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Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Sleigh Ride

Happy Sunday Afternoon Y'all!!!
I have another box like I promised. This one I had the lid but no bottom so I worked on this one last night. This was a little tougher as I wasn't crazy about the words be jumbled, but I like the box now. I think it would be cute if the sleigh was filled with some peppermint candy canes and then a gift in the box below. Maybe something for the whole family.

Start with the soap box from Honeybee Tea SVG Kit and sponge some white ink lightly onto the bottom edges. This was to look a bit like snow. Then use the Sleigh from Santa's Visit SVG Kit and size the sleigh way down. I sized it down to W 6.772 H 2.720. This is the size for the sleigh box and if you bring the whole thing onto the mat and size it down all at once your sleigh box will be this size when you click on it. I used My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Collection in this box design. I just love the "feel" of this paper collection. I used the 6x6 pad of this collection to add the inside accents. The accents for the outside of the sleigh were embossed with Tim Holtz Snow Pattern Emboss folder. I made a loop of twine and poked a hole in front for a small brad. I hot glued the twine into place, then I took out the white on the twine on another piece and tied the bells onto the twine. I hot glued the thread with the bells to the back and then a bow on top.
  I used white ferny greens sized down from 3d Wintergreens SVG Kit.  Parts of the ferny greens are glued down then the sleigh is hot glued in place.The Holy is from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit of course sized down. The gemstones are from Michael's. I just loved how they looked in the store and thought I could do a lot with these. I think they fit right in.
The Berries are from Christmas Open House SVG Kit, again sized down. I added Star Dust Stickles to the berries on the twig for a little sparkle. I trimmed off some of the stick on the twig as I didn't want it sticking out that far. That is totally a matter of taste.
 I have said this before but I keep a box of things like this I have cut for other projects and they didn't work out or I didn't need them so sizes are not always available to me again, I apologize for this.  I will go to this box often when I only need a few things but don't want to cut just a small amount. This keeps my creativity flowing to not have to stop like that. I think I know what I will do with this box. Even as I look at the box now my mind is thinking of different things to do to change the whole look. Even a lantern is coming to mind.. Oh silly brain! anyhoo thanks so much for stopping by and reading my  blog. When I was a kid Sunday dinners were a big deal so go enjoy your Sunday and break bread with your family! Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn
   SVG Kits Used:
Honeybee Tea SVG Kit
3d Wintergreens SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit
Christmas Open House SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Pine,Crimson, Chestnut
Bazzill Black Card Stock
Tim Holtz Snowflake Pattern Emboss Folder
Ranger Stickles: Star Dust
Recollections Rhinestone Stickers
Colorbox Frost White Ink
Small Brad
Scotch Quick Dry Ahdesive
Hot Glue

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vintage Boxes for Christmas

Afternoon all!
It is a beautiful day here very cool and I am loving it! I had a bunch of half done boxes in my room and didn't want to throw them away. That is such a waste to me. They are from another project that I felt they didn't work for it. So here is one of the ones I have finished I will have another soon. I have not yet started on the project for your fall table I have been very very busy. I promise to have it soon though.

I made the Soap box from Honeybee Tea SVG Kit. I just love how easy it is to put together. I decorated it with cedar foliage from Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit, then finished it off with the free paper bow from SVG Cuts. They have a whole page that has tons of them and they are all free! The Cedar Foliage was sized down to W2.182 H 2.657 and the bow was sized down to W 6.034 H 2.657. The top of the box was embossed with Musical Flourish from Cuttlebug and inked with Vintage Papers Ink from Tim Holtz. I added two enamel dots from Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Collection. The Bottom of the box and the tag are from My Minds Eye Joyous Collection. The tag was inked with Vintage paper ink From Tim Holtz.

That is my quick write up and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I am sure it will be a lovely box for someone, I just have no idea who yet. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. I will make the supplies and such list under this. Blessings y'all go out and enjoy the evening! Happy Craftin'! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Cuts Kits Used:
Honeybee Tea SVG Kit
Spirits of Chrismas Past SVG Kit

Supplies Used
My Minds Eye Joyous Collection
American Craft Card Stock, Pomegranate, Latte, Evergreen
Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Enamel Dots
Stampin up Linen Thread
Tim Holtz Vintage Papers Ink
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Soft Winter's Light

Happy Sunday Afternoon y'all!
I am finally getting around to writing up the Winter Luminary for Y'all. It has been a crazy week. Tuesday of this last week we had flash flood in our area and we have been digging ourselves and our neighbors out as well.  Many in this area lost a lot more than we did. We had lots of yard damage and the "Man Cave" Carpet will have to be replaced.  We are all fine and so are our animals that is what is important to us. This Tuesday Hubs and I will share our 36th wedding anniversary. So excited!!! 
I was working on another project for someone and this luminary came out of my design. Now for me the hard part is deciding which way to go with the design. My brain shoots in all different directions and sometimes  I think a leash would be great for it. But Leo of SVG cuts says I should let it run free. Which is a wonderful complement so I will let it run free.

Start with the small octagon box from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit. You'll need to do a bit of altering so lets get started. First bring the side pieces onto your mat and release compound path, then ungroup. Bring the snowflake that Mary made for the top of the box and duplicate it. You'll need several of them, one for this step and one to make larger for the top. Now arrange the small snowflake one on each side of the box. I made these snowflakes W.1.878 H 2.168.  If you keep your lid the same size as it imports you need to make sure your snowflakes aren't to high so that the box lid doesn't cover them.Ungroup the snowflakes once you have them where you want and remove the solid snowflake.  Save the solid snowflakes off to the side as you will use them to make the cut outs for your panels.  Re-group the whole thing so that if you need to move the piece on your mat you don't have score lines in the wrong place. Cut this out of your desired paper. Make a rectangle that will fit just inside your cut lines and cut that out of vellum, adhere to the inside of your luminary.
For the panels I made for the sides of the box I made rectangles to fit just inside the cut lines and then used the solid snow flake to make cut outs. You can do this by centering them over each of your snowflake cut outs and then clicking on both the solid snowflake and the rectangle and subtract. Before you cut these out make sure that the cut outs are in the correct place over you snowflake centers on the sides of your box. I had one wrong and had to go back and fix it.  These I cut out of a patterned paper to make the white snowflake shape pop. 

On the Lid I cut out part of the length by using my knife tool on my silhouette program. Turn on the cross hairs to make sure you can get the line straight. I used the top of one of the score lines and then counted three that I was cutting out. Weld the two pieces together to  make it H  1.727 W 8.849. Make a copy of one side for the lid and cut off one scallop. Then use the internal offset to get the inside panel for the top. You don't have to do this but that's  what I did.
I used Snowflake Pattern Tim Holtz emboss folder for the lid panels and for the octagon cut out on the lid. If you emboss the octagon cut out for the lid you will have to put half in the folder and then the other half. Unless you have a bigger folder and machine, but I don't so that is the way I do it.
I made the octagon cut out for the lid using an extra lid panel and the insert. Put the insert on top of the extra lid panel and subtract.  On the lid panel with the snowflake W 3.106 H 3.586 place in the center of your lid and do the same as you did on the side panels. You will need to do this with the insert as well if you want it to show through. All the rest of the pieces were as they import. I used heat and stick to make the pretty glitter on the top of the snowflake. Heat and stick makes the glitter stay and not come off. I like using Art glitters Crystal ultra fine translucent glitter as it has such a pretty look to it.
I poked holes in the sides of the top and added a ribbon handle but you could leave it just like it is if you wanted. I tied a knot on the inside then to keep the handle in place tied a knot on the top as well. When you get to the second hole tie your top knot first then insert your ribbon and tie the knot on the inside.
 I thought it would be so pretty as a center piece at a winter themed wedding with white poinsettias around it from 3d Wintergreen's SVG Kit, or use it has a gift box and put pretty colored tissue paper inside to hide your gift. So many things you could do with this.
Side note: On the white and red box I did the same as the winter Luminary but made small snowflakes to glue over the snowflake centers on the lid.
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog.  I hope this made sense if not feel free to send me and email and I will try to explain. Have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting Y'all!

SVG Cuts Kits Used:
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Smooth White Card-stock
Echo Park: Winter in the Park Collection
Tim Holtz: Snowflake Pattern
Stampin up: Card stock Vellum
Stampin Up: Heat and Stick
Versa Mark Emboss ink
Art Glitter: Ultra Fine Translucent Crystal Glitter
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Stampin up Heat Gun

Monday, September 15, 2014

Paper Packages tied up with String

Hey Y'all,
Have you ever made something kind of by accident? Well, that is how this box came about. I thought it was cute and I love pretty packages don't you? I am a little early but I was working on something for someone for Christmas and that is how this came about.
 I started with the paper clip box from Good Day at the Office SVG Kit. I cut it at the size it imports keeping in mind that I wanted this to look like the bottom half of  a sled. I cut the lid in brown card-stock and the bottom we will discuss later. To make the red strip around top of the lid I cut one of the side panels down using my knife tool. Use your knife tool and cut the bottom portion of one of the lid sides off to H 0.780. The piece will then be W 9.956 x H 0.780. Set this aside as you will adhere this to the top portion of your lid around the outside edge.  Now from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit use the sled and the ice skate panels to make the rest of the sled. The Sled was sized to W 7.594 x H 4.205. That is with all the pieces brought in and put on top of each-other as if you were putting it together.  The ice skate panels are sized to W. 6.210 x H 2.226. I used a little clear Wink of Stella pen on the blades to give it a little sparkle. Put the lid together as you would normally.Glue the skate blade to the side of the boxes making sure to note that you have the blades going in the same direction on either side.  I told myself this as well. I didn't want to have one blade going one way and the other the wrong way. Your blades should be adhered just slightly above the bottom edge of your lid. You will be covering the top portion of the blades with your red strip.
 Now take that red strip and carefully glue to the top portion of your lid, being extra careful not to glue the straight edge at the ends, down all the way. I matched up the score lines and then slid the edges you would normally glue together under the straight edge, then glued it into place. This was so I would have perfect placement.
Glue your sled together and place onto to top of the box. Try to match the bent corners of the box just above your steering bar.  I used twine I twisted and knotted together for the rope. Make loop at the top and use something to carefully poke a hole then place your brad through the loop and the holes at the top of the sled. I tied an extra piece of twine around the cute skates and wrote Merry Christmas on them. I used a clear Wink of Stella pen on those blades as well. The skates are from the Sled Lever Card in the Winter Gazebo SVG Kit as well.  They are cut at the size they import. On the sled itself I used my Darcy wood grain folder and slid just theboards  inside  the folder leaving the rest of the sled outside of it. Emboss that and then do just  the end of the boards in your emboss machine. Do not roll all the way through the machine only up to the edge of the boards where you desire emboss. Hot glue the tied twine onto the side of the box.  The Holly is  from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Collection. I took deleted the cut out and drew on vines with a brown marker. The edges were inked with a dark green ink. The size is about 1 1/2 inches. It was a cut I had in a box so I cannot be exact on the size.

Now for the bottom of the box. I don't know about you but whenever I make something out of the really pretty card-stock it doesn't seem to hold heavy things well. The only time it has been very sturdy was when I used Carta Bella paper. This paper is from My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Collection. So to fix that, I cutting another box sides.  I cut off the flaps with my knife tool. Before gluing  the insert together, set the insert inside the already glued box sides. Do this before you glue the bottom of your outer box on.  Set your outer box and insert box on a table and glue the tabs of your insert together. This will be a snug fit so you can lift it all off the table once that is done and add glue in between your insert and outer box. Once this is dry glue your bottom on and then your insert for the bottom of the box which comes with the kit. I inked the edges lightly with a black ink pad as I didn't want the white core to show so much.

That was all I did and it does seem like a lot when I read it again. Sometimes I wish I could show you exactly what I did but I try my best to explain it all. If you have questions just ask I will do my best to explain myself. LOL. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a wonderful evening y'all and Happy Craftin'. Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Good Day at the Office SVG Kit
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit

Suppies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: Rouge, Chestnut, Evergreen, Charcoal
Bazzill Card Stock: Smooth White
My Minds Eye: Sleigh Bells Ring Collection
My Minds Eye: Enamel Dots, Lost and Found Record it Heirloom collection
Decorative brad from Stash
Stampin up Ink: Always Artichoke
Colorbox: Black ink
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Splendor

Morning Y'all,
I have been working for more than a week on pumpkins for our church dining area tables. I apologize for not posting anything and being MIA. I have would like to make another owl pumpkin like my last post for the welcome table but that will take a while as I have lots of leaves to cut. Our weather has been stormy and humid and that doesn't make for great cutting on paper. We are supposed to dry out in the next few days so I hope to get a lot of the cutting done before our weather changes again.

I had asked our seasonal decorator at church if she would mind if I made some more pumpkins for church and she asked if I could make them for the tables in our dining area. That is how all this pumpkin making got started and hey, I don't need an excuse to make anything fall! Ya'll know how much I love fall!!!! YAY for fall and all the pretty decorations!!! Lets get started on how I made all these.

I started with the pumpkin from Bedtime Stories SVG Kit. I cut it at the size it imports, then embossed the accents with my Darcy wood grain folder. To bring out the wood grain I inked the edges and the embossing with Really Rust Stampin up ink. The stem I inked with Always Artichoke ink. The leaves were from Autumn Elements SVG Collection and the colors along with the ink colors I used are as follows. All the paper I used is American Craft Card stock. Red was Crimson, purple was grape and Gold was Danelion all inked with Rich Razzleberry. The yellow was Sunflower and the green was Olive all inked with Real Red. The Olive was for the vines, stem and leaves and yes I used Real red here and there to ink them. The curly vines and leaves are from Gourdes Galore SVG Collection. I highly recommend this file, I love all the curly vines and leaves in it. There are some awesome gourdes I need to incorporate into something sometime.

The sunflowers are from 3d Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit and are sized way down to fit into the shape of the pumpkins. To size the flowers and vines the right size bring them onto the mat next to the pumpkin. This makes it pretty tough to cut the centers but with a clean mat, new blade and low humidity you shouldn't have to much trouble. Make sure you double cut the center though as it will be a bugger at this size to get them to come out without tearing. I make myself a bit crazy doing this but I just love the way it looks when it is all done. The sunflowers are cut out of Sunflower American Craft Card Stock and then some are inked with the Real Red and  Rich Razzleberry. Because the colors of fall are so vivid, I try to get the same affect by using a sponge dauber to apply the color to the paper. The centers of the sunflowers are made using the small circles from the cut outs for the centers. Glue two together then emboss with Cuttlebug Tiny Bubbles emboss folder and ink with copper ink.  All of this is done in prep to actually putting the leaves and vines and such on.

To put all this together glue all the parts of the pumpkin and the sunflowers together. I used Deb's idea from Deb's Crafty Side and glued 5 pretty rocks to the inside of the pumpkin to weight it down with Glossy Accents. A bag can be purchased at the dollar tree but you don't have to use the pretty rocks, that was just what I had so I used it.   I glued the lids onto the pumpkins so no one will see the rocks anyway.  I have said before I have a glue gun that is for detail work. I purchased it on Amazon so if you go there and type in glue gun for detail you should be able to find quite a few. I use my glue gun a lot for projects like this so it was well worth the money I paid for it. I think it might have been a whole 15.00. lol

All of the leaves are shaped with my paper shaping tools from McGill before I start gluing. Then just start gluing here and there. Lay the vines this way and that to see what your eye likes first, then glue them down. Try to notice where you might need to change or add color and do so. I added the leaves around the bottom of the pumpkins to fill them out a bit. I also tired to keep in mind that a person sitting across the table from another might want to be able to see them so don't make the decorations to tall on your pumpkin. Remember they are only there to add to the pleasure of the other persons company not take away.

I have lots more ideas brewing in my crazy brain so stay tuned. For three nights in a row, I have been dreaming about this one design. I know crazy, you can just call me the crazy paper lady OK? lol Thanks so very much for stopping by and visiting my blog, if you wish, leave me some love at the bottom of this post. As always I will list the kits and collections and supplies I used. Have a great day and Happy Craftin' Y'all!  Blessings Sharalyn

Kits and Collections Used
Bedtime Stories SVG Kit

3d Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit
Autumn Elements SVG Collection
Gourdes Galore SVG Collection

Supplies Used
American Craft Card Stock: Apricot, Olive, Sunflower, Crimson, Grape, Coffee, Dandielon
Stampin Up Inks: Rich Razzleberry, Real Red, Really Rust, Always Artichoke
Stampin Up: Linen Thread
Brilliance: Copper Ink Pad
Close To My Heart: Brown Buttons, Waxed Thread
Cuttlebug Emboss Folder: Tiny Bubbles
Ranger: Glossy Accents
Darcy Emboss Folder: Wood Grain
Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Rocks From Dollar Tree to weight pumpkins down.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Autumn Blessings!

Hey Ya'll!
It is my favorite time of year again,FALL!!!!!!  I love all the warm colors and the feel of crisp mornings here. September carries a lot of Blessings for me of which I am very thankful. I like someone else we know got married in September. I will be celebrating 36 yrs our dear friends (Leo and Mary) will be celebrating one year married. That is something special whether it be 36 or one. SVG cuts is having a Fall Challenge again so here is my entry. I hope it makes you smile like it does me.

I started with the pumpkin carriage from Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit, I used just the pumpkin. It is cut at the size it imports. I used my Darcy wood grain emboss folder on the accents and Really Rust ink to bring out the embossing. On the vellum I used the Autumn Word Stamp and the tiny leaf from Heirloom Traditions Stamp set. The fall leaf  was from a set I borrowed from a friend and is a Stampin up Set. I used Versa Mark ink and Brown and Clear emboss powder. Then colored the leaves in with my copic Markers. The Blessings was from another stamp set and I masked off the rest of the stamp so I could get the word Blessings. The Autumn Blessings is on the outside of the vellum and the fall leaf done in clear embossing powder is in the inside.  I adhered that to the inside of the pumpkin and then added the accents and then the bottom piece.

The Owl is the Acorn from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit and is cut at W.10.452. Size the accents to fit the acorn by laying the accents over the acorn body and same the lid accents. They should fit just inside the cut line on the sides. I used Tim Holtz bubble emboss folder on the accents both top and bottom for texture. Use a brown ink pad to ink the edges but don't go crazy as you will use the oak leaves from Autumn Elements SVG Collection cut at H. 1.86 W 1.696 as the feathers for the wings and body back. American Craft Card Stock Colors for the feathers were Chestnut, Clay, Chocolate. The tummy is the maple leaves cut at H. 1.160 W 1.123 also from Autumn Elements SVG Collection. I used Honeycomb and Sunflower American Craft card Stock for the tummy feathers. The "ears" were also the Oak Leaves cut at the same size and curled up with my Paper Shaping tools. The beak and the feet are the maple leaf cut at the same size as the tummy feathers and are inked and hot glued into place. The color of the card stock was Apricot.  I used one acorn, one fall leaf button and one Burgundy  bow as my non paper embellishments. The sunflowers are from Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit and were cut at H 1.431 W 2.836. Centers for the flowers are cut at H 0.537 W 2.135. Center width measurement is for two centers glued one on top of the other for dimension. I used a Pumpkin and Curshed Curry Stampin up ink pen to make lines down the center of each flower for the eyes.

The Oak Leaves around the bottom of the pumpkin are from Autumn Elements and are cut at H. 2.128 W 1.914. The colors I used are: Melon, Honeycomb, Crimson, Grape. They are inked with Tangerine Tango, Real Red, Rich Razzleberry Stampin up Inks. The Leaf and Vine Flourishes are from Gourds Galore SVG Collection. I cut those at two sizes. I try to keep a record of what I sizes I cut things at but I only kept the larger size as I thought I was not going to use the smaller size. So please forgive me for not having the smaller size. Leaf Flourishes: H.1.480 W 2.036 Vine Flourishes: H 1.774 W. 4.055. I only used part of the pumpkin Vines from Heirloom Pumpkin Flourishes SVG Collection. It was flourish 12 and was cut at H 2.674 W 5.717. The flourishes and vines were inked with  garden green from Close To my Heart and Really Red from Stampin Up. The Sunflowers were from 3d Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit. The petals were cut at H 1.874 W. 4.092 and inked with Real Red and Tangerine Tango. The Centers were cut at H 1.938 W. 4.311 then the circle was saved for the tiny centers and two were glued together and embossed using the Cuttlebug Tiny Bubbles emboss folder, then inked lightly with copper ink pad.
I used my Mcgill Flower shaping tools to shape leaves, vines and flowers. All of the leaves, vines and flowers were adhered with hot glue. As I always the supplies and kits,collections I used will be at the bottom of this post. I hope you enjoy my entry for the Fall Challenge from SVG Cuts. It has brought me great joy to make it as well as look at it afterward. The Vellum on the pumpkin allows the battery operated tea light to flicker through completing the Autumn experience for me.
Thank you very much for Stopping by and reading my post about my Fall Challenge Entry.  Be sure and make an entry yourself! Have a blessed and wonderful day.  Happy Craftin' Ya'll! Blessings Sharalyn
Good Luck To All the Entrants!

SVG Cuts Kits and Collections
Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
3d Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Autumn Elements SVG Collection
Heriloom Pumpkin Flourishes SVG Collection
Gourds Galore SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: Apricot, Honeycomb, Sunflower, Chestnut, Chocolate, Clay, Coffee, Crimson, Grape, Olive, Pomegranate (small maple leaf)
SVG Cut Stamps: Heirloom Traditions, Gingerbread Kisses (blessings)
Stampin Up: Stamp set, Lovely Leaves, Card Stock Vellum, Inks, Tangerine Tango, Real Read, Rich Razzleberry. Ink Pens: Pumpkin, Crushed Curry
Close To My Heart Ink: Garden Green
Brilliance Ink: Copper
Hero Arts, Clear Emboss Powder
Stampendous Brown Emboss Powder
Buttons Galore: Acorn, Fall Leaf
Burgundy 1/8 in. Ribbon 
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Battery Operated Tea Light 
Hot Glue

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to Fall

Good Mornin' !!!!
It is early and the house is quiet except for the fog horn of my coffee maker. Mark will not hear it as we sleep with a fan. I love this time of morning as I can read my bible, drink my coffee and talk to God. I can watch his beautiful sun rise and thank him for this day. It is a blessed time for me and one I cherish. So after reading and while I sip my coffee I share with you the fall things I have been busy making.

I'll start with the easiest. I made the Big Ghost pumpkin from Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit. It is made at the size it imports and papers were part of the tremendous blessing I got  from a gal that was a Close to my Heart Demonstrator. I used a copper ink pad on the coffee stem and leaves and hot glued the leaves in place. I used twine from American Craft and Buttons both from Close to my Heart and Buttons Galore. There is nothing really special about Pick a Pumkin SVG Kit and I like that. I can make them however I like. There are SOOO many creative things you can do with this kit. I Love making them and noticed last year the church needs some new ones for the decorations so I have that on my to do list. I might even sneak in an owl or two.

Speaking of owls I will go onto that one next. I used The owl box from Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit to make the owl. The first one I made was alright but I loved the second one I made. It was for my daughter and I used papers from Teresa Collins to make it. I have a couple more ideas for the owls in the back of my mind but that will come later. I used the Flowers from Pick a Pumpkin to put around the eyes of the owl. Then I took a brown maker and swiped lines on the flower just for the look. I have seen this many times in other owls and it always makes me think how cute it is. I also curled the owls ears a bit more and the wings a bit as well.

Last but not least I made the Jack O Lantern from Haunted Forest SVG Kit. It is made the at the size it imports. The accents on the pumpkin were embossed with a large Darcy wood grain folder, then I inked the edges and to bring out the wood grain the sides a bit with a sponge and Really Rust Ink from Stampin Up.  I cut the top of the hat with scissors and warped the brim a bit before I glued the top of the hat on. I inked the edges with Rich Razzleberry ink color which is a stampin up color.
Beautiful color and I just love it. There is a new one very much like it that I love as well, but I don't have it yet. The embellishments for the top of the hat with the exception of one paper cut are all SVG Cuts. There is a brown flourish with wheat and leaves that I like to used that is from the Silhouette store. Whenever I am making Fall things I keep a box that has fall cut out stuff in it so I don't have to stop and go cut another piece. The flower was from that box and is a SVG cut file but I am not sure I can tell you the exact one. My best guess is another favorite kit which is the 3d Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit. I used American Craft Sunflower colored card Stock for it then used Riding hood red ink pad and sponge and went to town inking it. I ink it till it looks like the sunflowers that seem to smile at you as you walk by, or maybe that is me smiling at them. The fall colors make me happy so I always seem to be smiling when I see them. The leaves are from Autumn Elements SVG Collecton just made in a much smaller size. The yellow flowery leave thing is from Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection, again this was in my box so not sure of the size but best guess is the size it imports. The Wheat was from Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Kit but I cut the stems a bit and at an angle to add to the hat. There is a  pumpkin leaf peaking out for color from Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit and it is embossed with Tim Holtz Plaid emboss folder.  The Red Leaf is from Harvest Country Home SVG Collection but I took out the cut outs, to do that you would un-group or release compound path and you can either click where the cut outs are and move and delete them or click on the leaf you want to keep and move it. I used Rafia and wrapped it around my hand a few times then took a smaller piece and tied it together. I hot glued that to the inside of the hat. The button was a wood button from Close to my heart tied with Linen Thread from Stampin up, then hot glued in place. The accent papers for the hat were also from the Close to my Heart, blessing I received. There are a lot of kits and collections listed but I did not purchase them all at once. If your able, then go ahead if you want to purchase all of them but If your like me on a fixed income use what you have. Don't over extend yourself and watch for sales those are the best times to pick up that kit you've had your eye on.
That was pretty much all I have been up to lately. I did purchase the Jack O Lantern SVG Collection and used my stamp making kit from Silhouette to make some stamps but that is for another post.
 My best friend and I were the victims of a huge blessing from a Close to my Heart Demonstrator so you will see a lot of things and references to that company. We were blessed beyond our wildest dreams. We both felt like it was Christmas!!! 4 huge Banana boxes of goodies we divided amongst ourselves and one other gal. To That Gal I want to say thank you so very very much, all of it will be used to bless others with our gift. Thank you.
To All of you I want to say have a wonderful day and encourage you to bless someone else with your gift of crafts. I promise you it will brighten someones day and  don't be surprised that if it is you!  Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit
Haunted Forest SVG Kit
3d Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Autumn Elements SVG Collection
Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Collection
Harvest Country Home SVG Collection
 Mentioned: Jack O Lantern SVG Collection

Silhouette Online Store: Autumn Flourish: Design ID #21632

Supplies Used:
Teresa Collins : You are my Happy Mega Kit: in the archive
Close to my Heart: Fall Papers
American Craft Card Stock: Apricot, Coffee, White, Olive, Sunflower, Mustard, Crimson, Pomegranate, Peach, Grapefruit
Buttons Galore, Close to my Heart: Buttons
Recollections: Michael's Enamel Dots
Sizzix Emboss Folders: Swirls, Plaid
Darcy Emboss Folder: Wood Grain
Stampin Up: Linen Thread,Really Rust, Riding hood Red, Old Olive, Rich Razzleberry Inks
Brilliance: Cosmic Copper Ink
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue and Gun