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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fire Crackers in a Box!

Hi everyone!!!

I just love the 4th of July! All the red, white and blue, in the stores is so festive! I start thinking about the 4th of July around Memorial Day, as that is around the time of my sons birth. Mark's mom was born on the 4th of July. I love the country vintage look  some of it has as well. The firecrackers I made are in that theme and I hope you enjoy them. I will share the other ideas I had for this at the bottom of this post.

I wanted my firecrackers to look at bit like the painted 4x4's that we often see about this time of year, so I started with the tall gift box from Gift Boxes SVG Kit . The first design is made using the box at the size it imports. I put sides1 on my virtual mat and made three long rectangles sized at W 0.379 x 6.406 H. To made sure they are placed properly, I made a small rectangle to fit the lid side outline then place this on the top of the sides1. This let me know how far down to place the stripes so the lid would not cover them. Draw a rectangle to fit just below the lid rectangle and then place your stripes inside larger rectangle. You can center them  inside this larger rectangle and then remove your larger rectangle once they are centered. Click on your side1 and un-group. Click on the un-grouped side1 and holding down our shift key select each "stripes". Go to the modify window and select subtract. Now you have your stripes. You will need to cut two of these sides1 out. I put vellum inside mine and you can do that as well by making the rectangle you used to center your stripes slightly smaller. Make sure you leave enough room to glue the flap to the inside. It has been my experience that the glue does not like to adhere to the vellum well, as a result I try to make the vellum slightly skinner on that side.

Now to make the trio of firecrackers you will only need to shrink them to the different sizes. I did notice that the smallest firecracker lid had covered the stripes at the top but it wasn't that much and it could be adjusted using the same method I used above. Here are the sizes for those firecracker sizes. The lid sizes were not saved but if you simply duplicate one for each firecracker and select all when you adjust each firecracker you should be good to go. The stars for the lids were added by using the stars from Stars and Stripes SVG Kit and were resized and rotated until I liked what I saw. You can either modify and subtract as you did above or simply arrange them. If you intend to move your lid at anytime make sure you group them.
Tall box side W 6.002 x 6.600 H  Vellum size for inside: Tall: W.2.141 x 5.815 H
Med box side W 6.002 x 5.622 H                                 Medium: W 2.353 x 4.705 H
Small box side W 6.002 4.643 H                                  Small: W 2.150 x 3.380 H

The Last one I designed was so I could use the battery operated single candle I found at Dollar Tree. Cut side1 is W 6.002 x 8.634 H, remember to cut two. I also designed accent pieces for the top of the lid sides, the size for those are: W 2.772 x 1.083 H. You can make accent pieces for the sides of the box were the stripes are as well by using your knife tool and cutting off the flaps then side them to W 2.568 x 5.810 H. I used overhead sheets to make the windows for this firecracker.

On all of them I used twine for the wick using hot glue to hold it into place. The stars on the twine is an extra piece of twine with stars glued back to back onto the twine. Decorate the rest with embellishment pieces you have in your stash. All firecrackers were inked with Tim Holtz gathered twigs distress ink.

This is an easy and fast project to make. My thought was you could do Happy one one side cut out vertically and then Birthday done the same on another side. You could add the bow that comes with this file,  to the top and a cute birthday tag. This could be done with Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah or anything else you could think of. Add your vellum to the inside and they will only get a peek at the gift inside.

Those are my firecrackers and I hope you like the idea. Your most welcome to post photos on my Shara's Paper Creations Facebook page if you do make one. I would love to see what wonderful ideas you came up with. Thanks yo so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a wonderful day and Happy Craftin' Ya'll!

SVG Kits Used:
Gift Boxes SVG Kit
 Stars and Stripes SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock: Maraschino, Artic
Ruby Slipplers
American Craft Card Stock: Vanilla
My Little Yellow Bicycle, Vintage Summer Collection
Maya Road Twine
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Buttons and Wire Ribbon from Stash
Battery Operated Candle: Dollar Tree