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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Challenge Yourself!

Hi Everyone!
Hope your day is going well. I have for the most part finished the Sock Hop stuff. I have one more Juke Box to finish but that will only take about an hour at the most. Well if I don't change my mind on the colors for the outside again. So here is a picture of what I have finished so far. The juke boxes aren't in this photo they are currently at church on the table to peak interest in the tickets. I am told only two have sold so far and the sock hop is set for April 21st. The Record boxes were made just as Mary at svg cuts made them with the exception of my adding the poodle and on one box I cut up one die and glued flat pieces to the side where there was a lot of glue showing. I did cut transparency's for the glass part of the eye glasses and glued those between the layers of glasses .To do that import the glasses, break them apart and click on one set of glasses then click on each lens as it were and delete them. Hide the other two sets of glasses and then if you need more than one set of "glass" for the glasses copy and paste as many as you need.  It was pretty funny but some of them ended up looking like they had eyes looking through the glasses. I didn't plan it but it happened that way. The poodles are in the extras folders and are imported at the size they import in.The Juke Box in the picture is the one I made for myself but the 3 others I made are the same style just different colors. I made a cut out for a window with the records in the jukebox to look like it was playing the records. I had thought that was hard till I tried to get my latest project to stand for my mom.
 It was super hard to get it to stand but I was thrilled when I finally figured out a way to make it stand and even more exhilarated that I had challenged myself and had accomplished pretty much what I wanted.Since I am not trained in designing or an engineer  of any kind it makes me feel I have accomplished something when I do overcome a task that perplexes me for a while. Of course if you know me it kind of drives me nuts till I do.(lol) Again that goes back to my mom telling us kids while growing up you can do anything you set your mind to do.  I tied a ribbon in a knot and glued it to the top of the die. They look pretty cool all on the table like that. The kit I used is from and it called Rockin and Rolling. You can check it and any of the amazing kits by clicking on this link.
I finished my mom's surprise gift but since she is reading this occasionally now I don't want to give away the surprise so I will post how I made it as I usually do after she gets here around the 10th. Sorry mom no more hints till you actually see it you are going to love it though!
So on to my next idea or ideas I have a couple. One for my dad and one just because I think it will look neat and maybe I can get it made or designed before the wedding we are to attend the first part of April. Stay tuned everyone. Thanks so much for reading my blog.. If you have time check out or their Facebook page. The entries for the contest are really something.. going to be hard to judge these! Amazingly Crafty Ladies. Thanks again for visiting.. Have a great day! Sharalyn

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rejoicing in Spring!

Hi Everyone,
I am so ready for warm weather and hearing the fans going most of the day because it is so hot. Things are slowly getting green around here and we are in full choir practice for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. I am working like crazy on the stuff for the Sock Hop and looking forward to a few days (we hope) in Big Bear at the end of the month. It won't be the kind where I sit all afternoon on the deck and listen to the birds and make a few cards or just talk but it will be nice to get away.It been quite a while since we have had that pleasure. I am sure it will still be to cold for all that but just not hearing the phone ring or having to do most of my chores will be nice. The tortoises should be up in about two weeks and then it will be feeding them as well as the 3 cats,1 dog and 1 husband. So it is with the feeling of feeling free (hopefully getting away for a few days) that I made the most recent project. As I mentioned before SVG Cuts Facebook page has a Spring Challenge and I have entered 3 projects. It is always encouraging and awe inspiring to see the things these crafty gals come up with. As I always do I will tell you how I made it and please out do me! I love seeing others projects.. P.S. check out the entries so far they are WOW!!!!!
I made the  3D egg top from the Poplar Street Tulips Kit at the same size as it imports and according to the videos that Mary and Leo make for us.. aren't they sweethearts? I used mosaic cuttlebug embossing folder for the texture on the yellow part of the accents. I always use American Craft Card Stock as it cuts so well in my Cricut. The printed paper is K&Company's Sparkly Sweet. The wheels were from Santa's Train Kit: Small wheels I cut 2 were (W) 1.160X(H) 1.160 Large Wheels are (W)2.359X (H) 2.359. I put a dimensional between the front wheel and there is a small brad in the middle of each. Same with the back but I put them on the side of the egg top with 3d Zots  dots but I think it might have worked better to double up on card stock on each wheel and just insert the brad right into the egg. I curled a strip of paper for the handle and just glued it to the back. The Bunny is The carrot, from Hippity Hoppity kit and was cut at (W) 8.510x (H) 5.815 The painting bunny from April Avenue set was for the arms,legs and ears.I cut it at (W)5.410 x 6.550 and the Head was cut at (W)2.863 X(H) 4.414 I forgot to say I did break it apart before I cut so I could fit them on my paper scrap. I deleted the nose. I cut off the ears and legs to use and cut them where I felt they looked good and reconnected with a brad in each so I could move them for a more whimsical look. the legs were glued to the egg and the arms on to the back of the ribbon (Shhh). The Flower on the bunnies head was from the Made in the USA Kit.Flower #5 (w) 3.001X(h) 2.994 flower #2 was the other flower for the top (W) 3.106X (H)2.223 I used black pearls again for the eyes(they worked well last time) and a heart pearl for the nose and again I used jewelry wire for the whiskers. I smashed his carrot point a bit and hot glued him in then added some beans to counter weight him and covered it with paper grass, and there you have it a whimsical Spring Bunny. These and many more are yours for the buying, at Like I said before it is super fun and they are super people but don't take my word for it go check it out! Be sure and say Hi on the Facebook page. Thanks for reading my blog. Happy Spring Everyone! Just click on this link and it will take you right to their page. 1

