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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Post In Time

Morn' Y'all,
It's the crick of dawn as my mom used to tell us when she was waking us up to get ready to leave early for our vacations. I used to love the excitement we all felt getting up before the critters to leave. Dad used to fish and that is one of those memories I have. Nice to have such pleasant memories. Anyway, I had plans to write this up and take photos yesterday but God had other plans so I didn't get it done again. So, here I am at the crick of dawn to write it up for you as there is much I would like to get done today.

Start with the paper clip box from Good Day at the Office SVG Kit and import and make the bottom of the box as it is. For the lid of the box, make a line of circles at W. O.168 x O.168 H.  I went back and counted them and the total circles you will need for this is 29. Spread them out along the bottom of the lid and and align them middle and horizontally and also vertically. This helps to get them all lined up perfect. Group all the circles together. Place them at the bottom edges about halfway through your circles. Turn on the cross hairs to help you get it aligned perfectly straight. Place circles before  the score line on the ends you would glue the side pieces together. I hope that make since.  Release compound path on the lid and ungroup your score lines from the box lid. Don't move the score lines! Then click on the lid hold down the shift key and choose the group of circles, release the shift key and click modify then subtract. This should make the little postage stamp edge I made. You do not have to do this if you already have a postage edge punch. I do but wanted to be able to tell you how to do this if you didn't already have one. I also made this to go with the wonderful vintage postcard paper from My Minds Eye Joyous collection.  You can go back and use a small hand punch to clean up any parts that do not have a perfect stamp edge. I did this to clean up the end to end gluing of the sides.

For the very top of the lid I made cut outs using the top of the lid. I duplicated it and then shrink it down. Then modify and subtract much like you did with the circles. I wanted a layered look to it. Then making and insert for the center section and gluing it to the inside of the cut outs. Glue your larger cut out onto the sides of lid then glue your smaller cut out or edge to the top of that. Emboss and ink the insert to give it texture. I used Tim Holtz Snowflakes emboss folder, it comes with a snowman that is holding his hat it is pretty cute . Then I inked the top of it with Tim Hotlz Vintage papers ink. I added the ribbon using double sided sticky tape keeping it off the very ends so you can tie it. Then adding evergreen ferny greens from 3d Wintergreens  SVG kit. The berry stick was from my box of cuts I keep but is from Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit and the berries where done using Red Stickles from Ranger ink. Make the dots and then set it aside for it to dry. Hot glue a 1/8 inch bow on top and add the wood dots  from My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Collection and your done.
Now when I finished it I sat back and looked at it a while then decided it needed a bit more aging so I added Vintage Paper Ink to the edges and around the box. To add a bit of glitter to it, because what is Christmas without a little sparkle I sprayed it with Perfect pearls. This is a powder you can mix with some water and using a spray bottle hold it back a bit and spritz lightly. Use caution because if you get it to wet two things will happen: 1. it might warp and 2. Tim Holtz inks are made to work with the water so you may end up with an effect you didn't want.
So that is my box I have many more dancing in my head. If fact I woke this morning to many more ideas and creations dancing around. If I think about it I could be overwhelmed but I choose instead to be blessed by it. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. It is time to get crack a lacking on this day, so have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Good Day at the Office SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
My Minds Eye Joyous Collection
My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring Wood Dots
American Crafts Card Stock: Pine, Latte, Rouge
Tim Holtz Snowflakes Emboss Folder
Tim Holtz Vintage Paper Ink
Ranger Perfect Pearls, white
Ranger Stickles Xmas Red
Red 1/8 and 1/4 inch Ribbon
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Hot Glue

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