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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Owl always Love you!

Hi Everyone!
Mark and I had the most wonderful day yesterday hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. That is in our back yard so to speak. We love discovering new and wonderful beauties about this place. We appreciate the critters in this place as well and Owls are high on our list. Hearing them call to one another from power poles or the sound of their wings flapping overhead is a sound you never forget. They mate for life as Mark and I feel we are as well.  When I thought of this owl decoration I thought of He and I and Valentines Day of course, because he is the other half of my heart.  In honor of Valentines Day, here is my design. 

Each Owl is made using the acorn from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit. Bring all the pieces to the Acorn Body onto your virtual mat and size it to W 5.179 x H 5.179. Size the bottom panels to W 2.761 x H 4.062. Size the panels for the lid or top at  W 4.185 x H 2.145. Un-group and release compound path to remove the cut out in the top of the lid, delete the stem as well. Assemble the acorn as Mary does in the tutorial. Glue the top of the acorn to the bottom so the owls head will not come off.  I used Cuttlebug Swiss dots emboss folder for the boy and Musical notes for the girl on the panels. Adhere the panels to the acorn.
 Cut #1 heart from Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection. Cut them at W 0.575 x H 0.482. I cut about half a page of them and will put them in an envelope to put in my extras box. Hearts always come in handy! Shape the hearts in a cupped position and glued to the owl body. Start at the bottom and work your way to the head. I started with the middle back and worked my way to each side where the wing would be. Picture the shape of the wing as you glue the hearts on, angling them as if the owls wings are folded resting next to its body. There are no "feathers" (hearts) on the back of the head or on top.
The Flourishes around the eyes and for the feet are # 17. Cut them at W 0.893 x H 0.892. I set the speed at 2 and used a new mat, new blade. Take them off the mat carefully. You will need at least two for each owl that show most of the small hearts if not all. Look at the design before you cut so you can see what I am referring to. When it is sized so small they are difficult to see. Do not be concerned if the hearts for the feet are torn as no one will notice.  Ideally if you can get them to show that would be best. I cut 6 each in hopes I would get at least two for each owl that were good. Using a stylus cup each flourish for the eyes in an upward position.  Glue the center of the cupped flourish to the center front of your owl on the top portion of acorn.  Refer to the photo on this post if I am not making myself clear.
 I used a yellow Enamel dot and put a small dot of Ranger Black Glossy accents for the pupil. Give the Black Accent dot time to dry!  If you don't have that you could use a permanent marker or a glue a small dot of black paper to it. To make the black around the eye I used my black Copic Marker and put the enamel dot onto a xacto knife. Using the brush side a carefully drew a line around the edge. Once the eyes are dry put them in the center of your # 17 flourish. Cup and glue one each, #17 flourish to the bottom front of your owl. Your owl will not be standing on these so there is no need to make the strong.

The "ears" are the #1 Flourish from Romantic Flourishes  SVG Kit cut at W 1.478 x 0.932. I cut two for each owl and using my stylus, gently curled just the flourish part so that the flourish was up. Then I glued the heart to the top of the head at an angle.  Add a bow for the top of the head for the girl and a tied knot cut closely for the boy as a bow tie. For the beak I cut the top part of the heart off, cupped it in a bit and hot glued it into place.

Cut and assemble the ampersand from Vintage Valentines SVG Kit. This looks extremely hard but if you follow Mary's instructions it is actually quite easy to put together. Before I put the center piece in the ampersand (watch the video) I put glass rocks from the dollar tree to weight the ampersand. I wasn't sure that the weight of the owls would make the ampersand tip over.
  I will be honest I avoided making the ampersand like the plague because I remembered trying to put the S's together for the 3D Letters SVG Kit but with Mary's method for putting them together is was ridiculously easy! I have an idea for a project later in the year and I won't be so afraid to make the 3D Letters now. Glue your girl owl to the top of the ampersand and the boy top edge of the ampersand. I added a tag from the collection to the front of the ampersand to write (owl-ways!) on it. Embellish with a few heart and arrows from this collection and your done!