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday to YOU!

Hi Y'all, 

Yesterday they announced that there is a spring challenge for SVG cuts. OK to be honest, I had thought I am really to busy and just can't enter this time even though I had already gotten an idea and was in my mind working on it.I  still I had to start working on stuff for the sock hop at church. Then as things do, I had even more added to my plate Mind you I am not complaining but I was thinking well I have a tenancy to take on to much and I do get overwhelmed so maybe not this time.. Well again I guess God had other plans.  I looked over and there was that Egg I started for my daughter that I wasn't happy with and it kinda went from there. So the result was this Alice in wonderland inspired dormouse. Funny thing is as I was making it all I am singing a very merry unbirthday to myself.  So as promised here are the instructions for the tea pot and mouse..

First I started with the Egg from the Poplar Street Tulips kit which is done in the original size, then I made the lid Lid is cut at w 8.00 H 6.129 assemble but leave sides open at the bottom as you will cut up to the first score line across the lid to fold pieces up and make a bottom. Accents are done a w8.00 H 2.712 I ended up cutting off about 1 1/4 in to have them fit. the lid from the Pick a Pumpkin is the bottom of the teapot and is made as it imports. the spout for the teapot is the stem from Pick a pumpkin Kit and is cut at W6.00 H 3.899 you will have a slight  over piece on the end when you glue it just trim it off.I cut a strip of paper for the handle and adjusted it according to my liking. I did cut a v shape so it would look like the one on teapots. The knob on top is a round white button.
The mouse is from the Hippity Hoppity kit and is the carrot also done in the size it imports. the ears are raindrops from the shapes menu. The outside of the ear is W2.040 H 1.883 inside is W1.790 H 1.653. The inside and outside a glued together pinched at the end and then glued into one of the sides of the top of the carrot so you need to leave those open to insert the ears. I used glossy accents to glue on the soft wire for the whiskers and the pink pear for the nose then added the black pearls for the eyes. I also tied a black ribbon around the neck. The Mouse is hot glued in I bent the tip flat a bit and then the lid is also hot glued. I was worried about him falling so I added some paper inside the teapot to stabilize him. I of course added butterflies for the whimsical effect and there ya have it a dormouse!
 If you love to sing silly songs while you create then I advise you to take a mouse trip over to SVG cuts and have a look, You will be amazed as I am! Here is the link just give it a click and start creating and be sure and post your stuff we love to see what you have made. Thanks For Visiting and Happy Crafting! Blessings, Sharalyn
Kits Used:
Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
Hippity Hoppity SVG Kit
Supplies used:
American Craft Card Stock: Pool, Chocolate, Lavender, Lipstick
K& Company Sparkly Sweet Collection
Black Pearls
Hero Arts Heart shaped pearl
Black Ribbon
Butterfly punches
Note: I made this using my Circut. So cutting Butterflies was not an option as the Circut cannot cut in circles well. I have since replaced it with a Silhouette Cameo and you could purchase the Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Celebration of Love

I have known for about two months that my friend ( the one that volunteered me) was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary next month. I tried and tried to get around to making that cake for her from the birthday kit and just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted. Then Mary made this file with the birdcage and I wanted to try it and the idea started to form. I have to say that when I make stuff I always ask my creator to help me. He did such a nice job with the world and all  I figure he wont mind sharing some of his amazing secrets. So He helped me make this, OK yes it is not nice sounding but, beautiful birdcage..I figure I can say that since it was really all his idea and I just did the gluing and cutting. I gave it to them today as I can't trust my little black and white kitty to not get mad at me for something and take it out on my creations..she did it before so I couldn't take that chance with this.She was so happy with it and even said she needed something for the center of the table and this would be just perfect.. I made it with love for this friend of mine to celebrate their Love.
I cut the birdcage using a sizzix blade and cutting mat on my expression. I decided it needed something inside and had to be done before I closed the lid so I used some of the flowers from the card making kit I got last month and used a stamp set from My Minds Eye - Stella and Rose called Gertie"Girly" and stamped the bottom with the doily  in gold. I glued three roses from the card kit to the bottom and punched out lots of butterflies from the Martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly punch. then edged them and even on top with gold ink. I bent up the wings and started putting them where ever I thought looked  good. Oh and I did use the ink pad on the "wire" for the birdcage. I'm not sure if you noticed but the door had a small metallic sticker on it form Hero Arts. Those are pretty cool. So then I found a 1/8 inch wide piece of ribbon and wove it in and out of the cage and tied a bow and knots at the end.Oh and one more thing I used the Martha Stewart Eyelet lace edger for the scraps from the cut out of the cage and made lace around the bottom. The birdcage is only one element in this new set and it is free with a purchase of 9.98 just make sure you use the code freegift in the discount box. This link will take you to their kits and sets are great and you'll have so much fun. Happy Crafting everyone and make a gift for someone to give with love..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sharing your gift

Many of my friends at church know I love doing cards and a few know I love making 3d paper crafts. When the gal that handles the decorating for our couples get  together's was chatting with another who helps her decorate they were throwing ideas around and my friend mentioned that the only one she knew who had stuff like that was me.. then she got off the phone and thought oh my what did I do. Well she apologized to me later after the gal had come to me and asked could I make some stuff and I had told my friend, that's OK I volunteered you to help glue to which we both got a good laugh. Good friends sharpen each other and having patients with someone who didn't  mean to cause you more "work" just means you love them that much more. So here are the first of my efforts to that end to help with the decorations. I have much more planned but I am not sure it is God's plan. Whatever we get done for it is what we get done.
I made the record boxes much as Mary of SVG Cuts suggests except I used my scoreboard to make lines in the sides of the boxes to "look" like stacks of records. Then I decided the dice needed inserts so I took the dice cut out and "broke it apart and then clicked on each hole she had made and deleted them. I made them one size smaller.. one click and cut them out. they fit perfectly. I gotta say that never happens the first time. anyway enjoy the first of my efforts and this is the Rockin and Rolling Kit from SVG Cuts. I will attach a link you can click on to go right to it.. Oh and warning this stuff is really fun to make. Happy crafting everyone and have a really great weekend. I am currently working on some 3d Juke Boxes from the set too.

Kits Used:
Rocking and Rolling Kit:

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock: White,  Black, Lipstick,Crimson
Echo Park Happy Days Paper Pack
Small Pearls
Polka Dot Ribbon from Michaels
Transparency Sheets

Monday, March 5, 2012

New card

Hi all,
I finally got a chance to play with my new Simon Says Stamp card kit that came last month. I got in on the March kit and I was so excited cause it was just the paper and stamp set I was looking at. I also made my very own "cheap" light box to make my pictures look a little better I am still new at using one so be kind please. anyway I like the way this card came out. I had the idea last night but was to tired to make it so tonight I played a bit with it.. not sure what I will say on the inside but it seems to me it should be a card to encourage someone.. anyway here it is and I hope you like it.. I am pleased with the way it came out..Have a great night everyone!<3

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Egg for my Daughter

Here is an egg I made for my daughter.. I had a few requests to do a tutorial but I don't have any video equipment so I will try to describe as best I can what I did. I glued the egg body together then cut the accent pieces out using the same blue which is the color powder from American Crafts Cardstock. Then I used the Musical swirls from Cuttle bug embossing folders and embossed all the bottom accent pieces, I used Hero Arts Pool shadow ink to ink the edges and raised parts of the embossing. Then I  glued them , on punched out butterflies using the Monarch Butterfly punch and covered them one at a time with zig 2 way glue and glittered them using Art Glitter's ultra fine transparent sea shell. I do love that one a lot. I bent the wings up a bit and put glue down the center of the underside of the butterfly then glued them wherever I thought looked best. I then decided they needed antenna's  so I cut white floral sprays to the desired length and put a good sized glop of glue under the heads of each butterfly. holding them till they were dry before moving on to the next. I don't have a lot of gems that you can stick on but since I sew I have a good supply of crystals that I used to use on some clothing projects I did so I glued then blue,white,purple and green crystals in places I thought it looked good. I glued bows on and decided that was enough. For the pedestal I used Butter color AC cardstock and cut the bottom doilie from the kit out of white then used the Doilies #5 I cut it at a bit smaller than 4.00 not sure what that was and I don't have it saved then added the accents on the bottom again using a cuttlebug folder called swirls. I glued an extra piece of lace I had laying around to the side and I was done. I hope this helps and isn't to detailed for the people who asked I never had anyone ask me to do that before so I hope this helps.. Thanks for asking it was nice of you. Have a great day and I would love to see your finished product. The printed paper I used on the egg is from a K& Company paper pack called Sparkly Sweet and Joanns online has it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring add on-

I forgot to say that I used the Doilies svg from svg cuts and the butterflies were cut using the monarch punch form Martha Stewart, and the embossing folder I used on the Pedestal was Musical Flourish from cuttle bug. The paper is a specialty pack I bought last year from K&Company and I would dearly love some more of it. Great for the spring colors..SVG cuts also has a great file called Breezy Butterflies which I will use when I have a machine that doesn't eat them when I try to make them small.. till then I am stuck with the punch which does fine but you really need to check out Mary's file on the butterflies really great! This link should take you right to their page have fun everyone and make something beautiful!


Hey Y'all!  
Today is the first day of March and in a couple of weeks my chores list will get a bit longer, as our tortoises will be up and require feeding.  For now I can paper craft a bit more. Spring is so close I can taste it.
 I made a little Spring Easter Egg. Mary from SVG cuts did it again and made this amazing file.. so fun. The egg is actually a container you can fill and she made a pedestal to go with it. I will post the supplies I used at the bottom of this post. Cut the egg and pedistal at the size they import. I used Rhinestones and ribbon to deorate the egg. I also used a Martha Stewart Butterfly punch to make the butterflies. I had a cricut at the time of making this and they just don't cut things like that well at all. I used Art glitter's Crystal Glitter to decorate the butterflies.
The pedestal is made using American Craft Lavender color Card Stock. I used the  There are many other great things included in the kit but don't take my word for it go check it out.. If you have any questions you can ask the friendly people on the Facebook page or of course contact Leo or Mary at SVG cuts they are terrific with their customer service! This kit is called  Poplar Street Tulip kit. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Craftin'.
 Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit
Battenburg Lace and Crochet Trim SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock, Lavender,Pool
K& Company Sparkly Sweet Collection
Light Green Ribbon, Michaels
Hero Arts Rinestones
Lace from fabric Store
Art Glitter Crystal Ultra Fine Translucent Glitter
Hot Glue and Glue Gun
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive