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Monday, October 29, 2012

First day!!!

Hi all,
So today was the first day of the online card class and I have to say... I have a lot to learn. I honestly haven't done to many cards in quite a while so more or less I would say practice, practice, practice. Once again very informative and we made a small card suitable for a tag on a gift and a card that you could easily replicate. The tip on the last was really great and I could see having them in a book so If I needed inspiration I could go and look. I think with this idea you could do it with more than just Christmas cards. If you were a little low on creativity that day you could open your book and look at your "samples" and that might jump start your creativity. Anyhoo this is my tag card. We learned a bit about copic coloring of which I really know nothing and can see that although I love the look, this is something I really need to practice at. My Husband liked it so maybe I will be trying harder this year to make my presents look nice. Maybe if my mom comes for Christmas she can help me in the area because I REALLY need help at that. The next card was one that could be easily replicated and yep I struggled a bit with this one too. I like how it turned out and I could replicate this one I'm sure but I really need to make a sample of my ink colors so I can choose those much easier. The color combos is tough for me I can put colors together alright but I think the samples might help me be less indecisive. Honestly I hardly ever use ink as focal point so again something I need to practice at to get better. All and all a great first day and I am sure if I stick with it and practice I will get better and be able to make my decisions much quicker with the final result being a stunning card or I can hope that is the way it will be. Thanks for joining me on this journey, If you so desire you can still join the rest of us and maybe you can help this poor girl. The online card classes are super! Thanks again for stopping by. Blessings, Sharalyn

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