That is my owl design and I hope it makes you smile. This would be a great treat for a teacher for their room, a friend or that special someone in your life! Have a wonderful day today either crafting or spending the day with someone special! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
 Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
Vintage Valentines SVG Kit
Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection

Mentioned Letters and Number Kits
3D Letters SVG Kit
3d Numbers Party SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Echo Park LUCKY IN LOVE Collection
American Crafts Card Stock: Peony, Cotton Candy
Bazzill Card Stock: Turquoise Mist
Yellow Enamel Dots
Ranger Black Accents
Cuttlebug Emboss Folders: Musical Notes, Swiss Dots
Black Copic Marker
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Glass Rocks
Ribbon from Stash
Silhouette Cameo

Friday, January 16, 2015

Scrabble a little Love

Hey Y'all,

When I got this idea it was cold and our favorite place to visit was due to get a lot of snow. I started thinking about being snowed in and that there are lots of games at the cabin in Big Bear. One of them is Scrabble. Neither Mark nor I played this game when we were kids but I do remember trying to play it once. This is one of my moms favorite games and she used to play it on the computer as well. I can do word searches but scrabble is not something I can do. I know a lot of people love playing this game and I thought it would be cute to do something for Valentines day. Maybe do a gift search with glues to the gift in each box.

I started with the box from Crush On You Boxes SVG Kit. I sized the box lid with the roses on it down to W 5.710 x H 6.188. Make a duplicate for each letter in the word or words you want to use. Size the bottom of the box to W 6.262 x 6.262. Now I needed a scrabble look font so I did a Google search to find one I liked. The one I found was called Scramble Mixed, it was free from I wanted one that had the look and numbers just like the scrabble pieces. I downloaded it to my desktop then unzipped the file and imported it into my silhouette program. It is now there every time I want to use it. Then I just typed each letter for the word I wanted in this case Love. The first letter was the one I did the most on as I needed to un-group the font square and then regroup the outer edge. I wanted this to be a piece I just glued onto the top. Each letter and number I wanted to be a cut out on the top of the box. Un-group the box lid then release compound path and select the letter and number then the box last. Go to subtract and subtract your letter and number. Just regroup the box with all the score lines in place and your ready to cut. Do this for each letter. I cut a W 4.00 x H 4.00 of Card Stock Weight Vellum to glue to the inside of the lid. This will come in handy when you need to glue the middle of the small four in place and cut your o in half. You don't have to do that but you will have to glue the center of the o into place. Put the outside of the o in first then adhere the center and remove your outer O. This will help you get proper placement of the center.

You can embellish these more if you like but I liked the simplicity of them so that was all I did to them. I used American Craft Card Stock for the bottom of the boxes. There is no altering for those just follow Mary's great Video for how they are put together. I hope you like these and if you do I would love to see them on my page or on SVG Cuts Facebook page. The paper Collection I used for this was Carta Bella Words of Love. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, and Happy Craftin Y'all!
 Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits used:
Crush On You Boxes SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Carta Bella Card Stock: Words of LOVE Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Peony, Rouge Storm
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Stampin Up Basic Grey Ink
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo
ScrambleMixed Font

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mousy Love

Afternoon all,

I finished another design yesterday evening and wanted to share it this afternoon.
It is a simple design and you can leave the mouse out of it and make it in a few minutes. Either way I think this is really cute and it made my hubby smile so that was worth making it just to see him smile! (read the message on the heart)

I used the Candy Heart Goodie Bags SVG Kit and added holes for the wheels. The holes are W.0.130 x H 0.130. Make two and arrange them close to the bottom side of the heart bag. Select each circle holding down the shift key after you choose the first circle, then finally the heart itself. Open the modify window and click subtract. Now make a duplicate and flip it horizontally. This will be your other side. For the middle section of the bag you can either add score lines yourself by drawing lines along the side flaps, clicking on choose line color and then making it black, then line style and choosing a score line or you can score them yourself on a score board. The reason I change the color of my scorelines is because I like to cut those using the copy paper setting. In my opinion it gives your project a more finished look, IE You can't see the scorelines so well.
I used a whole punch to punch the hole for the twine to go through but you could add the hole yourself before you cut it out using the same method we did for adding the wheel holes. I did a internal offset for the panels I added to the front. The size of the panel depends on how much of the little or large you make the offset. These were then glued to both sides of the Heart Bag for strength. ( I like to use solid card stock for my base)

The wheels are a freebie from SVG cuts and can be found in their freebie section of the blog. But I will post a link to it. I added a hole to the center of the film reel  to make it a wheel. ( sorry for the rhyme, it was unintentional) Size the wheel to W0.914 x H 0.914. I glued 5 of each of the wheels together for strength, then used a heart brad from my stash. I do remember I bought those at Michaels a few yrs ago but I believe they still carry them. Cut a total of 23 wheels, 5 for each wheel and 3 for the steering wheel. I put a heart brad in the center for the horn and hot glued it into place.
Tie a two lengths of twine together and thread it through the hole you punched in the center of the bag. Take the two untied ends and glue the under the mouses paws, or cut three lengths and twist them together then make a slip knot at the end.(for a mouse-less carriage) LOL

The Mouse:
The mouse is made using the Strawberry from Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit. Cut the strawberry bottom at 2.731 H x 2.565 W. If you bring all the pieces onto your mat and then size the whole thing down at once your bottom should be the size stated above. This will insure all your pieces will fit and you don't have to re- cut pieces. The accents were embossed with Forest branches emboss folder by Cuttlebug. The hands and feet are leaves from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit and are in the extras file. They are the bottom leaves and are sized at W 0.0692 x0.345 H. Curl the leaves in a downward position and squeeze them in a bit as well. The feet are hot glued onto the bottom portion of the strawberry. Cut off about a 1/4 of the back of the leaves for the hands bend them down and hot glue in place. Use the holes in the top of the strawberry to put your twine through and tie a knot at the base of the tail, take the two twine ends and twist them then tie an extra piece of twine around the end and cut off excess. Fray the threads so he has a bit of a puff.
The ears are made using an oval. Double click on it and drag the center node (black square) down a bit. Adjust the side nodes so that it is more of an tear drop shape.  This is one of the things I miss about Sure cuts a lot is their shapes menu. Then use Chalk to make the centers pink.
The whiskers are a very thin strips of black card stock. Cut your length of the strip and using your scissors carefully cut down the center of the strip to the middle. Do not cut all the way. Do this on both sides then bend the card stock strip in the middle and hot glue to the end of the mouses nose.  Add a small back pearl for the nose and two larger ones for the eyes. I used Recollection brand pearls but anything you have is fine.

The tag was made using the side of the heart bag and sizing it down to W 1.469 x H 1.461. I wrote the saying on myself. Fill the bag with a bit of pink or whatever color you choose shredded paper and add your candy and your done!

Thanks so much for stopping by again and reading my blog. I have many more ideas I need to get made and post for you. I have made 2 now and have 6 more sketches that I need to create for you. Many Blessings to you on this fine Sunday and Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Candy Heart Goodie Bags SVG Kit
 Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit
Autumn Acorn SVG Kit
Curious Crow Freebie

Supplies Used:
Echo Park Card Stock: LUCKY IN LOVE Collection
Bazzill Card Stock: Tropical, Ruby Slipper,Smoky
Recollections Smooth Black Card Stock
Recollections Black Pearls
Recollections Heart Pearl Brads
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks
Twinery Twine: Grey and white and turquoise and white
Trendy Twine Peppermint Stick (fave)
Cuttlebug Forest Branches Emboss Folder
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Silhouette Cameo

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Fun

Hey Y'all,

When I saw the candy cane box I thought, oh this would be cute for so many things! Christmas, Valentines or Birthday parties for kids. You only have to change the collections or kits you use with it. I thought the cake pops would be really cute sitting on a birthday table setting, but with Valentines day coming up I wanted to share my idea for it and let your imagination run away with you on a birthday theme. Even Adults would think this is cool!
 Lets get started using the Candy Cane House From Santa's Sweets SVG Kit. To make this a Valentines house that hold suckers you will need to make the holes smaller so they don't fall to far down into the house. Un-group  and release compound path on house 1 but don't move anything yet. Choose cut settings as if you were going to cut, this allows you to see the circles and chose one then hold down the shift key to choose all the circles one at a time. Open the Scale window and change the scale of the holes to W 0.200 x H 0.200. This should change all the hole sizes without moving them, now choose the modify window and subtract. This will make your holes and you will just need to select all and re group so your score lines are in the correct place.  Do the same for the roof panels.

Open house 2 and un-group then release compound path. This is only if you want to change the window shapes as I did. If you choose to keep them the same you do not need to do this step. Bring in heart 1 from Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection. The Heart for the large window was sized at W 1.375 x H 1.085. I drew skinny rectangles to make a pound sign or hash tag sign then added an extra skinny rectangle to that as well. Weld the pieces together then lay over the top of your heart. Select the hash tag and the heart then open the modify window and subtract. If this is to your liking then group the pieces together before you click off of it. If not, click undo and then move the hash tag or pound sign and retry modify and subtract. Group all the little pieces of the heart together so its easier to move.  For the smaller hearts duplicate the heart "window" you just made twice so you have a total of three windows. Size the small hearts at W 0.902 x H 0.744. Un-group and release compound path of house 2. Move the large heart window over the large window and place the smaller heart windows over the smaller widows. I angled the smaller windows a bit for looks but make sure you don't have them to close to the edge as I ended up doing. The reason is for that is the panel won't be wide enough then and you will have to widen your panel.  Remove the old window pieces and delete them. Choose the body of the house and each window then right click and choose compound path. This will make your windows heart shaped or if you choose to do this as a birthday pop house you could use cupcake shapes or whatever you would like for the windows. Mary has another  collection that comes to mind right now called Birthday Elements SVG Collection. Make sure you regroup them so your score lines are in the right place and you don't forget and move it . You will need to change the window shapes for the front panels as well.

I made the same heart really small and placed them in the door by clicking modify and subtract. I use the panels for the sides from the kit un-altered and the same for the back panel and trim.
I thought the Candy Cherub Bears SVG Collection was so cute so I sized the Raspberry bear down using the front of the house to gauge the size. I brought the bear body onto the page and sized it down, choosing all the pieces of the bear to fit the front of the house.  I wanted the bear to face the other way but to assure myself everything would cut correctly, I flipped it.  I used my Stamping up pens to draw dash lines around the bears and used Black Glossy Accents from Ranger to make the eyes. The other bear is Strawberry and was sized a bit larger. I also used C1 (cool grey) Copic Marker to add light shading lines to the clouds.

The Hearts I used for the sides of the house were from Vintage Valentines SVG Kit, the Mini Album. I sized" heart 2" at W 0.789 x H 0.791. I cut 8 hearts and glued them to the underside of the roof with hot glue. I added diamond stickles to the window and front top panel, trim. I also added it to the cut outs on the door. I used Christmas Red stickles for the sides of the house.
I hot glued baby ric rack to the front and sides of the roof, then and added heart shaped pearls to the sides.
I wrapped the tootsie pops with washi tape around the bottom of the wrapper and then tied them with twine from Doodlebug. This helps them fit better into the holes. The wrappers tend to get in the way otherwise. If you don't have washi tape try using scotch tape and the wrap the twine around the bottom and tie it.  I did not weight down the house as I felt Mary was right that it did not need to be weighed down. You can of course, add weight to the inside before you glue the bottom on if you wish. The glass rocks from Dollar Tree work great for that.
 So that is my Valentine Pop candy House. I hope like it and if you do make one, please share your photos on my Facebook page or on SVG Cuts. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog. I have many more ideas to make and share with you in the near future. Thank you again for visiting, it is always nice to visit with friends. Have a great day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Santa's Sweets SVG Kit
Vintage Valentines SVG Kit
Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection
Candy Cherub Bears SVG Collection

Birthday Elements SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock:Mud Pie, White
Stampin Up: Loves Me Collection (retired but you can find it on eBay)
Stampin Up Card Stock : Tempting Turquoise
Ranger Stickles: Diamond, Christmas Red
Ranger Black Glossy Accents
Hero Arts Heart Pearls
Hero Arts Metal Adhesives
DoodleBug Twine
My Minds Eye Washi Tape
Stampin Up Markers, Early Espresso, Melon Mambo
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Silhouette Cameo

If you can find heart shaped suckers they would be really cute as well, also you will probably not need to wrap the suckers with washi tape then. I could not find them but that is what I had pictured. :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hail, The Queen of Hearts

Hey Y'all,

I hope you had a wonderful New Years and are looking forward to a great year.  This little gift box is for the King, Queen or princess in your life that loves hearts. Maybe you just want to make that someone special in your life know where they stand with you, so lets get started.

 Bring the Crown panel onto your virtual mat, using your knife tool cut off the circles on the tops of the crown. Now use the Heart # 4 from Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection. Size the largest heart for the center top at W 2.00 x H 1.501. Size the smaller heart for the other points at W1.158 x H 0.869. Place the largest heart on the point for the center top, do the same with the smaller hearts on the other 4 points that the smaller circles were on. Select the large heart, hold down the shift key and select all the smaller hearts, choose the crown last. Right click and weld these together.
I made the liner for the crown my subtracting the width measurement of the original crown from the width measurement of the liner to see what size it was being reduced to. Then I took that reduced measurement in this case it was W.0.216 and subtracted that from the Heart crown I just made and that made my liner. I tell you this so you can better understand how I adjust things to fit but here are the sizes of the crown and liner you will need to cut. Crown W 8.330 x H 8.318 Liner 8.114 x H 8.102.

 For the bottom panels for the crown, choose the #1 heart from Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection, size the heart to W 0.198 X H 0.154. Choose the bottom panels and size them to W.5.788 x 1.425. Click on the bottom panels and un-group then release compound path. Don't move anything yet.  Click on the cut settings so you can see where your circles are. You would choose the cut settings as if you were going to cut it.  Now duplicate your heart 8 times and arrange each heart over the circle. This will help you get proper placement of each heart. You may need to angle each heart so they look straight when it cuts. Now choose each circle and move them off to one side. You will know you have the right one to remove as the size of the circles are smaller than the hearts. Once you have placed all the hearts were they go choose the hearts and the band and click modify and subtract. You have now learned how to change the shapes in the crown. For those of you with "Frozen" fanatics in your house I expect to see crowns with snowflakes. LOL I used Cuttlebug Musical Flourish emboss folder on the bottom panels.  Delete the circles that you moved off to the side.

For the puffy part of the crown I used the top of the Cup cake container from Happy Birthday to You SVG Kit. You do not need to alter anything to get it to fit and it sets just inside the crown and is a pretty snug fit when the panels are on. It makes a nice gift box for that special person in your life. I think if you changed the colors this could work for that man in your life as well.  I decorated the lid and crown bottom with rhinestones and used Art Glitter's Christmas Red opaque glitter and Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive. Do the glitter first though and then the rhinestones. The paper is from Echo Park, Happy Days Collection. I have paper I love in reserve and this was one I thought I could use quite a bit.
 There are so many great Valentines papers out there but I have yet to do some shopping. I hope you enjoy my little crown box and if you do make one please share your photo with my on my Facebook Page. I love seeing your ideas come to life to and you never know who your going to inspire by sharing! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and Happy Craftin Y'all.
Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections used:
Bedtime Stories SVG Kit
Happy Birthday to You SVG Kit
Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
Echo Park Card Stock:Happy Days Collection
Bazzill Card Stock:Ruby Slipper
American Craft Card Stock: Black
Cuttlebug Musical Flourish Emboss Folder
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo