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Monday, February 2, 2015

From Andy and Anne with Love

Hey Ya'll!
I hope your having a great day! I got an idea a week ago in the wee hours of the morning.  Now here is how the conversation went in my head and if I had been able to hear God I am sure he was getting a good chuckle at my expense. How am I going to do that God? (panic set in for a second) then, Oh I don't have to you will come up with it. I relaxed and the ideas started coming. So here are Raggedy Ann and Andy with love.

I started with the scarecrow from Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit. I wanted to make Annie first as I was pretty sure she would be more challenging. I made the scarecrow at the size it imports. I glued the shirt and the head together first. I cut the shirt from Little Yellow Bicycle for the shirt and American Craft Peony for the flesh colored head. Glue the head onto the top of the shirt  then using the Curly Q's from Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit cut the hair at W 11.00 x H 0.526. I used a wooden paint brush handle to first curl the paper strips as you would ribbon when you wrap packages, then wrapping them tightly around the paint brush. I cut the ends at an angle and glued each to the top of the head, then glued them to the side of the head. Leave a few stray hairs sticking up to make it a bit more realistic. Next I added the eyes and eyelashes. Black for the eyelashes and brown for the rest of the facial features using a black and brown pen. I used a photo of a Raggedy Anne doll I found on amazon as my example. The eyes are black enamel dots from Michaels. I put a tiny dot of white Ranger Accents on the enamel dots of the eyes.  The nose was cut at the size it imports. I drew the mouth on leaving an opening in the center for the pearl heart from Hero Arts. An enamel heart or button would be cute as well. I added Pebbles Pearlescent Chalk for the cheeks.

 I cut a collar by rounding the ends of a piece of 1/2 wide eyelet lace. I hot glued those into place and added a 1/8 wide red ribbon bow for the center. I had tiny heart buttons I glued to the front of the dress then glued three layers of eyelet lace to the bottom . The legs were made using white card stock, then gluing red strips of paper around the legs to inmate the stripes on Annie's Socks. The pantaloons are the sleeves for the shirt. I cut those at W 7.767 x H 2.666. Glue the sleeves together leaving the last side open so you can slip them around the legs. I embossed the pieces of the pantaloons before gluing them together using Cuttlebug paisley folder. Place them around the leg and  glue the final seam together. Glue the flaps to the top of the legs at the ends, these will be hidden by the last row of lace but if it bothers you make a square to cover the ends.
I hot glued red baby ric rack around the lower end of the pantaloons and around the top row of lace for the skirt.
Her shoes I designed myself to fit over the end of the foot. I did this as well for the boys shoes and guess what? Those are free to you! My gift to you as loyal SVG cut fans!
I asked Leo and Mary's permission to share these files I designed with you as courtesy to them and the amazing files they create for us. This is because I had to use the shape of the foot to get the right size for the shoes. Raggedy Anne has Maryjane's and Andy just has a black shoe. For both Anne and Andy's shoes glue one top flap to one side of the shoe then wrap the shoe around the foot and glue the flaps on the bottom to the bottom of the foot. Put a dab of glue under the other flap and glue in place. The Strap for the Maryjane gets glued over the top of the shoe to the side.

For Andy start with the shirt and head working on the hair and face till your ready for his pants. The collar is a 2in wide triangle that I trimmed to fit. I tried to make a cut for you but it just didn't work. I did curl the ends down a bit. Notice the photo inserted here.

 The legs are made the same as Annie but for his pants I used to top of the legs. Count down 6 score lines from the top of the leg and cut across the top of the 7th score line using your knife. You will need to ungroup and release compound path first. Move the numbers and circles for each leg you need to first so you know which is the left leg and which is the right.  Delete the lower half of the leg and score lines. Group the left leg cuts together first. The width of my grouped left leg was W 8.942 x H 3.186. The Right leg grouped together is W 8.432 x H 3. 027. Glue the pant leg pieces together leaving the last seam to be adhered after you put it around the leg. The flaps at the end will be glued to the top of the leg. Keep in mind that you will want the "loose" part of his pant leg to be at the top. I wanted the back to be covered on the legs so I cut a square of the blue and glued it over the top of the leg. Now angle the legs how you want them to look when they are sitting and then add hot glue to the top of the legs. Make sure you try this out before you glue or the mid section of the body could end up glued to far back. Glue Andy's shoes on the same as Annie except without the strap. Note: it is easier to put the shoes on the feet first before gluing the legs into place.

Andy and Annie's hands were made in the shape of a mitt, with tiny x's all around I cut two for each hand and left the bottom portion unglued to spread them out a bit then hot glued the sides into the sleeves. 

The L in the Love word is from 3dLetters SVG kit and is cut at the size it imports. I added glass rocks to the inside before I closed it up to weight it a bit for the heart box that would be sitting on top of it.

The heart box is the small box from Love Me Do SVG Kit. I took the letters OVE from Hugs and Kisses SVG Kit to make cut outs for the insert and lid top of the small box. I used the top cut for this and and ungrouped the letters then deleted the l and put them on the lid at an angle as I knew I wanted the heart to be on it's side. Choose the whole thing and click on modify then subtract. You will need to do this for the insert as well making sure you have them lined up when your ready to glue. I made the accent piece by using the offset window. I used Peppermint Trendy Twine and tied a double bow, then hot glued it to the top of the box. That is all I did to make this and I really hope you love it!

Thank you so very much for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and Happy Craftin' Y'all! If you want the shoes send me an email and I will send them on to you. Make sure you tell me if your cutting an SVG or Silhouette Studio and what version your using either 2 or 3. Thanks again,
Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit
Pick a Pumpkin SVG Kit
3D Letters SVG Kit
Love Me Do SVG Kit
Hugs and Kisses SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Little Yellow Bicycle Card Stock: Vintage Summer Collection
Echo Park Card Stock: Lucky in Love Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Crimson, Rouge, Peony, Denim,Chestnut
Bazzill Card Stock: White
Recollections Card Stock: Black
Trendy Twine: Peppermint

Recollections Black Enamel Dots
Hero Arts Pearl Hearts
Ranger White Accents
Red Baby Ric Rac
Red / Black 1/8 in ribbon from stash
Two white buttons
Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks (cheeks)
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Silhouette Cameo

There seems to be a bit of confusion about the legs file. That is part of the Leaves are Falling SVG Kit that belongs to SVG Cuts. To get that file you will need to purchase the file from them. I have added a link to the page under SVG Kits Used. I have tried like crazy to figure out a way to attach the files to this page but I just don't know enough about blogger. So if you go to my Shara's Paper Creations Facebook page and Private Message me I will send you the files for the shoes. Make sure you tell me which one you need. Either Silhouette V2 or V3 or a SVG File. So sorry for all the confusion Thanks again for liking Anne and Andy. Blessings, Sharalyn


  1. I could not find your e-mail so am hoping this works! I would love to have the shoe files for Andy and Annie. I use Silhouette DE V2. Thank you so much! My e-mail addy is :-)

  2. Glad you like them if you leave a message for me it goes to my email then I can email others and you privately. That way we keep your email private. Sorry I thought you could click on my picture and send me an email. Let me know you got the file as I have already sent it to you. Thanks again!;)

  3. These are so cute! I had everything Raggedy Ann & Andy when I was a little girl. Well done!

    1. I so happy you like these and your room and all must have been so cute!

  4. Sharalyn, so glad i ended up on your blog! I have used Svg cuts for several years.Your projects are amazing.

  5. Love them and your detailed instructions for everything you make. I am so thankful to all the bloggers who take time to share their skills with everyone. While I love to craft and am fairly good at copying ideas I'm not creative enough to come up with much on my own, although every now and then I come up with simple modifications/combinations.

    Having instructions saves me a lot of trial and error so I'd love the shoe file. I did finally get the Valentine house done using your previous inspiration.

    1. Thank you, when I first started doing this I would read these great blogs but they wouldn't give instructions on how to make them.. so bugged me! I love sharing these with everyone and they are not mine alone but to share. I have known that from the start with doing this. Seems crazy I have only been doing this 4 years, oh my but so much fun! I am going to try hard to figure out how to attach the file to this. Thanks so very much Sharalyn

  6. My goodness Sharalyn those are just the CUTEST!!! You are so talented, It blesses my heart that you give the credit to the Lord. I would love the shoe pattern as I am definitely going to make these. My daughter who passed away last year had a collection of Raggedy Ann's so I am going to make these in her memory. disneylisa expressed my thoughts best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Muffy

    1. I knew when I made these I was making them for someone or someones who needed to be blessed by these, that is pretty much a given when the Lord tells me to make this stuff. I am pleased I could be used of him to bless you. Just need to know whether you need the silhouette version and if so which one or an SVG. I need to just figure out how to attach the downloads on here for y'all. Thanks again so much, I pray this helps you miss her a little less. Blessings Sharalyn

    2. Thank you through my tears! SVG. Thank you again so much. God Bless You. Muffy

  7. You did such a wonderful job with this! Love it!

  8. So great. This is so so cute.... I have several SVG files but none of those. This is just adorable.

  9. This is adorable.I would love the cut file for the shoes and if possible the leg you created. I am hoping I can figure out how to do the leg. Thanks for sharing your great work.

    1. The leg is part of Svgcuts file called leaves are falling,if you click on the link under SVG kits used it will take you right to their page. I thought of a way I could get the file available to y'all last light and will hope it works today. Hang in there!

    2. Sorry the file for the shoe is what I meant. The file for the leg belongs to Leo and Mary of svgcuts.

  10. This is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to try to make this for my granddaughter. Can I please have the file for the legs and the shoes. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and talent.

    1. I am so sorry I forgot to mention that I am using silhouette version 3 Thank you so much

  11. Love it! You are quite talented.
    I would love the file for the legs and shoes. I am using Cameo v3
    Thank you so very much!!

  12. This is sooo very cute. I am so happy I happened on this site. So many great ideas. You are truly talented. I would also love to have the file for the shoes as I will be attempting to make the Raggedy Ann : ) I am using Cricut so in SVG format. Thanks so much : )

  13. This is sooo very cute. I am so happy I happened on this site. So many great ideas. You are truly talented. I would also love to have the file for the shoes as I will be attempting to make the Raggedy Ann : ) I am using Cricut so in SVG format. Thanks so much : )

  14. Svgcuts is amazing....and what you do with their products is astounding! Thanks so much for sharing your very creative talents. I MUST MAKE THESE DOLLS. Thank you so much for sending off the shoe pattern. I use silhouette designer v3 or svg works for me. Love love love this!