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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Wildflower Barrel

Hey Y'all,
I wanted to share my barrel with you from  Wildflower Saloon SVG Kit Yes I am still making things from this kit. I really loved this kit and it has lent a lot to my creativity. I tried to make the barrel at the size it imports and found that since I used the extra panels to emboss on I had great difficulty getting the "rings" to fit around the barrel. It really wasn't turning out as I had envisioned. I did try to save it by inking it to be more as I had in my mind but I still didn't like it and so it went into the trash. I have a plan to make this for my best friends husband but I will have to make the rings slightly longer or not use the panels.
I was not deterred and tried again to make it cutting the size of it for my craft room to 70%. I should say that I am still learning to use my eclips 2 and so anytime I can learn something new with the program I am all for it. It is much easier to learn things with the sizzix eclips group on Facebook. They are a very helpful group and don't mind my multiple questions. I even had someone say they were glad I got an eclips. Anyhoo, Deb Maurer said she had reduced the size of the quilt box to 60 % so I asked how do you do that.. and they told me. My rings for my barrel at 70% still don't fit around it easily. I am not sure if this was not compensated for but if it wasn't I am sure it was an oversight of Mary's.

Update: I wrote her and asked. It turns out she forgot to delete those panels as she realized the rings would have to be adjusted... opps.. Oh dear when haven't things like that happened to us.. Glad to know I am not crazy lol. on to my barrel

I had ordered the adrienneloomandesigns Country Girl Digital Paper pack from Snap Click Supply this past Wednesday when it was 1.00. IE Dollar Wednesdays at Snap Click Supply.  I loved the prints in it and when I decided to try again I made my barrel 70 % instead of 100% of the size and printed this lovely yellow paper onto a vanilla American Craft Card Stock. The print turned out sooo pretty and I could hardly wait to use it on my barrel. I cut the base using Vanilla AC cardstock and then glued the panels into place. I did used the included rings I had for the rings of my barrel. I have made another set of rings by duplicating them and just making them a tad longer for future use. I like using panels and so I didn't want to just delete them.

Follow Mary's tutorial to put the barrel together. I have trouble sometimes with my glue drying not quickly enough if the room is cold or humid so I go a little slower than Mary stopping her when I need to "catch up".  I feel the long brads are needed to hold the rings in place a little better. I did use the shorter ones for this little barrel but there are a few longer ones there as well. I added a little rose ink on the edges of my rings to bring the colors of the paper a bit more into the whole design.

The smaller size means I have a bit more room to display my creations and it makes me think of a barrel full of monkeys game we used to play when I was a kid. Anyway that is my barrel and I hope you like it. I love the soft colors and girly look and know it will fit right into my room.

Some of you saw the girly rustic lantern I designed for my friend's craft room, is she loved it. I hoped she would. Such a wonderful thing to share your creations with someone you love. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Crafting Y'all!!!
Blessings, Sharalyn

To size your design down by percent in ecal go to object, transform, scale change the dimensions to percent, make sure the keep proportions box is checked and click the down arrows to change it to the percent you wanted to make your design. If your unsure of the size  check the width and lengths boxes. This will give you a better idea of the finished size of the item. Make sure you do this for all the cut pages of the design.

American Craft Card Stock: Vanilla, Banana
Snap Click Supply: adrienneloomandesgins, Country Girl
Stampin up: Rose Red Ink Pad
Tim Holtz long Brads
Prima: Vintage Trinkets
Tim Holtz: long Brads
Tonic Funky Glue
Sizzix Eclips2

Here is the girly lantern if you didn't see it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Saddle up Y'all! We're going to take us a Wildflower Saloon Ride!

Hey Y'all!
Get your boots on, grab you lasso and lets get to riding on this Wildflower Saloon SVG Kit Ride!
Mary Bonk of SVG cuts came up with an amazing new kit that just makes you want to go out and ride a horse or visit a cowboy town. This new kit has a Whiskey Barrel, a cowboy hat, a rustic lantern, a huge and beautiful heirloom Quilt box complete with a quilted top and if that isn't enough an amazing box card in the shape of a trunk that is filled with flowers. Here is the amazing part all that folds flat and fits into an envelope to be mailed to your recipient! Honest to Pete! I be hornswoggled how she comes up with this wonderful stuff. Lets stop jawing and get to sharing the making of the Rustic Lanterns I created with this wonderful Kit.

 I cut the feminine lantern out of Mud Pie Bazzill Card stock. I had just purchased  Carta Bella Rustic Elegance from Snap Click Supply and I knew I wanted to use it on this lantern. I watched the tutorial about how to put it together then chose the papers I wanted to use and away I went. I printed the vellum using Stampin Up Cardstock weight vellum. I have had great experiences with the vellum and prefer it to regular weight vellum. Prints Awesome Y'all. Stay in the room with it as it can get a bit persnickety at the back end of printing. You just never know so I watch it.

I followed the tutorial showing how to put  it together which was great. She does a good job of showing how to glue it all together and Winnie is a great help too. If you have watched her videos Winnie is her kitty and makes quite a few appearances.

After I got it made I kept looking at the lantern and feeling like it needed a bit more of the Wood and flowers to tie it all together. I made the extra panels you see by using a rectangle shape and sizing it to just the inside of the score lines on the pieces. Then I printed another sheet of that beautiful paper and cut them out. I looked at it a bit more and still it needed something... then the flowers came to me. Those are paper flowers but I didn't make them. The are from Prima the Love Clippings collection. I glued those into place and the lantern was done. I should tell you I didn't purchase the light instead I used a tea light in both lanterns and it works great!

Now hold onto your sock y'all!!!
For this Lantern I used the Carta Bella Cowboy Country  Paper that Mary used. I printed my paper and vellum again. The card stock I used is Bazzill as well. I would tell you the name of it but there is no label on top and no sticker on the back. I can tell you it is a brick red color.

I made the extra panels and cut them. The fluted parts were squares as well, just play with the nodes a bit till you get the shape you want. Now you can do it that way or you can cut extra pieces and cut inside the lines with scissors. I prefer not to waste paper and I like learning this stuff so I play with nodes. I am also trying to learn the Eclips software.
I know y'all I got the top on crooked. That is what I get for late night gluing. I just wanted to finish it for y'all and get the photo taken. I inked the edges on both lanterns to hide the white core of the cardstock. Just a touch I always do.

The Lasso is really a lasso. I cut the twine I had and went on YouTube to learn how to tie a cowboy lasso. The horseshoe metal piece was one I bought at our local craft store in their jewelry making stuff. I had purchased it a year or more ago. I often do this when I find little things like this I think I might use that in the future.

Now I will admit I didn't have the star on the center cross yet but sometimes when your looking through the lens of your camera you see things you didn't see before. That was a cute little touch the cross band but mine needed something to tie the whole cowboy theme together enter the star.
I thought last night I might have gone a little wild with the wood paper but when I added the plain cross bar and the last few touches I just flipped over it. I was so excited I had to share the photo with Mary! She said "Whoaaaaa!!!!! Super Cool!!!!! and Holy Cow!!!!!. That was enough to let me know I had done her proud. Thankya Mam!

Those are my lanterns and I hope y'all enjoyed them. Thanks so much for stoppin and settin a spell. I'm just going mosey on outta here and say thanks again and Happy Craftin Y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn

Bazzill: Brick Red, Mud Pie
American Craft Card Stock: Vanilla, To print the Cowboy Country paper on.
Carta Bella: Rustic Elegance, Cowboy Country from Snap Click Supply
Prima Flowers: Love Clippings Collection
Stampin Up: Card Stock Vellum
Rhinestone Star
Shoe horse Trinket
wire from stash
Tea light
Tonic Glue
Sizzix Eclips2