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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Place in Time- Part Two

Morning everyone!
Happy first day of Spring! I know some of you are still having snow and I am sorry for that. We in CA would gladly take some of your water though. It always amazes me when people here in California complain they don't have enough rain or snow but then complain when we have a few days of exactly what they're complaining about it the first place. Sheesh make up your mind!
Alright I am done with my rant. LOL On to the hat stand and hat.

I wanted the Hat stand and Hat to be something someone could reproduce so I really didn't do anything fancy. No playing with nodes but it is tempting. First start with the stand. It is from Dress Shop and it is the bottom of the dress form. Start by enlarging the base to W. 11.210. You will have to break it apart to cut it all but if your familiar with doing that you shouldn't have any problems. If not Leo does have a video explaining all that. Really do check out the videos they are very helpful.

The top or Head of the stand is actually the Christmas Ball from Silent Night SVG Kit. I glued all but three pieces together leaving the one with the wholes for the stand and a couple others. I took the one with the holes and slid it over the end that we used to put into the form. The one with the long pieces we glued to the inside of the dress form and carefully glued the pieces down to the inside of the ball.  Then I added the other two pieces of the ball to either side of the ball to complete the shape, gluing the rest of the ball onto that was a bit tricky but I did manage to get it done and then looking at it my mind went to microphone and telephone before I told myself to stay on the task at hand. The accent pieces on the bottom I embossed with my Musical swirls embossing folder and then brushed my gold ink pad over that to highlight the embossing. I also added some gold ink and Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink
to the accent piece of the ball as well. The collar on the hat stand was truly and after thought as I was trying once again to make a rolled rose for the hat and it just didn't work so I took the one piece and wrapped it around the top and low and behold it looked like a collar to me. It isn't even glued. Total after thought. LOL

The hat is the top of the Easter Egg from Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit. Again I wanted it to be something that could be reproduced. I used the egg top and I tried like crazy to add patterned paper to the hat but it just didn't look right to me so I stayed with all one color. The lace or edge of the hat is the trim from the table in that kit. I did alter some nodes in this piece so it would bend a bit more when I glued it to the inside of the hat. Ready? ok bring the lace piece onto your mat and count every six triangles Mary made then take the node that goes to the sixth in the v part of it and bring it down a bit. That was all the altering I needed to do. It gave the paper a chance to move a bit more when you glue it in. For added insurance I did use my McGill flower shaping tools to break the fibers a bit. If you don't have the tools, use a stylus  with a fatter ball end and roll it over the paper in circles. The band around the hat is simply a thin strip cut on my paper cutter. Wrap it around the hat then cover the connecting piece with flowers or embellishment of some kind. You could change the whole look of this hat with paper or embellishments. Be a cute winter knit hat but we wont talk about that right now with all of you sick of winter. Although  our winter has been mild I am ready for warm weather and all that comes with it. The white ball things are flower centers you get in the bridal section at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I just cut them to fit then hot glued them into place. I use them for a lot of things so I like having them on hand.
Super easy no paper carpentry here just a couple of adjustments of the lace and there you have it a flapper hat and hat stand. As I made this I thought it would be fun to make other seasonal hats and switch it out every so often. As Always I will list the kits and supplies I used and I do hope to see some other hats and stands on SVG cuts face book page or you can put them on my Facebook page as well Shara's paper creations. It would truly be a compliment to me. Thanks again for visiting and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings on this spring day! Sharalyn
Kits Used:
Dress Shop SVG Kit
Silent Night
Poplar Street Tulips

Supplies Used:
AC Solid Card Stock, Chocolate, Black
Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection
Flower Centers from Michaels
Paper Flowers from Michales
Cuttle Bug Musical Flourishes Emboss Folder
Brilliance Gold Ink
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Ink
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

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