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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vintage Victorian Time!

Hey Y'all,

So I didn't get 5 likes before I started writing this but I figured there were 2 and one very nice comment about how I am not boring y'all, so here goes. Try not to fall asleep OK?

So I was putting together the vintage hat and suitcase I designed.  As I was looking through my Ladies Diary paper from Graphic 45, I started to choose this paper for the suitcase and realized no I wanted this for the Victorian Tea Pot from the Honeybee Tea SVG Kit. Now the suitcase was my altered version of the hat box and the vintage hat and hat stand were my own creation using SVG cuts files. Anyhoo, I cut this tea pot at the size it imports and I tried using the new Silhouette Designer Version and I don't think I really understand how to work layers yet. I did take a class in layers and photoshop 15 yrs ago but really without using it I think I have forgotten all I learned. Anyway I wasn't really impressed at all with using it and SVG cut files. So I switched to the Sure Cuts a Lot as it was just easier.

I also had a bit of trouble putting together the Tea pot as my hands are not large at all. Todd in  choir teased me a couple of weeks ago and said I had baby hands. Well yes yes I do lol. To give you an idea my hand measures from the wrist to the tip of my middle finger 6 1/4 inches long. So trying to hold these big pieces together while they dried was hard for these baby hands. LOL Actually I have heard that I have little hands before and that I sound like a little girl on the phone and in person. Doesn't bother me at all I am how God made me.

I added lace I bought from Walmart to the bottom and a couple of roses I cut off of a ribbon. I used the Hexagon Epiphany Crafts to add a flowered piece to the top. I used the oval Charm and epoxy to add a Victorian lady in all her style to the front. I also added a cream colored pearl to the bottom of the Charm to complete the stylish look these gals had. The roses I used around the handle were from Stampin Up and come on a long ribbon. I used 4 Pearl  Heart brads to attach the handle then I cut up a Off White pearl decoration to add to the lid. Really that was all I did. This is a super cute style Tea Pot and I really liked the way this one came out. So this is a short post and nothing really special about it. I had started it last night and I finished it tonight. 

Our Choir Director Jeff gave me his Light box and I thought I would try it out. Now to be fair he told me to buy florescent daylight bulbs and I hadn't gone to the store yet to get any. He also told me to put a light at the top as well and I hadn't moved one over before so I just used two lights. I am also taking pictures with a point and shoot camera. I think this one turned out pretty great despite that.  I didn't do anything to the photo but crop it.   Thanks so much for stopping buy and reading my blog. I am so glad I am not boring Y'all. Have a super fantastic night and day tomorrow and Happy Craftin' Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits Used:
Honeybee Tea SVG Kit
Supplies Used:
American Craft Card Stock, Vanilla
Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection
Recollection Cream colored pears and decoration
Cotton Crochet lace from Walmart
Cream colored Satin Ribbon
Epiphany Crafts, Hexagon, Oval epoxy and Oval Charm
Stampin up Rose Ribbon
Heart Pear Brads Recollections Collection.
Roses cut off from a ribbon Walmart
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

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