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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas????

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
Today I want to share a different blog post. Today I want to tell you there are no presents under our tree, there are no gifts I bought I made a few small things. Today I am very thankful that I Do feel joy and goodwill.

We have been trying to refi our house since September, and were told we would be able to skip the November and December payments. So we paid all our over due bills Y'all know how that is, in November and I planned for what I hoped was a wonderful Christmas full of gifts for everyone. Well that didn't happen we had to scramble to make our November payment as our previous lender messed up or paper work not once but twice. We signed a total of three times before all of this was said and done. As of yesterday the payoff on our house had posted and we were still getting calls from the previous lender wanting to know why we hadn't made our house payment.. Ah  yeah the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing

To top it off our car we purchased earlier in the year had yet another hiccup. That car was supposed to take care of our car problems for a while and yet it has spent more time in the shop than we care to admit. We do have another car, a very old Ranchero that after so many years is showing it wear. It has been in the shop itself for several weeks as the J brake broke and this car has a habit, all be it a familiar one to this year of going into reverse by itself thus we need that brake and oh did I mention something broke in the handle and he had to hold the door closed so we could get it to the shop.

I called my friend from church and she took us together to church last night for our Christmas gift of song to our community. Today we will have dinner with our daughter and her family and they will have to come get us to go but with God all things are possible.

I know all this sounds really crazy and how can I still be happy? One Name Jesus. You see he said in his word that things like this Would happen and yeppers they sure do. Crazy stuff. Marks mom had a huge health scare this year. So how can I be truly joyful? sounds corny but it is true I have HOPE in Jesus. I know that this world is going to be tough for me He said so. So when it does surprise me It really shouldn't. I am caught off guard like the rest of you cuz guess what I am human. I react in a way that I shouldn't but then I do need to express my discouragement because that is also good. That gives my friends and loved ones that chance to  come along side me as the bible says and hold be up or pick me back up. So yes I am so thankful today and truly happy.
In the bible is says that Mary kept all these things in her heart. I often feel like Mary. I ponder and keep these things that I hold so truly dear in my heart. Oh I have my Martha moments too when I am freaking out and making a scene because I am not getting any help or I am fussing because there are no presents for anyone. Then I come to my senses thank God for that as well and I settle down and stop stressing myself out because I have no gifts for everyone, or the house isn't clean and I have company coming, or I had no sleep and I am just plan grouchy.  My gift to you today is cut yourself some slack!!!! We are all going to mess up and have bad days and behave in a manner we don't want. We are all going through or have been through hard financial times. Knowing that should comfort you some, as those who love you know and understand that what you need cannot be bought at a store, no it comes in the form of a gift  of a baby. It is love in the purest form... that we can share with one another. Our love for one another and we can share our love for one another because God shared it with us first.  Blessings to all of you this day and everyday. My love I give to you in the form of hope. I hope in God. Merry Christmas everyone! Blessings Sharalyn

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