box_lid W 1.50 x 1.223 H
stem svg W 4.323 x 2.334 H
5 sided polygon for stem end W 0.581 x 0.555
Note: Instructions for assembling the box are in the video tutorial for the Winter Gazebo SVG Kit.