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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Something Special For my Grand Boys!

Hey Y'all,

I had to share my candy cane gingerbread house with you all. I made this for the grand boys that will be here on Christmas day. I made this up last night and it was so easy!
Remember those extra snowflakes I made???? They are here on the front back and sides as well. This is a free gift from Mary and Leo to us for Christmas. Completely free no purchase necessary from SVG Cuts and Mary and Leo Kowal, but your time is limited, the kit is called Santa's Sweets SVG Kit.

Make the Ginger bread house as Mary instructs in the video tutorial. It can be found on Youtube just type in the kit name and the word tutorial. I used my Tim Holtz Snowflake pattern emboss folder for the white on the top and the trim. I used the Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Collection paper for this project so I had the stickers as well. I took part of the candy cane sticker strip and cut it to fit the top of the trim. I hot glued the dancing Rudolf to the top of that strip. They were given to me and are buttons so I am not sure where they are from originally .  I added the enamel dots from Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Collection to the center of the front snowflakes and used Red stickles for the back ones. The front door has one gold glitter enamel dot from this same collection.
For my gingerbread man, I used my Stampin Up chocolate chip marker to make dash lines for his mouth. Then finished the outside with dash lines using a white Sakura gel pen. The Brown Enamel dots are from Simple Stories Sweater Collection.

I realized to late that I put the white side pieces on backwards but the boys won't care. I added the white liquid pearls to the centers because I liked the way Mary had done hers.  The Snowflakes are from Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection and are sized at W 0.917 x H 1.058. This was the number 1 snowflake that I cut a full page of and just kept the extras. See, ya never know when something like that will come in handy to have.

That is how I made it and this is a wonderful kit, so useful to have! I have made the snowman as well and posted the photos on the Svg Cuts Facebook Page. To all A very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year full of God's Blessings. I look forward to the New Year and the many happy days I will be sharing my projects with all of you. Thanks for stopping by and reading my Blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all!  Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Santa's Sweets SVG Kit
Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Cardstock: Ruby Slipper, Smooth White, Walnut
Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Collection, Enamel Dots
Simple Stories Sweater Weather Enamel Dots
Tim Holtz Snowflake Pattern Emboss Folder
Ranger Liquid Pearls, White
Ranger Stickles Christmas Red
Stampin Up Chocolate Chip Pen
Sakura White Gel Pen
Reindeer Buttons
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Silhouette Cameo

Don't forget that has all your needs for software, blades, mats Machines and special SVG cuts seasonal Stamps. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree

Hey Y'all,

One of the most wonderful and exciting things around Christmas time is bringing home the tree. In my mind, I think of snowy hills and going out, cutting down the Christmas tree and bringing it back home. In my imagination that means bringing it home on a cart by tractor through the snow. I always email my dad a photo of special things like this before I post it. As I was talking to my mom on the phone about something else I asked if they received the photo. Dad yelled in the background that I had the seat in the wrong place and mom said and you didn't put a steering wheel. Well the truth is I knew the seat was in the wrong place and I just forgot the steering wheel.

I almost groaned out loud, the thought of how much I would have to alter this to make it right was mind boggling. I was trying so hard to make it special but not so difficult that no one would want to try to make it. My dad was right though I needed to change it and do it correct to the best of my ability.  I have included a few photos to show you the first Tractor and then the paper craft causality. The causality was to salvage the brads I had used and to use the body as something to look at as I made the puzzle of the tractor right.

 I started to write it all up for you here and my mind was spinning with trying to explain it all. It isn't that what I altered was hard, not at all I know most of you can do this. It is that not being able to show you what I did is hard. I want to be able to describe it in a way you will understand and not confuse myself in the process.  I ask that you be willing to wait till after the new year. Writing it up will not take long, but  I would like to be able to spend time with my family and give them my full attention during this very special time of the year. So to all of my readers, thank you for reading my blog, leaving me some love by way of comments, and telling me how much you enjoy my projects. You encourage me to try that much harder for you. To all of you, a very blessed and wonderful Christmas. Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

To get you started here are the SVG Cuts kits I used to make this Tractor.
North Pole Express SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
Santa's Train SVG Kit
The Green Room SVG Kit

Thank you again to all of you for waiting for the instructions. Have a Very blessed New year as well. All my love to you, Sharalyn

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Christmas for Ellen

Hey Y'all,

Our Neighbor Ellen went into a care facility about 4 yrs ago and it really seems like it has been longer, as her absence from our lives is really felt at this time of year. Since she has gone in, we take care of her Tortoises  and her property along with visiting her as often as we can. She seldom knows what day it is anymore, or whether it is night or not,  but we do our best to cheer her. That is why I made this tree for her and added some presents. ( I will fill them with  M&M's)  Mark and I talked about if this should be traditional colors or if she needed bright colors as her eyesight is failing. We decided on the brighter colors.

Using the Santa's Surprises SVG Kit I made the tree at the size it imports. The accent pieces were cut using Echo Parks Winter Park Collection. This is an older collection I had, it but had the brighter colors I was looking for. To continue the snow theme this tree had, I put snowflakes on it here and there. The top snowflake was glittered using Stampin Up's Heat and Stick, Versa Mark and Art Glitters Ultra fine Translucent Crystal glitter. ( Leo Kowal hates glitter clean up and I think about him every time I use this glitter as I glitter all over me for days.) Use the Number 1 snowflake from the Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG collection sized at W.0.917 x H 1.058. I cut a full page of these as you never know when you can use some for something else. They will go in my winter extras box. Glue one snowflake on top of the other angled to give a flowery affect. I curled the the glittered one a bit with my fingers as using a stylus would have removed the glitter. I used plain snowflakes bending one point to fit over the edge of the tree and glued those into place. I did not put them on all the edges as I didn't want to over power the tree.

To make the Star for the top use the same snowflake from Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection and size two of them at W 1.655 x H 1.910. As you did on the smaller snowflakes, angle them and glue one on top of the other. Now cut one at W. 1.202 x H 1.378. Glue that on top of the other two also at an angle. Now use one of the snowflakes sized at W. 0917 x G 1.058 for the center. I glittered this one and put a light blue rhinestone in the center. I made two of these to use for my star as Mary suggested for the top of my tree.  I adhered it in the same way as was shown in the tutorial for Santa's Surprise SVG Kit.

 I had already decided I wanted to use the packages from North Pole Express SVG Kit. I placed all the pieces for the packages onto my virtual mat and sized them at (Box 1 and 2 are the same size) W 2.510 x H 3.248.  Note: you need both box 1 and 2 . I have made this mistake a couple of times maybe because my brain was fuzzy by the time I get to making the boxes. The bow I sized at 2.723 x H 0.999. The bow is a little tricky to put together but if I had used my reverse tweezers I don't think I would have had so much trouble.

Knowing this would most likely sit on the small table next to her bed I wanted a little doily but also wanted to use pieces of the snowflake to further the theme. I used the Pompoms doily from Dawns Doilies SVG Collection and deleted the inter circle. Then I made one Snowflake at W 2.789 x H 3.220 and place it in the center of the doily. Un-group the snowflake and remove the outer star, leave the petals in the center of your doily. Place a circle of small snowflakes on the outer inside edge of the doily so that you aren't ruining the pretty pompom edge Mary made. Now remove the outer edge of the stars. If you forgot how to do that you release compound path and un-group then delete the outer star edge. You can group all of the doily after all the stars are removed. Cut it out and glue the tree bottom onto the center of your doily. You can leave the larger snowflake center out if you wish. If I had made the doily a bit bigger I think she would have been able to see it better but with the small table next to her bed there isn't room to make it bigger.

  We will fill the boxes with the mini M& M's for her before we take it to her on Thursday. I hope you enjoyed my tree for Ellen. Make a tree for someone you know in continuing care or the hospital and make a lot of little presents to fill with a goodie. This way you can  make one tree and not exclude the other residents. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog, and Happy Crafting Y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Santa's Surprises SVG Kit
North Pole Express SVG Kit
 Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection
Dawn's Doilies SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Echo Park: Winter Park Collection
Bazzill Card Stock : Admiral, Smooth White 
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Translucent Glitter: Crystal
Stampin Up: Heat and Stick
Versa Mark
Hero Arts Light Blue Rhinestones
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo
Designer Addition Studio for Silhouette Cameo

Note: I am hoping to have one more really amazing thing posted before Christmas for you. Hang in there with me your going to flip over this one!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dapper Dan the Snowman

Hey y'all,

When I put up all my Christmas stuff for my friend to see and to decorate my room, I had a couple of projects that went unfinished last year. I put them away and hoped I would get to them this year. Well I can honestly say I got one done.. ba dum bump! Hopefully I will get to the other before next Christmas so here he is looking all dapper, and I hope you like him.

Start with the kit from Christmas Open House SVG Kit. Cut and glue all the pieces together following Mary's great instructions with one exception.. leave one accent piece for the bottom off to cut a slit in it and tuck a folded piece of 1/4 ribbon into the fold. Glue the accent piece onto the snowman. I decided to do that today so I had a tough time getting it in. I don't want you to have to do that.  I didn't have to even glue the ribbon in place it was so tight but if if makes you feel better add a drop of hot glue to the back before you glue the accent piece on. Under the cut use a marker or pen and draw dash lines in the shape of a pocket. Tie a piece of 1/4 inch ribbon around his neck turning it to the side and then hot glue the ties down a bit for affect.

The mouth is tiny black pearls and med ones for his eyes. Give your snowman a crooked grin with the black pearls, or you can use Ranger Black Accents, just remember to let the black accents burp on a scrap or your ruin your whole project.  I added some rosy cheeks but not to much as I didn't want him to look like a girl. I glued tiny black buttons to the front that I got from Michaels.

Glue the ribbon around his hat and up the side to give the hat some flair, cut the edge of the ribbon at an angle. Then glue a small berry from this same kit to the side of the hat along, with a feather.  I added Diamond Stickles to the berries and let them dry before I glued it to the hat.  The tiny buckle was one of the great things I got from the gal that gave us all the Close to my Heart stuff. Thread a piece of ribbon through it and hot glue the pieces to the back to hide them. You could use the Buckles SVG Collection if you don't have anything small like that, but glue about three to five buckles together for dimension. When you cut it set your speed to 2 so it wont tear.

I always have the project right in front of me when I write it up so I can look at it to see if I forgot to tell you anything. While he sat here I looked at him and decided he need to have a little bit of soot around his hat and on his cheek from those "coal eyes", (frosty song) so I added those and I believe he his done now. No eyelashes he would really look like a girl to me then.
There you have it my snowman container from Christmas Open House SVG Kit and it only took me a year to finish it! Feel better now? Your not alone with not finishing that project. If you really love it just put it away for a while and you'll get it done. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, and Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Open House SVG Kit

Mentioned Collection:
Buckles SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Echo Park: Winter Park Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Rouge, Apricot, Black,
Bazzill Card Stock: Rainforest
Ranger Diamond Stickles
Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Black Soot
Recollections Black Pearls, Buttons
Buckle from Close to my Heart
White Feathers
Silhouette Cameo

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Always a Lady, Mrs Frosty!

Hey Y'all,
I was changing out my fall stuff in my room for my Christmas stuff and cleaning up. After I was done I posted a couple of photos of my shelves and Linda Palaia asked where this file came from, of course it was my crazy brain. So here is Mrs. Frosty who is always a lady with her proper hat before going outside. This is for you Linda and thank you for asking..

Using the pumpkin with the lid from  Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit, cut two lids one to glue as a stand for the bottom of the pumpkin and one to use as the base for the hat. Glue the pumpkin together and emboss the accent pieces with Tim Holtz Snow Flurries emboss Folder. The lace around the bottom of the hat and collar are from Doilies SVG Collection. To make the hat use doilies #1 and cut it at about 5.50. I am saying "about" because I made this 3 yrs ago and do not have the original file anymore. The hat base was from December Gifts SVG Kit, and is the hat for the snowman container. I think it was cut at the size it imports. The hat band and the decoration behind the flower are from Winter Bliss SVG Collection, as well as the icicles hanging from her nose. The nose was a circle with a pie shape cut out but I would use the nose from the snowman from Christmas Open House SVG Kit as well as the hat for your snowman or snow lady head. I wanted a pill box type hat so I used the round one from December Gifts SVG Kit. Either hat would be cute,the choice is yours.  Glue the #1 Doilies onto the extra lid for the top of your snow lady, then glue the hat onto the top of that with the flaps facing out and the round brim on top of that to hide the flaps. Adhere the band from Winter Bliss SVG Collection around the hat and then the corner element sized VERY Small. Try several cuts first to see how big you want this to be. My element looks to be about 2.25 inches high.The flower is a scallop from Dawn's Dollies SVG Collection and then sniped into the middle a bit to give it a flower look. Curl your sides of the scallop in a bit toward each other like a petal. There are many snowflakes that Mary has made but I used a snowflake punch I had for the middle of the flower. I cut two and then angled them so one would show under the other. To finish it off I added a gemstone to the center.

  The Tiny Snowflakes that are used for the hat and the mouth are from a Studio Punch I bought at Walmart a few years ago. If you have a silhouette or a Eclipse you can probably get your machine to cut something that small if you slow down the speed and take your time. Don't be discouraged if it takes you a few before you get some you can use. Make some extras to use for the mouth of your snow lady. I will post a couple of extra kits and collections that have snowflakes you might want to try.

The Eyes are made using a circle and adding four smaller circles for the center to look like buttons. To add dimension, I made them 5 "buttons" thick. Cut five buttons for each eye and glue one on top of the other. The lashes was just a strip of paper I cut chunky eyelashes with scissors like when we were kids. Glue them behind the buttons and add  glitter to large glue globs, I wanted her to give the appearance of being very cold.  I used the Pearl Chalks  to make her cheeks. Decide first where you want her cheeks and then glue the snowflakes in place for the mouth.
To further the appearance of being cold I  added the medium Icicles. Use the medium cut icicles and size them way down. I sure which I had the sizes for your still but can not find it. Measuring with my ruler it looks like the height is 1 inch.  Cut two making sure you mirror one before you cut it. Glue those together and then inside the nose fold as you glue it together. If you use the nose from the Christmas Open House SVG Kit it should be easier to glue the nose onto the front of the snow lady. I used hot glue for mine as there was no back to my nose.

For the lace collar, Cut the the #5 doily and cut a larger circle in the middle of it. I cannot tell you the exact size as it was an afterthought so I did the best I could to fit it onto it. I did cut the doily in half though to give it more of a peter pan collar look. I just realized there are some of you that don't have a glue what that means so I will try to explain. It is were there is a scallop on either side and it meets in the middle under the neck. Glue this to your extra lid and then glue that to the bottom of your snow lady, tie a ribbon around her neck to hide any imperfections and your done.

Add glitter to the hat as well for a icy look and to the top of her nose using a glob of glue. Your choice of colors will have a huge affect on how icy she looks. Choose light blues or turquoise colors for a colder feel to your snow lady, or give her a country look with using plaids or polka dots. However you choose for her too look I am sure she will be cute! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and HAPPY CRAFTIN' Y'ALL! Blessings, Sharalyn
Thank you again to Linda Palaia for asking for the directions! 

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
December Gifts SVG Kit
Christmas Open House SVG Kit
Doilies SVG Collection
Winter Bliss SVG Collection
Dawn's Doilies SVG Collection
Extra Snowflake Kits and Collections
Snowflakes SVG Mini Pack
Winter's Chill SVG Kit
Christmas in the Village SVG Collection
Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: White, Black, Pool, Mulberry
Tim Holtz Snow Flurries Emboss Folder
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Crystal Translucent Glitter
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks
Martha Stewart Snowflake Punch
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo
Stuido Small snowflake Punch
Blue Rhinestone from Michaels

Monday, December 1, 2014

A very Graphic 45 Christmas

Hey Y'all,

I have had Christmas on the brain for a couple of weeks now. I was thinking about Christmas Decorations and with that thought, I was designing this next project as a display but my practical side won out so you can use this as either a display or use it for a multiple item gift box.

I started with the Christmas Gift Boxes and Bags SVG Kit. Using the box with the Lacey lid bring all the pieces onto your virtual mat. Draw a square box to fit where you will score the lid. This will help you  design your sizes for  the next two boxes. Make two duplicates so you have a total of three squares. Take the second one and size it down 1.5 inches, and the third box 1 inch. I have a calculator next to my computer to use to figure the proper measurements. Using the squares as a visual I put the largest down and then the middle on top of it and the smallest on top of it. This helped me "see" that I needed to make the smallest one only an inch smaller. Visually I knew I wanted to put more on the sides of the box and that I would need a bit more room to do that. Now using the squares as a guide place the squares in the center and size the top, sides and bottom to fit the score lines of each box.

Cut the pieces and score them using a scoreboard. I use the Martha Stewart one as I like the light color better than scorepal. It is much easier for me to see the grooves. Glue your boxes together and then set the boxes either straight or at an angle on top of one another.  I liked mine at an angle because it seemed to gives more interest to me. Glue the bottom of the smallest box to the top of the middle box putting your glue in the center of the bottom of the box instead of all the way to the edges. This will give you a little room to slide the "ribbon" underneath the box on top in later instructions.

 Using the free 3d bow cut all the pieces of the bow and another larger ribbon for the bow. I inked all the pieces of this project with Vintage Photo Distress ink by Tim Holtz for a vintage feel. The Paper I used for the top of the boxes is Graphic 45 12 days of Christmas Collection. This is last years collection that I have had for a year.  It took me that long to figure out what I wanted to use it for.   It's nice that Graphic 45 Paper never goes out of style!
 I wanted them to look like wrapped packages but how to add ribbon and have it be paper? Starting with the top box I cut 1 inch strips of paper with the paper trimmer. Glue your strips onto the top of the box and down the sides just below the lid edge. Cut it straight across. Glue the bow onto the top of the box. with some ends of the ribbon bow curled under some up. This will give the bow some dimension and flow to it. Now starting about a 1/2 up under the lid where you stopped with the top bow, glue your piece down to 1/4 inch about the edge of the box. You will be making a flap to slide under the box edge by folding up your edge. Do not glue this flap down unless your not going to fill the box. Continue doing this for all sides. of the boxes you want your ribbon. Use the edge of the box to guide you where you will need to fold it down. On the underneath of the bottom box I glued the edges of the strips down. They do not meet so don't worry about yours meeting.  There is a very cute SVG Cuts Collection called Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection that would be cute as well. Another idea is to use the Battenburg Lace and Crochet Trim SVG Collection and make it for a birthday or Mother's Day. Just a thought.

Next I cut Holy single holy leaves from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit and a Pine Bow I cut up with scissors from Clara's Christmas Strips SVG Collection. I also used the poinsettia from 3d Wintergreens SVG Kit, the cedar Sprig and the berry twig from Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit. All of these were sized down, check the list at the bottom of this post for sizes. I added diamond stickles to the berry twigs and Gold enamel dots from Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Collection. Hot glue the side of the poinsettia  to the top of the box close enough to the side of the middle box so it holds it up a bit.  Your middle and top boxes will have the flaps folded underneath the box so that if you want to fill it just take them out and the lid comes off.
I know it sounds complicated but really it isn't and I love how it looks, vintage Christmas with use of the boxes if you wish. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and thank you for being patient. It took be a while to get to finish this one and as hard as I tried even longer to write it up. Thanks again and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Christmas Gift Bags and Boxes SVG Kit
3d Wintergreens SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit
Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit
Clara's Christmas Strips SVG Collection
Free 3d Bow
Extra Links for Collections
Battenburg Lace and Crochet Trim SVG Collection
Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection

Supplies used:
Graphic 45 12 Days of Christmas Collection
Bazzill Card Stock: Ruby Slipper, Rainforest
Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Vintage Photo
Simple Stories Cozy Christmas Collection,  Enamel Dots
Ranger Diamond Stickles
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
 Hot Glue

Sizes for All pieces of the project:
Lacy Lid, large box : W 11.300 x H11.00 , Med: W 8.857x  H 8.622, Small: W7.322 x H 7.128
Box bottom, Large:W.11.300 x H 8.212, Med W 9.004 x H 6.543, Small, W 7.233 x H 5.256

Bottom Sides: Large W 11.300 x H 8.117, Med W 6.078 x H 6.720 Small, W 4.852 x H 5.073
Note: cut 4 sides

Poinsettias Petals: W. 4.153 x H 2.028 Leaves: W 3.647 x H 1.800
Cedar Foliage: W 3.202 x H 3.899
Holy: W 0.913 x H 2.492
Berry Twigs: W.1.408 x H  2.396