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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Whimsy!

Mornin All,

It is a really pretty day here today but it isn't supposed to last. The Joshua Trees are starting to bloom and that means I will be too. Rudolph look here I come, LOL. Any hoo I wanted to share my Mushroom with Y'all that I  posted yesterday. Loved that in the new kit and the egg house but have been fascinated  with the mushrooms.
I made the Mushroom box the way your instructed on Mary's wonderful tutorials. I bet you didn't know she does one for each kit. Bless her for that cuz when I first started and she would say it was pretty easy I would say yes for your little fingers and of course my hubby would walk by about that time and say are you talking to the computer??? YES! Yes I am. So I cut and put together the mushroom and guess what there was a tiny hole in the top and yeppers that bothered me. but I am not a perfectionist.. nope ahem. anyway I cut the butterflies from the Garden Nouveau in three very small sizes then cut the fairy from twilight fairies, and yes I did have to buy the kit I didn't have it.. go figure.. I glued them onto the wires I had wrapped around a paint brush or pencil whatever is closest. I used hot glue as it seemed to hold better, and stuck the wires down into the hole. The fairy's wings were cut from Card stock vellum and colored with pigment ink. Then I wanted climbing vines so I had found those too In Celeste's Cutesy Corners and sized to the scale of my whatever it is I made... I used Cheryl's Bugs and after three tries for sizes I finally found one that would work but had to use tweezers to put it together. I did ink the edges on the vines and grass as it does help give it some dimention. The grass was cut from Easter Egg Hunt and the snail which seems to be a big hit, was made gluing a smaller button inside a larger button and taking the body from an extra butterfly and cutting off the wings then gluing that onto the button. I use hot glue for stuff like that. Let's see, the off white lace was a closeout from Michaels and the teal lace I glued on with my Score-Tape and was from Pinkpaislee Nantucket set. I got that from if they didn't have such great deals I couldn't afford some of the stuff I get. That's it the pearls are from Michaels too. OH and I put tiny white pearls on the lady bug and then used a black Copic Marker to make black dots. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog I hope I didn't bore you to death.. have a super day and and Happy Crafting! Blessings, Sharalyn
Kits and Collections Used:
Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit
 Garden Nouveau SVG Kit
 Cheryl's Cute Bugs SVG Kit
Twilight Fairies SVG Collection

Celeste's Cutesy Corner Elements SVG Collection

Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection

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