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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A 4th Of July Birthday!!!

Hey Y'all!
Happy soon to be 4th of JULY!!!!!!
I made a center peice for my mother in law to celebrate her 93rd birthday and the 4th. We always go and have dinner with her as a family then watch the fireworks down at her place in Palm Desert. ( that is right next to Palm Springs for those of you that don't know) It is a great time and Hot for sure!!! Where I am gets warm but this year it is blistering hot and humid. It is worse down there but seeing mom is worth it as she is an awesome mother- in law. We don't usually have humidity till August so maybe fall will come early this year.. be optimistic right??? Anyhoo let me stop boring you and get to the centerpiece. Grab some sweet tea or some lemonade and set a spell with me would Ya?

 I used Vintage Rosettes  SVG Kit to make the bottom of the centerpiece using American Craft card stock in Crimson, Sapphire, and White card stock.Then I made the firecrackers from the Stars and Stripes SVG Kit. I made one at the original size then one larger and one slightly smaller. I used the shape menu and made a bursting star design for one cracker then I grouped them together and copy and pasted onto the others. You might have to change the size a bit or turn them so the fit.  I also used the lantern from Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit but only to get the shape Mary used for the tea lights to fit into. Break apart the lantern and take that shape then delete the rest.(the shape is the heel looking thing) Place it where you want it on the firecracker before you cut it out. Add a piece of Vellum to cover the inside for the star burst and glue the cracker together as you normally would. I did not glue the lid on the small one as I wanted my MIL to be able to take it off to turn off the light if she needed. I wasn't sure she could move her arm the way she would need to get to the light in the small cracker. She has some shoulder issues so I was trying to make it easy for her. I hot glued them down so they wouldn't move but if you wanted it to be easier to store just set them on top and don't glue them down. But I can't promise little hands wont walk away with one then.. LOL had that happen before * ahem* you know who you are little cutie!

Of course I will post a link to all the kits and collections I used and you be sure and ask if you have questions about anything OK?
I used the 3d star from Made in The USA SVG Kit for decorations but sized them down quite a bit. I also used the stars from Uncle Sam's Extravaganza 1 SVG collection and glued them to the back of the 3d stars.  Make the stars as Mary explains so well in the video and hot glue them into place.  Then cut the stars from the Uncle Sam's Extravaganza 1 SVG collection and glue to the edge of the back of the star.
Decorate the firecrackers and add some paper curls and you have a centerpiece!
All of y'all have a wonderful 4th of July! Have some great BBQ, good company and top it off with great fireworks! Thanks for stopping by y'all  and Happy Crafting! Blessings Sharalyn

Kits and Collections used:
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection l
Vintage Paper Rosettes SVG Kit
Stars and Stripes SVG Kit
Made in The USA SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Echo Park Mini Pack
American Craft Card Stock, Crimson, Sapphire, White
Patriotic Ribbon, Michael's
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Jute Twine


  1. Gorgeous 4th of July centerpiece, Sharalyn! I'm sure your MIL will Love and cherish your creation. Thanks for sharing the instructions. My niece, Lisa just got the Eclips and loves to make centerpieces each year, so I'll share your blog with her. You did a wonderful job! Enjoy the 4th!

    1. Thank you much Misty!!! I can always count on you to say something sweet!

    2. Thank you much Misty!!! I can always count on you to say something sweet!