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Friday, October 31, 2014

Christmas Times a Coming...

Hey Y'all,

I have been working on some Christmas Wrapping Ideas because I love the boxes Mary has but really don't love wrapping things. I am also not good at it, so putting them in a cute box that doubles as present as well as decor, works for me. As I started to write this up I was looking for a kit name in my folder of PDFs and thought of something else that would work as well that you could use. If you didn't want to glue all the holy leaves onto the ornament but I am getting ahead of myself.

Start with the Christmas Tree Ornament from The Christmas Tree Ornaments SVG Kit. Cut it our of your desired paper and then go in the extras file and get the extra bottom for the Christmas tree.  Make two small circle W.0.405 x H 0.405. Center one in the middle of your octagon bottom for the tree and select both the octagon and the circle then subtract. Move the other off to the side to use later for the lid of the box. Your battery operated tea light will go through that hole just like I did on the scarecrow. Glue the bottom of the tree box together as usual and set aside. Make several circles W.0.146 x H 0.146 and some W 0.102 x H 0.102. Arrange these on the Tree Ornament making sure not to place them over a score line and subtract those as well to make holes so the lights shine through. Not cut and glue the tree together as you would. Cut the single holy leaves from Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit out at W 0.913 x H 2.492, I cut a full page of them. Slightly curve the leaves with a pencil, stylus or dowel. Glue the tips of the holy leaves to the body of the tree being careful not to cover your holes. You want to camouflage them but not cover them. I had the pointsetta flowers in my stash and glued one to the other then used Ranger Multi Medium Matte to glue to the top of my tree. One of the petals fit nicely into the whole at the top. Use whatever you have even a couple of great star buttons with the shank cut off would work. I used Star Dust Stickles to add a bit of glitter to the tree. Now set this aside.
Here is another idea for the lights that came to me as well. You could make the holes W 0.20 and use the fairly lights like the bag Witches bag Mary made and taped the lights to the inside or you could use the tiny lights and put them through the holes and actually have them stick out.
If you didn't want to glue all those Leaves onto the Ornament you could use the Hinged Christmas tree from Spirits Of Christmas Past SVG Kit and add the holes as well, just another idea that came to me. You will probably have to make is smaller thought.
Now take the train from the Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit and cut off lower tab leaving about a 1/4 of an inch to fold down. This will be how the train is adhered to the box lid. Make two and cut the extra engine off. I welded this to the first train before I cut it out.  I used my scissors for this next step, but you could do this on the machine cut little notches at the bottom of your strip one after the coal car and then another after the third car. I used my score board to score under the wheels to fold the strip up. If you do this with score lines on the machine it could break. My first one did.

Make the Small Octagon box bottom from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit. Here is where that extra circle comes in. Center it to the middle of your octagon lid and subtract. This will make your hole that the tea light will fit through. Now glue the folded train to the top of the lid and cut about  1/4 strip with your paper cutter I used paper from the same collection so it wouldn't stand out to much. Glue this strip to the back of your train for stability. I folded it with my hands where I need it. now embellish your train. and then hot glue the tree bottom box to the top of the lid box matching your holes.  When you put your tree on the top the the box you might need to clip off some of the ends of your holly leaves to make it fit and not push the train over. Now assuming you used red for the bottom of your box, hot glue a black ribbon around the middle of the box, with your ends meeting in the front. I used the rectangular piece from scrap-booking stuff to make the belt buckle but you could make a paper one or use a button, whatever you have. I do not know the technical name for that thing. It was one of the things that was given to me.
You can either hot glue or use double sided tape to adhere the battery operated tea light to the top inside of the lid on your box. Fill your box with the rest of your gift and before presenting it to your recipient, turn the tea light on. That is all for this box but I have another one I am making done it white with embossed holy leaves and some snowflake action on the box. But it isn't done yet so I didn't have it to post with this one. Guess you'll have to come back to read how I make that one. Till then, Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Craftin" Y'all!
                                                                                                              Blessings, Sharalyn

Note: I really tried but just couldn't get a good shot of the lights showing through for you.

SVG Kits Used:
Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit
Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
MY Mind Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Collection
Bazzill Solid Card Stock: Ruby Slipper, Rain Forest
Simple Stories Enamel Dots, Cozy Christmas Collection
Brad for wheel from Stash
Pointsetta top from Stash
"Buckle" from Stash
Ranger Star Dust Stickles
Ranger Multi Medium  Matte
Hot Glue
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Colored Flashing Battery operated tea light 

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