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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pilgrims "Hide"

Good Morning Everyone!
I am up early all bright eyed and bushy tailed as my mom says. I wanted to share with you the pilgrim hat box I made for our table. The idea is one I saw in a silhouette group I am part of and thought it was just so cute!  My idea was to try using only SVG cut files but I failed at that as I cannot find the wheat file in Mary's Files. I realized afterward I got in the silhouette store and I will  have the ID number for you at the bottom of this page.  Anyhoo, as I said I thought it was just darling and wanted to make one for our table for Thanksgiving. It will just be the two of us this year and although I don't have to do a lot of decorating or make the table look fancy for the two of us, I probably will.

Start with the Straw hat from Leaves are Falling SVG Kit and size it to W 10.042 x H 10.085. Make the Hat band W 8.369 x H 3.552. The Buckle is one I made myself using two rectangles the outer rectangle is W1.418 x H 1.713 and the inside rectangle is W 0.715 x H 0.863. Center the smaller rectangle inside the larger one using your align tool, and right click and choose make a compound path. I made 3 of these and glued one on top of the other for dimension. I inked all the edges inside and out with Tim Holtz Distress ink Vintage Photo. To add a bit of shimmer I used a clear Wink Of Stella Pen over the top of it. Set that aside and cut out two hats at the size above. Glue one together and cut apart the second with scissors. Cut along the fold lines of the small octagon for the top of the hat. Now using the scissors cut a straight line across the top of the third  notch that you would glue the sides together. You can trim it down if you wish for a larger opening later. Glue the sides of the hat together in twos so that if you do wish to trim it down it is easier to cut a straight line. Now glue all the pieces together and fold the bottom pieces of the brim under. Do not glue them yet. Using the polygon feature make a polygon that is 6 sided. If you were not aware, you can change the shape by moving the thing that looks like a paperclip. Size it at W 6.250 x H 6.276. This was a tiny bit to big on one side so I used my scissors to trim off any excess after I glued the folds you would glue to the hat to the 6 sided Octagon, this makes your bottom of your box. 

The Leaves that look a bit like the feathers are from Harvest Country Home SVG Collection and are cut at W 2.65x H 2.42. I had a hard time finding where in the world I got those as they were in my autumn cuts box.  I kept looking and found them in the center of the oven mitt. I cut them two years ago so when I found it I was kind of amazed at how far I will go for a particular cut LOL. The fall leaves are from Autumn Elements SVG Collection and are cut at W 1.914 x H 2.128. The vine flourish is from Gourds Galore SVG Collection and was sized down for a more delicate look. I was trying to find the size and I apologize but couldn't find it as I write this. I will amend this entry if I come across it again. The sunflower is from 3d Fall Flowers and Mums and you will need to size all the pieces down a lot! Set your speed to 2 and take your time, my machine growls at me when it has to cut those.. Not really but I think it wants to. I cut the sunflower using sunflower American Craft card stock and then ink the edges after the two pieces are glued together like crazy! I used Tulip ink from Close to my Heart. The round center is one that is cut out when your cutting the brown centers then embossed with tiny bubbles folder from Cuttlebug. It is inked with Copper ink. The purple and maroon leaves are inked with Rich Razzleberry ink from Stampin up.
 The wheat I used was from the silhouette store and was inked with Vintage Photo Distress ink and creased in the center to give a more textured look.
Glue the hat band onto the top of the hat leaving the front unglued. Glue the two leaves from Harvest Country Home SVG Kit onto the hat in front and then the two oak leaves on top of those I slid the wheat into there as well and then glued down the front of the band. Glue the Buckle to the front of the hat and slide your flourish in between the leaves. It was glued down at the edges afterward. I glued down some edges of the leaves turning them this way and that first to see how I liked it. It is my opinion it gave it a bit more flow but we all know my opinion does not count LOL. I glued the finished Sunflower to the front and the hat was done.

Hubby liked it and thought it was cute and I am happy with the result and think it will look great on our thanksgiving table! He even came up with the title for this blog post! From Mark and I to all of you we pray all of your are safe, well and  have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit
3d Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Harvest Country Home SVG Collection
Autumn Elements SVG Collection
Gourds Galore SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: Apricot, Sunflower, Olive, Coffee, Grape, Pomegrante
Bazzill Card Stock: Bitter Chocolate (hat) Moca Divine (band)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Vintage Photo
Wink Of Stella Clear Glitter Pen
Stampin Up Ink: Rich Razzleberry, Real Red(sunflower)
Close to my Heart Ink Tulip
Brilliance Copper Ink
Cuttlebug Tiny Bubbles Emboss Folder
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Note: It seems you cannot go online and look or download designs unless you go through your design program so here is the ID number for the wheat, #4288.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Visions Of Sugarplums...

