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Friday, May 25, 2018

Penny Farthing SteamPunk Style

Evening all, 
I wanted to share this amazing file called Good For Guys SVG Bundle from Dreaming Tree. This kit includes an amazing card, a compass box and this wonderful lantern. Click on the name of the bundle and it will take you to it. 
When I watched the tutorial for this lantern Leo Kowal mentioned that it was steam punkish.. I had to agree. I don't know the first thing about doing steampunk so this is my version. If you haven't purchased this amazing kit you really should. The card has so many applications and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for the lantern. I had two ideas that made it hard to choose which to make first. I went with this one but stay tuned. Lets get started on this amazing lantern. Kudos to Ron Guttman, Diana Tam and Leo Kowal. This one really Rocks!!!

As Trina Stuckman and I discussed the lantern she said I should pop the High Wheeler man out by making him another layer. It was a GREAT idea and I told her so.  I made two but I wish I had done three total. It would have popped out more. I also did that with one wheel. I cut and made the lantern almost the same. I printed my vellum with digital paper from Snap Click Supply . The file I used was Echo Park Times and Seasons. I adhered that to the inside and added the small Tim Holts Gears and a small spinner on top. I poked a small hole through to the inside of the wheel on the extra high wheel piece I created. Then put a brad through that and glued the man into place. I sponged on Brilliant Gold ink using a very dry pad and used a gold ink called Smooch with a tiny sponge brush to make the lines on the man. Smooch comes in a nail polish type bottle so the applicator is in it. Or it did come that way. I have had this a long time. 

I assembled the lantern as indicated on the rest of it making two bottoms of the lantern so I could use the Tim Holtz feet I have been itching to use. Here is where Deb Maurer comes into play again. It was her idea to add extra cardboard for stability to the bottom of another file called Dress Shop SVG Kit from SVGCuts. I made inserts for the lower bottom piece so it would add strength to the lantern. Assemble as Leo instructs and then using Glossy Accents to hold the feet in place glue each foot one at a time holding them in place till they take hold. Once you have each foot glued into place turn the bottom piece upside down so the feet are sticking up and let dry while you work on the rest of the lantern. 

I made an extra frame for around the lantern sides. I used the Tim Holtz distress Mica Spray Brass and Copper. The distress Mica Spray was used on the bottom piece and my accent pieces as well.   The corner pieces are brads that I cut off the brad part and glued into place using glossy accents. The round d├ęcor I used in the center of the wheel and on the top of the cane was something I bought more than ten years ago but can't find now. I wish I could I have looked. I added green rhinestones to the side and top and using black wire from the jewelry section of Walmart I made the ring for the top. 

This is such a fun lantern and could be changed so easily with the center pieces to make it any season or occasion you like.  Leo also mentioned that as he was putting  the lantern together. Now a shout out for the tricks and tips he adds when you watch the hole video all the way through. The scrap of cardstock trick to add clue to areas that it didn't clue all the way. EXCELLENT!!! I DO use that tip thanks to you Leo and you have made my projects look that much better. Here is another y'all may have missed. Did you see when he used the side of the pick up tool to hold the piece in place while it dried? that was perfect!!! My piece dried flat! I didn't use a pick up tool but a pencil, same result. My pick up tool wasn't near my hands. Not only do you get great tips when you watch the whole video but you get a chuckle or two when he says something funny. I'll be honest I would miss a lot if I didn't watch the whole video. I watch it first then I watch it stopping him when I need to catch up to him. It is very helpful.

That is my lantern I hope you like it. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a safe, wonderful memorial weekend and remember what we are really celebrating. Those that gave their lives for our freedom. God Bless and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn

 Fun Fact:
Penny Farthing was the name given to the High Wheel Bicycle
I looked it up I had no idea.. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Flying High Bi Plane Style!

Morning all!

I was introduced to the airplane by Deb Mauer. She purchased the kit at Cre8ive Cutz. The original design called for flat wings with the shape but top and bottom are folded over. The wheels are also flat and the front wheel wells do not have a cut out in them. I knew I needed to "make this my own" so to speak. Lets fly away with my imagination and get busy. 

 I wanted to make this for Mark and maybe one for myself as I loved Deb's version with the printed papers but with my youngest grandson's birthday fast approaching I decided this would be faster and easier than my previous plan. My first thought when I saw the plane was the wings need to be more dimensional. I added three side pieces made to fit and complete with score lines in the proper places from Harvest Sunset SVG Kit .I also added holes in the wings so I could add eyelets and make the plane "fly". You will also need to make the cut lines for the struts wider because of the added piece that will be sandwiched in the center of each strut for strength. The instructions call for the plane to be put together a certain way. You will need to familiarize yourself with the original instructions and then change up the order a bit.
  Using the knife tool in Silhouette Business addition I cut the top and bottom svg's in half cleaning up any misplaced nodes by deleting the ones that were not important to the wing shape.  Center your holes in between the cut lines for the struts and make a narrow rectangle for the cut lines. I centered the rectangles over the cut lines then deleted the original cut lines for the struts. Add the holes to top and bottom portions of the wings. You will need to add the cut lines to one side only top and bottom. Cut your top and bottom pieces out and add eyelets. I wanted to add panels and these are not provided. I only added them to the wings but you can do this with any part. Using the internal offset I made panels for the wings. Cut three side wheel pieces from Harvest Sunset SVG kit . Adhere each Wheel side or now your wings sides carefully making sure each tab is adhered before moving to the next tab.  Do not put the top on yet. Next cut a extra piece for each strut of the wings cutting off the end tabs and sandwiching it in the center of each strut. This is for strength. Glue in each strut piece and leave wing open. 
Next I added a hole to the  top tail portion of the plane and inserted the eyelet.  I decided while constructing it that I would cut an extra windshield piece to adhere around the edge of the windshield front to give it a more finished look. I will be making another plane for my hubby but I don't believe I will use the clear acetate for the windshield. I think I will use cardstock vellum from Stampin up.  The acetate was difficult to work with and the glue didn't want to adhere to it well. I made the tail flaps as indicated and adhered them to the plane in the order the printed instructions have. That is right no video.. now see why I said I am spoiled?

The wheel wells are fine the way they are but I felt I wanted to add a cut out to them to make it look a bit more authentic. This will require sandwiching an extra piece as well. The "cut out" so for lack of a better word was made using a W 0.47 in x H 0.5731 inch Trapezoid. Angle it between your cut lines and subtract. Make sure you ungroup your score lines from the wheel well piece first as this will make your score lines disappear. Regroup the score lines and your piece and cut. Glue to the body as instructions indicate. I poked a hole in bottom portion of the wheel wheels to attach them but I will get to that. 

The wheels are made 3d by using the same piece from Mary Bonk's Kit Harvest Sunset SVG Kit. I used the ones on the coffee cart and sized accordingly. Add a hole to the center of each wheel from Bi Plane Kit. I glued two together for strength. Cut two more circles without the holes for the end piece. Glue the sides of the wheels together much like you did with the body of the plane. Leave  the circles without the holes off and poke a hole in the bottom of the wheel wells. Insert a brad from the outside  to the inside and open. Glue your circles to the other half of the wheel and add your embellishment. 

Before you close the body of the plane thread your fishing line through the hole  of the body on the plane. Attach a small washer tied to the fishing line on both end to hold the fishing line in the body of the plane and to keep it from falling out while assembling. Keep checking to make sure it is still in your body before you close it. I was not so lucky and had to scramble to get it back in place. 

I added tabs to the nose piece so it was easier to keep it together. I didn't add the octagon shape to the nose but instead made and extra propeller and adhered them together then added Glossy accents to the propeller with a paint brush and let dry. Bend into a blade shape before adding with a brad to the nose. I used the long brads Mary Bonk mentioned when she made the barrel from  Wildflower Saloon SVG KitI waited till I had adhered the wings to the plane before gluing the nose into place. 

Close your top wing up and adhere it into place following the printed instructions. Turn the plane over and add your bottom wing. I glued the center bottom portion of the wing to the center bottom body of the plane. Glue the other part of your bottom wing closing up your wing.  I glued the nose into place and added my embellishments. The Hub cap looking embellishments are from Heidi Swapp and are called Marquee Love.  I ordered them from
String your wings with the fishing line going down the top of one wing through to the bottom wing and over through the other holes to the top. Tie the wing fishing line and the tail fishing line together and Voila! You have a "flying 3d plane. 


I hope you enjoyed my crazy plane ride. Since I am leary of heights that will be the extent of my flying in a Bi Plane. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a wonderful day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn