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Monday, March 18, 2013

High Skies!

It is late afternoon so I will say Good afternoon to y'all!
I made a balloon from Mary's High Skies kit.. oh my!
Y'all you so need to check this kit out!!!! It is amazing and girlie and all so fun! 
I cut the balloon out at the size it imports and then I decided I wanted to dry emboss the basket which I did with a chevron folder I purchased from Sizzix and it comes with another folder I can see myself using a lot. I had cut two baskets because I noticed that some of the baskets had tilted a bit from to much weight and since I had added a lot to mine I dry embossed the second basket then glued it onto the first and let it dry. I took the banner  and shrunk it down so it would fit on my basket instead of the balloon as I was sure it wouldn't fit over the lace I added opps,LOL. This was the first time I used the enamel dots and I gotta tell ya I am loving them! Of course you know me I have to add flowers or butterflies to things and I resisted the butterfly for now but one may appear on the side of the balloon in a day or so. I am thinking with that beautiful butterfly she made in this kit some vellum and oh yeah for sure that butterfly is going to appear. I have a habit of making things and then I give them away, but I love this one so much I am going to keep it and put it over my craft area to look at when I want to get away and we just can't. I will look at my balloon and imagine myself gliding over a peaceful grassy area... with flowers or something like that. 
In reality I am scared to death of heights so No way would I be in a balloon ever!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and if you feel the need to fly away but just can't get away take a ride on your very own balloon you made from SVG Cuts and fly away you wont regret it. Thanks for stopping by and reading down below is a link to take you to their site. Hugs everyone! Sharalyn

SVG Cuts Kits Used:
High Skies SVG Kit 

Ok I caved and here is a photo of my balloon with the butterfly. ;)

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