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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vintage Golf Pants and Hat Gift Boxes

Happy Saturday Y'all!

I hope your having a great day and getting lots of crafting or family time today!
We live about 50 miles from Palm Springs and every year they have what used to be called the Bob Hope Classic. It is just one of the many  golf tournaments  that area has every year. My father in law used to work it when he was able. As Mark gets older his tastes in sports have changed, in that he watches a lot more golf than he used to. With all the golf on the TV lately and St Patrick's Day coming I have been thinking about how the Scottish as I understand it, invented golf. All of that over the pond way of thinking and the wonderful paper from Doodlebug just got my creative ideas flowing. So this is my old time Golf pants (which seem to be making a come back) and hat. I think it looks very cool but what do I know?

 I used the cauldron from Party On Elm Street SVG Kit to make the pants, now I know your thinking what in the world? Really the only altering you will do will be with your scissors and the way you glue it. Cut the cauldron out at the size it imports. Glue the each half together as you would normally. Glue the triangular pieces into place to cover the open areas. Glue the bottom portion of each "leg" two flaps up to close the area and make it look like a pant leg.  Leave the top open on both "pant leg pieces. Start with the back and glue the two top flaps to the inside of one leg. The flaps are valley folds glued to the inside of the one pant leg. The front of the pant flaps are then glued to each other in the inside. Refer to the photo for help.

Glue the top flaps down as you would and then glue an 6 sided octagon sized at W 1.750 x H 1.652  to the ends of the pant legs. The inside of the pant legs are cut straight across at the top as you will not need the whole accent piece. I hot glued a ribbon into place sliding the buckle on first. The buckle is easy peasy to create.
Make a larger rounded square  and a slightly smaller one. Center the smaller one inside the larger one and make a compound path, then make a skinny rounded rectangle and place in the center of the compound path you just made, weld it into place.  For SCAL or ecal users use the shapes menu to make the same buckle or Mary has several in different kits you could use as well this is for everyone including the cricut peeps. You would just need to size it down to W 0.668 x H 0.559 or close to that to make it look right for the pants. I will list the kits that have buckles in them along with links at the bottom of this post.

The Golf Clubs are the pool stick from The Green Room SVG Kit and the head of the Clubs are from Fun and Games SVG Kit. Cut the Pool cue W 5.290 x H 1.832.  Make the Golf Club heads at the size the import. Assemble the golf club heads as you normally would. To make the Metallic outer edge of the golf clubs I used Versa Mark on the paper straight pad to paper then added the silver embossing powder and heated it with my heat gun. For the lines on the putter I heat embossed the silver part twice then
while the powder was still warm I used a small stylus to make the lines. I think you could use just about anything that was mildly sharp to do that, finish assembling those and set aside. Now take your scored and pre-folded pool cue and add glue to the narrow top end inside. Have a length of Washi Tape cut and ready to wrap around the end of the pool cue. set the golf club ends into the glue and wrap the washi tape around the end. Finish gluing the side of the golf club together. Those will be set inside the pants just for looks.  I would have added "grip washi tape to the ends of the golf clubs but I do not have any brown washi tape. Because the pants are deep I added kraft color shredded paper first then added the golf clubs. I think you could put candy in them or a golf pass for the day or golf balls and T's. This could be a birthday, anniversary, St Patrick's Day or Father's Day gift.

To make the golf hat you only need to make the baseball hat and trim the brim to a narrower visor. To Trim the visor I used my scissors. I used the pieces for the hat to make my accent pieces. Make the hat pieces longer. The size for those pieces are W 3.044 x H 5.250. Using your scissors again just trim off the flaps for gluing.  I curl my pieces slightly with a pencil before I glue into place.  Glue the top into place first then glue the bottom. You will have to push down a bit to give it more of the look of the vintage golf hat. When you do this will help you see where it may need to be glued down a bit more to hold it into place. I added the white dash lines after putting those into place. The pom is made using Twine I had from the Twinery. The colors will be listed below in the supplies list. I wrapped them around a 2 1/4 inch wide piece of cardboard about 12 times. I would have done it more to make it thicker but I ran out of twine. That will be another purchase I will need to make and I have found I prefer Trendy Twine. The colors are better to me and the twine is a bit thicker. Slide a 6 inch long price of twine under the loops on the cardboard and tie a knot. Carefully slide the twine off and tie the remainder around the other loops as well. Tie it in a knot several times to make it tight. I cut my loops and using my cuttlebee scissors I used the tip to unravel the threads. I put the two ends of the twine through the small hole in the top and put a dap of hot glue on the inside top then wrapped the ends into a circle to hold it all into place and look a little neater.
That is all there is to these two projects and I think the person in your life that loves golf will love these. This could totally be made for the woman golfer as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Happy St. Patrick's Day and I happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Party On Elm Street SVG Kit
The Green Room SVG Kit
 Fun and Games SVG Kit

Kits with Buckles:
Happy Holidays SVG Kit
Happy Thanks SVG Kit
Buckles SVG Collection
I am sure there are more but this is what I found for now.

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: Evergreen
Bazzill Card Stock: Nutmeg
Doodlebug Card Stock: happy-go-lucky Collection
Recollections Gold Glitter Card Stock
Versa Mark Ink
Stampin Up Silver Emboss Powder
Twinery Twine, Honeydew, Pea Pod
1/4 inch Wide White Grosgrain Ribbon
Sakura White Gel Pen
Washi Tape from Stash
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Stampin Up Emboss Heat Gun
Silhouette Cameo


  1. You are so amazing. When do you sleep. I just love visiting your blog. You keep SVGcuts sales soaring between their releases!! Thank you for your inspiration. And for sharing.

    1. LOL I sleep at night but truthfully I do have a hard time shutting of my brain. Rough drawings help that a bit more. Thank you so much I DO hope I keep their sales soaring but boy Mary's Designs are just amazing and so fun to play with!