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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pink Elephants! Pink Elephants!

Mornin Y'all,
I hope your having a great morning! I have a confession. I have a smash book that I draw (sort of) my ideas in and a few months ago I was getting ideas like crazy. I will be honest most of the time I draw it very basic then never go back and make it or I think I will some day. I always tried to be open with y'all about this but I got a definite  go make that lamp from the Lord. I have no idea why, that is not for me to know right now but he wanted it done and I did it. If you know a little about me by now it is that when something isn't right it doesn't get posted till it is. That is what took me so long to post this.. I have been working on it for a week. I just can't post something when the design of one of the elements is bugging me. So here it is and I do hope you like it.. yep I know it isn't New Years and I Know we are just ending summer.. I told you I have no idea why God wanted it made now but He did.

Start with the champagne bottle that Mary made from New Years Eve SVG Kit.  It is cut and put together just as she does it. I did add some diamond stickles to the bubbles on the bottle and the vellum I used was one I colored myself using my  pigment inks from Stampin up. The color I used was Green Galore, it is an old one but it was given to me and I like to use those and thank God for the gift. (seriously I wouldn't have half the stuff I have if my dear friends hadn't given them to me, I am truly blessed) The paper I used for the accents on the bottle, glasses and lamp shade are from Graphic 45 the French Country collection. The black card stock is simply from Michael's the Recollections stuff. I wanted a smooth almost luxurious look to the bottle so I used it for the accents. The body was AC card stock in the black.
The lamp shade is the coffee cup from the Farmhouse Kitchen kit and I added two extra panels to the cup after I sized it down to W 8.733 break apart the cup and remove the holes Mary added for the handles. I then used the shapes menu and made three rectangles W 2.070 H 1.089 cross them over each other like the lamp shades used to be.. then add an outer circle W.0675 and an inner circle W.337. Go back up to the shapes menu and import two polygon 10 make one W.2.28 and one W 1.50.
Lay the smaller one on top of the other and use the center feature to center both perfectly one over the other. Go to the Path column at the top of the page and click exclude. Lay your grouped top over that and size to fit then choose weld on both the polygon and the circled x to make the one piece top. I have the wooden skewers that I bought at Big Lots here a long time ago and I lightly sanded one of those and put it down into the top of the bottle to see what size I wanted it, I cut it to fit just about 2 1.2  inches above the bottle top. This is where your artistic eye comes in. Lay the completed lamp shade over your stick and then down into the bottle this will help you decide how long you want to make the stick. Hot glue it in place. The trim I put on the lamp shade is one I got from a fabric outlet here in town. Amazing I walked in thinking I wanted the fringe and there that was.. Perfect!!! The lace on the top came from there as well. So here is my point. I took the bottle and the lamp shade in and looked at trim. Don't be afraid to do that if you don't already have something that will work in your stash.

The "bubbles I bought in the floral dept in Hobby Lobby when I met Deb from Debs Crafty Side and Jeannie Lassey for the first time. They are two awesome gals that post stuff all the time on SVG cuts and we had a ball. I wish I could have stayed down there for a couple of days. We hit it off quite well! These are two of my dearest friends on and off that site.
The glasses Oh the glasses!!! that is what gave me such headaches! I knew when I put the bottle top together I wanted to use it for the glasses but being the way I am I really struggled trying to get the bottoms just right! (well right for me) Anyhoo, I ended up using that design I made for the center of the wheels for the skates, with just a few minor alterations. The top part of the glasses I used the bottle top but played a bit with the nodes again. Now if you have no idea what I mean then go to the blog on SVG cuts and type in nodes in the search bar. Leo took the time to explain what they are and how they can be changed, for us visual folks it is a video.  Lots of fun once that word doesn't make your head spin! The glass tops are made of eight pieces and I took 8 more pieces cut then off about a 1/4 of the way down the neck and glued them to the inside to finish off the inside of the  piece. I put shredded paper on the inside and sprayed it with glue then sprinkled some glitter on top to give it a shimmery look. Also I glued prigs of "bridal spray" to the inside of the glasses and to the inside tops of the lamp shade to look like bubbles.
The elephants are from Wild Child SVG Kit and are cut at W.3.169 I used Lipgloss and Bubblegum AC card stock for the colors. Then I sized and cut the glasses, mustache and hat from the New Years Eve Kit to fit the elephants.  The mustache and glasses both have three layers glued together.  Add some funny google eyes and sticks I covered in Radiance type Yarn. ( I used to use it all the time in my Jeans Jackets I made) and you have quite the funny scene. The two elephants are on home made springs with buttons on either side to hold them in place then hot glued to the inside of the bottle and on the back of the elephants. The Sheer Gold ribbon is another bunch of freebies I was blessed with. I made the Happy New Year print & cut circle,  in my silhouette designer addition. I did not cut it but instead used my Epiphany Crafts 25 circle to make the charm.
So there it is silly and fun but so me. I do have a serious side but I have learned to laugh again and to be genuinely happy. I will post the kits and the products I used at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoyed this silly yet fun side a little early and maybe you'll want to make one around New Years to decorate your house. It is a lamp like I said that was Mary's doing. I mostly decorated it. Have fun and do something silly today. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Craftin" Y"all!
Blessings Sharalyn
New Year's Eve SVG Kit
Farmhouse Kitchen SVG Kit
Wild Child SVG Collection

Supplies used:
 Black Recollections card stock,Michael's
Graphic 45  French country collection
Epiphany Crafts 25 round tool and Charm
Ribbon and Trim from stash and fabric outlet
Shredded paper from Dollar Tree
Bridal Sprigs from Hobby Lobby( floral section)
Wood Skewers
Card Stock Vellum From Stampin Up
Google eyes
Diamond Stickles

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