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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fruit Fiesta Party!!!

Morning all,

Well the paper still hasn't come yet so I didn't get that project I posted last done yet but when I comes and it is done I will post it.. I don't expect it will take me to long to finish maybe by next week I can post it for sure.. BUT... I haven't been idle..

Don't you just love the new kit!!! How fun is that!!! Fruity Fiesta is the name and I have made something using it and the tea box from Tea for you and me. Drum roll please.... 

A fruit Cart!!!! 

Yes, you read that right a fruit cart. I was inspired by the new kit and my longing as with everyone else of summer and sunny days. Even here it hasn't been our normal warm weather. Thienly inspired me more with her adding wheels to the ice cream truck. I thought how thoughtful and fun to add wheels. When the new kit came out with the lemon boxes I knew I had to turn those into wheels.
Make the box for the tea bags first that will give you a better idea of what size you'll want your wheels for the cart. You can size it smaller or leave it as it imports. I left it that size. 
 I had those straws remember that I was inspired by and thought I needed to use those up a bit more. I could just give them to my grand kids to use and they would have a great time with those and I still may when they are here but I love how they look like bamboo. Anyway I used those to make the frame under the tea box and a 3/16 in dowel fits perfectly inside to make the wheels move. I made the stick 6 inches to stick out a little on both sides then made the lemon box at a smaller size and poked a hole in the back of the box with a pencil to put the dowel through then hot glued the dowel into the box. I did of course glue the lid to the bottom of the box on the lemon box. I loved how Mary said a lime or a orange would be cute to so I made two lemons and two limes. I made the top of the pineapple at the size it imports and then hot glued the straws together to make the "pole".
I cut the straws at a angle like I did with the elephants trees and then made a lemon slice on the inside of the pineapple to have something to glue the straws to. To make the pole look a little more finished I loosely wrapped bakers twine around it. Then made the cute little sign for the pineapple and put it on the cart. I glued it onto the front of the cart and added a watermelon svg and the cute pear. The pear was a freebie on the freebie page. 
 That is all I did on it if I forgot to mention something make sure you let me know. I thought this would be so cute on the table with all the other stuff for a summer party. Add your forks,knives and spoons all wrapped up in cute little napkins for your guests and there you have it a summer fiesta! 
This is the free kit with a purchase of 9.98 this week. Remember to make a purchase of  9.98 not including this free kit and then make sure you add it to your cart. When you see the page that has the discount make sure you type in that box"freegift" Then continue through with your payment. It is free with your purchase till Friday so hop to it! After that you'll have to pay for this awesome kit! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. Have a really great day ya'll and Happy crafting! 
Blessings, Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Fruity Fiesta SVG Kit 
Tea For You and Me SVG Kit 

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  1. You are so crazy!! This is totally cuuuuute! :) so fun!