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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Gift For Wyatt

Hi Everyone!
Today is my grandson Wyatt's 3rd Birthday! Wyatt is our youngest grandchild and the sweetest little guy. He is shy and ADORES his grandpa. I'm starting to get in on the hugs and shy giggles as well, but I sure don't feel slighted as the other 3 of my daughters boys make a bee line for grandma when they get here. 

When I started to make this gift I was just going to make the truck and the lamp and I bought some cool light changing tea lights to go with it as well. I made the truck last night and showed my hubby. His remark: you know he's going to want to make that roll. My response was well it just isn't going to. Then I got "the lOOK". Ugh the look!!! The one that says I know you can do it and you know how much he would love it! THAT LOOK! I resigned myself to making it roll.

I started with the Maison de Madeline kit to make the lamp and as the last time made the lamp taller so I could fit the moster truck, yep I said moster.. that is what Wyatt calls it. 
Here is the link for the Maison de Madeline Kit: Maison de Madline SVG Kit
I used the gears in this kit also to add to my lamp (ya know a gear head) Ba dom bum!
Then I had added stars to the lamp shade by using the shape menu on sure cuts a lot and resizing them to make it look like fireworks. I did that on another lamp I have started for my mother in law for her birthday on the fourth. Once you get the stars where you want them make life easy on yourself and group them together!!! Don't do as I do, do as I say.. lol I  used the truck from Ryan's Play Date again. Here is the link for that one.. Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit
I  turned the vellum on the side and back to mesh using a small square from the shapes menu and duplicating it and arranging them. I did this for the one side window then grouped it together, copy and pasted it for the other and flipped it. Then I did the other windows the same way.
I cut that out of the black card stock and glued on the inside of the window. To make the silver frames around the window I used the vellum window shape again and copy and pasted it and made the second ones smaller and arranged them over the first. Group Them together then make them a tad smaller as your putting them on the outside and they are to big otherwise. Trust me I know. LOL

The platform was from the bottom of the box from the Graduation Day SVG Kit: Here is the link for that one as well:Graduation Day SVG Kit
I had just used it to make a gift for a friend and it was the first thing that came to mind. 
The Red Truck  that rolls is also from Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit and I did the same as the Blue one  but added 3- 1" circles to the wheel spots with a whole big enough for a 3/16 in dowel to fit through.  I painted the dowel black  Make the back dowel shorter than the front wheel as the length of the bed on the truck is not long enough for those huge tires otherwise. I put the front wheels on first then the back so I could make sure they didn't hit each other. I used  the tires from Jonathan's Bears SVG collection. I love the bulldozer! Here is the link for that one Johnathon's Bears SVG Collection
No I the blue Truck doesn't roll that is why I had to make the red one.* ahem* Thanks grandpa for making me feel like a bad grandma if I didn't make the tires move! 
I cut three layers each for the tires to give them a little strength when Wyatt rolls it across the floor, glued them together and cut the circles for the rims out of the silver paper I found at Michael's. It was in their single sheet stuff and it is pretty thick so cut twice. 

I recently purchased the Epiphany Craft 14" round Shape Studio so I used that for the hub caps, and lights on the front and back. I also used a rhinestone for the red lights. I  found out recently that you can color them using a sharpie or copic Marker. I knew you could do the pearls but not the rhinestones. sooo cool! The little hood I made for the roof of the truck was the awning from the Ice Cream Birthday Kit. Here is the link for that one as well:Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
I added a score line to the other side after cutting off the scalloped edge, then trimmed the corners with my scissors to make the angle right. I added Wyatt's Name to the back of the blue truck and had cut a small rectangle to make the license plate to the red one. Use the square frame from the shapes menu as well and stretch it a bit. 
So now Wyatt's Car moves and we will put a little spending money in the truck bed for Wyatt to do some shopping for a sturdier monster truck. 

To my Grandson Wyatt Happiest of birthday's to you little one Grandma and Grandpa love you soooooo very much!!! 
To all of my Crafting friends thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Stay safe Y'all I'd really miss you if Ya weren't. I have more to post but I need the wind to stop outside so I can get a photo! Next Up: FEELING GROOVY!!! Happy Crafting everyone!
Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Maison de Madline SVG Kit
 Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit
 Graduation Day SVG Kit
 Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
 Johnathon's Bears SVG Collection

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