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Saturday, December 1, 2018

A Season of Giving

Hey all,
I have been extremely busy and just not able to get into my craft room. I will be seeing my friend again soon and I have been saying I would bring him a gift for three months. Each time we got together I still hadn't gotten anything done. I just couldn't come again without a gift for him. When I saw the lantern I knew I wanted to make it but not sure how.. I started with Victorian Christmas SVG Bundle and well the rest is history.. Here is how I made it.

I cut the body of the lantern from Bazzill Avocado card stock. In my minds eye I could see this paper and pine needles. I loved the holly on the orginal but wanted it to be more of the lantern and of course I was thinking of Charles Dickens. I reached for black paper but It really isn't my favorite to work with because it tattles on you with your glue. That is when I reached for the Avocado colored paper.
I found the patterned paper I was thinking about in my stash then because there just wasn't enough anymore of the one paper I had to improvise. I decided to do the bottom in the avocado with the pine emboss folder and add the metalic ink to the top. All pieces of the Avocado were inked with Tim Holts Iced Spruce distress ink as well. I will list the "ink" on the bottom of this post so you can get some as well. It is pretty nifty ink and we all have Trina Struckman to thank for telling me about it.
The ribbon is a deep burgandy from Walmart and is 1/8 inch wide. The little snowflakes are from Michaels. Take a walk down the Christmas tree isle and in particular where the stuff is for the miniature Christmas trees are, I have stashed away a few things from there for future use. 

I punched a hole in my center top portion of the windows on the lantern and then added red bells using a jewelry jump ring, with exception to front where I added a single snowflake.

I felt that the swag on the top would take away from the paper so I added ribbons to the sides using a glue gun to adhere them in three places. The tiny bells were something from my stash. I have had them so long I do not remember where  I got them. The greenery is thinlit Tim Holtz Dies. I purchased them from Amazon as they often put his dies on sale. I usually use my machine but when I need a delicate cut it is often easier to use the dies. I know the paper will not tear while cutting. The top is Tim Holtz knob also purchased from Amazon. 

Now for the center which lifts the votive sized battery light. I save the center rolls from plastic wrap to use in designs as base pieces. This is a portion about 2 inches high. I cut it using a plaster saw. I adhered a strip of cardstock to cover the roll piece curling it first to help it" hug" the roll piece. I bent the top lip of the paper in to cover where the candle would sit. This lip portion is 1/16 inches high. The candle sat on top quite well. The candle flame was colored yellow and then a maroon with a permanent marker. I adhered the greenery to the center pieces and added pearls I had colored with a R39 Copic Marker. 

    I hope you like my lantern as it was a gift for a couple of dear friends and was well received. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. As I write this I was given a Dreaming Tree spotlight for it which was very nice. Happy Crafting Y'all!
 Blessings, Sharalyn

Avocado Bazzill Card Stock
K& Company Glad Tidings collection
I found one listing on ebay for the emboss folder
It is RB Pine Branches emboss folder
Metallic Ink
Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Iced Spruce
Tim Holtz Vintage knobs
Tim Holtz Thinlit Dies 661597
1/8 inch Maroon Ribbon
Miniature Red Bells: Michaels
Miniature Snowflakes: Michales
Red Gems: Michaels
Tonic Craft Tacky Glue:
Sizzix Eclips2
ecal2 software

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Christmas Wish.. Come True

Hey Y'all,
This is a story of a wish I had to have a pick up truck. I have shared it many times. I drove poor Mary Bonk Crazy.. but oh how I wanted to make a paper one.. and of course it took her a little time but oh y 'all… my heart to yours Mary, I love you. Thank you.

You will need to purchase Fall Weekend SVG Kit
I started with cutting the truck using Bazzill Ruby Slippers. I knew I wanted this to look like an old pick up truck so instead of using so much chrome paper I made the bumpers wood. I added lines to the wood with my scoring board, then inked it with Tim Holtz Distress ink Gathered Twigs. The truck was given the "old dirty look" with the same ink. I saved the center cut outs from the side elements for the hood and added them to the top of the truck. I used sliver liquid pears for the key hole pump.
I cut the greenery for the sides top and back of the truck using Clara's Christmas Strips SVG Collection. You will need to size it down. I cut the bow using a darker Red another Bazzill favorite Blush Red Dark. I drew lines for the bow with a dark Red pen then inked the edges with Aged Mahogany Distress ink. Cut the top bow using Bazzill Ruby Slippers and ink the same.
The wreath for the front of the truck was made using More Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit. Use the Wreath from the door Christmas Card. I made the Christmas balls with red glitter Stickles. The bow was cut from a Memory Box Precious Snowflakes Die. The snowflakes for the hood and wheels were cut using Maryanne Snowflake Die from Simon Says Stamp cut from Craft Cardstock from Simon says stamp as well.  Those were glued to the inside of the wheel well and then a Marquee Love by Heidi Swapp for the hubcap. Snow was added to the whole truck using Deco Art Snow Writer, add glitter while it is still wet. Two of the packages in the back are made using the One-Piece Boxes SVG Kit . One is made using the  Twist Top Star Box. This is the one I asked if anyone recognized in the sizzix group. I do want to make a bunch for a girl friend but I also wanted to use it for this design. I had to remove all but the top hole on the star to make it cut well. The White walls are Vanilla American Craft Card Stock. 
The Tree in the back is from an old file I acquired I believe on SVG cuts fan page. I believe the maker was 3d pine tree from wildwood paper craft imaginarrium.  It was made using the dress form bottom form Dress Shop SVG Kit. I made the dress form bottom with minimal stand pieces and glued the branches one at a time onto the stand. I added the Snow Writer to the branches and then added Antique glitter from Art Glitter. The Snowflake on the top of the tree is two snowflakes glued together and are from the snow globe card  Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit  .
Christmas Blessings Die was acquired from Amazon. I have tired to find the exact listing for it but to no avail. I believe I purchased it a few years ago and it may not be available from the same maker. 
On the tail gate I made holes and added brads then tied Stampin up Linen Thread to it to "hold" the tail gate up. On the inside of the truck bed is wood rails. I made those using three rectangular strips cut from Bazzill Mocha Divine each a tad smaller to add depth. Ink them as well with gathered twigs distress ink.  That is my Christmas Truck and I hope you like it. I am very pleased with it and feel it will look amazing in my decore when I set up for Christmas. I want to take the time to personally thank you Mary for all your work and all your "thinking" . It really takes time to come up with this and it is a lot of try and retry till you get it perfect. Mary you do a wonderful job. You made a lot of people very happy from Katie Smiley and I, Thank you. We adore you. 
Blessings, Sharalyn

Happy Crafting Y'all. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

From a Pumpkin to an Owl Treat Box

Hey y 'all,
 This is going to be a quick post since I have already had a lot of questions. I made this for two reasons. I was entering something for the ecal group challenge and as a thank you for someone who shares a love of owls at my church. So here it goes

Using the Freebie Pumpkin Treat Box I brought the bottom leaf onto the mat and cropped the stem off. I cleaned up the rough edge from the crop by deleting the extra nodes. Then the "ears" in the Mocha Divine from Bazzill are cut at W 1.326 x 1.038. The smaller "hair" or feathers are cut at W 0.633x 0.639. cut two of each. The "beak" measurements are.. Top W 0.576 X 0.801. Bottom W 0.331 x 0.459. Cut one of each I used American Craft Honeycomb cardstock. Use the smaller leaf and duplicate and angle several onto the middle pumpkin piece. Use path, exclude, back to front to make the cut outs on the tummy.

Use the brown piece with the vine, break it apart. When you move the top brown piece away you will have a tear dropped piece. I used that for his wings and angled and duplicated it . Then you select all of it and use path then back minus front. This will give you the cut outs on the wings. I cut mine using Bazzill Mocha Divine. Cut two center portions of the pumpkin and layer them under your wing cut outs gluing them together.

Using the same brown piece and cropped the curly part off. Use the part that you cut the vine off of and turn it with the two bumps up. Copy and paste two extra pieces of this as one will be your feet and one will be the yellow part for the eye. Clean up any nodes by deleting them.  Using the other odd shape from that stem that was left over and using path and union bring the tear drop piece and the odd shape together to make the lid and eye part. I used Bazzill Black Bird. Size the piece to W 0.803 x 0.753. Cut two of the black and two of the yellow. Glue the black to the yellow slightly overlapping. This is not a perfect fit so use your creative eye for the eyes. lol
Using the same shape you used for the yellow of the eye cut two feet from American Craft Honeycomb Cardstock.

As Trina Struckman said in the comments I used the stem for the tail feathers and added lines using a maker. I added leaf lines for the ears and "hair".

Cut the bottom, middle and top of the pumpkin using Brown. I used Bazzill Mocha Divine. Cut the box shape. I used a paper from Celebrate Autumn by Echo Park.

Leave a little showing so you can see the feet. Train your tail feathers up and glue under the edge of the bottom pumpkin. You will be overlapping your tail feathers that is why I used two colors. Glue the pumpkin bottom to the box front. I did this while mine was flat then glued the box together. Glue your feet to the bottom underside of the middle pumpkin or tummy. Glue your head on next just over the top portion of the box and pumpkin. You will be covering the stem but it will be visible from the back. I used pop dots for the last center portion of the pumpkin and attached it at the center of the Head pumpkin. 
Layer your wings gluing them together. I used Cinnamon Bazzill Cardstock for the bottom layer and ran the two layers through my emboss machine using Cuttlebug African Batik emboss folder. Bend the wings slightly  and angle them gluing them over the edges of the tummy. 

Glue the eyes about half way onto the middle head piece. Train the top beak into a curve leaving the flat edge as a tap. This will be how the beak is attached to the face. Do the same for the lower beak. Adhere the lower beak first then the top over the lower beak. 
At the center top of the head glue the "ears" at and angle then to cover your seam do the same with the smaller leaves. These were trained into an upward curve. Glue a bow onto the middle part of the face at the "neck". Fill with treats and your done! 

I hope this makes sense to y 'all. Enjoy your owl and I would love to see them on my Facebook page Shara's paper Creations or Dreaming Tree whatever! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Craft'n Y'all!!!
 Blessings, Sharalyn

Here is the Link for the Freebie: Take a look around and see if there is anything else you make like. 
Pumpkin Treat Box

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Christmas Fantasy Lantern

Morning all,
The weather is starting to get cool here and the early mornings
are delightful! I wish that September would be cool but that is not the normal for us. On October 31st is when we feel the real change of the season, or that is how it usually is.

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am ready to be a little chilly and ready to decorate my house in fall splendor. I am ready to think about Christmas and glitter and all the wonderful things I can make with the fall decorations. So it is that I share my lantern. This is one that was free last month from Creatieve Papier Uitspattingen. I made it very Christmas looking and I hope that gets you in the crafting mood. Lets get started.

I cut the lantern using Bazzill Bitter Chocolate. I made a hole in the bottom platform to hold a tea light. The vellum and acetate were stamped with versa mark ink then embossed with a glittery clear emboss powder. The windows were not glued in but rather put in with score tape. Then frames for the windows insides cover the vellum and acetate edges. I wanted this lantern to draw you in when you looked at it.

For the Tree inside I used a small paper dowel like you would have found on wire hangers from the cleaners. I drilled holes to allow the light to shine through the tube and branches. The branches are a small sprig die cut from Poppy Stamps. Each branch is glued then I used pearl accents on the tree to create the snow and added ultra fine art glitter while it was still wet to the pearl accents. The bottom of the tea light was covered with Bazzill Bitter Chocolate paper. Then the top of the tree has a "light" like you would find in the Christmas section of a craft store. They are on a sting and would be used to hang on a small table tree. I popped the bottom off of it and glued it to the top of the tree. I liked how the teal light shown through.

I knew I wanted the light to shine down onto the tree so I put holes in the top polygon for the lantern after I covered it with the bitter chocolate paper and weaved the lights in and out of the polygon. I brought the lights through the top of the lantern and wrapped them around the post of the lantern. The tiny power pack with the switch is under the "tree" that leans against the post. I welded small snowflakes to the cut that has the holes for vents in the top of the lantern. That layer is glued under the orginal cut and Deco Art Snow Writer was used to great the dripping snow affect. While it was still wet I applied ultra fine Crystal Art Glitter.

Knowing this extra weight would be hard for the lantern to hold all by itself I added a cardboard tube in the center of the base stand and added chipboard to the top and bottom pieces of the base. I glued small glass stones to the inside as extra weight.

The leaning Tree is also made with the Poppy Stamps Die glued to the pole on the base and then on top of each other to create the leaning tree. Deco Art Snow Writer and Ultra fine Crystal Art Glitter was used again to create the sparkling snow effect.

This Lantern was so much fun to make and to lose myself in the creation of it. I have a couple more that have been requested of me to make and I will lose myself in their creation as well. They are gifts as was this one. To say I enjoyed myself in making it is an understatement. Cornia's Creations really let my creative expressions come out. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Enjoy your day and Happy Crafting Y'all!
Blessings Sharalyn

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Beauty and Reflection of Autumn

Hey y 'all,
It has been so hot and muggy here and just plain not fun! I have not been in my craft room very much although you will have to wait till September to see what I made recently. My craft room is a disaster! I plan on cleaning it up today so I can make another very large mess.. Anyhoo. I made this lantern last month.

There were a ton of firsts for me in this lantern that I made. I leaned how to make my own paper. I also learned that I could change the background paper color in my photo program for paper you print yourself. I made my own 3d tree and leaves. Now leaves are not that hard to make and the tree really wasn't either it was just a lot of trial and error. It looks really great and I love it but next time I will use wire in the branches or put less leaves on. The leaves weighted the tree branches down and gave them an angle I didn't like. Most of this is trail and error and next month I will share with you a couple more trials and errors. My mom says "how will you know if you dont' try"? Good question and since I grew up with this mindset y 'all get to benefit from it.

This lantern is called  "Autumn Lantern" the Artists name is Corina, She has a page called Creatieve papier Uitspattgen. As much as I can gather she is Dutch. Google translates her words as best it can so I do not know from her own words. She is a very creative artist and quite talented. I love well made detailed designs and she really does do them quite well. I paid for this file, but if you join her Facebook page and make one of her files then post it before the end of the month she will give you the freebie for that month. This month it is a hanging lantern. Hurry though, you only have till the end of the month to make and post something though or you will not get it for free. If you look for the paragraph were she explains how to get the freebie there is a link that you can download designs she has made for free. Make one of those and post before the end of the month. Make sure you post for the (put that months name in) freebie.  It is a complicated design and as she says in her own words not for a beginner.
 UPDATE: Cornia is no longer adding people to her Facebook group as someone did not respect her wishes and not share the file. Therefore you will need to purchase her files on her blog.

I printed on my Stampin Up Cardstock Vellum with a paper from Snapclick Supply. This is were I pay for and download a lot of my paper collections. I had changed the background to white so I could print the vellum without a color just the leaves. Then I changed it again to compliment the paper color I used. I had wanted to use a light inside the tree to shine on the leaves and give them a glowy look but it was to tall for the lantern. Maybe in the future I will find one that would work for that. I really would like to find even smaller lights or light strings that reflect something you would use in a village. I will have to keep hunting. The fairy lights are attached at the top of this lantern to shine down on the tree. I used a permanent ink pen to color the lights on the string with orange. This gave the lantern a warmer glow.  This lantern speaks to me in so many volumes. The beauty of the fall and in my mind, the Lord. He has made everything perfectly. This lantern that Cornia Created is both beautiful and delicate. I made one for my daughter as well but really need to take another crack at what she was desiring. While pretty and she likes it, it is not exactly what she loves. I need to do more research to find just the right element to help me achieve her desired lantern. While I usually post about Dreaming Tree or Svg cuts I have to admit the complicated designs of Corina are intriguing me. I still love both other companies I am just on a Creatieve papier kick.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. My apologies for not getting this done sooner it has been quite a month for me. Busy, Busy, Busy. I think I am looking forward to the cooler weather and the slower pace of Winter! Blessings to you all! Sharalyn

Happy Craftin' Y'all!!!!

I have been asked where I got the lantern pattern and Facebook will not allow me to share it saying it is unsafe. It is not... so here is the link to her blog.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Horray for the Red, White and Blue!

 Afternoon all!

On this day before the 4th of July I wanted to bring to you Mary Bonks Ginormous stars!!!
So festive and would work for Christmas, Birthday parties, Graduations all kinds of occasion's. The kit is called Mega Stars SVG Kit.

I saw these and loved them but they use a lot of paper for one star...and I live in a sleepy town where I can't just go down the street to get more. When I need more cardstock I have to order it. Well that is most people these days but 13 1/2 sheets per star is pricy to the normal person. To make three and they aren't even for you??? Honestly I did think twice about it. When I really thought about it and considered the joy it would give the person I was giving it to it was worth the cost to me. It is a surprise and while his wife might read this he will not. I can share with you this is for my Best friends husband for his birthday. We are having them over on his birthday on the 10th to celebrate our birthdays ( mine is on the 14th) and have burgers. Grover loves patriotic stuff just like I do and decorates his yard that way. I love going over and seeing what is new. I sealed these with glossy acrylic spray and am hopeful that if he puts them outside they won't fade to terribly.

The blue star is cut from Bazzill Admiral cardstock and embossed with a Darcie Fireworks folder, then I used Craf-t rub on Metallic paint which Trina Struckman told me about to bring out the emboss on it. The color I used was silver blue.

The Red and white stars was a bit more challenging and that is because I glued the panels on before putting the star together. It was VERY confusing to me and my suggestion is to glue the star together first then put your panels on. I did the internal panels as I put the star together. The base of the red star was cut from Bazzill Blush Red Dark. The White star was cut using American Craft White Card Stock. The internal papers are from Photo Play and the collection is called Live Free. I purchase this collection last year when it came out but purchased a lot of extra sheets of paper from as I loved this collection. I do that whenever I find something I can use in a lot of other projects.

Those are my stars and maybe next year I can make some for us. I look forward to using this Kit in many ways and for many celebrations. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I look forward to seeing the many designs to come using this Mega Star. One person in particular I am hoping she uses my idea and makes it.. I won't spoil it for you yet.. Thanks again and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Delicate and Beautiful Lanterne

Afternoon all!

It is a glorious Sunday afternoon and I am sharing with you the first item I have made from Creaiteve Papier. I was introduced to her designs through Helle Bilde Muller and her blog post. Helle and I were on the design team of Dreaming Tree together and I have seen many of Helle's Creations. I like to read her posts and see what she has made and what she is up to. It was one day that I read about a beautiful lantern Helle made. This is also Corina's design and though not the lantern Helle made, it is still a very pretty lantern. I will be making one like the one Helle posted about as well. Helle did a wonderful job with it.

For some crazy reason I became confused by what this lantern was made of and started making the body of it from acetate. I had no idea if this would work but felt is was very clever to make it from that as it would hold up a bit longer. Anyway it turns out that no it is supposed to be made with paper. I should say that the language of this blogger is Dutch and so you have to rely on goggle Translate to understand the jist of things. It doesn't take a translator to understand that her designs are well thought out and are quite lovely. This was what I thought anyway. I absolutely love lanterns and she does them very well.

I cut the body from acetate as I stated before. I had purchased a box of overhead transfers from a office supply store many years ago. Quite an expensive purchase for me at the time as it was 35.00 for this box. I thought I would never use the box up in my lifetime. If I were to make more designs using the acetate that might be possible but since I now understand I was wrong I might not use the whole box up.

Files can be used in Silhouette, Make the Cut or cut as an SVG. I loved how delicate this lantern was and have another idea which I am not willing to share just yet. Unlike another designer I have recently tired this gals files are complete and do fit quite well together. Instructions are in Dutch and you will have to translate them using Google.
I have been paper crafting many years now and enjoy it very much. I have started to design some of my own files and can appreciate a good design with great engineering. This designer does have that. Though I do miss the wonderful Videos I get from SVG cuts and Dreaming Tree, I see a great future with wonderful designs ahead with Corina. I look forward to sharing more of them.

I used American Craft White Card Stock and pearls from my stash to decorate this lantern as well as my Musical Flourish Emboss folder from Cuttle bug. This Folder is one I use quite often and it is one of my favorites.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog, I hope you will give Corina's Files a try. You have to contact her via her blogposts and give her the number of the files you want. They will send an email with the PayPal information and once you pay you will receive the files. Thank you again for stopping by. Happy Sunday and Happy Craftin' y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn