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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Puttin On the Ritz!!!

Hi all,
I was playing around with some new ideas using SVG cuts files and made my Putting on Ritz Spider. I had called my daughter cuz I didn't know how to add music to my photo and she was busy doing homework with the kids so I said no worries I will just post the picture. I remember standing over your kids trying to get them to do their home work ugh! Anyway she surprised me this morning with a video of my spider with the music I had wanted to add. Just made this mom so proud of her little girl! anyway I thought I should put the specks on this guy for ya so you can make one too. The scarecrow I posted the last time won the contest on SVG cuts Facebook page. I was so excited. If you love paper crafting you just have to check out this page!!! Lots of great people and Leo and Mary are just the greatest!! Anyway on to Mr. Spider.
For the body of the Spider I used the cauldron from Party on Elm Street and cut it at the size it imports. I embossed the accent peices with Tiny bubbles from Cuttle bug embossing folders. I did add an extra bottom to the top of the spiders body so I could have embossing on that part too and yikes I didn't save that size either..I know I did just one click down on the size so it would be about a quarter of an inch smaller.
The legs are from the same Kit but I sized them at W 2.490 H 4.4886
I hot glued the legs in place after I had the cauldron all put together but I think If I were to do another I would not put the little diamond shaped pieces in until after I had put on the legs. The diamond pieces add stability and go on the inside..
The Eyes were cut from Elmhurst Hallow kit, the Haunted house has vellum that goes inside the top of the house I used that to cut out the eye shape using butter yellow AC cardstock. Cut those out at W 2.340 H 0.740
I used the shape menu and cut an oval and I am so sorry I didn't save that I guess just play with it a bit till you get the size you want.
I made the hat using the cauldron also but imported the whole thing and selected all and sized it down to W 15.073 H 11.357 So just so you are sure what size I used I will list the pieces Sides 1 and 2 should be:W 5.968 H 3.609
Tabs should be: W 5.968 H 1.483
Accents should be W 2.676 H 5.968
Bottom of hat should be W 5.968 W 1.913
Accent piece for embossing of the bottom of the hat should be W.5.511 H 1.767
For the brim of the hat I just cut a strip of card stock about 1/2 inch wide folded it in half and glued it on with a glue gun then cut off the excess. I wasn't super happy with the brim but maybe someone else can think of something. I embossed the accent pieces with the Argyle embossing folder from cuttle bug. I used the "line" from the hat of the Midnight Jamboree kit from the pumpkin guy, I broke it apart and took that line out so I could cut the shape.
The bow is the freebie that they give, Yes they give freebies all the time check out the blog. it was the 3d bow and I played with the size to get it right and still had to cut off a bit on the end to get it right so I didn't save that either.. I am sorry I should have thought to save all that stuff. I used Mary's idea of the fold lines for making the cuffs and cut a strip of the paper I had left for the cuffs. I made a fold line with my bone folder then wrapped it around his "wrist" and glued it in place then hot glued a tiny purple square brad in place then added some really cute buttons from Buttons Galore and he is done. My Puttin on the Ritz Spider! Check out SVG CUTS you will not be sorry. I love paper crafting and they make it sooo easy! hugs to you all and Thanks for stopping by. The link Below should take you to their page.
Here is the Link for The video my daughter did wow so proud of that girl! 

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  1. You did a great job creating that cute spider and your daughter did an amazing music video of him. Super cute!!! You sure put on the Ritz! Thanks so much for sharing your instructions and Happy crafting. Won't you be my neighbor ;)