Mornin' Y'all!

 I was putting away the PDF's from the last kit I made and a couple more ideas came to me. Now I wanted to keep this one as close to original as I could so there really isn't much altering and the idea stemmed from one of Mary's other kits called Fright Night SVG Kit. I took the idea from the witch decor bag again using small circles I put a few here and there to add a starry magical look to it. The Bag I used was the Sugarplum Fairy bag from Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit, so lets get started and to set our mood play the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies song from the Nut Cracker! You don't really have to but that of course is what was going though my head.  Lets get Started.

Put all the pieces for the Sugar Plum Fairy Bag onto your virtual mat and arrange them the way Mary has them on the bag. First I drew lines where the scoring would be when you score it on your scoreboard. This helped me get the pieces in the right places. Then make different sized circles and place them one in the center of the burst where her hand is pointing to and around the bag to emulate stars. I started with really small circles but should have gone a bit larger so try about a W.0.170 on a piece of scratch paper and see how you like the size. Choose your first circle then holding down the shift key choose all the other circles one by one and lastly your burst and bag itself. Then go to modify and subtract and that should make tiny holes in your bag for the lights to shine through. Move all your pieces except the bag off the mat and cut the bag then all the other pieces.

Now comes the part where most men cringe,using Versa Mark and Heat and stick add glitter to your white branches and the star burst. I used one of my favorite glitters, Art Glitter Ultra fine Translucent Crystal Glitter. I use this one because it has a wonderful way of picking up the color it is adhered to and makes it look so different. It is VERY messy and I often have glitter on me for days but who doesn't love a little sparkle once in a while? Heat set it and then set it aside for the assembly later.

I decided that it needed snowflakes so I got out a small snowflake stamp from Winter in the Park by Lawn Fawn. Using the Versa Mark again I stamped snowflakes here and there and then used Stampin' Up White Emboss powder to make snowflakes on the bag itself. I also stamped them onto the fairies wings which I had cut out of Stampin Up Card Stock weight Vellum. Seriously, once you try this stuff you know why I use it all the time. I love the card stock weight vellum!

I put everything on the bag making sure to not cover holes I had put in,  then added 3d zots to adhere the wings onto the back of the fairy. I added an extra 3d zots to the back of the fairy below the wings and put her onto the front. Carefully lay the open bag onto the front so you can tape the fairy lights to the inside of the bag over the holes. I used plastic wound tape as I wanted to be able to remove them, when I was ready to put away the Christmas Decoration at a later date. Next glue the side of the bag together and fold the flaps into the slots and turn on you fairy lights. Volia! it is done!
 Super simple and I will bet it will take you even less time of you don't add all the glitter or use already glittered paper and a great pattern paper. There are LOTS of great papers out there and it only took me an hour to make even with the glitter and making dinner in between. I do take my time though as part of the fun for me is designing it and then seeing it come to life. The other thing I like about this is it is a small bag and doesn't take up to much space. If you wanted to make one for someone who doesn't have a ton of space this would be perfect.
 Although I was really tempted to put on the music from Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, I was content with it playing in my head.  Music helps set the mood if I am having trouble creating a seasonal or period item. Example if I am making something vintage from the 1920's I will listen to music from that period. Just a trick I use to help the creative mood to flow... anyhoo, thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock: Tropical, Smooth White, Turquoise Mist, Atlantic
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Stampin Up Heat and Stick
Stampin Up White Emboss Powder
Lawn Fawn: Winter in the Park Stamp Set.
Stampin Up Heat Gun
Zots 3d Glue Dots
Scotch Quick Dry Adheisive

 Fairy Lights I used:
Supernight Blue Starry Starry Led Lights

Friday, November 21, 2014

Put a little Jingle...

Afternoon Y'all,

Most of us bring a small gift for our hostess when we attend a function during the holidays. Sometimes as in our case, we go to the women's bible study and will be exchanging and "stealing" a white elephant gift. The idea is to make your gift look really great so they are wondering is it a gift you don't want or is it a really nice gift. Even if your intending to put a gift card in this bag I really think it will make a great impression and it was REALLY easy too!

I used the fireplace bag from Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit and made the fireplace smaller so it would look like the snowman was warming himself. Cut the bag at the size it imports then bring the fireplace pieces and the stocking onto your virtual mat and group them all so your sure to have the right size for everything. When all of my pieces were grouped including the stocking the whole thing was H 5.822 but the size of your fireplace will depend on your choice for the snowman size. I had already cut and made my snowman and so I made the fireplace smaller to accommodate the whole thing. I used Sizzix Brick emboss folder for the fireplace and Sizzix wood grain for the fire, this was to give a bit of texture and movement to the fire itself. Cut, and  ink the fire pieces with spiced marmalade distress ink. Glue the pieces together then emboss with the wood grain emboss folder. Add more ink if you feel it needs a bit more. The fireplace cut out was embossed with brick emboss folder by Tim Holtz and then inked with Vintage Photo Ink also from Tim Holtz. The bag itself was cut from Simple Stories Cozy Christmas and then the edges were inked with Vintage Photo Ink. I scored the bag with my Martha Steward score board. I think you could add the score lines so your machine will do it but I felt doing it with my scoreboard gave the bag a little more stability.
The snowman is from Snowman Village SVG Kit. It is called a kit because each snow-person or animal can be made into a bag. Pretty cool Huh? The size I made my snow man for this bag was W 5.706 x H 3.500. This is of course will all the pieces put together on my virtual mat so I could see how I wanted it to look. I know what your thinking, how did she make the arms? Well that is just two arms one turned and then welded together in the position I wanted them. Then they are glued behind him a bit and the hand on the one side is brought forward. I used Victorian Velvet ink to add the blushed look to the sides of the snowman and my pearl chalk to make rosy cheeks. To add a bit of dimension I added pop dots to the back of the snowman or you can use dimensionals.

Glue the bag together then holding up the main piece of the fireplace and your snowman that is already glued together except for his arms to get an idea of where you want your snowman to be. The closer he is to the bottom the farther away he looks and more like he is not standing to close to that fire. We all know what happened to Frosty! Glue down your fireplace and fire then add the snowman.
The ribbon at the top of the bag was a red satin and then I tied bells onto the twine and threaded the rest of the twine under the back of the bow and tied it. The stocking is one of those fuzzy buttons that I bought in the Christmas section at Michaels. There you have it, a cute little bag waiting to be filled with a goody or a gift card for someone special. Another thought I had was to make a tag using a snowflake shape. Either way I am sure your recipient will think this is just too cute! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit
Snowman Village SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Carrot, Sunflower
Bazzill Card Stock: White, Black, Ruby Slippers
Tim Holtz Emboss Folders Brick, Woodgrain
Cuttlebug Emboss Folder Forest Branches
Tim Holtz  Distress inks, Spiced Marmalade,Victorian Velvet, Vintage Photo, gathered twings
1/4 in Red Satin Ribbon
Fuzzy Stocking button Michaels
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks
Jingle Bells Michaels
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot glue for stocking button

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ye Ole Christmas

Afternoon all,

Well I can honestly say I did not plan on making this Vintage inspired Christmas lantern at all today. It was the farthest thing from my mind today. I had planned on writing up the other lantern I made for my daughter and making Dads Birthday card but thankfully my plans are not Gods Plans. So here is how this lantern came about today. I was drinking coffee and just catching up on Facebook and then there it was, this amazing tattoo of Christ on this guys arm I mean it was made so it looked like the guys fist was Christ's. I sent it off to my son as he has tattoo's for him to see then I came into my room to write up my daughters lantern I made her. As I sat down I looked over at the really pretty stencil I bought that is a Tim Holtz Stencil and then that lantern just started forming in my brain.

I started with the tall lantern from Spooky Soiree SVG  Kit. I cut all the pieces out at the size they import. I wanted the stencil to look like it was all part of the lantern so I adhered all the pieces together in the proper places with my Tombow Tape runner, even the vellum which seemed to work so much better, then I used post it note tape to hold everything it place so it wouldn't slip while I used the stencil. I also taped down the stencil. Then I used Tim Holtz distress inks on the stencil and using a dauber I added the ink to the whole thing. After doing all the pieces and before gluing I heat set the ink with my heat gun.... just in case...

Using the single holly leaves from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit, cut them at W 0.913 x H 2.492. I used Vintage Photo Ink from Tim Holtz to add ink to the edges and give it a distressed look. Cut the bottom Swag from Clara's Christmas Strips SVG Collection at W9.393 x H 1.188. I cut two of these and then used my scissors to cut them up into the portions I needed. Those were also inked with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo. I had the berry branches from my extras box but they are probably cut at the size they import and they were already glittered.

Using what you have stenciled as a pattern, add a few branches and holly leaves to your front but try not to totally obscure your stencil. I added the rhinestones that had a bit more opaque look to them for a more vintage feel. Then I added a few holly leaves and cut up pine swag then, added a pretty bow. I did glue down edges here and there to give a flowing look to it. The bells were also from Michael's over in the Christmas section. They had a vintage feel when I saw them and thought how nice they would look with the something in the future and they do. I hot glued those into place as if they were on a rope. Just add a battery operated candle and there is your vintage Christmas Lantern.
I love how this one came out for something I had not even the slightest thought of doing. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I am here to help. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a wonderful evening y'all and Happy Craftin'!
Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Spooky Soiree SVG Kit
Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit
Clara's Christmas Strips SVG Collection
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Tim Holtz Festive THS029
Bazzill Card Stock: Walnut, Rain Forest
American Craft Card Stock: Pine
Tim Holtz Distress Inks: Evergreen Bough, Festive Berries, Vintage Photo, Gathered Twigs, Mowed Lawn
Stampin Up: Card Stock Vellum
Recollection Rhinestones
Bells from Michael's
Ribbon from Stash
Scotch quick

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Secret Message for Riley

Hey Y'all,

Today I want to share with you a special Birthday Card. Why is it special? It is special because my grandson Riley loves Christmas.  He loves Christmas so much he doesn't mind if I give him Christmas Cards for his birthday. Now some of you will notice I moved the snowflake that Mary intended to go in the center of the vellum. There is a secret about this card that only Riley and you my readers will know. I clear embossed Happy Birthday in the center of that vellum and if you are not looking at it in the right light you won't see it. Here is how this card was made.

Start with the Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit and cut out as it imports. Then using Stampin up's Heat and Stick and Art Glitter's Antique White Ultra Fine Transparent Glitter, I went to work adding glitter to the pieces I wanted glitter on. I know  I have told before how to do this but I will tell you how again in case we have a new reader . Using Versa Mark Ink smush the pad onto the parts you would like to glitter. Then spread some heat and stick on it and get that glitter ready because you need to work quickly. Heat the heat and stick with your heat gun just until shiny, then spread the glitter on and shake off the excess do this on all the pieces you wanted glitter on. Then heat the pieces again to set the glitter.  NOTE: Watch the tutorial video first so you don't glitter where you don't need to. I set those aside, but still wanted some snowflakes on the blue portion of the globe. I got out a few small snowflake stamps and stamped the globe here and there, then used a glittered emboss powder and heat embossed them.  I  wanted my church to be brown so I used my handy knife on my Silhouette program and cut off the snowflakes on either side.  Glue that on top of your church and then add your extra snow piece

For the outside of the Globe I wanted more of a wood look so I used my Hero Arts Wood Grain background stamp and inked it up with Versa Mark.Then I  laid the brown pieces onto it and put a piece of scratch paper over the top using my hands to smooth it. If you have a brayer you can used that but I don't have one. I heat set it just to give it a tone and tone look. For the secret message to my Riley, I used a Happy Birthday stamp,Versa Mark and Ranger Super fine clear emboss powder. I assembled the card as Mary instructs in the video tutorial for The Boxed Christmas Cards SVG Kit. I added a few rhinestones here and there  but with so much glitter I didn't want to go overboard. (probably to late with all the glitter) Anyhoo, Riley will love the special message and all the glitter I put on it and that is what matters. That is all there is to this card,not much terrible exciting or tricky but I love how it came out. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Crafting Y'all!  Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock: Mocha Divine, Turquoise Mist
Bazzill Smooth White Card Stock
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Stampin Up Heat and Stick
Art Glitter Antique White Ultra Fine Transparent Glitter
Recollections Rhinestones
Hero Arts White Small Brads
Hero Arts Wood Grain Background Stamp
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Stampin Up Heat Gun

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lighting up Fall!

Afternoon all!

Happy Sunday Afternoon! I made this up last night and oh it was super simple. I bought the file Mistletoe Toe Manner which by the way is free this week  with a 9.98 purchase. Pretty simple, make a purchase of two other files totaling 9.98 then add the Mistletoe Toe Manor SVG Kit to your basket.. then in check out there is a discount code box. Type in the words Freegift and there you have it a free kit for the price of two.. Guess what? they do that with every kit that is new that week! So on the the nifty lantern I made.

I bought the kit and then set my Silhouette Cameo to speed 2 and textured card stock. The lantern is Cut from the size it imports. When it was done cutting the first time I checked it before I took it out of the machine and it cut fairly well but I didn't want to be sitting there picking out pieces so I cut it again but turned off the score lines the second time. You can do that buy unchecking the box in Advanced cut settings. When I took it off the mat I was very careful. Then I took out any pieces that didn't come out when I took it off the mat. I took my time and didn't hurry because as Mary says it doesn't help and yep we ALL know she is right!
 Then I cut the vellum and used Time Holtz, Spiced Marmalade, Fired Brick inks to smear onto my vellum.  I used a sponge to spread it around a bit. Now because I know that Distress inks are made to work with water, I used my spray bottle with a teaspoon of perfect pearls and water and lightly spritzed the vellum. It did curl but I used my Stampin up Heat gun on the low setting to dry it then straightened it out a bit while it was still warm. Then I glued the vellum to the inside of the lantern as instructed by our Mary Kowal. I hot glued a ribbon and some of those pretty fall paper roses I bought from Michael's in October to the top and added a battery operated Candle to the inside. There you have it a beautiful fall Lantern for your Thanksgiving decorations. This beautiful Lantern from this kit was made with Christmas in mind but just look at the possibilities with this and many more of Mary's amazing files. Thanks so much for stopping by on this glorious Sunday and reading my blog. Many blessings to all of you! Stop by SVG cuts and check out more of their Fall Decorations for your holiday table and  Happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Mistletoe Manor SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill  Card Stock : Mudpie
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Tim Holtz  Distress Inks: spiced marmalade, fired brick
Ranger Perfect Pearls
Ranger Mister Bottle
Stampin Up Heat gun
Recollections Fall Foliage
Gold Ribbon
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Check out the Autumn Section SVG cuts for more Thanksgiving related decorations for your table!Happy Thanks SVG Kit  is just one of the many amazing kits and collections!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Box

Hi all,

I had to do some thinking on this one as I had this vision that it would be all white and well  it didn't turn out that way but I am happy with the result.  After the mail comes tomorrow I should have the total look I wanted.  I had to order some of those fairy lights Mary used in the Witch bag but I got a pretty blue and a multi colored one instead. I wanted to use them for Christmas projects so yellow wasn't really in my plan.

I started with the tree ornament again from Christmas Ornaments SVG kit and made the base putting the holes in it like I did with the last one. Then I cut the Holy leaves from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit. I sized them at W 0.913 x H 2.492 and used my snow pattern emboss folder from Tim Holtz on the leaves to give it a bit of elegance and texture. I glued the leaves on bending them slightly just like the last box, being careful to hide the holes but not cover them. I made the bottom of the box again just like the last for the tree. Make a hole using a circle W 0.378 x H 0.378 for the bottom of the tree box.

Make another circle at the size listed above, for the lid of your octagon box from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit.  Center the circle on the octagon lid, choose modify and subtract and this should make your hole for the battery operated tea light or the fairy lights to fit through. Make sure you do this for your insert for the lid as well.

 To make the Snowflake cut outs for the sides of your box use the snowflake that was for the top of the box, sizing it to W.1.878 H 2.168. Ungroup the bottom of your box sides this keeps your score lines from disappearing when you subtract your snowflake cut outs.  Ungroup to remove the outer edges of the snowflake( move the outside lines of the snowflakes off to the side to use later to make your panels for the sides of the box.They will just be an snowflake shape) regroup all the pieces of each snowflake and place on each side of the box. I make 6 of these to put one on each side of the box.  As you put them on the sides of the box remember you don't want them to high as it could be covered by the lid if you make them to high on the sides. Once you have the snowflakes where you want them on your sides select the each grouped snowflake pieces for you sides holding down the shift key and then the last thing will be the sides of the box. Go to modify and then subtract this should make your cut out shapes of the snowflakes. Once you have done select all the side pieces and then group this should bring back your score lines. (if you have trouble selecting some snowflake pieces you can right click and send the side pieces to the back this will make it easier to grab your snowflake pieces. I learned this through trial and error) Cut as you normally would and glue the side pieces together. Cut a W2.50 x 3.25 in rectangle of Card Stock Vellum to put over the snowflakes on the inside.

To make the accent panels for outside of the box, make 6 rectangles sized at W.2.38 x 3.869. Use  the snowflake shapes you moved to the side of your mat, subtract those from the rectangle shapes. I cut 6 more snowflakes to fit over the cut outs on the sides of the box and inside your panels. Pay close attention to how you place your embossed accent panels over the cut outs as you will be placing your glittered snowflakes inside those panels like a puzzle. ( mine are not perfect) To Glitter your snowflakes and the  accent piece for the top of the box like mine, stamp your paper  with Vesa Mark ink pad and then coat it with the heat and stick. Using your heat gun heat it  just till it is shiny then quickly spread your glitter on and heat again to set the whole thing. It does take more time to do it this way and it is messy but there are two reasons I do it this way. 1. I can use the really pretty glitter from Art Glitter and 2. I can cut it out of regular card stock and it won't dull my cutting blade so quickly. The choice is yours but I am hooked on Art Glitter.

For the sides of the lid of the small octagon box from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit,  resize the scalloped portions to W 8.849 x H 1.727. This is so it will not cover your  snowflake cut outs you worked so hard to make. The panels for the lid were made by duplicating one of the lid sides and cutting off one scallop then resizing it to W 2.489 x H 1.218 then duplicate it 6 times to make the side panels for the lid. I used Tim Holtz Snow Flurries Emboss folder on these, it is a two pkg that comes with a snowman that is doffing a hat.  
Use the  train from The Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit  and cut off the bottom of the insert for the box card. Duplicate the train and cut off the extra engine. Move the two cards to your first train and weld the pieces together. You may need to double click on it and magnify it to delete extra nodes that are not making a straight line at the bottom.  Using a tiny triangle, place one after the "coal" car and one before the last car.  After choosing all the triangles while holding down the shift key, choose the train and then modify and subtract. This will make the notches at the bottom of your train strip to bend down and glue around the edges of the top of the box. Note: I bent the strip up with my fingers on this one and it worked much better than scoring with the board or with score lines on the computer. Bend your straight strip up and then glue the straight strip to the top of the box. . Use a 1/8 to a 1/4 inch thick strip of paper glued to the back of the train to stabilize it .  I used the cut out for the top of the box glittering it like I did the snowflakes to cover the folded strip for the train.  For more detailed description of this read the post entitled  Christmas Times  a coming...For the wheels on the train I used a tiny snowflake punch I had purchased from Walmart a few yrs ago.  I used a scrap of white card stock and did the glitter first then punched the snowflakes out for the wheels. On the large Wheel of the train I took a second snowflake and curled the edges up then glued the center of it to the center of the first flat piece. I did the glitter the same way for the tiny strips of paper that goes across the car tops.
Glue the box bottom of the tree to the top of the octagon lid box matching the holes. You can either put a tea light in through this hole or you can string  fairy lights through this and put the battery pack inside the box bottom.
 I hot glued the ribbon to the top of the tree twisting it and adding hot glue to hold it where I wanted. Put your extra pieces of ribbon on first, then add the bow with the long tails those will be your last two long ribbon pieces. The ribbon was something I bought many yrs. Cut your edges of your ribbon at an angle. I also added tiny punched snowflakes here and there to the tree for a whimsical look. That is probably why the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies song was going through my head. The way it looked, it reminded me of it. The tree is not glued to the bottom of the tree box but you could do that if you so desired.
So there you have it the Sugar Plum Fairy box. I figured since it was going through my head that is what I should call it. You could either add a present to the bottom of the box or make this your gift. I will decide how I will do mine when the fairy lights come tomorrow in the mail. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. It truly does make me happy that you like the things my crazy brain comes up with. Have a wonderful day Y'all and Happy Craftin'!
Blessings Sharalyn

Another idea would be to use the Drum from Santa's Visit SVG Kit and put a piece of vellum over the opening of the drum to close it off. Here is the link for that kit: Santas Visit SVG Kit

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit
Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Smooth White Card Stock
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Tim Holtz Emboss Folders: Snow flurries and Snowflake Pattern
Stampin Up Heat and Stick
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Translucent Crystal Glitter
Recollections Clear Rhinestones
Studio Tiny Snowflake Punch
1/8 inch Blue and Silver Ribbon
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Detail Hot Glue Gun

Ps. I referred to the fairly lights as coming in the mail tomorrow, that is because I finished writing this up at 11:36 pm at night. Good nite all I am tired! Blessings Sharalyn