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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Rememberance

Afternoon all,
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I wanted to share with you one last thing I made with the last kit Maison de Madeline. I have two guests coming to visit in the next few months and I wanted to welcome them with something special. I made a lamp for each woman and a potpourri jar filled with a pleasant sent to welcome them to my house. I will make a small card with a note telling them I am glad they came and please take the lamp and the potpourri jar as a reminder of their visit. 
On the wonderful Jar from this amazing kit, I made 6 narrow slits on the top and on the insert so you could smell the wonderful scent. I used a oval from the shapes menu on Sure cuts a lot and adjusted the width. I added real lace and some ribbon to the top along with a nice flower accent from Michaels. On the front are three enamel dots.  I inked the edges with a nice soft pink. I have one more I would like to get made for someone special. I love how delicate and beautiful these lamps turn out. Tomorrow I will do another post about the new kit so stay tuned. Just a Hint about the post tomorrow it will involve CAKE!~!!! Thanks for stopping by and sitting a spell with me. This beautiful kit and more are yours for the purchasing. Below is a link that will take you there, Thanks again for stopping by. Just a short note today but I do want to wish you and yours a Happy Easter! May the Lord be with you all! 
Blessings,  Sharalyn

SVG Kit Used:
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Little Halloween!

 Good Eeeevvving!
Sorry couldn't resist. The new kit that came out this past week is really fun and even has a swell clock you can make. The Kit is called Maison de Madeline. I have had lots of fun playing with it and today I made a Halloween version. I used the Halloween paper from Graphic 45. It is last years paper which I have to say I love it! Very vintage and I love that about it. The colors the feel of it gives you the days when Halloween was all in good.
 I used the eyes from Elmhurst Hallow kit and re sized them to fit. I cut a 13/8 hole in the bottom of the lamp to allow for a tea light to fit over it then I cut a 1/2 in circle in the bottom of the lamp shade to turn a tea light upside down and but the light through it to light up the top portion of the lamp. Then placed another tea light on top to light the small holes and cut outs I did by hand to allow for light to shine through carefully chosen areas of the paper. The holes were covered on the inside by small pieces of vellum.
 I loved the spider pull someone had put on their lamp so I used the spider from Gothic Flourishes to make the pull then added a vintage type pumpkin button to the top of the spider to make it look like a pumpkin spider. Add the black lace and hot glue the flat Halloween Cats to the top and the Halloween flat to the top of my ribbon and I am done. I did enlarge the lamp some to accommodate the tea lights at the bottom.
 After reading Leo's article today about lighting and your point and shoot cameras I asked some questions about how to achieve the right lighting for a spooky soft look. Leo was VERY helpful and after many shots I found two I was happy with. Honestly I kept playing with the settings to see which one I would like. Play with your camera and get to know it but turn off your flash and learn more about light and how it works. If you want to know more about lighting read the article  about lighting and your point and shoot camera Leo wrote. You can read that on their blog on  Happy Crafting everyone and be sure and check out the new kit from last week. Below is a link that should take you right to their site. Sit a while and have a look around, you'll be hooked before you know it.Thanks again for settin' a spell with me. 
Blessings, Sharalyn

Kits and Collections Used:
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit

Elhurst Hollow SVG Kit
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thinkin Spot Info!

Morning Everyone!
I received a very nice comment asking me to list the sizes I cut my elephant creation and although I am not on a design team I did make the spread sheet for ya. I am warning you though you will get an insight as to how my brain works and let me tell ya it is scary in here! Your  forewarned!!!lol. I tried to link the spread sheet but it didn't work so just send me your email and I will email you the spread sheet.

I started by cutting the base, then I embossed the accent panels with a zebra folder. Then before putting them on I added some glue in various places and used my favorite glitter. Art glitter and the color I used was a small sample they were kind enough to send me, called Sahara. I love their glitter it is soooooo pretty! Then I glued the straws onto the base with my hot glue gun. I use the imaginisce battery operated glue gun. I like the small nozzle and added feature of a light at the end of it. When I purchased this gun someone told me about eneloop rechargeable batteries and I apologize now to that dear lady but I thought ,Whoa what it this are they trying to sell me something???? Well she was just sharing with me a great product. So I am sorry. Although the glue gun is awesome it chews through reg batteries like crazy. So I do suggest you try these batteries for it. My only complaint is I don't have enough charged sometimes to get me through all the gluing I do. So I think I need a bigger charger and another pkg. I bought two but I am thinking I could use another two. Ok enough of that.
I inked the edges of my leaves first then ran them through my Big Shot with the Zebra folder as well. Then I used my Flower shaping tools from EK Success to curve them a bit and started gluing them to the straw.. use your creative eye for how you want them to look and don't be afraid to cut the leave in two (I did) where ever you want. I added the last tree with the large leaves after I had glued my elephant on the the top to make sure I had enough room.
Start with your elephant next and cut the small pumpkin. I did remove one panel on the pumpkin to have the right shape for me but you can leave it  on and have a  more plump elephant. I didn't glue the ends shut just yet and on the top of the pumpkin did not add the octagon shape to close the end. I figured no one would see it so that is how I went with it. Next glue your stems the legs and trunk pieces together and then cut the acorn for the head. Once you have your pieces glued together your ready to start putting your elephant together. I inked my elephant with basic grey ink from Stampin up. On the trunk pieces glue them together arranging them so it looks like a trunk end to end. Glue the End of your trunk to your Acorn (head) opps! (I forgot to tell you to smash the end of the acorn in so the trunk will fit. Sorry!!!)then cut your ears and ink them as well and I glued the head first to the body so I could see how I wanted to arrange the ears. I also shaped the ears with my flower shaping tools. Then I added the front legs and one of the back legs. I poked a hole in his backside to add a braided bunch of embroidery floss with loose pieces at then end for his fluff. Then I hot glued that in place to hold it and I did not glue the back piece to close it. I plopped a bunch of glue on the base and glued his backside in place. Then afterward added his other leg to make sure he didn't look like he was falling off. Adhere his eyes, they are black pearls that I got from Michaels. I glued leaves and grass but I think leaves would have been just fine so I didn't include the grass part to the spread sheet.
Now add the final tree behind your elephant and cut the straw at a angle at the top to give the tree a bent look then use a smaller piece and put hot glue on it and insert inside your tree base. cover your angle with leaves and add your leaves to the top I did bend the leaves in half so it had kind of a point then glued and held till it was staying.
I put beans in the base of the apple and glued the lid to the top. Do me a favor and yourself and do this before you start putting your elephant creation together. So there you have it how I put this creation together now go get yourself a strong drink or a cup of chamomile tea to calm down because looking into my "creative mind" is scary for anyone!
  Thank you for asking for this I really do appreciate all of you and hope you understand that writing these takes time.  Below is a link that will take you to SVG cuts page and you can shop for the kits and collections I used there.  Remember to email me with your email so I can send you the spread sheet. Or if you see me on SVG cuts then just message me and I will attach it to the message. Thanks again.
Blessings, Sharalyn

Note: All Kits and Collections you might need are on the spreadsheet. Contact me via my Shara's Paper Creations Facebook page and I will send you the spreadsheet. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Thinkin Spot!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

A while back I posted a picture of some paper straws I had seen. I was intrigued by them and had to have some. My mind starting shooting in many directions! Well they came and I couldn't wait to get started, my computer was doing that scroll through all my photo's thing and I spied my grandson Danny, that mischief smile and those beautiful blue eyes. I was thinking about how he can be a wild one and then it it me a jungle themed project. I thought about the Wild Child SVG Collection and it went from there. Danny is the best one liner kids I know and funny as all get out but he can be wild too and ends up in a "thinkin" spot a lot. That is how I came up with the name for this new project.

I cut the apple from Miss Bakers Classroom kit and embossed the accents with a zebra embossing folder I had just gotten at Hobby Lobby. Then I cut leaves from the Wild Child SVG Collection and inked the edges and glued them in various places to make the trees. I had glued some of the straws in place to make the trees. I used one of my most used tools the flower shaping tools from EK Success. The elephant was made by using the small pumpkin from Pick a Pumpkin SVG kit and the legs and trunk were the stems from that kit as well. The head is the acorn from Autumn Acorn SVG Kit . I poked a hole in his behind and braided some grey embroidery floss together and stuck that through the hole then glued it shut as well. The ears were from Garden Nouveau SVG Kit and were the flat poppy petals. The eyes are just black pearls from Michaels, and thats how my Thinkin Spot Elephant is born.
 Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. If you love paper crafting you really need to check out SVG Cuts awesome files that allow you to let your creativity go wild! Below is a link that will take you right to their site.. Good people too! Go wild and get your creativity on! Happy crafting everyone! Thanks again for stopping by.
Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Miss Baker's Classroom SVG Kit 
Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit 
 Autumn Acorn SVG Kit
 Garden Nouveau SVG Kit
 Wild Child SVG Collection

Monday, March 18, 2013

High Skies!

It is late afternoon so I will say Good afternoon to y'all!
I made a balloon from Mary's High Skies kit.. oh my!
Y'all you so need to check this kit out!!!! It is amazing and girlie and all so fun! 
I cut the balloon out at the size it imports and then I decided I wanted to dry emboss the basket which I did with a chevron folder I purchased from Sizzix and it comes with another folder I can see myself using a lot. I had cut two baskets because I noticed that some of the baskets had tilted a bit from to much weight and since I had added a lot to mine I dry embossed the second basket then glued it onto the first and let it dry. I took the banner  and shrunk it down so it would fit on my basket instead of the balloon as I was sure it wouldn't fit over the lace I added opps,LOL. This was the first time I used the enamel dots and I gotta tell ya I am loving them! Of course you know me I have to add flowers or butterflies to things and I resisted the butterfly for now but one may appear on the side of the balloon in a day or so. I am thinking with that beautiful butterfly she made in this kit some vellum and oh yeah for sure that butterfly is going to appear. I have a habit of making things and then I give them away, but I love this one so much I am going to keep it and put it over my craft area to look at when I want to get away and we just can't. I will look at my balloon and imagine myself gliding over a peaceful grassy area... with flowers or something like that. 
In reality I am scared to death of heights so No way would I be in a balloon ever!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and if you feel the need to fly away but just can't get away take a ride on your very own balloon you made from SVG Cuts and fly away you wont regret it. Thanks for stopping by and reading down below is a link to take you to their site. Hugs everyone! Sharalyn

SVG Cuts Kits Used:
High Skies SVG Kit 

Ok I caved and here is a photo of my balloon with the butterfly. ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Whimsy!

Mornin All,

It is a really pretty day here today but it isn't supposed to last. The Joshua Trees are starting to bloom and that means I will be too. Rudolph look here I come, LOL. Any hoo I wanted to share my Mushroom with Y'all that I  posted yesterday. Loved that in the new kit and the egg house but have been fascinated  with the mushrooms.
I made the Mushroom box the way your instructed on Mary's wonderful tutorials. I bet you didn't know she does one for each kit. Bless her for that cuz when I first started and she would say it was pretty easy I would say yes for your little fingers and of course my hubby would walk by about that time and say are you talking to the computer??? YES! Yes I am. So I cut and put together the mushroom and guess what there was a tiny hole in the top and yeppers that bothered me. but I am not a perfectionist.. nope ahem. anyway I cut the butterflies from the Garden Nouveau in three very small sizes then cut the fairy from twilight fairies, and yes I did have to buy the kit I didn't have it.. go figure.. I glued them onto the wires I had wrapped around a paint brush or pencil whatever is closest. I used hot glue as it seemed to hold better, and stuck the wires down into the hole. The fairy's wings were cut from Card stock vellum and colored with pigment ink. Then I wanted climbing vines so I had found those too In Celeste's Cutesy Corners and sized to the scale of my whatever it is I made... I used Cheryl's Bugs and after three tries for sizes I finally found one that would work but had to use tweezers to put it together. I did ink the edges on the vines and grass as it does help give it some dimention. The grass was cut from Easter Egg Hunt and the snail which seems to be a big hit, was made gluing a smaller button inside a larger button and taking the body from an extra butterfly and cutting off the wings then gluing that onto the button. I use hot glue for stuff like that. Let's see, the off white lace was a closeout from Michaels and the teal lace I glued on with my Score-Tape and was from Pinkpaislee Nantucket set. I got that from if they didn't have such great deals I couldn't afford some of the stuff I get. That's it the pearls are from Michaels too. OH and I put tiny white pearls on the lady bug and then used a black Copic Marker to make black dots. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog I hope I didn't bore you to death.. have a super day and and Happy Crafting! Blessings, Sharalyn
Kits and Collections Used:
Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit
 Garden Nouveau SVG Kit
 Cheryl's Cute Bugs SVG Kit
Twilight Fairies SVG Collection

Celeste's Cutesy Corner Elements SVG Collection

Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection