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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Challenge Yourself!

Hi Everyone!
Hope your day is going well. I have for the most part finished the Sock Hop stuff. I have one more Juke Box to finish but that will only take about an hour at the most. Well if I don't change my mind on the colors for the outside again. So here is a picture of what I have finished so far. The juke boxes aren't in this photo they are currently at church on the table to peak interest in the tickets. I am told only two have sold so far and the sock hop is set for April 21st. The Record boxes were made just as Mary at svg cuts made them with the exception of my adding the poodle and on one box I cut up one die and glued flat pieces to the side where there was a lot of glue showing. I did cut transparency's for the glass part of the eye glasses and glued those between the layers of glasses .To do that import the glasses, break them apart and click on one set of glasses then click on each lens as it were and delete them. Hide the other two sets of glasses and then if you need more than one set of "glass" for the glasses copy and paste as many as you need.  It was pretty funny but some of them ended up looking like they had eyes looking through the glasses. I didn't plan it but it happened that way. The poodles are in the extras folders and are imported at the size they import in.The Juke Box in the picture is the one I made for myself but the 3 others I made are the same style just different colors. I made a cut out for a window with the records in the jukebox to look like it was playing the records. I had thought that was hard till I tried to get my latest project to stand for my mom.
 It was super hard to get it to stand but I was thrilled when I finally figured out a way to make it stand and even more exhilarated that I had challenged myself and had accomplished pretty much what I wanted.Since I am not trained in designing or an engineer  of any kind it makes me feel I have accomplished something when I do overcome a task that perplexes me for a while. Of course if you know me it kind of drives me nuts till I do.(lol) Again that goes back to my mom telling us kids while growing up you can do anything you set your mind to do.  I tied a ribbon in a knot and glued it to the top of the die. They look pretty cool all on the table like that. The kit I used is from and it called Rockin and Rolling. You can check it and any of the amazing kits by clicking on this link.
I finished my mom's surprise gift but since she is reading this occasionally now I don't want to give away the surprise so I will post how I made it as I usually do after she gets here around the 10th. Sorry mom no more hints till you actually see it you are going to love it though!
So on to my next idea or ideas I have a couple. One for my dad and one just because I think it will look neat and maybe I can get it made or designed before the wedding we are to attend the first part of April. Stay tuned everyone. Thanks so much for reading my blog.. If you have time check out or their Facebook page. The entries for the contest are really something.. going to be hard to judge these! Amazingly Crafty Ladies. Thanks again for visiting.. Have a great day! Sharalyn

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