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Friday, June 28, 2013

Love for a friend

Good Morning everyone!!!!
Well I thought maybe it was just in our area but I guess from all your comments it is just the internet that is being crazy!!! Thank goodness it isn't my computer! LOL

I started making this lamp for my friend who celebrated a birthday while I was in Big Bear but it is a bit more than that. She has had 4 or 5 surgeries on her back and is now not able to be out of bed too long as the pain is to much for her. I made this to celebrate her birthday and to help cheer her a bit when she looks at it. So on to the lamp!

I made the lamp shade first the way Thienly did with the wonderland lamp with one slight exception. I stamped swirls on the card stock vellum and used ultra fine clear embossing powder to add a bit of prettiness to the shade. Not that it really needed that as the paper  I used was Graphic 45's Secret Garden and that paper is just so pretty to begin with. I just wanted it to be extra special though.

Really you can't go wrong with Graphic 45 paper it is really really pretty and if you haven't listened to Leo's interview with the designer you need to. Go to SVG cuts and Listen to the interview on Cut the Craft. The designer tells you how Graphic 45 got its name as well and I learned a bit more about paper and making it.. and why their paper is so pretty. 
The shade comes from the Maison de Madeline kit and Thienly tells you just how to make it on the blog of SVG Cuts. I have made a couple of her things and I just love them. I have yet to get around to making stuff from the others but it isn't because I like Thienly's stuff more it is because I can't get my mind to shut up and stop creating things myself. One thing I will mention Thienly says to cut off the tabs on the sides and bottom of the shade but I think she meant to say trim them down otherwise there isn't anything for the bottom piece or the side to glue or double sided sticky tape to stick to.
 I set that aside and used the tall Apothecary bottle from Toil and Trouble kit  to make the base of the lamp. I took the accents and made them skinnier then set those in the middle of the bottles as if I were gluing them on but on the shape itself before I cut. That way there are cut outs. Then when back and cut transparencies at the regular accent pieces size for the "glass". I used the double sided sticky tape for gluing in the transparencies just like Thienly did for the lamp. Before I cut the top for the bottle I took a circle from the shape menu to make a whole in the top for my center piece form a foil or plastic wrap. That was another idea of Thienly's which I liked because who doesn't like to recycle??? I covered the roll with paper and glued that down to the center of the jar. I also drilled a hole in the top of the paper roll to put a small dowel I had left over from another project.. see I can't throw stuff like that away. LOL
Then after searching the house to find the pretty stones I had had and couldn't find I went to the dollar tree and bought some over in their flower section and they were the perfect color!! Can't beat that! On a whim I decided to look  in the toy section and found three little girls necklaces for a dollar a well! COOL BEANS!!!! 

Add some of the pretty stones to the bottom of the jar for weight but not to much as the paper weight can't hold to much. I took the one strand of beads and added it to the inside and pulled it up through the whole  in the lid and hooked it over the dowel.. oh I did paint the dowel to match the paper.  I hot glued that in place and glued the lid on the jar. Then just decorate the rest with the other beads and hot glue them in place as well. I did take off the connector as I thought it didn't look so pretty with it on.
 I made the shoe from Love Always kit and the purse form the new kit Luxury Handbags. I did make the a bit smaller but not much. I used my epiphany round 14 shape tool to make the little charms and paper from the same kit add some ribbon and pearls and you have yourself a lamp.. Be sure and pick it up from the bottom!!! I did hot glue the shoe to the side of the lamp but the purse I left separate so she could decide herself how she wanted it to look. No base on this one I did think about it but decided against it as I wanted the beauty of the lamp and shoe and purse to stand out more.
Well that is it y'all! As always I will post the links to the kits at the bottom here so you know just what kits I used and can get them yourself.. If you have any questions you have only to ask I would be happy to help you any way I can. Thanks so much for stopping by and having coffee with me. Happy Craftin Y'all! Blessing Sharalyn

 Supplies Used:
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Graphic 45  Secret Garden Collection
Beads and pretty rocks from the Dollar Tree
Small 1/4 in dowel about 5 inch. long left over from another project
 Recycled Paper Roll from foil or plastic wrap
Lace from Joann's
Ribbon and button from my stash
Epiphany 14 round shape tool and Metal Charms to fit them.
SVG Kits Used:
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit 
Love Always SVG Kit
Toil and Trouble SVG Kit
Luxury Handbags SVG Kit

PS. I took my sketch book with me to Big Bear and I've got more to share as soon as I get them made. Stay tuned Y'all!

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  1. I love your projects, i was wondering if you could share the sizes for the lamp? I have both them files to make it and i would love to try it out. :-) Thanks