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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Box

Hi all,

I had to do some thinking on this one as I had this vision that it would be all white and well  it didn't turn out that way but I am happy with the result.  After the mail comes tomorrow I should have the total look I wanted.  I had to order some of those fairy lights Mary used in the Witch bag but I got a pretty blue and a multi colored one instead. I wanted to use them for Christmas projects so yellow wasn't really in my plan.

I started with the tree ornament again from Christmas Ornaments SVG kit and made the base putting the holes in it like I did with the last one. Then I cut the Holy leaves from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit. I sized them at W 0.913 x H 2.492 and used my snow pattern emboss folder from Tim Holtz on the leaves to give it a bit of elegance and texture. I glued the leaves on bending them slightly just like the last box, being careful to hide the holes but not cover them. I made the bottom of the box again just like the last for the tree. Make a hole using a circle W 0.378 x H 0.378 for the bottom of the tree box.

Make another circle at the size listed above, for the lid of your octagon box from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit.  Center the circle on the octagon lid, choose modify and subtract and this should make your hole for the battery operated tea light or the fairy lights to fit through. Make sure you do this for your insert for the lid as well.

 To make the Snowflake cut outs for the sides of your box use the snowflake that was for the top of the box, sizing it to W.1.878 H 2.168. Ungroup the bottom of your box sides this keeps your score lines from disappearing when you subtract your snowflake cut outs.  Ungroup to remove the outer edges of the snowflake( move the outside lines of the snowflakes off to the side to use later to make your panels for the sides of the box.They will just be an snowflake shape) regroup all the pieces of each snowflake and place on each side of the box. I make 6 of these to put one on each side of the box.  As you put them on the sides of the box remember you don't want them to high as it could be covered by the lid if you make them to high on the sides. Once you have the snowflakes where you want them on your sides select the each grouped snowflake pieces for you sides holding down the shift key and then the last thing will be the sides of the box. Go to modify and then subtract this should make your cut out shapes of the snowflakes. Once you have done select all the side pieces and then group this should bring back your score lines. (if you have trouble selecting some snowflake pieces you can right click and send the side pieces to the back this will make it easier to grab your snowflake pieces. I learned this through trial and error) Cut as you normally would and glue the side pieces together. Cut a W2.50 x 3.25 in rectangle of Card Stock Vellum to put over the snowflakes on the inside.

To make the accent panels for outside of the box, make 6 rectangles sized at W.2.38 x 3.869. Use  the snowflake shapes you moved to the side of your mat, subtract those from the rectangle shapes. I cut 6 more snowflakes to fit over the cut outs on the sides of the box and inside your panels. Pay close attention to how you place your embossed accent panels over the cut outs as you will be placing your glittered snowflakes inside those panels like a puzzle. ( mine are not perfect) To Glitter your snowflakes and the  accent piece for the top of the box like mine, stamp your paper  with Vesa Mark ink pad and then coat it with the heat and stick. Using your heat gun heat it  just till it is shiny then quickly spread your glitter on and heat again to set the whole thing. It does take more time to do it this way and it is messy but there are two reasons I do it this way. 1. I can use the really pretty glitter from Art Glitter and 2. I can cut it out of regular card stock and it won't dull my cutting blade so quickly. The choice is yours but I am hooked on Art Glitter.

For the sides of the lid of the small octagon box from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit,  resize the scalloped portions to W 8.849 x H 1.727. This is so it will not cover your  snowflake cut outs you worked so hard to make. The panels for the lid were made by duplicating one of the lid sides and cutting off one scallop then resizing it to W 2.489 x H 1.218 then duplicate it 6 times to make the side panels for the lid. I used Tim Holtz Snow Flurries Emboss folder on these, it is a two pkg that comes with a snowman that is doffing a hat.  
Use the  train from The Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit  and cut off the bottom of the insert for the box card. Duplicate the train and cut off the extra engine. Move the two cards to your first train and weld the pieces together. You may need to double click on it and magnify it to delete extra nodes that are not making a straight line at the bottom.  Using a tiny triangle, place one after the "coal" car and one before the last car.  After choosing all the triangles while holding down the shift key, choose the train and then modify and subtract. This will make the notches at the bottom of your train strip to bend down and glue around the edges of the top of the box. Note: I bent the strip up with my fingers on this one and it worked much better than scoring with the board or with score lines on the computer. Bend your straight strip up and then glue the straight strip to the top of the box. . Use a 1/8 to a 1/4 inch thick strip of paper glued to the back of the train to stabilize it .  I used the cut out for the top of the box glittering it like I did the snowflakes to cover the folded strip for the train.  For more detailed description of this read the post entitled  Christmas Times  a coming...For the wheels on the train I used a tiny snowflake punch I had purchased from Walmart a few yrs ago.  I used a scrap of white card stock and did the glitter first then punched the snowflakes out for the wheels. On the large Wheel of the train I took a second snowflake and curled the edges up then glued the center of it to the center of the first flat piece. I did the glitter the same way for the tiny strips of paper that goes across the car tops.
Glue the box bottom of the tree to the top of the octagon lid box matching the holes. You can either put a tea light in through this hole or you can string  fairy lights through this and put the battery pack inside the box bottom.
 I hot glued the ribbon to the top of the tree twisting it and adding hot glue to hold it where I wanted. Put your extra pieces of ribbon on first, then add the bow with the long tails those will be your last two long ribbon pieces. The ribbon was something I bought many yrs. Cut your edges of your ribbon at an angle. I also added tiny punched snowflakes here and there to the tree for a whimsical look. That is probably why the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies song was going through my head. The way it looked, it reminded me of it. The tree is not glued to the bottom of the tree box but you could do that if you so desired.
So there you have it the Sugar Plum Fairy box. I figured since it was going through my head that is what I should call it. You could either add a present to the bottom of the box or make this your gift. I will decide how I will do mine when the fairy lights come tomorrow in the mail. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. It truly does make me happy that you like the things my crazy brain comes up with. Have a wonderful day Y'all and Happy Craftin'!
Blessings Sharalyn

Another idea would be to use the Drum from Santa's Visit SVG Kit and put a piece of vellum over the opening of the drum to close it off. Here is the link for that kit: Santas Visit SVG Kit

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit
Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Smooth White Card Stock
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Tim Holtz Emboss Folders: Snow flurries and Snowflake Pattern
Stampin Up Heat and Stick
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Translucent Crystal Glitter
Recollections Clear Rhinestones
Studio Tiny Snowflake Punch
1/8 inch Blue and Silver Ribbon
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue
Detail Hot Glue Gun

Ps. I referred to the fairly lights as coming in the mail tomorrow, that is because I finished writing this up at 11:36 pm at night. Good nite all I am tired! Blessings Sharalyn


  1. That is just stunning! I wish I had your imagination.

  2. God's Honest Truth Linda, About a year and a half ago I told my Twin Brother I was embarrassed to tell Leo I didn't have any imagination. Then it was like something clicked in me and now this.. my point is this Linda, You DO have the imagination you just need help triggering it and when it does WATCH OUT EVERYONE!!!! keep at it my friend and don't listen to the ones who tell you you can't. Blessings Sharalyn