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Friday, August 8, 2014

Fall Happiness

Evenin' Y'all,
I am off to a stampin up stampin party tomorrow but I thought I would leave you with yet another idea I had from the new Haunted Forest SVG Kit. This one is the same size as the Jack O Lantern in the post before this one. Bring all the pieces for the Jack O Lantern onto the mat and size it so that the Jack O Lantern is about 4 inches high without the hat. This will make it fit perfectly onto the top of the Jar from Maison de Madeline SVG Kit. As I said in the last post make an octagon at 0.378 H and W, duplicate it and center one onto the bottom of the Jack O Lantern piece and one onto the insert for the Jack O lantern.
Make another octagon and duplicate it as well center each one onto the top of the lid and the insert. I use Silhouette Designer addition so that I can import SVG's into the program. Now choose your small octagon then holding down the shift key choose the outer octagon then right click and make a compound path. This will make the holes permanent in your file you can save them that way as well. It does not change the original file as it is saved as a Silhouette file.

 Now here is the part I forgot to tell you before. I made a rectangular box just inside the cut lines for the bottom of the Jar. Then moved the nodes a bit to give it kind of the slanted look just like the cut lines of the box. You would double click on the rectangle and tiny boxes will show up around the edges, those are nodes. Then all you have to do is click and drag it to the shape you want. If you have never played around with those before you should try. That is how I got interested in designing. Once you have it at the place you want then just click off of it. These will be your accent pieces for the bottom of the box.

I inked the edges of the scarecrows accent pieces with a Rusty Hinge Tim Holtz Ink pad. If you don't have that any brown ink pad will work. Then I used the same ink pad on my Card Stock Vellum from Stampin up and cut a small piece to fit over the nose and mouth. I glued that to the inside once the scarecrow was all put together. I used a soft Suede Marker from Stampin up to make the tiny x's for around the nose and to make the mouth. I drew on eyelashes with the same marker. I used pearlescent  chalk to make the blush on the cheeks. I didn't care for the brown vellum on the nose so I used YR07 orange maker to make the vellum orange and let it get a bit onto the edges as well.   I took pieces of Raffia and glued them here and there around the top of the Scarecrows head then glued the hat down on top of that. I also used the same ink pad and dabbed it here and there on the accents of the hat.

The hat is easy make it as you would but I used a tiny flower punch to take a couple of "bites" out of the brim. Before gluing the brim to the top of the hat I warped it with my hands to make it look like a worn hat. Then take your scissors and do a jagged cut to cut off the top of the hat. Bunch some Raffia together and glue to the inside of the hat.  The ribbon is a scrap I had from Stampin up that is jean material. So cute wish they still had it. Instead of tying it I crossed them on the brim and glued in place with glue dots. The buttons are from Buttons Galore, I love their buttons so so cute!

Add the raffia to the top of the box and then glue the "head" into place. Add the buttons for the shirt and adhere the battery operated tea light to the inside of the lid just like you did on the Jack O Lantern. The light goes through the octagon holes you made in the bottom of the scarecrow and the lid of the box. That was it. I didn't use any emboss folders this time but I think he turned out pretty cute and will be the perfect  hostess gift for my Stampin up Demonstrator tomorrow. The bottom of the box is empty and perfect for filling with a goodie or another gift. This way they have a lantern and you can fill it with something extra!  Thanks so much for stopping by again and Happy Craftin Y'all!!!!  Blessings Sharalyn

SVGCuts Kits Used:
Haunted Forest SVG Kit
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Graphic 45 French Country Collection
American Craft Card Stock, Straw, Pomegranate
Bazzill Card Stock, Arctic
Tim Holtz Rusty Hinge Ink Pad
Stampin up, Card Stock Vellum, Soft Suede Marker, Jean Ribbon
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks
Buttons Galore Buttons

UPDATE: I gave it to her and showed her what I had filled it with, later she noticed that it lit up. She was thrilled! Also had a blast and saw people I hadn't seen in a while! So fun to get together with Crafty friends! Blessings Sharalyn

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy Halloween in August????

Hi Y'all!
Well we have had a few days of cool and it almost seemed like fall here. Yep I wait and wait for it.. anyhoo Mary and Leo have released a new kit called Haunted Forest SVG Kit. It has a nifty spooky house and a witches hat and this very cool Jack O Lantern. Now I try to make Halloween fun not spooky, so I didn't do the house yet but I have lots more ideas and they include the Jack O Lantern again so hang in there I will get it done. I'm also still working on Christmas presents and my room is a total disaster right now. In fact I am going to clean it up after this post as it is bugging me.

 I used two kits with this creation, the first was the new Haunted Forest SVG Kit the second was the jar from Maison de Madeline SVG Kit. Bring that cute little Jack O lantern onto your mat and select the whole thing. Size the pumpkin down to about 4 inch tall. when I checked on my mat it said 7.613 H. 10.230 W. Make small octagon W 0.378 H 0.378 in both the insert and the bottom piece of the pumpkin. I glued the hat to the top of the pumpkin for ease when opening and closing Jar.  Glue together as Mary instructs on the Tutorial.

Now Open the Maison de Madeline SVG Kit and bring it onto your mat. Release compound path and un-group the lid file. Size the octagon to the W 0.378 H 0.378. Make a duplicate and center it onto the insert as well. Group it all together again then cut and glue as you normally would leaving the knob off, as this is where your tea light bulb will be coming through.

I used double sided tape to adhere battery operated tea light to the inside of the lid for the Jar. Put the bulb through the hole on the lid and then glue your Jack O Lantern onto the lid with the bulb going through the whole on it as well. I tied a ribbon around the top of the witches had and secured it with double sided tape as well. The buttons were from my stash and adhered to the jar using glue dots. This leaves the bottom of the jar open for filling with wrapped candy or a present.  Note: I glued the pumpkin to the jar.
Supply list will be at the bottom as usual.

That was pretty much it. As I said I have other ideas I am working on as well but you won't know when it will pop up. Guess you have to stay tuned... LOL Anyhoo, Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a spooktacular day y'all and Happy Craftin!!!!!!
Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Haunted Forest SVG Kit
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Graphic 45 Card Stock, Happy Haunting
American Craft Card Stock, Apricot
Bazzill Card Stock, Black, Arctic
Buttons Galore, Orange checked button, Trick or Treat Button
Twinery Twine, Orange and White
Michaels, Sheer Black and White Polka Dot Ribbon.
Darcy Emboss Folder, Wood Grain
Glue Dots, 1/2 in. All purpose Adhesives. Says it holds up to 8lbs.
Battery Operated Tea light is from Amazon, color changing tea light.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mary's files are Versartile!!!!

Evening Y'all!
Remember when I said on the bottom of my last post that I was going to try something? Well I did and it didn't turn out to bad at all. I wanted to try using my silhouette Cameo to cut fabric and I had seen something I wanted to try it with.  As you know I have been working on Christmas presents so as to have quite a bit done by the time Christmas rolls around. The ad I saw was for a cozy you make to go under a cup of warm tea or coffee or whatever. The one I saw was for a 7 1/2 in round cozy and they had used binding on the edges. I wanted something a bit simpler that someone wouldn't be so scared to use and not at all afraid to wash in the washer should it get dirty.

I started with the size. Now I have quilted for a while now and know that anytime you quilt something it gets smaller depending on how much stitching you do. So I started with about a 9 inch Square. Just like paper picking the fabric combos is just as time consuming, at least it is for me as I am really particular about color undertones going together. This comes from my training as a color consultant years ago. Remember that fad? anyhoo I picked the fabrics and then I knew I wanted to make something fall-ish as that is my favorite time of year. I chose the pumpkin and the leaf in the extra file of Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit.
Silhouette sells stuff you can iron onto the back of your fabric to then use it to iron onto your fabric like I did, but I used my Wonder Under because I already had it. Leave the paper on and iron your fabric square or rectangle to the same size Wonder Under. Then take that and put it on your mat, choose your design and fabric type from the drop down menu and then cut. It cut it like butter. Super simple to say the least. I took them of the mat, took the paper off and ironed it onto my fabric square. I adjusted my machine to do a satin stitch and stitched around it. Then I put my Warm and Natural scrap onto the back and freehand quilted it. I did the same with the back piece. Then stitched closely around the pumpkin and leaves with black thread just straight stitch. Trim your squares back to square and even and lay right sides together and stitch around the edge 1/4 inch leaving a small opening to turn right sides out. Cut triangle of the corners so your corners will turn better. Now give it a good press with the opening edges turned in a bit. Top Stitch and tie off your strings. Now give it a final press and your done.  You have now finished one Christmas present, Congratulations!!!! I think I will do a few of these to give to special people. Ones I know will used these. I have a  couple of plastic tubs I'm keeping my Christmas gifts in and when I am ready will wrap and put their names on them. I will then keep a list of what I have for whom so I do not forget. Well It has been a long day and I am ready for bed and Church tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessing, Sharalyn
SVG Kits Used:
Crisp Days Of Fall

Supplies Used:
Scraps from fabric Stash
Scraps of Warm and Natural from Stash
Wonder Under
Thread:Black and Gold Embroidery Machine Thread

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sweet Cuppa's

Mornin' Y'all!
Every Christmas time I think I should have started earlier on presents. This year I should have started earlier but it is hard to get yourself into that mode of thinking. Especially when it is over 100 degrees and about 40% humidity. We don't have air conditioning so I can't just crank up the AC like some of my friends do. I wanted to make some special gifts for our choir members that work so hard all year long to bring music to our church. So I used the coffee cups from (most of us drink coffee, tea or water) Good Day at the Office SVG Kit.

I cut the coffee cups out at the size they import but on hind site I am thinking making them a little smaller would have been better as they are a tall coffee size. This means I have no idea if the candy pkg I am ordering for these will fill all these cups. I thought 5lbs of Jolly Rancher Fire Candy would be enough but it may not be. We use those to clear our throats and sinus's so we can sing better. Plus we all love them.
 Most say the hardest part of making Mary's files is picking the paper. This is true of myself as well. Girls are fairly easy but guys???? That is a horse of a different color! Most of our guys love the outdoors so I had a lot of Imaginisce camping paper which worked well. I also used Echo Parks This & That and some Happy days by Echo Park for the guys. For the girls I used A ton of My Minds Eye I will list all the papers collections I used and the solid card stock at the bottom of this post.

These cups were easy to put together and went together fairly fast. I don't usually get done so quick on something like this. I used the top label to make my note to our choir. Very simply said Merry Christmas Choir. I printed these on two Clear Sticker Sheets from Silhouette and did a print and cut. It was a tiny bit off but maybe that is something I need to adjust. I haven't looked into it much as I typically don't use a lot of print and cut. The only reason for that is I don't have continuous ink system. I would love to but it can be pretty pricey getting the printer and ink system set up. Anyhoo, I adhered those to the a white bottom label and glued those onto the front of the sleeves. Because these will be in a box until the appointed time, I didn't want to put a lot of decorations on the front. I used the butterfly for the girls embossing the top wings with a Sizzix Flourishes emboss folder with enamel dots down the center. I folded flower centers in half and hot glued those to the sleeves, then hot glued the butterflies on top of that.   For the guys cups I cut mustaches, adding enamel dots for the buttons on a shirt. The stashes were mostly a silhouette file as I wanted curly stashes but a few are from the New Years Eve SVG Kit. The mustache can be found in the photo props part of that file.

That was pretty much it. I know I will have to make a few more when we start practice for Christmas as we always pick of a few extra people for the program but having most of them done really helps. I am off to do a little sewing, I saw a simple pattern for a cozy for your hot drink I want to try. I am going to use one of Mary's files again to cut the some of the pieces for it. I haven't tired this before using my Silhouette but I am told it works quite well. I will let you know. If you don't see it, know it was a complete fail and it went into the trash. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I really should have a cup of coffee ready for ya and a swing to sit on too! ;) Thanks again and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

PS You may have noticed I have a new gadget on my page, this is the new SVG cuts Top 40 gadget I am honored to be a part of. Thanks so much To SVG cuts for considering me a part of your Top 40! Let's hear it for SVGCuts Yay!!!!

SVG Kit's Used:
Good Day at the Office

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: Rouge, Peony, Raspberry, Black, Oregano, Coffee
Bazzill Card Stock: Turquoise Mist, Black, Arctic, White
My Minds Eye Card Stock: Market Street Ashbury Heights, The Sweetest Thing Lavender, My Minds Eye The Sweetest Thing Bluebell, Now and Then Milo, Cut & Paste Flair Wow
Echo Park Card Stock: Happy Day's, This & That Vintage Boy, Everyday Eclectic
Imaginisce: Great Outdoors
Sizzix Emboss Folder: Flourishes
Enamel dots: My Minds Eye, Recollections
Flower Centers: Michales
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Thank You Card for Mom (Please Don't Eat the Daisies)

Hi Everyone!!!!
I thought I would switch it up a bit with that greeting, LOL. I wanted to make a card for two people that are special to me in my life, so this is how this card got started. I needed a thank you card for my MIL. She gave me a little birthday check and I was taught to say thank you and she likes to know what I did with the money. I was also making a card for a special friend I have never met in person but talked to often. He is a really sweet guy and near the same age as my own son. He feels often like my son and I truly love his talent and gifts, but that card will not be appearing for y'all but will be special just for him.

I started with the picket fence and remembering the huge Daisies that my mom used to have and how they seemed to me to be wavy hello in the wind at 10. Yeah I do a lot of remembering when I was young, that seems to be the way it is as you get older. Then I thought of that wonderful show I used to watch on TV. It was called Please don't eat the Daisies. I think my favorite part was watching the big dog tromp around in the daisies and mess them up. I do remember the show but not much. So that is where this idea for this card was born from. Yes, I know a long way to go for the card but I got to it finally. ;)

Read the instructions first before putting the card together as I jumped the gun on putting on the eyes, sorry about that.
Glue the box form together at the tab then center the fence pieces onto the box form. The fence pieces should be glued with the box edge lining up with the top rung on the fence. Do this to all sides till you have a little fenced box. Glue the flowers and centers to the extra flower pieces then glue those to the one matching the center piece for the card. This is to add stability to the center piece. Glue the flowers with the tabs facing toward the back of the fence in the inside. to make sure the card will fold flat, fold it each way flat to the right and to the left. If a side pops out of place adjust it down a bit. You will need to make sure the flower leaves fit between the rungs of your fence. Choose your sign. I made three that I used my silhouette sketch pens to write on the cards. You can use a stamp if you like and it will fit. I made an extra sign to put onto the front you can use it to write on or stamp on, or you can stamp or write onto the single sign. The extra is for stability if you so desire.
 The little dog is made to look like the dog from the TV show but you can make it any color or pattern you like. The rounded tuft of fur is for his head then there are two pieces for his nose and mouth area. One white or whatever color and one black to make his nose black. I did end up using Black Glossy accents to make his nose and eyes, anyway but the choice is yours. I am sure you could use a white heart and color it with a Copic or permanent marker and make the nose and little black pearls for his eyes. The white part sticking down is his tongue. I used Taffy Smooch to color his tongue, but a pink or red maker would work as well. The legs are put on next and the left (when your looking at it from the top) foot fits into a slight bulge on the bottom next to his hind leg. The right leg is set just a bit off the edge at the bottom.The second tuft is for his chest area and should be put on before you put the collar on, as the tag fits a bit over it. Glue the tail to the back edge of the dog. I used a light grey ink to ink the edges a bit and give it a bit of dimension before I adhered the tail. Now glue the black to the back and all those pieces to the white. I kind of jumped the gun about the eyes but now you'll see where the eyes go and can decide what you will use to make them. The insert with the dog is to  be adhered to the back inside of the fence, flush with the top rung. Make sure when you add your inserts you can fold it either way so that it lies flat. The extra white piece is for the back for you to adhere it to the back of the card so you can write a personal message but you don't have to add it if you don't want to. 
The extra dog and the flower are for you to see how the dog goes together and are not meant for you to cut them. Make the doggie anyway you like leave the tufts off or on patterned paper or not. Your creative and I know it will look cute no matter how you make it. The flower was left that way so if you desired to write something different on your fence piece, you could place the flower on the sign and that would give you a better idea as to where to place your letters to make it fit. Of course you can make it however you like. To me that is the beauty of files like this is you can make it your own. Please use this for personal use only and if someone asks about where you got it send them to me. I would be happy to share. I do not have it is svg form though and do not have a way to convert it. I create on Silhouette DE and use the newest version as I love the new features. I do have it saved in version 2 as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a blessed day and Happy Craftin! Blessings, Sharalyn

 Supplies Used:
Bazzill Cardstock:White,black
American Craft Card stock: Olive, Clay
 Inkssentials Enamel Accents, Black
Clearsnap Smooch: Taffy (looks like a nail polish bottle)
Patterned Card stock from Stash

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Special Card for Thomas

Hi Y'all!!!!!!!
Boy did I miss you!
We took a much needed vacation to the mountains as some of you know and spent about a week in the coolness of Big Bear. One of my favorite places to go. I celebrated my 54th birthday up there and could not believe what came out of my hubs mouth! He said I would be 60 in 6 yrs, What? when did that happen???? LOL anyway, we had a wonderful time and I knew when I got back I needed to get cracking on my grandson Thomas's birthday card. He is 5 this year! Whoa! no wonder I am getting older, it is my grand children's fault! Just kidding I love those kiddos!

I knew I wanted to do something special for Thomas and happened on an ad with the planes photo in it. Now I have not seen this movie but if you've read my blog before you know I love Disney movies. When I was a young girl I would sit on the floor with a pad of paper and markers and draw for hours. All Disney stuff and actually wanted to work in animation department when I was young, about 14. 

I thought It would be pretty easy to alter a box card from SVG Cuts to make the card I wanted but my husband and his blunt honesty told me I needed to start over. Not in those words but he said no matter what I did to narrow the flaps on the box card it would still look like a box with flaps. Hmph! back to the drawing board so to speak. I remembered Mary's design of the paino box card and thought well that is the right shape. When I looked at it I thought ok I can cut off this cut off that.Then I thought wow it would be easier to just start from scratch and make it all myself, so I did.
Now you need to remember what I tell you about designing when you look at this. I started with shapes, looking at the photo I printed in my printer to "copy" it. I say "copy" because it is NOT an exact match. It looks close enough that my soon to be 5 grandson will not care.
So here is the best I can do on telling you how to put it together. Cut out all the pieces of the box card,  the wings and flaps (yes there is a flap on the back like real airplanes and yes it folds),eyes and accent pieces. Glue the box as you would any box card that Mary from SVG Cuts makes. If you have made the piano it is the flap to a straight side and so forth till you have a square shape. The head of the plane is glued in with the flaps facing the front, but first glue the eyes in place I used the photo to look at where they should be placed then placed the top piece on to make sure I had them in the right place. After your sure it is all in the right place glue it all together.  I will tried to think of a way to make it easier for y'all but I couldn't. I am going to change one piece so it will be all one and then you just use a piece of vellum (color it with pigment ink first then cut on the side you didn't ink it) in the center of the little window. I used a black sakura pen to draw the black around the edge. The white dots on the eyes is a done using a white gel pen. To add a bit of dimension to the eyes I used a darker orange pen and inked around the sides and top of the orange cut out before I glued it all together. The tail piece is designed the same way as the front  only there is a cut out for the tail-fin. Put the flap through the whole and glue the flap to the back facing right. This is so that when you fold the card you are folding the tail-fin to the left. The D is glued the the left side of the fin and the 7 is glued to the right. The tiny pieces on the fin are glued on the fin flush with the score line. Both sides of the fin on my card have the blue accent pieces but that is totally up to you. I glued the blue accent lines onto the silver accent pieces then onto the sides of the plane. Glue the rest of the silver accent pieces in place. Be sure to glue the silver nose piece onto the top of the flap. (I have done the reverse on another card duh) line your propeller onto the lower edge of the nose and poke a hole then insert a small brad to hold it in place. The tag is just glued to the back inside after I wrote on it. here is the part you didn't see. There are two flaps on the back for the moving part of the plane. My hubs says it helps them fly, Thank God for that cuz I already am not fond of small planes. Glue the long part of the flaps together leaving the scored part open to glue to the back of the plane. Think of it as a sandwich the two are glued facing each other so that you have a Y shape the top of the Y will be glued to the back of your plane. Glue the small flaps onto the back sides of the plane above your accent pieces. Now to fold it flat to mail, Bend the nose piece up so that the propeller faces in. Fold the wings up and the tail-fin to the left. The flaps on the back can be folded to the right. I did not make an envelope for it as I usually put cards like this in a bubble wrap envelope I get at the dollar tree. Two for 1 dollar. This is a good value to me as I prefer my cards not to be mangled by the post office machines. Y'all know what I am talking about. :) If you make one of these I would love you to post a picture on my Facebook page or you can email me. This card came out of a desire to make something special for my grandson and as most of you know already God helped me make it. Please be kind if you make one and let the person know it was my design. I do not have a Etsy shop or anything else I just love making this stuff so very very much. Blessings Everyone and Happy Crafting.
Blessings Sharalyn
Here are some photos I hope this helps, please be patient with me I have not made it into a zip yet.

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card stock: White, Black,Sapphire,Concrete,Lagoon,Marine
Recollections Silver Brushed Small Brad.
My Minds Eye Orange Enamel Dot
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Monday, June 30, 2014

Smore' Summer

Morning Y'all!!!!!

I was anxiously waiting for the new Parkside Row SVG Kit to be released from SVG cuts and well, honestly they took to long for me and my mind wandered. I started thinking about Big Bear and taking a vacation and my mind when there. My hubs says what is this for? My reply? They took to long for the new kit to be released and my mind wandered. Ya know I can't be idle that long. He laughed and said it was cute. Thank God my husband understands my need to create.

Start with the Lantern from Stars and Stripes SVG Kit and cut it at the size it imports, then before you glue the sides all on use the panels for the top and release compound path then take out the stars and cut that out of vellum. I used a pigment ink pad to color my vellum an orange color as if it were from the firelight. The frames that go on the inside I cut out of Tangerine AC Cardstock. That was to further give the look of the "glow" from a fire. I have a large box of overhead write on sheets I use to cut the windows from. Seriously I am going to be shocked when I run out I have so much. I cut two inside bottom pieces for the lantern one out of Coffee AC cardstock then one out of the Smore's paper from Imaginisce. I bought the paper 
last year as I knew the consolation paper would come in handy and the Smores  paper was just so cute! I glued the vellum to the inside top of the lantern then glued it together with the exception of the window area. I used double sided 1/8 tape to glue the sides of the lamp together. This is also How I put the plastic on the window area as well.

On the the fire pit so to speak. I used the bottom of the inside lamp piece to "measure" the size of the firebox I made. Bring all the pieces onto your mat and size it using that inside accent piece of the lamp to make sure it will fit, also think about the size of your tea light..  I cut the top but first added a .50 sized circle to the top of the box, the accent and the cut out fire circle that goes on top. This was to allow the bulb from the battery opp tea light to fit through. Since the ones I have flicker I thought this would be a realistic touch. Then I used more of the orange vellum to cut the flames. I bent the bottom of the flames up and glued them onto the cut out fire piece. Then glued those onto the top. Now for the top and bottom. Cut one top and one bottom sides, no bottom piece. I did not glue the bottom onto the fire box. Instead I glued the top of the box together first then turned the flaps on the bottom over and glued the flaps to the inside of the lid. Try to use a patterned card-stock as I found that has a bit more give with fitting over the tea light. I had to squeeze it in and put glue dots on the top to get it to stay. If I had made the lantern larger I could have used the box I think and simply made the box big enough for the tea light. I had already gotten the lantern made and I wasn't going to make another. LOL After I put the tea light in I used some double sided tape to hold the two fire vellum's in place I used Gathered Twigs ink pad on the Vanilla card-stock for the marshmallow for the toasted look.

The Trees and the bears are from Country Forest SVG Collection. I used a chevron emboss folder for the trees and black glossy accents for the eyes and nose of the bears. To get the right size for the bears I used the trees as my guide. The camp smore pennant  was sized way down and then I used tweezers to put the pieces in place. ( No I cannot hold anything that small without dropping it) The Buttons were from our local fabric store and I am sure you could find them anywhere, but just in case you can't there is always Button's Galore and more online. That is all I did to make this but I do love how cute it turned out. Thank so much for stopping by, stay cool ya'll it is HOT here! Blessings on you all and Happy Craftin' my friends! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Stars and Stripes SVG Kit
Camp Firefly SVG Kit
Camp Smore SVG Kit
Forest Country SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Imaginisce, Outdoor Adventure, S'mores, Wild & Free
American Craft Cardstock: Coffee, Chocolate, Chestnut, Tangerine, Evergreen, Caramel, Vanilla
Ranger: Black Glossy Accents
 Stampin up: Linen Thread, Card-stock Weight Vellum
3M Write on Transparencies
Score Tape 1/8 inch.