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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Owl always Love you!

Hi Everyone!
Mark and I had the most wonderful day yesterday hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. That is in our back yard so to speak. We love discovering new and wonderful beauties about this place. We appreciate the critters in this place as well and Owls are high on our list. Hearing them call to one another from power poles or the sound of their wings flapping overhead is a sound you never forget. They mate for life as Mark and I feel we are as well.  When I thought of this owl decoration I thought of He and I and Valentines Day of course, because he is the other half of my heart.  In honor of Valentines Day, here is my design. 

Each Owl is made using the acorn from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit. Bring all the pieces to the Acorn Body onto your virtual mat and size it to W 5.179 x H 5.179. Size the bottom panels to W 2.761 x H 4.062. Size the panels for the lid or top at  W 4.185 x H 2.145. Un-group and release compound path to remove the cut out in the top of the lid, delete the stem as well. Assemble the acorn as Mary does in the tutorial. Glue the top of the acorn to the bottom so the owls head will not come off.  I used Cuttlebug Swiss dots emboss folder for the boy and Musical notes for the girl on the panels. Adhere the panels to the acorn.
 Cut #1 heart from Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection. Cut them at W 0.575 x H 0.482. I cut about half a page of them and will put them in an envelope to put in my extras box. Hearts always come in handy! Shape the hearts in a cupped position and glued to the owl body. Start at the bottom and work your way to the head. I started with the middle back and worked my way to each side where the wing would be. Picture the shape of the wing as you glue the hearts on, angling them as if the owls wings are folded resting next to its body. There are no "feathers" (hearts) on the back of the head or on top.
The Flourishes around the eyes and for the feet are # 17. Cut them at W 0.893 x H 0.892. I set the speed at 2 and used a new mat, new blade. Take them off the mat carefully. You will need at least two for each owl that show most of the small hearts if not all. Look at the design before you cut so you can see what I am referring to. When it is sized so small they are difficult to see. Do not be concerned if the hearts for the feet are torn as no one will notice.  Ideally if you can get them to show that would be best. I cut 6 each in hopes I would get at least two for each owl that were good. Using a stylus cup each flourish for the eyes in an upward position.  Glue the center of the cupped flourish to the center front of your owl on the top portion of acorn.  Refer to the photo on this post if I am not making myself clear.
 I used a yellow Enamel dot and put a small dot of Ranger Black Glossy accents for the pupil. Give the Black Accent dot time to dry!  If you don't have that you could use a permanent marker or a glue a small dot of black paper to it. To make the black around the eye I used my black Copic Marker and put the enamel dot onto a xacto knife. Using the brush side a carefully drew a line around the edge. Once the eyes are dry put them in the center of your # 17 flourish. Cup and glue one each, #17 flourish to the bottom front of your owl. Your owl will not be standing on these so there is no need to make the strong.

The "ears" are the #1 Flourish from Romantic Flourishes  SVG Kit cut at W 1.478 x 0.932. I cut two for each owl and using my stylus, gently curled just the flourish part so that the flourish was up. Then I glued the heart to the top of the head at an angle.  Add a bow for the top of the head for the girl and a tied knot cut closely for the boy as a bow tie. For the beak I cut the top part of the heart off, cupped it in a bit and hot glued it into place.

Cut and assemble the ampersand from Vintage Valentines SVG Kit. This looks extremely hard but if you follow Mary's instructions it is actually quite easy to put together. Before I put the center piece in the ampersand (watch the video) I put glass rocks from the dollar tree to weight the ampersand. I wasn't sure that the weight of the owls would make the ampersand tip over.
  I will be honest I avoided making the ampersand like the plague because I remembered trying to put the S's together for the 3D Letters SVG Kit but with Mary's method for putting them together is was ridiculously easy! I have an idea for a project later in the year and I won't be so afraid to make the 3D Letters now. Glue your girl owl to the top of the ampersand and the boy top edge of the ampersand. I added a tag from the collection to the front of the ampersand to write (owl-ways!) on it. Embellish with a few heart and arrows from this collection and your done!

That is my owl design and I hope it makes you smile. This would be a great treat for a teacher for their room, a friend or that special someone in your life! Have a wonderful day today either crafting or spending the day with someone special! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
 Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
Vintage Valentines SVG Kit
Romantic Flourishes SVG Collection

Mentioned Letters and Number Kits
3D Letters SVG Kit
3d Numbers Party SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Echo Park LUCKY IN LOVE Collection
American Crafts Card Stock: Peony, Cotton Candy
Bazzill Card Stock: Turquoise Mist
Yellow Enamel Dots
Ranger Black Accents
Cuttlebug Emboss Folders: Musical Notes, Swiss Dots
Black Copic Marker
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Glass Rocks
Ribbon from Stash
Silhouette Cameo


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  2. Talent Talent Talent! so adorable

  3. Well thank you Linda! I am happy you like how it came out! Love playing with paper and glue!

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