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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Soft Winter's Light

Happy Sunday Afternoon y'all!
I am finally getting around to writing up the Winter Luminary for Y'all. It has been a crazy week. Tuesday of this last week we had flash flood in our area and we have been digging ourselves and our neighbors out as well.  Many in this area lost a lot more than we did. We had lots of yard damage and the "Man Cave" Carpet will have to be replaced.  We are all fine and so are our animals that is what is important to us. This Tuesday Hubs and I will share our 36th wedding anniversary. So excited!!! 
I was working on another project for someone and this luminary came out of my design. Now for me the hard part is deciding which way to go with the design. My brain shoots in all different directions and sometimes  I think a leash would be great for it. But Leo of SVG cuts says I should let it run free. Which is a wonderful complement so I will let it run free.

Start with the small octagon box from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit. You'll need to do a bit of altering so lets get started. First bring the side pieces onto your mat and release compound path, then ungroup. Bring the snowflake that Mary made for the top of the box and duplicate it. You'll need several of them, one for this step and one to make larger for the top. Now arrange the small snowflake one on each side of the box. I made these snowflakes W.1.878 H 2.168.  If you keep your lid the same size as it imports you need to make sure your snowflakes aren't to high so that the box lid doesn't cover them.Ungroup the snowflakes once you have them where you want and remove the solid snowflake.  Save the solid snowflakes off to the side as you will use them to make the cut outs for your panels.  Re-group the whole thing so that if you need to move the piece on your mat you don't have score lines in the wrong place. Cut this out of your desired paper. Make a rectangle that will fit just inside your cut lines and cut that out of vellum, adhere to the inside of your luminary.
For the panels I made for the sides of the box I made rectangles to fit just inside the cut lines and then used the solid snow flake to make cut outs. You can do this by centering them over each of your snowflake cut outs and then clicking on both the solid snowflake and the rectangle and subtract. Before you cut these out make sure that the cut outs are in the correct place over you snowflake centers on the sides of your box. I had one wrong and had to go back and fix it.  These I cut out of a patterned paper to make the white snowflake shape pop. 

On the Lid I cut out part of the length by using my knife tool on my silhouette program. Turn on the cross hairs to make sure you can get the line straight. I used the top of one of the score lines and then counted three that I was cutting out. Weld the two pieces together to  make it H  1.727 W 8.849. Make a copy of one side for the lid and cut off one scallop. Then use the internal offset to get the inside panel for the top. You don't have to do this but that's  what I did.
I used Snowflake Pattern Tim Holtz emboss folder for the lid panels and for the octagon cut out on the lid. If you emboss the octagon cut out for the lid you will have to put half in the folder and then the other half. Unless you have a bigger folder and machine, but I don't so that is the way I do it.
I made the octagon cut out for the lid using an extra lid panel and the insert. Put the insert on top of the extra lid panel and subtract.  On the lid panel with the snowflake W 3.106 H 3.586 place in the center of your lid and do the same as you did on the side panels. You will need to do this with the insert as well if you want it to show through. All the rest of the pieces were as they import. I used heat and stick to make the pretty glitter on the top of the snowflake. Heat and stick makes the glitter stay and not come off. I like using Art glitters Crystal ultra fine translucent glitter as it has such a pretty look to it.
I poked holes in the sides of the top and added a ribbon handle but you could leave it just like it is if you wanted. I tied a knot on the inside then to keep the handle in place tied a knot on the top as well. When you get to the second hole tie your top knot first then insert your ribbon and tie the knot on the inside.
 I thought it would be so pretty as a center piece at a winter themed wedding with white poinsettias around it from 3d Wintergreen's SVG Kit, or use it has a gift box and put pretty colored tissue paper inside to hide your gift. So many things you could do with this.
Side note: On the white and red box I did the same as the winter Luminary but made small snowflakes to glue over the snowflake centers on the lid.
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog.  I hope this made sense if not feel free to send me and email and I will try to explain. Have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting Y'all!

SVG Cuts Kits Used:
Winter Gazebo SVG Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill Smooth White Card-stock
Echo Park: Winter in the Park Collection
Tim Holtz: Snowflake Pattern
Stampin up: Card stock Vellum
Stampin Up: Heat and Stick
Versa Mark Emboss ink
Art Glitter: Ultra Fine Translucent Crystal Glitter
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Stampin up Heat Gun