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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rustic Glory

Mornin' Y'all!

I have a confession to make, I seriously love Americana! I am drawn to the simple, country, rustic look of it.  There is something about making your home feel warm and inviting  that appeals to me. I think Americana helps to make your home warm and inviting. I made this door or wall hanger whichever you prefer to call it, to welcome the celebration of our nations birth with a bit of the country feel I love so much. I hope you enjoy this creation.

I started with the crate from Caramel Apple Pie SVG kit. I used crate_face 1 at the size it imports and used the stars_top from Stars and Stripes SVG Kit in the star box file to make the stars in the crate_face 1. I replicated the stars until I had what I liked. You could do a circle or just a few or some large, whatever you like but I ended up with 42 stars measuring W 0.321x 0.313 H. I grouped them together then drew a box just inside the score lines for the top of the box. This helps to center things when your going to do a cut out. Click on your stars holding down the shift key and select your box, then using your align window center your stars. Move the box you drew off to the side and ungroup your score lines from your crate_face 1. You will need to select release compound path first then ungroup. Try not to move anything. Now select your crate_face1 box and holding down the shift key again choose the stars. Now open the modify window and select subtract. Go back and group your score lines to your box without moving things if you can help it. If you should move something click the back arrow at the top under the help menu or undo is another name for it.
I measured the size of the tea light as that was my original thought to use that as my light source. Mine measured about 1.5 inches in width, then I drew a circle that size, using the box  I centered the hole in the back side of the crate_face1 I used the top of the firecracker from Stars and Stripes SVG Kit and sized the lid from the firecracker to W 5.153 x 2.898 H. I did not use the top for the wick. Cut it out and help it shape a curve by "curling" the paper a bit with a pencil or dowel. You will be gluing the flaps to the inside of your hole. See picture. This will hold your tea light into place by making it fit snugly. I rolled the paper and inserted it into the hole first then glued the side into place. Fold your flaps down to the inside and add a bit of glue under each. Take your time as you do want these to stay into place.

I cut a square  W 4.126 x 3.982 H of Stampin Up's Card Stock Vellum. This is my favorite vellum to work with for windows and things like this. I used vellum adhesive to glue it into the inside of the crate_face1. I almost always have a bit of trouble getting things like this not to warp when I glue them but I have found that if I glue the long part of these first taking my time and then the ends I get a lot less warp to them.

Now for the stripes I used the crate_board1 and duplicated it again. You will need  two short or at the size they import, red boards and one white short board. I used vanilla colored American Craft Card Stock but you could use white as well.  Cut one vanilla and one red board sized at W 14.195 x 3.685 H.  These are your long boards. You will have to place it diagonal on your virtual mat to get it to fit.  Assemble your boards and ink edges with Tim Holtz vintage photo ink.

Lay them on your work surface and decide how far you want them apart. You do not have to be precise as it adds a bit of rustic look to it. I used 2.50 inch burlap ribbon to hold the flag together by hot gluing the stripes to it first. Then I folded the one for the blue portion of my flag in half and cut a triangle out, when I opened it up it fit perfectly over the circle for the tea light. I hot glued it all into place and added a few thin lines on the sides of the stripes and pressed the blue portion together.  The striped ribbon was from stampin up but I believe it has been discontinued. Any great ribbon will work for this. I used Linen thread to make the bows tied around the strap ends. Cut three different shaped stars and use your 3/16 hole punch to tie the thread through, Frey the ends for looks. The stars are also a layer of three each and inked with vintage photo. The rusted star was one I had but have found that has quite a few rusted and wonderful craft supplies at a fair price.

Well that is my rustic flag and I hope you love it as much as I do. I could not get a good photo of how much the stars light in the dark, but it is quite nice.  I would love to see a picture if you decide to make one, you can post it on my  Facebook page Shara's Paper Creations. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I have more rustic Americana ideas to share with you so stay tuned, and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits used:
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Stars and Stripes SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Card Stock: Admiral, Ruby Slipper
American Craft Card Stock: Vanilla
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Ink
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Stampin Up Linen Thread
2.5 in. Burlap ribbon
Ribbon from Stash
wooden button
Rusted Star
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
One Battery Operated Tea light
Silhouette Cameo

Monday, May 11, 2015

Home is where you make it...

Hi Everyone,

Our dear friends are got married last month and I made this as a wedding gift for them. They move around a lot and are nature lovers as well,  a bird house seemed just the right thing. Simply said, Home is were you make it.

I cut out the spool from Sew Crafty SVG Kit and assembled the sides first. Before I did that I used Versa Mark and my wood grain background stamp from Hero Arts to make a wood grain on all the pieces. Then I glued them together. Punch a 1inch circle for  the hole in the top piece first. I used my 3/8 inch punch to make the hole for the perch.  Use a pencil to draw a lines where the top holes fit over the bottom.  Punch the your holes in the bottom piece and use a wood skewer for the perch or a toothpick will work just as well.  Cutting Size for the spool pieces are W 7.980 x 6.206 H bottom, W 8.375 x 6.064 H top. Note: do not put your perch in yet.

Use the stand from the dress form to make the stand for your birdhouse. The stand is cut at the size it imports. Once again I used one of the cardboard inserts from the glow bracelets and necklaces to made the stand sturdy. The bottom of the stand has an slightly smaller octagon cut out of chipboard with a hole in the center for my finger to hold it into place as I glued the flaps on the bottom of it. Debs Crafty side has the whole instructions to this so go check it out on her blog.  I used chipboard instead so it could be cut with my machine. Glue decorative rocks from the dollar tree around the center hole to weight  the birdhouse down. Once you have the bottom assembled then you can take the pole  and insert it into the stand. I put the pole in first and then added hot glue down the center of the tube. I have had to many times when I added the glue and then put it into the stand and it wouldn't go all the way down to the bottom of the stand before it stuck. This makes your pole lean. Use the flaps on the top of your pole to insert into the bottom of the spool. Glue the flaps into place on the inside bottom.
Put the top of the spool on and line up your holes. Take your wooden skewer and glue it into place. I cut mine off afterward as I knew the stick would be small and difficult to work with. I wrapped twine around the spool and glued the end piece at the top of the spool.
 I cut 6 needles using Crafty Mice SVG Collection and glue each of them together for a 3d look.  I threaded a piece of twine into it and inserted the end into my tag before tying a knot. After I added the note to the tag I glued the tag into place and loosely wrapped the twine around the pole adding hot glue here and there to hold it securely into place. Hot glue your needle into place as well.
I wanted the thimble to be the top of the bird house so I cut and assembled it as well and then glued to the top of the spool. The size for the thimble pieces are: Pattern W 7.879 x 2.439 H  Solid W 7.879 x 3.243 H. I added buttons and lace from my stash using hot glue to adhere them.
The last thing I did was make the scissors for the top of the spool. I used the scissors from Dress Shop SVG Kit and sized those at W 1.082 x 1.940 H . Cut three and glue one on top of the other for thickness. A tiny brad works well to hole the scissors together.  Don't brother trying to cut the top of the scissors as it is very difficult to work with. I used Musical Notes emboss folder just on the scissors handles and darkened it with a Basic Grey ink from Stampin Up. I used Silver Fox Smooch on the blades of the scissors, then took a small scrap of ribbon and put it through the one handle. I used a stick pin from my little yellow bicycle to stick it through the top of the thimble.
Add some batting and twine strings to the inside and your done.

I know our friends will enjoy my gift  and I pray many years of happiness to come for them both. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a great day and Happy Craftin' y'all! Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Sew Crafty SVG Kit
Dress Shop SVG Kit
Crafty Mice SVG Collection

Supplies Used:
American Crafts Card Stock: Latte, Sea Foam, Concrete
Bazzill Card Stock: Cinnamon Stick, Smoky
Echo Park: Jack and Jill Collection
Hero Arts Wood Grain Background Stamp
Versa Mark Ink
Trendy Twine : Peppermint Stick
My Little Yellow Bicycle: wooden buttons stick pins
Buttons from Stash
Lace and Ric Rac from Stash.
Hot Glue Gun
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Cameo