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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wake Up Call!!!!!

Mornin y'all!
I hope your having a great morning! A few weeks ago Leo and Mary introduced their kit Maison de Madeline. The night before they had a contest to win the Graphic 45 paper collection French Country. I had entered but I didn't win, anyway that night was choir practice and I took something I made to show my choir director. One of the gals in the choir asked If I had ever made a bird... well no I hadn't. I hadn't even tried. My friend went from a bird to a rooster somehow . I told her let me think about it. As we started to practice the idea started to form so I thought OK I guess God wants me to try this. Well I did try and failed very badly. I think I needed  to learn a few more techniques before I got it made. I also needed to realize that I cannot make this stuff on my own. It is with God's help that I make this stuff. 
 I made Mary and Leo's gift and then also made the clock for my daughter, where I learned a bit about moving nodes and such. On the Rooster I learned to add score lines to get the paper to bend the way I wanted it to. God of course helped me realize that the problem with the first Rooster was that the bend of the neck wasn't right and that I had to add score lines to make it bend right.. He was right of course. A few other things really bothered me about the first rooster as well. I am happy to say I have the rooster done and to quote a friend it is "nuts", on to the rooster.

  I started by making the body shape and since I have never seen a live chicken body I thought about all the chickens I roasted.. I know that's weird but that is what you do when you have no idea. Then I thought about the feathers, called my daughter and she messaged me three photos that were a big help. The feet well they are not there. I used two and half inch long dowels to make the legs. I just couldn't come up with an idea for the feet. I think I could have used the pool table cue but I am not going there now. This was a labor intense project and I can honestly say I don't think I will be doing another. I inked all the feathers. I will list the kits and collections I used below but the most important thing for you to get out of this is: If you have an idea don't limit yourself. Each kit and collection has certain shapes look at them study them get an idea of what you want to use then pour over those pdf Mary slaves over for us. Try really hard to imagine that shape to work for what you want it for. As an example the roosters comb is part of the primroses from Organic Spring Flowers SVG Collection.
That is all for now everyone Thanks for stopping by and Visiting. Take advantage of the wonderful kits and collections Mary has made. Use your imagination, if I can do this anyone can! Happy Craftin' Y'all! 

Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Cuts Kits and Collection Used:
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit-thighs, tail bump and head
Tea for you and Me SVG Kit- neck
Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit-main body
Happy Thanks SVG Kit- tail feathers
Toil and Trouble SVG Kit- small feathers 
B is for Birthday SVG Kit- body feathers in front, around legs and red things around eyes and hanging down. (see I said I didn't know nothing about chickens)
Organic Spring Flowers SVG Collection- Comb and around beak
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit- base for Rooster to stand on
Beak is just scraps of paper and tongue is too.. yep there is even a tongue.


  1. This is breathtaking! I have chickens, and two roosters, and you did a wonderful job capturing the expressiveness of one of the boys. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


  2. This is simply amazing. You are so creative. BRAVO!!!

  3. Awesome Sharalyn! way to think out of the box. Inspired

  4. Wow - when you think out of the box - you think out of the box - from tulips to rooster??? My head is spinning! It really is fabulous! Amazing....

  5. Having live roosters and chickens, you have really captured the true spirit of the bird. You did an amazing job! Big congrats!!!!

  6. Not in a million years would I come up with something like this using various kits. Good for you! Can I borrow some of your imagination? I love the rooster.

    1. of course you can! You can do this and that is the whole point of telling you this and how I did it.. It may take you a while but yes you can do this!!!!!!! Don't give up on yourself I wont!

  7. Sharalyn, this is INCREDIBLE! Love what you've created.

  8. Hi Sharalyn
    I saw this a while back and loved it but thought it was just a bit much just to make the just the other day I had someone ask if I could make a rooster do you have a tutorial on how you did this or the measurements for the cuts...any help will be appreciated

  9. While I do not have anyway to show you by tutorial I think you can do this yourself. I have not been able to find my original design of this and the person I made this for has already sent it to her mother. My suggestion would be to go ahead and start on it using the files I used and if you run into a problem email me and tell me the problem your having maybe that way you can jog my memory. I am here to help you with whatever I can. Take note thought all this week we are having serve thunderstorms and power in my area goes out quite a bit. so if I don't get back to you right away don't loose heart. The size of the things you cut will depend on what size the person wants the finished project. Even as a type this I can smell the rain coming.. so I need to get off here or risk loosing this computer again. I will check my phone for emails throughout the week. Thanks again for asking.. remember I am here if you need me weather permitting. Blessings Sharalyn