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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Little Magic For Mom...

Hi everyone,
   I made this carriage as a thank you to my mom for Mothers day for always making me feel like a princess. She will get it when she comes down on the 11th and I am so excited for her to receive it.
I can remember feeling like Cinderella in my home made dress as far back as Kindergarten. It was a orange gingham dress but I felt like a princess.On my 6th grade graduation she made me a blue dress and piled my long dark brown hair on top my head and I actually was called Cinderella that day. I still have the red taffeta dress she made for my very first prom. I just can't part with it..  She has told me many times of teaching herself to sew and how some of the first projects during that time were thrown against the wall and scowled at for a few minutes then she would go over pick them up and try again.When I was thinking of her and her coming down I thought it would be great if I had something to give her for Mothers day in person. So this is how this carriage came about.
I used the Pick a Pumpkin SVG kit for the pumpkin Carriage appropriate don't ya think? LOL
Import the Ghost pumpkin body and break it apart so you can make the cut out for the door/window. If you aren't sure how to do the next step go to and click on blog Leo the dear that he is made all kinds of videos for us to learn how to use our Sure Cuts A Lot. I took one main part of the pumpkin body and imported one 1in. square and 1 polygon 7 and inserted them in the middle of the pumpkin piece. polygon measured W 0.999 H 0.9774. center the polygon and the square about half into each other so it looks like the door shape. Those are both in the shapes menu in your scal.  The pumpkin was imported at the size it imports at. I did the same for the accent pieces on the pumpkin. Break it apart so you can have one piece with your door for both the inside and outside pieces of the pumpkin. Save your cut out from that as you will use that for the door.  Import another pumpkin 4 from the ghost pumpkin and break it apart to make an extra top for the pumpkin and the bottom of the pumpkin.Make your star piece W3.910 H 3.550 I embossed this piece also. The Octagon shape is cut at W3.141 H 3.447 and the extra star shape cut at W2.367 H 2.149 insert and octagon  shape from the shape menu at W.2367 H 2.149 this will make the hole for your lantern. I embossed all of those pieces the accents the extra top and the star shapes using the musical flourish embossing folder from cuttle bug. The Carrot from the Hippity Hoppity kit is the lantern I cut the pointed part off then added a small octagon shape in the middle and glued the pointed part back on. I accented the door and the cut out for it with gold smooch the octagon on the lantern was also smooched The carrot was cut at W2.91 H 4.260 turn the carrot upside down and smoosh it through your cut out in your other extra top piece. then put the octagon around it and glue that together. Glue the top with the lantern all to the top of your pumpkin. The door was put on with small scraps of paper and brads I got at Michael's. The pumpkin was decorated with pearls I got from there also. Just the Recollections stuff on those pearls had the 102 pcs in them if that helps with the size. The pumpkin just sits on top of the bottom carriage portion. I used flourish 2 from Easter Morning Egg hunt and imported two of them flipped one and welded them together where I thought it looked good. Flourish size was W5.716 H 6.328 from the shapes menu I imported a polygon6 size was W 2.028 H 1.881 I welded that to the top of the flourish in the middle I also cut and glued together extra flourish pieces to add stability to the "wheels". I also used the Crate Face 1 from the Carmel Apple Pie kit for the platform the carriage sits on. W 11.320 H 9.670. put that together as Mary demonstrates. I glued the extra flourish pieces together for stability then I cut two 1/4 in. dowels for the frame and hot glued them to the Wheels. I added small wooden bead to the ends and cut two cross bars for the finished frame. On the back center inside of the wheels are two small dowels hot glued to the back of the flourish that is so the carriage will stand. The butterflies were from the Martha Stewart Punch that has three butterflies but if you have breezy butterflies set from Mary and a machine that can cut that small that will work also for the butterflies. I know this was long and I am sorry it took so long for me to get this done. Mom has strict instructions not to read my blog till after she comes to my house. If you have any questions feel free to ask me I will answer you. If you don't have some of the kits or sets I used you can click on the attached link  below and it will take you right to them. Please if you do make a carriage post a picture on the SVG cuts Facebook page I would love to see your take on it.Have fun and please do out do me I love to see your ideas and creativity. Thanks for visiting my blog. ;) Blessings, Sharalyn
Kits Used:
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit:
Hippity Hoppity SVG Kit:
Carmel Apple Pie SVG Kit:
Easter Morning Hunt SVG Collection:

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