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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vintage Golf Pants and Hat Gift Boxes

Happy Saturday Y'all!

I hope your having a great day and getting lots of crafting or family time today!
We live about 50 miles from Palm Springs and every year they have what used to be called the Bob Hope Classic. It is just one of the many  golf tournaments  that area has every year. My father in law used to work it when he was able. As Mark gets older his tastes in sports have changed, in that he watches a lot more golf than he used to. With all the golf on the TV lately and St Patrick's Day coming I have been thinking about how the Scottish as I understand it, invented golf. All of that over the pond way of thinking and the wonderful paper from Doodlebug just got my creative ideas flowing. So this is my old time Golf pants (which seem to be making a come back) and hat. I think it looks very cool but what do I know?

 I used the cauldron from Party On Elm Street SVG Kit to make the pants, now I know your thinking what in the world? Really the only altering you will do will be with your scissors and the way you glue it. Cut the cauldron out at the size it imports. Glue the each half together as you would normally. Glue the triangular pieces into place to cover the open areas. Glue the bottom portion of each "leg" two flaps up to close the area and make it look like a pant leg.  Leave the top open on both "pant leg pieces. Start with the back and glue the two top flaps to the inside of one leg. The flaps are valley folds glued to the inside of the one pant leg. The front of the pant flaps are then glued to each other in the inside. Refer to the photo for help.

Glue the top flaps down as you would and then glue an 6 sided octagon sized at W 1.750 x H 1.652  to the ends of the pant legs. The inside of the pant legs are cut straight across at the top as you will not need the whole accent piece. I hot glued a ribbon into place sliding the buckle on first. The buckle is easy peasy to create.
Make a larger rounded square  and a slightly smaller one. Center the smaller one inside the larger one and make a compound path, then make a skinny rounded rectangle and place in the center of the compound path you just made, weld it into place.  For SCAL or ecal users use the shapes menu to make the same buckle or Mary has several in different kits you could use as well this is for everyone including the cricut peeps. You would just need to size it down to W 0.668 x H 0.559 or close to that to make it look right for the pants. I will list the kits that have buckles in them along with links at the bottom of this post.

The Golf Clubs are the pool stick from The Green Room SVG Kit and the head of the Clubs are from Fun and Games SVG Kit. Cut the Pool cue W 5.290 x H 1.832.  Make the Golf Club heads at the size the import. Assemble the golf club heads as you normally would. To make the Metallic outer edge of the golf clubs I used Versa Mark on the paper straight pad to paper then added the silver embossing powder and heated it with my heat gun. For the lines on the putter I heat embossed the silver part twice then
while the powder was still warm I used a small stylus to make the lines. I think you could use just about anything that was mildly sharp to do that, finish assembling those and set aside. Now take your scored and pre-folded pool cue and add glue to the narrow top end inside. Have a length of Washi Tape cut and ready to wrap around the end of the pool cue. set the golf club ends into the glue and wrap the washi tape around the end. Finish gluing the side of the golf club together. Those will be set inside the pants just for looks.  I would have added "grip washi tape to the ends of the golf clubs but I do not have any brown washi tape. Because the pants are deep I added kraft color shredded paper first then added the golf clubs. I think you could put candy in them or a golf pass for the day or golf balls and T's. This could be a birthday, anniversary, St Patrick's Day or Father's Day gift.

To make the golf hat you only need to make the baseball hat and trim the brim to a narrower visor. To Trim the visor I used my scissors. I used the pieces for the hat to make my accent pieces. Make the hat pieces longer. The size for those pieces are W 3.044 x H 5.250. Using your scissors again just trim off the flaps for gluing.  I curl my pieces slightly with a pencil before I glue into place.  Glue the top into place first then glue the bottom. You will have to push down a bit to give it more of the look of the vintage golf hat. When you do this will help you see where it may need to be glued down a bit more to hold it into place. I added the white dash lines after putting those into place. The pom is made using Twine I had from the Twinery. The colors will be listed below in the supplies list. I wrapped them around a 2 1/4 inch wide piece of cardboard about 12 times. I would have done it more to make it thicker but I ran out of twine. That will be another purchase I will need to make and I have found I prefer Trendy Twine. The colors are better to me and the twine is a bit thicker. Slide a 6 inch long price of twine under the loops on the cardboard and tie a knot. Carefully slide the twine off and tie the remainder around the other loops as well. Tie it in a knot several times to make it tight. I cut my loops and using my cuttlebee scissors I used the tip to unravel the threads. I put the two ends of the twine through the small hole in the top and put a dap of hot glue on the inside top then wrapped the ends into a circle to hold it all into place and look a little neater.
That is all there is to these two projects and I think the person in your life that loves golf will love these. This could totally be made for the woman golfer as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Happy St. Patrick's Day and I happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Party On Elm Street SVG Kit
The Green Room SVG Kit
 Fun and Games SVG Kit

Kits with Buckles:
Happy Holidays SVG Kit
Happy Thanks SVG Kit
Buckles SVG Collection
I am sure there are more but this is what I found for now.

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: Evergreen
Bazzill Card Stock: Nutmeg
Doodlebug Card Stock: happy-go-lucky Collection
Recollections Gold Glitter Card Stock
Versa Mark Ink
Stampin Up Silver Emboss Powder
Twinery Twine, Honeydew, Pea Pod
1/4 inch Wide White Grosgrain Ribbon
Sakura White Gel Pen
Washi Tape from Stash
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Stampin Up Emboss Heat Gun
Silhouette Cameo

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Very Lucky Puppy

Hey Y'all,
One of the things I have been working on for St Patrick's Day is the Lucky Puppy! I got the idea from a kit of Mary's called Charm and Chance SVG Kit. In this kit there is a card with this cute doggie on it. Now I did embellish my Lucky puppy a bit, adding the extra circle around the eye of the dog like the one on Little Rascals. Lucky just seemed like he needed that to balance out him a bit. So without further ado I bring to you Lucky the Puppy and I hope you enjoy this lucky foot too!

I started with the 3d bunny from Bunny Hop SVG Kit. I cut the head the same as on the bunny but added a couple of accent pieces to the head using the head peices as my outline. The oval was subtracted from the panel piece and an extra piece was added to the top of the head using the octagon and then cutting with scissors to fit the way I wanted it to. The ears are the same bunny ears but adjusted to the shape of the doggie ears. When you glue the ears in you will bend the ears down to the shape you want them to be in. To make the ears just ungroup and then release compound path using the ear from the Lucky puppy on the card will help you shape it. I made the ear piece from the card large enough to fit the shape on the ear then double clicked on the ear shape and moved the nodes on the bunny ear to be below the ear piece from the lucky puppy card, then I just welded it to the ear piece and re-grouped the ear to keep my score lines. Just duplicate that and maker sure you flip it so you have a mirror image, you will have a total of 4 pieces just like you would with the bunny ears. I used my Cuttlebug Argyle emboss folder to add interest to the black on Lucky the Puppy.

Before cutting out the body of the puppy you will need to make narrow slits in the sides of piece number 1& 5 this is for your back legs. Make them as long as you made your leg pieces. I made mine W 0.029 x H 2.303. I used the tea pot spout for the front legs from Honeybee Tea SVG Kit and the cut out for the spout as well. To use the cut out you will need to un-group and release compound path, make a duplicate and turn upside down. Insert into piece # 2 and 4 about a inch from the top.

To make the legs I used the legs from the puppy card file but cut down the center using my knife tool, then I took a extra bunny ear and cut off the piece that would fit inside the bunny along with the score lines.  I made it long enough to fit the legs and then welded them into place.  This assures me they will fit against the body just as Mary designed the ears to fit. The paws were made using the foot from the bunny but reducing them. Do this by double clicking on the ungrouped foot and deleting nodes.
I used the paw print from Doggie Pals SVG Collection  to make the cut outs of the paw, insert and back paw the same shape for the feet. Place the paw print on the inside of the reduced foot and adjust the nodes of the outside of the foot to fit the shape of the paw print. Make two duplicates of  the outside of your now adjusted foot and save off to the side. Be sure to flip one outside foot to have a right and left foot.  Draw a box around the paw print and the outside of your foot and right click then choose make a compound path. This will be the underside of your foot. Make another two duplicates of the outer foot to be the insert or pink side of the foot.  Glue the insert to the front of the paw and then glue that to the front leg portion, glue the back of the paw onto the back of the leg. Use a black marker to cover the pink insert of the paw around the edges before you glue it into place. The pink portion of the paw was embossed with cuttlebug tiny bubbles and then vintage photo ink was used to give the look of a dirty paw.

The front legs are made using the tea spout from Honeybee Tea. I lengthened the spout and left the back of the spout off. This was so I could glue the top of the spout to the inside then the side flaps of the spout to the outside of the body.  I spread the flaps out a bit to give the leg a more rounded look. Lengthen the spouts from Honeybee Tea SVG Kit to W 2.715 x H 1.730 for the side pieces and W 1.611 x H 3.425  The toes are white and green 1/2 pom  pom balls hot glued to the bottom of the leg. I used the shamrocks from Charms and Chance SVG Kit sized at W 0.853 x H 0.845, W 0.993 x H 0.983. I cut one of each and embossed them with cuttlebug swiss dots emboss folder. I inked the edges with Stampin Up Garden Green Ink. I added a 1/4 inch green bow to the top of the head. The collar is a 1/2 inch grograin ribbon  that I put an eyelet through then tied the twine onto the collar with and eyelet through the shamrock. The name Lucky was written on the shamrock with my Sakura Jellyroll pen.

That is my Lucky Puppy and I hope you like him.Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, have a great night and a wonderful St Patrick's Day. Happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

Svg Kits and Collections used:
Bunny Hop SVG Kit
Honeybee Tea SVG Kit
Charm and Chance SVG Kit
Doggie Pals SVG Collection Part 1

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock Glossy White
American Craft Card Stock: Evergreen, Peony, Cricket,Cotton Candy
Recollections Black Card Stock
Recollections Black Enamel Dots
Ranger White Glossy Accents
Stampin Up Garden Green Ink
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Ink
Grosgrain ribbon for stash
Green 1/4 inch ribbon from stash
1/2 inch White and Green Pom Poms
2 eyelets
Twinery Twine: Pear
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Silhouette Cameo

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

May the Luck of the Irish....

Mornin' Y'all!
It is a beautiful morning again and spring has started to show itself in our plants and flowers.  Spring makes me think of flowers, Valentines day and St. Patrick's Day with Easter soon. Exciting for us as we very much enjoy this time of year. All to soon it will be very hot and fans will be going in our house 24/7. So I thought I would bring to you my newest creation, and if you look  at certain kit from SVG Cuts you can see where I got the idea to make it. May the Luck of the Irish fall on you!

Using the hot air balloon from High Skies SVG Kit, I made the hot air balloon at the size it imports. I knew I wanted to use the cauldron from Party On Elm Street SVG Kit as the pot of Gold, so I reinforced the holes of the balloon with eyelets. I used my Crop-a-dile to add the eyelets to the balloon and the cauldron after they were assembled. I used American Crafts Card Stock colors Cricket, Evergreen and embossed them with Cuttlebug Argyle folder and Sizzix Plaid emboss folder. I bought a 6x6 doodlebug pad called kraft in color to cut two of the accent papers for the balloon. The shamrock paper is loose paper from Hobby lobby. I had wanted to use the doodlebug collection Happy go Lucky but was unable to find it. I think this worked out nicely though. I have since found it thanks to Katie Smiley and Susan White. I have another idea in mind to use the paper for so thank you again to both those lovely ladies.

The cauldron was sized to W 9.836 X H 8.437, this is with all the pieces on your virtual mat at once.  I made a cut out of a shamrock in the bottom of the "Pot of Gold" Sized at W 0.719 x 0.710 using the shamrock from the Lucky Puppy Card in the Charm and Chance SVG Kit The proper name for that svg is, green.svg. Center the Shamrock in the bottom of the Cauldron and select all, choose the modify window and subtract. I covered the shamrock on the inside of the pot with a 1 inch circle of  green Card stock Vellum from Stampin Up. I colored the Vellum green myself with my pigment ink and a sponge before adhering it to the inside of the pot. A second bottom was adhered to the inside and cut at W1.580 x H 1.580 this was to cover the vellum and make it look a bit more polished. Make sure to add your shamrock to this one as well. Line up your shamrocks to be center when you glue to the inside. If you wish you can add a battery operated tea light to shine the shamrock on the surface below.

 I used a 1/8 inch hole punch to punch the holes for the eyelets on the pot. I could not get the crop-a-dile in the pot to punch it without tearing the pot. I used two colors of green and white twine to make the strings for the balloon and tied green bows around the stings at the top of the pot. The Strings were made with shorter ones in the back to look as thought the pot were pouring out its luck. Make the two in the front longer. I added a bit of glossy accents to hold the knots in place before adding the bows to the top. Another shamrock was added to the front of the pot and a gold rinestone was added to the middle.
To make the shamrocks pouring out the luck on you, I used a very thin strip of overhead transparent sheet and glued the shamrocks cut in different sizes to it using Ranger Multi Medium matte.  The Shamrocks are cut at smallest to largest W0.541 x H 0.535, W 0.666 x H 0.660, W 0.791 x H 0.783, W 0.916 x H 0.907, W 1.041 x H 1.031. I cut three sets of these and embossed and inked them using emboss folders from Cuttlebug, Swiss dots and Argyle, Sizzix emboss folder plaid. I used a darker ink to bring out the embossing.

The Banner for the balloon was also embossed using Cuttlebug's argyle emboss folder and inked with Stampin up's garden Green ink. I am not sure this ink color is still available but you could almost always find these on ebay. Using the smallest shamrock size I cut shamrocks for the banner as well and added embossing and ink to those along with a gold rhinestone for the centers of those. The top of the balloon is also embellished with shamrocks and a green rhinestone was added to the center of those. I colored the clear rhinestones using my copic marker G29. The gold ribbon around the top of the pot was from my stash and has wire in it so I only had to hot glue the to ends into place.  There you have it, a wee bit of the Luck of Irish pouring out on you. I hope you enjoy this project and I would love to see pictures if you decide to make one.

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending time with me. Have a wonderful day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
High Skies SVG Kit
Party On Elm Street SVG Kit
Charm and Chance SVG Kit

Supplies used:
American Craft Card stock: Cricket, Evergreen
Doodlebug Card Stock: Kraft in Color 6x6 pad
Paper Studio Shamrock Paper
Bazzill smooth white Card Stock
Recollections Black Card Stock
Recollections Rhinestones
Stampin up Card Stock Vellum
Stampin up Garden Green Ink
TheTwinery Twine: Peapod, Honeydew
Cuttlebug Emboss folder: Argyle, Swiss Dots
Sizzix Emboss folder: Plaid
Ranger Mulit Medium Matte
Copic Sketch Pen G29
Clear overhead sheets
Eyelets from stash
Scotch quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo

Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Sweet Ol' Valentine

Happy Saturday y'all!!!!

Sometimes you just need to play with really pretty paper and I get that with Graphic 45 papers. I love the vintage feel to these papers. I had this collection from last year and hadn't played with it yet. I looked at the papers first and thought about the kits from SVG Cuts. That helped me decide which papers to use and which kits would be awesome with this. So here is my take on the soap box from Honeybee Tea SVG Kit and the stamp card from Santa's Visit SVG Kit.

I made the soap box from Honeybee Tea SVG Kit at the size it imports. I used the Valentines papers from Graphic 45 Sweet Sentiments Collection. I loved the one Graphic that said "My Valentine" and used it as the focal point of my design. I used Tim Holtz vintage photo ink to give the papers an aged look. The accents were embossed using Cuttlebug musical notes emboss folder, then inked with vintage photo ink to bring out the embossing. The top panel which was used as my focal point for the box was inked as well.   I hot glued the lace around the top of it here and there. I added the bow to the top of that and used My Art Embellishments tiny keys I found at Michaels to put onto the ribbon. Using scissors I cut out the extra words to adhere to the bottom and sides of the box making sure they were inked as well. The whole box was inked as well to give the "Antique look" to it. This is one of the wonderful things about Graphic 45 papers is their dedication to the true vintage look.  I had wanted to use a stamp punch for some of the squares I added but that is one thing I do not have yet. Since it has come up several times now I need to make that purchase, instead I used a small square punch. 

To continue the whole feel of this gift I wanted to use the Stamp card from Santa's Visit SVG Kit. I cut it at the size it imports but made the background bottom panel slightly smaller and at an angle to look like postcards on top of the card. I put  it in back of the panel from the paper, then used the background top panel and used that on the base of my card.The background bottom panel was embossed with Musical Flourish Emboss folder from Cuttlebug to complete the entire look of the gift.  The antique adhesive nails are from K& Company and  were from my stash. I bought them on clearance a couple of years ago. I will have to look for something like that again as they have been very handy to have. All panels were inked. I know I am repeating myself but this is crucial to the old world look. Using the same ribbon in the corner and another darling My Arts Embellishments tiny key I hot glued those into place.

This will be a wonderful Valentines day gift box and card for someone special. Thank you so very much for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever your doing today and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Honeybee Tea SVG Kit
Santa's Visit SVG Kit

Supplies Used:

Graphic 45 Card Stock: Sweet Sentiments Collection
Close to My heart Card Stock: Vanilla
Tim Holtz Distress Ink:Vintage Photo
Cuttlebug Emboss Folder: Musical Notes
My Art Embellishments: Tiny Keys
K& Company Antique Metal Adhesives
Lace from Walmart
Ribbon from Stash
Hot Glue
Detail Glue Gun
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo

Monday, February 2, 2015

From Andy and Anne with Love

Hey Ya'll!
I hope your having a great day! I got an idea a week ago in the wee hours of the morning.  Now here is how the conversation went in my head and if I had been able to hear God I am sure he was getting a good chuckle at my expense. How am I going to do that God? (panic set in for a second) then, Oh I don't have to you will come up with it. I relaxed and the ideas started coming. So here are Raggedy Ann and Andy with love.

I started with the scarecrow from Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit. I wanted to make Annie first as I was pretty sure she would be more challenging. I made the scarecrow at the size it imports. I glued the shirt and the head together first. I cut the shirt from Little Yellow Bicycle for the shirt and American Craft Peony for the flesh colored head. Glue the head onto the top of the shirt  then using the Curly Q's from Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit cut the hair at W 11.00 x H 0.526. I used a wooden paint brush handle to first curl the paper strips as you would ribbon when you wrap packages, then wrapping them tightly around the paint brush. I cut the ends at an angle and glued each to the top of the head, then glued them to the side of the head. Leave a few stray hairs sticking up to make it a bit more realistic. Next I added the eyes and eyelashes. Black for the eyelashes and brown for the rest of the facial features using a black and brown pen. I used a photo of a Raggedy Anne doll I found on amazon as my example. The eyes are black enamel dots from Michaels. I put a tiny dot of white Ranger Accents on the enamel dots of the eyes.  The nose was cut at the size it imports. I drew the mouth on leaving an opening in the center for the pearl heart from Hero Arts. An enamel heart or button would be cute as well. I added Pebbles Pearlescent Chalk for the cheeks.

 I cut a collar by rounding the ends of a piece of 1/2 wide eyelet lace. I hot glued those into place and added a 1/8 wide red ribbon bow for the center. I had tiny heart buttons I glued to the front of the dress then glued three layers of eyelet lace to the bottom . The legs were made using white card stock, then gluing red strips of paper around the legs to inmate the stripes on Annie's Socks. The pantaloons are the sleeves for the shirt. I cut those at W 7.767 x H 2.666. Glue the sleeves together leaving the last side open so you can slip them around the legs. I embossed the pieces of the pantaloons before gluing them together using Cuttlebug paisley folder. Place them around the leg and  glue the final seam together. Glue the flaps to the top of the legs at the ends, these will be hidden by the last row of lace but if it bothers you make a square to cover the ends.
I hot glued red baby ric rack around the lower end of the pantaloons and around the top row of lace for the skirt.
Her shoes I designed myself to fit over the end of the foot. I did this as well for the boys shoes and guess what? Those are free to you! My gift to you as loyal SVG cut fans!
I asked Leo and Mary's permission to share these files I designed with you as courtesy to them and the amazing files they create for us. This is because I had to use the shape of the foot to get the right size for the shoes. Raggedy Anne has Maryjane's and Andy just has a black shoe. For both Anne and Andy's shoes glue one top flap to one side of the shoe then wrap the shoe around the foot and glue the flaps on the bottom to the bottom of the foot. Put a dab of glue under the other flap and glue in place. The Strap for the Maryjane gets glued over the top of the shoe to the side.

For Andy start with the shirt and head working on the hair and face till your ready for his pants. The collar is a 2in wide triangle that I trimmed to fit. I tried to make a cut for you but it just didn't work. I did curl the ends down a bit. Notice the photo inserted here.

 The legs are made the same as Annie but for his pants I used to top of the legs. Count down 6 score lines from the top of the leg and cut across the top of the 7th score line using your knife. You will need to ungroup and release compound path first. Move the numbers and circles for each leg you need to first so you know which is the left leg and which is the right.  Delete the lower half of the leg and score lines. Group the left leg cuts together first. The width of my grouped left leg was W 8.942 x H 3.186. The Right leg grouped together is W 8.432 x H 3. 027. Glue the pant leg pieces together leaving the last seam to be adhered after you put it around the leg. The flaps at the end will be glued to the top of the leg. Keep in mind that you will want the "loose" part of his pant leg to be at the top. I wanted the back to be covered on the legs so I cut a square of the blue and glued it over the top of the leg. Now angle the legs how you want them to look when they are sitting and then add hot glue to the top of the legs. Make sure you try this out before you glue or the mid section of the body could end up glued to far back. Glue Andy's shoes on the same as Annie except without the strap. Note: it is easier to put the shoes on the feet first before gluing the legs into place.

Andy and Annie's hands were made in the shape of a mitt, with tiny x's all around I cut two for each hand and left the bottom portion unglued to spread them out a bit then hot glued the sides into the sleeves. 

The L in the Love word is from 3dLetters SVG kit and is cut at the size it imports. I added glass rocks to the inside before I closed it up to weight it a bit for the heart box that would be sitting on top of it.

The heart box is the small box from Love Me Do SVG Kit. I took the letters OVE from Hugs and Kisses SVG Kit to make cut outs for the insert and lid top of the small box. I used the top cut for this and and ungrouped the letters then deleted the l and put them on the lid at an angle as I knew I wanted the heart to be on it's side. Choose the whole thing and click on modify then subtract. You will need to do this for the insert as well making sure you have them lined up when your ready to glue. I made the accent piece by using the offset window. I used Peppermint Trendy Twine and tied a double bow, then hot glued it to the top of the box. That is all I did to make this and I really hope you love it!

Thank you so very much for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! If you want the shoes send me an email and I will send them on to you. Make sure you tell me if your cutting an SVG or Silhouette Studio and what version your using either 2 or 3. Thanks again,
Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit
Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit
3D Letters SVG Kit
Love Me Do SVG Kit
Hugs and Kisses SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Little Yellow Bicycle Card Stock: Vintage Summer Collection
Echo Park Card Stock: Lucky in Love Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Crimson, Rouge, Peony, Denim,Chestnut
Bazzill Card Stock: White
Recollections Card Stock: Black
Trendy Twine: Peppermint

Recollections Black Enamel Dots
Hero Arts Pearl Hearts
Ranger White Accents
Red Baby Ric Rac
Red / Black 1/8 in ribbon from stash
Two white buttons
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks (cheeks)
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Silhouette Cameo

There seems to be a bit of confusion about the legs file. That is part of the Leaves are Falling SVG Kit that belongs to SVG Cuts. To get that file you will need to purchase the file from them. I have added a link to the page under SVG Kits Used. I have tried like crazy to figure out a way to attach the files to this page but I just don't know enough about blogger. So if you go to my Shara's Paper Creations Facebook page and Private Message me I will send you the files for the shoes. Make sure you tell me which one you need. Either Silhouette V2 or V3 or a SVG File. So sorry for all the confusion Thanks again for liking Anne and Andy. Blessings, Sharalyn