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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wow it has been a month since I posted anything.. so sorry I need to get on the stick here as my mom would say. So I saw a ad for big lots and It was an Americana thing and I loved it, but it seemed silly to go spend money when I really needed to watch it so I made this instead. It was very much like it but much better in my opinion. which only counts for me anyhoo LOl. So here it is and I hope you like it. Today I am disciplining myself to work on the new kit which is 3d numbers! whoo hoo! I need to make a 2 for my youngest grandson for his b day and to try again at this 3d number and letter thing.
I used the Carmel apple pie kit to make this crate. I cut it as it imports only using red, white and blue for the pieces. Then I added a heart from the shapes menu of Sure Cuts a Lot. I cut two hearts one blue and one red and then used some scrap strips of white and had and glued then one at a time cutting off at the bottom, straightening my ends and starting again. I wanted to make paper flowers for this but really just didn't have time. It would have been pretty and Mary has several sets that this would work with. Check out page for the flowers they are awesome. I also used the Made in the USA kit to make the embellishments for the ends. I added the ribbon before hand just looping them and hot gluing as I went. I am getting better at the hot gluing but surely have a long way to go on that. Hero Arts makes these wonderful metallic self-adhesive embellishments that you can find in with the jewels I love them and they add just the right touch to projects like this. I used a brown ink pad on the edges of the crate and the heart also.So that is how I did it and as I always say please out do me and I look forward to seeing your projects on the svg cuts Facebook page. Below will be a link for you to click on and it will take you right to the Carmel Apple Pie Kit. Take a look around while your there there are amazing things to make. You will find the Made in the U.S.A kit also there. Happy Crafting everyone and wish me luck on the 3d number sometimes it is just hard to make my hands do what I want. so here is the link, thanks for visiting :)
Recently I was very blessed to win a 50 dollar gift card to SimonSaysStamp from Kristina Werner so I bought two new epiphany tools which haven't come yet but I will let you know how I like them. Thank you Kristina! Happy crafting everyone!

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