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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Heaven Or Bust!

Hey Y'all!

Merry Christmas Early!
Let me share with you the story of my special  present for my Pastor. I will tell you how this came about. I was showing my girl friends at church the owl I made for my mom and pastor Tom was standing there and said that the VW bus I made for Pastor Daniel was REALLY cool. Yep that is when I heard it.. that quiet I really would like to have one voice. I know he didn't ever intend to come across that way because that is the way he is but I heard it. I started planning right then and there. I pulled my pastors wife aside on Sunday and asked her what Pastor Tom likes to do besides share God with everyone. The answer? Camping they love to camp.

I started with the lantern from Camp Smore SVG Kit,  as I knew I would have to make it small and that it would cause some good pain in my hands and arms. I wanted to give myself a few days to recover if it was really bad. Well I ended up making two one even smaller than the first. I have Tweezer Bee reverse tweezers that help with making this a lot. If you try this, take your time glue a portion then set it down and glue something else for the lamp, most important don't rush it! Ice was very much my friend last night. Today I finished the lantern by adding perfect pearls in red to make it look like tiny brads.

On to the Camper Bus from Surf Shack SVG Kit, I started with the German Bus.  I cut the bottom at the size it imports. I did the same for the top but made a small rectangle square and put it in the center of the top cover.  To make the side pieces I duplicated the rectangle and used it to size the side pieces and added flaps and score lines for to make the box part of it. I added smaller rectangles to the side pieces fore windows then added vellum to cover them. I took the center piece of the bus top and shrunk it way down.. hey I was really cooking on that shrinking part, lol. I glued the top piece onto the pop-up after I had scored the edges  a bit. I cut extra hooks from the top of the tiny lantern to make the holders for the metal side pieces for the bus and the "luggage rack".  The wire I used to make the rack and the metal part on the pop up came from Walmart in the jewelry making  section. I bent the wires first then slipped the loops on them and carefully glued them into place. When I got this crazy idea to make this I looked on the internet for a picture of a VW Camper. That is when I saw some with luggage racks and some with the parking lights on the front. I liked them so I added them. I used my Epiphany Crafts tools 14 and 25 round resigns  to make the headlights and the wheel and peace sign covers.
I used my Silhouette Sketch pens to add the words to the side panels. I added enamel dots to the bumper to give the attached rivet look. The Windshield wipers are the handles from the tiny lantern. I cut thin black strips of paper for the rubber part of the wipers and glued them into the top folds of the handles. I went outside and got a stick from the yard for the fishing pole and tied Stampin up linen thread to the stick. I had formed a hook using another kind of wire I had. The "bed roll" is just some fleece I had that I tied with the linen thread and then tied it to the luggage rack.
That is how I made this camping VW Bus for my Pastor and I can hardly wait to give it to him. I reeealllly hope he likes it. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Crafting! Blessings Sharalyn

Kits Used:
Surf Shack SVG Kit

Camp Smore SVG Kit

AC Card Stock: Jade, Black, Carmel
Bazzill: Turquoise Mist
Stampin Up:Vellum Cardstock, Linen Thread
Epiphany Tools: 14 and 25 Resins
Hero Arts Metal Adhesive Brads
Gold colored Rhinestones
Enamel Dots
Silhouette Sketch Pens
Scotch Quick Dry Glue


  1. LOVE this!! :-) I can't even imagine working with the lantern that small--WOW! I am a new follower to your site but do you have a FB page as well?

  2. Great Job Sharalyn! Love all the details you added... I'm sure your Pastor is gonna LOVE it :)

  3. What an AWESOME bus! You did a fantastic job! I know your pastor will just love your gift...what's not to love??
    You are very talented and Thank You for sharing how you make your wonderful creations with us!