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Monday, May 13, 2013

Flower Cart for KAIROS

Hi everyone!!!
I finally got the flower Cart done. The paper came last week but we have had a few car issues.. grrr that have kept me away from my craft room. That being said when the paper came I couldn't get to making the flowers for the cart. When I think of beautiful scenery,  I think of wagons in the front yard or gardening tools that are old and grass and flowers growing up around it. I love the old butter churns sitting out front or chairs made of branches from trees. That's the kind of gal I am.
So here are the specks. I made the cart sort of like Brigit's from the design team on SVG cuts. I wanted one wheel and more of a rustic falling apart sort of look so I didn't worry to much about making it look all neat. All the pieces for the cart and accent pieces for the umbrella were made using my Designer Software from Silhouette as I used the print and cut feature. So if you have that or are able to print and cut or you have wood look paper and the right paper for you accent pieces your good to go. I didn't so I had to do the print and cut feature. I hot glued those tiny brads to the centers of the wheels as my paper was not strong enough to push it through like Brigit's did. 

 The mushroom Cap came from Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit and is what I used to make the umbrella and the accents for it were trimmed with a circle punch to the that look at the bottom of it. The pole for the umbrella is the pool cue from The Green Room SVG Kit. I then cut thin strips of paper to made vines and curled them around a paint brush. The flowers are just one of Mary's many types of flowers she makes. Take a look at any Spring or Mother's day kit and your bound to find a flower you like. It is my suggestion that you print the PDF's from each kit or collection.  That is how I find the different shapes I want to make things.  I think of the shape I want to use or flower I want to make, then pour over those PDF 's to find what I want. The box is from December Gifts SVG Kit and is just that little flat box. I filled it with beans to weight it down and then added the little pearls to the flower centers. All the flowers were inked on the edges and shaped with my McGill flower shaping tools. I really wouldn't know what to do with out those tools they have been invaluable.
What's that you say? How did I get the umbrella to stand in the cart. I used a very huge and ugly brad in my opinion. I stuck that in the bottom of the pool cue and hot glued it to the cart. I had bought a steal  on and really wanted all of it except those brads and had no idea what in the world I would do with them. They are still there but you just don't see it.. Good to my thinking. YUCK.
So there you have it my flower cart. This creation and a few others I have and will make, will  go to benefit women who have family members in prison. Just because they're family members have made a mistake doesn't mean those women aren't suffering as well. In fact many of them need the love of Christ in fellowship and crafting or whatever to let them know they are still loved.
I will post a link that will take you to one of the kits I used. Have a look around. There are so many amazing kits and collections I know it will be hard for you to decide. It  always is for me as well. 
Mary made a fire engine in the newest kit.. so cute and perfect for that little boy in your life or the fire fighter. Thanks for stopping by Y'all and Happy Crafting!!!
Blessing, Sharalyn
SVG Kits Used:
Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit
 The Green Room SVG Kit
December Gifts SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit

  Freebie with a 9.98 purchase this week is this one! so cute!!! 
 Hurry it is for a limited time only! Patriotic Parade SVG Kit

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